What the manosphere needs to understand: People like normal, especially girls. Be normal.

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We all know that the world the woke describe doesn’t exist. It’s a wishful fantasy that fails to find nearly any contact with reality. When you go around saying shit like this:

“At birth, bodies are sorted as ‘male’ or ‘female’, though many bodies must be mutilated to fit one category or the other, and many bodies will later protest against the decision that was made. This originary division determines what social purpose a body will be assigned.”

Amia Srinivasan, The Right to Sex

People are right to think you’re a fucking lunatic–because you are. Only a tiny percentage of people are truly trans, and 90-95% of people when polled identify as cisgender, heterosexual men and women. Indeed, if the world was as the woke assert it to be, game and red pill would not exist, because people would pair up on entirely on shared interests and values, rather than cruelly efficient biological instincts which have been imprinted into our genes through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution–millions if you want to calculate even further back.

But the evidence the latter is true is all around us all the time. We see it on dating apps, clothing choice, lifestyle, hobbies and interests, the professions and majors people choose, how many go to college and where, where people live, who creates value, and who takes responsibility.

Yet, in many circles, and especially among the coastal elite, people pay homage to wokeness despite the fact most of them are certainly smart enough to make any of the observations I’ve made above, the reality of the world as it is exists around them every day in stark contrast to the propaganda they spout at dinner parties, where the women still eye tall men with big muscles, trim waists, and high status and the men still eye women–especially the younger, thinner ones–with large breasts, shapely figures, big eyes, and long hair.

How is this possible? How can people say stuff they know through lived experience not to be true? Because that is the accepted narrative for the group, or more accurately, the tribe. They are signaling their virtue by saying the same things other people in the tribe say because that’s also something we evolved to do–especially women, who, being weaker and slower and heavily incentivized to protect their children, needed to do everything possible to avoid any sort of separation or exclusion from the larger group. But men do this too of course, especially when in the beta or subordinate role (something to keep in mind later on).

And there are some real negative downstream consequences. Turns out confusing people about gender and sexuality is pretty bad, particularly for women. Abigail Shrier has written a great book documenting the fact that teenage girls are identifying as trans-men at a far higher rate than their male counterparts, which along with many other factors indicates it’s the result of confusion, not genuine gender dysphoria, and yet many of these girls will go one to have mastectomies, take hormones, etc., effectively mutilating their bodies as women should it turn out they’re wrong about this new identity, which will be the case for many of them.

Another problem it creates is to encourage androgyny, which makes people look less attractive and exhibit behaviors that are less attractive to the opposite sex–which is probably a big reason why people are having less of it and express frustration about the state of dating and difficulty they have meeting and matching with people they find attractive. We see this particularly in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Women are shaving their heads, wearing their hair short, dressing and behaving more like men, and men are doing the reverse, although to a lesser extent, partially because men are less influenced by sociocultural messaging, but mostly because the bulk of that messaging in the past 20 years has been directed at women, telling them to be more masculine, independent, strong, and powerful, etc–you know “the future is female” and all that sort of nonsense.

That said, the sky isn’t falling, as many allege when they observe the above. Girls are still mostly feminine, because the fact is they’re women and women are biologically geared to be feminine. There are plenty of girls with long hair who wear sundresses and all the other stuff we like and at the end of the day women, as anyone in this community knows through experience, still respond best to strong masculine guys; all good news, shows the messaging can only go so far. You can’t escape reality, and when you get off the internet you realize most people are relatively normal and want to live normal lives. Again, this is especially true of women–even the woke ones. They may virtue signal some on a date, say they’re feminists, blah, blah, blah, but at the end of that date she wants a strong, muscular man to make things happen, fuck her hard, etc.

You know what most women don’t want, however? They don’t want to date a MAGA anti-vax maniac–and they’re 100% correct and smart to not want to date one. Why?

Because most chicks spend a lot of time with their families: children, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., and some of those people are likely to be old and/or immune compromised–lord knows that in the US many of them are likely to be obese and therefore at far greater risk of infection and bad outcomes if exposed to COVID. So dating a guy who’s unvaccinated, a person far more likely to contract and spread the virus, literally puts people she loves at greater risk of sickness and death (even truer now that we know the Delta variant is more likely to cause breakthrough infections among those vaccinated than previous strains)–and women, as I’ve noted before, are far more risk averse than men for very good evolutionary reasons and want to avoid responsibility in all forms as much as possible, above all being responsible for someone dying in their family.

Now look, the reality is that COVID isn’t all that deadly. We’re not talking about the plague. But as we’ve all seen, it’s the perception that matters–not the reality. If COVID has shown anything, it’s that our institutions, government, media, and society as a whole are utterly inadequate in disseminating accurate information at a time when every incentive structure we have SHOULD encourage us to do so as fully, quickly, and clearly as possible. But the perception, especially among young women (Millennials and Gen Z), who are far more likely to vote for Democrats and identify as liberals and independents, is that getting COVID means a good chance of going to the hospital and/or dying.

