Fear is the mind killer. Face it, or become its slave.

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“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Frank Herbert, Dune

I had a minor meltdown recently–not out of fear mind you, but anger. Fury. Righteous indignation.

Because I’m beyond tired of all the chicken littles running around crying that the sky is falling when it’s not. I’m done. I simply do not have the time or inclination to interact with people who’ve allowed fear to become the dominant emotion and frame in their lives.

Thankfully, when it comes to the fear mongers and shame police on the left–SJWs, feminists, and the “anti-racist” racists–I don’t have to. They have little or no interest in my online presence, whether on Twitter or the blog, and I have no interest in theirs. The few times they pop up on my feed I simply block and move on.

Problem is, that’s impossible in the red pill community, because if we’re honest, this bro is right:

Which speaks to how far adrift we are regarding what red pill means in terms of praxis and purpose. Let’s ask the basic question: what does being anti-vax have to do with viewing the world as it truly is, finding our masculine purpose, and being more successful with women?

Nothing. Not a goddamn thing.

No, being anti-vax is a product of succumbing to the scared shitless mindset and descent into endless conspiracies we see in right wing media and social media. It has nothing to do with red pill or game. In fact, that’s what set me off–why I could no longer stay silent: because being anti-vax is anti-game. It is anti-red pill. It is obsessing about something for which there is no good evidence to believe, and at the same time, ACTIVELY PREVENTS GUYS FROM GETTING LAID!

Because as long as 35-40% of the population in the US refuses to get vaccinated, we’re going to have spikes in COVID, which gives governments the excuse to force mask mandates and shut down businesses, while the media fear mongers away about new variants and whatever other nonsense they decide to make up. And guess what? That makes girls scared. Women are herd animals, far more risk averse than men, and much more likely to believe authority–whether that authority deserves trust or not. Women err on the side of caution, which is evolutionarily smart: her job is to be attractive, get fucked, make babies, and raise those babies to adults. Nowhere in that process does it do her any good to take risks. So if you want girls to stay with their quarantine boyfriends, keep it up. If you want girls to stay inside and scared, keep it up. If you want businesses to continue to struggle, schools to get shut down, and normal life to remain a distant pipe dream, keep it up.

Seriously, look in the mirror and ask: does your need to indulge in the fear porn of Fox News, Right Wing Radio, and spurious viral posts on social media outweigh your desire to live a normal, decent, fruitful life? Because right now, for a lot of you it does. If you’re anti-vax, you’re more dedicated to bathing yourself in constant fear than you are to being any kind of a useful, attractive, or productive man. You’re making a choice: it’s more important for you to be loyal to a tribe of fanatics and chicken littles than it is to get laid, build shit, or make money.

Because here’s the thing: if the bug men were coming, we’d know it by now. Billions of doses of vaccine have been administered world wide–if there was some kind of big problem or danger, we’d know it by now. Do you really think the media would ignore that story? Of course not. If the vaccine were truly flawed in any way that was real and provable, that shit would be running 24/7 and spreading like wildfire.

Plus, why now? No one bitched about vaccines before except a small, crazy minority. Almost all of us have had multiple vaccines to this point in our lives (some of you reading this are actually alive and/or non-crippled because of this fact)–I mean, fuck, you had to if you wanted to go to school, right? So why now? Why the panic and fear mongering around this batch? Why don’t people want to just get the shot so life can go back to normal?

Politics. And any sane person should rightly ask: what in the fucking world does a vaccine meant to prevent the infection and spread of a specific disease have anything to do with politics?

Again, nothing–it doesn’t. Or at least shouldn’t.

It’s all unbelievably illogical and foolish, but the problem is logic doesn’t prevail anymore when it comes to tribal politics. Like, it’s pretty fucking obvious men and women are different in lots of important ways, but the lunatics on the left can’t admit that fact because that’s not the dogma they’ve been fed. That’s not what the tribe says. And if you’re anti-vax, you’re no better. You believe something because the tribe believes it–not because of independent facts, and in defiance of common sense, reason, and logic.

