Field Report: failure due to lack of opportunity.

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One thing that’s written way too little about on pick-up and day game blogs is where guys should go to actually do this.

Because if you’re going to approach say, 10 women a day, as Tom Torero says you should, you have to actually cross paths with 10 women who are at least 6+ in a couple hours worth of time.

In most larger cities, it seems like one ought to be able to do this fairly easily, but it’s proving trickier for me than I first thought. I’ve gone out twice now to specifically do day game, and I’ve only been able to approach 5 women during that time, 2 of which weren’t good opportunities (a girl with her mom and grandma and another girl who was clearly in a hurry and blew me out).

I didn’t get any numbers, but the game was good—the other 3 women all hooked, talked to me, could tell I was flirting, and seemed at least intrigued. Surprise, surprise, two had boyfriends (to which I typically reply, “I don’t want to be your boyfriend” and that should pass the shit test if that’s what it is, but lately that hasn’t worked—perhaps I need another way around it) and the third simply thanked me for the compliment but declined.

Additionally, I’ve went out to a bar last night and did 3 more approaches (one blowout—which was my fuck up—one really good set, but the girl again had a BF, and another strong set with an HB 8, but as soon as I go upstairs she’s all over some other guy making out).

I could have done maybe 2 or 3 more approaches at the bar, but that can be tricky, because if you’re just blatantly going from group to group it can appear un-calibrated and try hard. That being said, most people are only concerned with themselves, so it’s better to push the limit than use that as a weasel excuse.

On that point I’m actually super down on bar/nightclub game.

  1. The women who are out on a Friday/Saturday night are in a state of arrogance—they expect to be hit on and take joy in rejecting guys and playing games. Yes, sometimes they get drunk and horny and you can play that to your advantage, but in general it’s tough.
  2. A lot of them also go out in groups, either with their boyfriends or guys they want to be their boyfriends or guys who want to be their boyfriends, along with the usual bevy of slut-shaming cock blockers.
  3. In any given club or bar, there are only so many women. Most clubs and bars—at least the ones where I live—are only going to have maybe 10 sets of women to approach, period. If it was just me and I could do that without looking try hard and creepy, great, but,
  4. There are often tons of other guys doing exactly what I’m trying to do. Most guys don’t understand game or cold approach, but they know that on Friday and Saturday night you’re supposed to hit on girls when you go to the bar—and they do. And sometimes you go into these places and the ratio is like 3:1 guys to girls. Or worse.

To sum up, weekend bar game seems to me a low percentage play. Yes there are hot girls there, and yes some of them will get drunk, and yes some of them went out hoping to hook up—but there’s a ton of competition, the girls are in a capricious state, and there’s a limited number you can talk to.

The alterative is day game, in which the player has a much stronger advantage… but, you still have to find girls to talk to.

So far I haven’t been able to find a good place to run game where I live: downtown on a weekday afternoon/evening definitely isn’t it. There are a couple of other streets I can try in other areas, so that’s what I plan to do next.

The other problem is that it rains a lot here. I went to a mall once—again on a weekday after work—but it was shitty. Like a fucking ghost town. And who goes to malls anymore? My impression is everyone just orders shit on fucking Amazon.

One strategy I might go with is grocery store game. I have to say that in terms of women, there are almost always hot chicks in grocery stores—especially places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. In some ways it’s an ideal place to run game, because: A) the plausible reason you’re there has nothing to do with hitting on women (at least as far as they know), and B) it’s a great story, which I’ve talked about before as being one of the keys that will get you laid.

The other strategy I’ve thought of employing is riding the public transit train around town, talking to girls I see there and getting out at certain stops in high foot traffic areas.

So I’ve got options—there are three high foot traffic streets I still need to check out, the train idea, as well as hitting grocery stores—but I HAVE to figure out a way to get in more approaches if I’m going to get better at this shit and repopulate my abundance.

And while I’m not giving up on night/bar game entirely, I’m going to have to figure out which bars/clubs are worth going to generally and which aren’t if that’s going to work.

Long story short: my game is getting better and I’m not afraid to approach, but I need to figure out a way to get more opportunities to approach and better logistics when I do.

Additionally, now that I think about it more, I’ve going to use a different line when I get that, “I have a BF” shit-test. One that’s worked before for actually getting the number is: “so do I! Should we introduce them?” and then move on with getting the number.

The last thing I feel compelled to say is that either I got really fucking lucky this fall and winter running into “yes” girls or I’m getting really unlucky this spring. Yes, I am going for higher quality, but I also know based on how girls are responding that my game is back to being pretty strong, despite the fact I don’t have much to show for it.

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  1. Whole Foods. It’s a thing. The ladies whisper about it. The staff at Whole Foods is in on it and they’ll ban you if you act spergy and over-do it (my friend knows a couple Google engineers (Indian guys) who have been banned). Just get a drink (they have beer/wine/coffee), take your time, and enjoy the experience.

    The alternative is any other high-end grocery place. High value ladies want to be approached by high value men. They know that on-line dating is broken. They don’t care about validation from betas. They want a real man.


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