That of course isn’t the reality, but it is deadly relative to most risks in life–this isn’t the flu, as many on the right regularly assert. I mean, even if there’s only a 1/150 chance of dying, would you want to take a spin on that wheel? Would you want to force a family member to spin it? Whatever the answer is for you, the answer for the vast majority of women is going to be HELL FUCKING NO.

But it’s not just the reaction to COVID–the anti-vax mania and callous indifference to 650,000 dead over 18 months as of now–it’s the GOP as it exists in it current Trumpy form that scares women off guys wearing red hats. Before I go on, let me just state for the record that I’m not a particular fan of the Democratic Party as it stands either, especially their woke social stances as noted earlier, but I will say one thing: at least I know what they want to do in terms of an agenda and it seem most of the party are well intentioned in terms of wanting to help people and make this country a better place, even though I have some pretty major disagreements with how they plan to do so.

On the other hand, I honestly have no idea what the Republican Party wants, other than to stop as many people from voting as possible, pay homage to their Godking Trump–which is baffling, because it’s obvious he’s a con-man, a criminal, and a buffoon who can’t stop lying–peddle conspiracy theories and spread disinformation, and encourage people to not get vaccinated, which means COVID sticks around longer, can mutate more, and gives the government ample reasons to institute draconian mask mandates and other nonsense. I guess they’re also pro-gun right? And the Elephants used to be pro-business, but when you go around lying about elections and all manner of other things, not getting vaccinated and encouraging other people not to get vaccinated, committing bad faith and intellectually dishonest political acts, and fomenting a general culture of chaos, rebellion, and fuckery, you aren’t pro-business–all the things I just mentioned serve to destabilize the country and the economy. Like, if you’re pissed off at those who want should defund the police and let Antifa and BLM rioters run amok in our cities on the grounds it’s horrible for business–and you absolutely should be–but you think it’s just fine and dandy to have a bunch of people storm the Capitol in an attempt to hang the Vice President and Speaker of the House, you’ve lost your mind.

Taken together, these all very good reasons why so many girls say “if you voted for Trump, swipe left” on their dating profiles AND I DON’T BLAME THEM. If I was a chick, I’d do the same. It’s why I have a mental meltdown on Twitter every so often–because if I spend enough time there I’ll see the absolute nonsense piece-of-shit asshole nihilism of the modern right wing manosphere and it fills me with fury.

Because let’s be honest here guys: whatever it is the modern GOP wants to do–again, not sure what that is other than bomb-throwing and “owning the libs”–there’s no future in it. Do you really think full control of government by Republicans and returning Trump to the White House will make things better? It didn’t the first time. It’ll just be four more years of people yelling at each other and tax cuts for the rich and powerful.

People don’t want that. You know what they want–what most people want right now, especially in the wake of this COVID shit? They want NORMAL. They want to work their jobs, go to school, and enjoy their weekends and vacations doing whatever it is they like to do. They want to build businesses, create art or content, listen to podcasts about pop culture, play video games, have dinner parties, spend time with their families on holidays, and go to concerts, sporting events, etc. And whatever party can pivot to the middle and develop a platform that leads back to a normal, more stable, less divisive America is the one people will vote for.

I’m not entirely sure the Democrats can get there, but I’m almost certain the Republicans can’t, because unlike liberals and independents, conservatives have been almost entirely captured by the angry, shitty, dishonest, and chaotic ethos of the modern GOP we see expressed on Newsmax, Fox News, and conservative talk radio, in a way that’s not true of Wokeness for the left–indeed, we’re actually starting to see a lot of resistance there, with guys like Bill Maher and more centrist Democrats calling bullshit on a lot of the crazier Woke ideas we see from the left. But that doesn’t appear to be true of the Right, where to get the vax, refuse to bend the knee to Trump, acknowledge that the election wasn’t stolen, or say that what happened on January 6th, 2021 was really bad and scary, is essentially a death sentence and cause for exile from the Party.

Because that same shitty dynamic that causes Woke morons to declare sex isn’t real or that we should abolish the police–both obviously stupid, absurd, dangerous ideas–is on full display on the Right, and it’s certainly true in the manosphere, where men who claim to be alphas behave like subordinate betas afraid of their own shadows or of saying anything outside the crazy fucking orthodoxy. Because to fit in you have to be a contentious, angry fucking retard who’s convinced the bug men are coming, women are evil, the elites are eating children, that Bill Gates has installed a microchip in the vaccines to control our minds, and if you’ve got a little racist flavor to your takes, so much the better. Seriously, have any of these lunatics considered the fact that Google, Twitter, Facebook, IG, etc. already know more about all of us than our own mothers? Like, your cell phone tracks where you are every second of every day and listens to what you and those around you are saying. If you’re going to be paranoid about anything, be paranoid about that, not the government or vaccines or Bill fucking Gates.

Like, just stop and ask yourself: does any of the above sound normal–that believing or God forbid acting on any of these crazy ideas will lead us anywhere back toward normal? And if you’re a cute young girl, would you want to date someone who’s brain is that deranged, who’s obsessed with conspiracy theories and can’t even do something as simple as getting a little prick on the arm without panicking like a bitch–especially given that she’s done it, as have billions of others, and if something truly nasty and nefarious were going to happen as a result, we’d know it by now?