I also know that pointing this out doesn’t matter, because today people would rather be vociferously wrong about something than ever admit any error in thinking or change their mind…

So why am I saying it?

Because while I can’t convince the anti-vax insane clown posse who wants the world to stay fucked and in a state of perpetual chaos to change their tune, I can choose NOT to interact with them. So that is what I’m doing. And if you’re a sane human being–a redpill guy who wants to learn game, get laid, and have a great life–I encourage you to do the same.

If not, good luck and God speed. I don’t wish anyone ill, even the anti-vax folks who are actively fucking up the world on purpose right now, but I’m not going to entertain their ideas or listen to their arguments. We can debate the income tax rate, foreign policy, government spending, social policies and programs, etc–but I’m not going to argue with someone who says the sky is green when I can clearly see it’s blue. There’s enough uncertainty and complexity in the world as it is; I have zero patience for people who want to make it worse simply because they’re obsessed with being afraid.

So please understand: if I see you on Twitter pedaling anti-vax nonsense, I’m going to block you. And if you think all of the above is horseshit, unfollow me RIGHT NOW! Block ME! Get the fuck out of here! Let’s go our separate ways! I’m not going to call names or cry about it like many have about my stance here, but I will ensure I don’t see your content. Because if you’re so delusional as to be anti-vax, you can’t help me. The red pill is about reason, facts, science, data, and evidence–seeing the world as it truly is, not as some moron says it is on the radio because he knows he can gain an audience by fear mongering.

And fact is: I can’t help you either. I can’t coach guys who are scared. I can’t coach guys who have no purchase on reality. I can’t teach a student who’s apt to believe nonsense and heresay–who can’t ground himself to reality and calibrate socially.

Again, the same would be true if I saw a ton of red pill guys spouting Ibram Kendi, or indulging the trans-panic we’re currently seeing, or were claiming the future is feminist. Thank God that’s not part of our discourse.

And if you want to understand where I draw the line, it’s when your political beliefs are both false AND hurting people. Otherwise I don’t care: believe what you want.

Take two very different economic systems: capitalism and socialism. Neither is false, necessarily–they’re simply different ways of structuring an economy–but both arguably hurt or help certain people, depending on your perspective. And yet, that’s unavoidable. Any political decision or law is going to hurt or help certain groups; the problem I have is when those decisions are predicated on ideas that are obviously wrong–like being anti-vax, or believing the US was founded on white supremacy. Policy and/or actions based on lies can only result in chaos and human misery–something any student of history understands.

Finally, guess what? If I’m wrong, I’ll say so: on this blog, on Twitter, and everywhere else, including my private life. If it turns out the vaccine has some ill effects that are real and provable, I’ll be happy to say I was wrong. Because unlike the political carnival barkers driving this insanity, I have integrity. I’ve apologized on this blog before, recanted shit when I’ve been wrong, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. No one is right 100% of the time.

Will you get the same from the Kendi’s and Carlson’s of the world? Nope. And the other question is this: will we get it from you? Will you, staunch, anti-vax Twitter bot who’s convinced Bill Gates is implanting microchips in us, admit, when it turns out to be wrong, that you fucked up?

Doubtful. No, most will just go onto to the next conspiracy; for chicken little, the sky is always falling.

So the question readers, is who do you want to believe: the guy writing this blog–who’s honest and straightforward about how things are, success and failure, highs and lows, wrong and right–and moreover, who wants to focus on actual red pill shit like getting jacked, getting chicks, and living peak experiences?

Or do you want to go down the rabbit hole with people who will say anything to make a buck and never admit being wrong about anything, no matter how obvious time makes their lies?

Choose wisely.


  1. It seems to me that the entire vaccine debacle is akin to a pissing contest due to the way that it has been politicized and sensationalised. This is from our political class globally and a media that has little to no concept of the meaning of responsible.

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