I began by talking about wokeness because it’s something that so obviously stupid and divorced from reality. We all see that and we’re right to be alarmed by it because as I said, it’s having some really harmful real world effects. But the point I’ve hopefully driven home here is that much of the right wing is just as bad and just as toxic, as much a cesspool of disgusting ideas alien to reality as wokeness is.

And neither will lead us to a place of normalcy. Like, don’t you guys want a stable economy and government where we can build our businesses, have great sex lives, and seek out peak experiences? Don’t you want to live in a more normal, less contentious world? I do. I think most Americans do. But to get there, we can’t peddle in crazy, toxic ideologies like what we see with wokeness and modern conservatism.

To bring this back to Game, understand that what I laid out above is how most girls see MAGA nation, especially hot and young, and if you’re a member you’re going to have to deal with that. As I told a client the other day who lives in NYC, if you aren’t willing to date girls who hate Trump and/or speak the language of the woke, you’ve eliminated a shitload of options–true probably almost everywhere in most big cities, which are the only places players can really do well. So, just like I’m not going to tell chicks I write a pick up blog about how to fuck them or coach guys around the world about cold approach, dating, sex, and redpill, you should do the same when it comes to politics, especially if you’re a right wing manosphere guy.

I really hope I don’t have to write about politics again, but I will if I have to. And please, please guys–try to be more normal. There are lots of us in the middle who are neither woke nor right wing bots. Join us. Stop bowing to the tribe. Think for yourself. It feels really, really good.


  1. I switched from left to right because of how abnormal the left became. The left used to be counter culture and anti big business. Now the right is counter culture and anti big business. So if you (red pill dad) are still on the left, you must realize you’ve actually shifted. I have no problem in gaming women and announcing my (now) conservative beliefs. Women are surprisingly acute at realizing how silly their beliefs are even if they’re hesitant to leave the status quo. They love a man who unabashedly goes counter culture. I dated a 21 year old black cutey and she submitted to me when I told her #BLM is nonsense.


  2. You’re putting too much weight on politics/Covid here. You can avoid politics in its entirety with women, and once you get the lay, they won’t give a shit what you think anyway because they are attached to you at that point emotionally, have lived this experience. Politics are not fun. Women like fun. Be fun and relaxed and I would submit to you you CAN be the character you paint above, and as long as you are bringing value to her life, most women will not care.

    TLDR: it’s bad game to bring up politics/Covid early in the process. Fun/good feels first and serious stuff later. Also, this changes based on age bracket you are gaming.


  3. Thanks for posting this RPD…. I had an emotional reaction to it. I think it bears on that idea that anyone in the ‘pickup’ / ‘red pill’ world is sort of odd or maybe “fundamentally broken” in some deep sense. The beauty of the seduction forum, or frog twitter, or r/nerds_who_like_what_i_like is that it allows us to connect with people along lines that we fail to do in our day to day life.

    The first thing that popped into my head is a memory from long ago, my college days. So this is 25 or 30 years ago. I am at the university ice arena for public skate hour, and it has gotten too crowded to skate fast, so I am lolling around the rink talking with a little group. A woman, well, I should say a girl or coed, but I only remember about her that she was a bit overweight and plain; I cannot remember at all what she looked like… Was telling me about her experience as an education masters student. She was intelligent enough to be disappointed in the uselessness of the curriculum. But she was excited about some research stuff she was doing and wanted very keenly for me to do a questionnaire for her research project. I ask about the nature of the project and she explained that is was about how students evaluate risks and make choices about behavior, like do they wear a condom for casual sex or wear a seatbelt, and which would be more dangerous. I told her that she shouldn’t include me in the survey because it would ruin the results. She laughed at such a contention and asked


    “Because outliers have an undue effect on the mean.”

    “What makes you think you’re an outlier?”

    In a short and concise way I quantified the risk of sex without a condom by quoting the us population, the CDC’s current estimate of HIV infection rate (this is just past height of AIDs epidemic and everyone is afraid of unprotected sex,). I then pointed out that AIDs cases are mostly in homosexual men and drug users, also mostly in cities and this university is in the middle of nowhere, so you could adjust for rural, heterosexual, young, et cetera but even just taking the raw us population numbers as worst case the risk is infinitesimal…Then I quoted government stats on fatalities per mile driven with or without seatbelt use… And I concluded that I am well founded to give no thought or worry to the risk of getting AIDS and also sane to always wear my seatbelt.

    She was quiet for a few moments, then she said yeah, you would skew the results. You are not normal.

    There is not normal in a good way. And there is uncalibrated and weird. In that moment I managed to be the former. But being able to turn off the “Sheldon” tv character charm is a skill that some of us need to work on. For me I just take a measure of how much of the conversation is me talking and how much is the other person talking. And I try to shift it to getting the other person talking more as time goes on.

    Online forums are a good place for laying out my theories of everything and crazy rants. In person talks are good for noticing the behavior of bunnies on the lawn or the feeling in the air when it is about to rain.


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