We didn’t choose this; TRP or MGTOW are the only rational options for modern men.

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Redquest recently put out a blog that confirmed what I’ve been saying for awhile, which is that Tinder and other forms of swipe dating are pretty goddamn lousy ways to meet women.

I don’t want this to be about that necessarily, but the TL;DR of SOD (swipe/online dating) is this: there may have been a time when it was a good way to meet chicks, but that time has passed. Today’s women are way too picky for what they’re bringing to the table, and unless you’re a super hot Chad with phenomenal photos and a suave bio, meeting girls this way isn’t all that productive.

Point blank: unless he’s got male model looks and/or can prove it, I just don’t believe guys who say they’re killing it on SOD. And in any case, for me the quality of girls I meet using cold approach and day game is far higher than the women I match with on these platforms–because in that case I’m the chooser, not the girl.

A few weeks ago, for shits and giggles I got on OK Cupid… I matched with a decent number of chicks (best was a 7?), but most were non-responsive, a few conversations basically went nowhere, and the one date I set up through Snap Chat via OKC flaked on the date. Basically confirmed what I already thought, even though my photos displayed were the best I’ve put out there yet.

The final observation I’ll make about this for now is that the world of social media and SOD has dramatically distorted women’s perception of their SMV–they believe it to be much, much higher than what it is, and that’s because they regularly match with guys who are 2-3 points above their SMV on Tinder. This is also why it doesn’t really work that well for anyone. The guy is disappointed–maybe he’s willing to bang her, but he’s not sticking around–and while the girl is initially stoked, she gets pumped and dumped and then is pissed off and doesn’t understand why none of the guys she matches with are interested in an LTR. The reason is clear: she’s not bringing commensurate value to the table.

To be honest, this is the reason I found TRP. Post divorce, I realized after about a year of bullshit that I wasn’t going to meet attractive women using SOD, and began looking at cold approach advice on YouTube and elsewhere, and stumbled on the reddit site.

From there the rest is history. Once you take the pill, once you’ve seen the truth, you can’t unsee it.

And as the red pill gets more exposure and becomes more mainstream, society would do well to remember: we didn’t choose this.

TRP is a necessary adjustment men have to make in our lives to have sexual relationships with women. SOD doesn’t work. Marriage is broken. Women are more arrogant, picky, and squirrely than they’ve ever been, and feminism has bred an unspoken hatred for men–even among blue pill men, who ironically hate themselves and then expect women to like them for that–while making women more masculine and less attractive; women who are basically bringing nothing to the table other than their looks when it comes to marriage and/or an LTR.

In short, modern women–especially American women–are broken.

If this is coming across as bitter, it’s not. It’s simply a statement of fact. Indeed, now that I’m past the anger phase of accepting that this is the way it is, I enjoy living this way, embracing my inner masculine nature and gaming women. TRP has made me a better lover, friend, father, son, and brother.

But when people ask me why I don’t settle down or stay in a relationship–why don’t I get married? Why I don’t at least have a steady girlfriend? The only thing I can tell them honestly, without outing myself as a red pill man, is that: this is today’s dating market. This is the reality. I didn’t choose it. I’m simply adjusting to it.

And at some point in the near future, society as a whole is going to have to grapple with three very unsettling realities related to the above:

  1. Feminism is toxic, because its true aim isn’t liberation and equal opportunity and legal status for women. No. Feminism’s true aim, whether intentional or not, is to make women more masculine and goad them into denying their feminine nature in order to gain power. It’s unnatural for women not to want to have children (otherwise, evolution would have kicked our ass), and yet, that’s just what many women in today’s society have been encouraged to do, not knowing that after they turn 35 or 40, the rest of their life is going to be miserable because they have no one to share it with other than their cat-lady friends who are in the same boat.
  2. Monogamy, is, for all intents and purposes, dead. Now that community, religion, and social pressure have been removed from the table, marriage has nothing holding it in place. It’s held in place by nothing more than the promise of a woman–which as Wesley points out in the Princess Bride, isn’t worth much. For as we know, 80% of the time, divorce is initiated by the woman.
  3. Because women are hypergamous, broken, and extremely picky, there will be huge swaths of men either do not now, and/or will not have access to sex in the future–many of them leading fairly purposeless lives with little or no meaning. And those who fall into this category will be prone to manipulation, suicide, and/or violence.

A little more on point three: I was explaining to a friend recently that while I’ve been extremely successful with women in the last year (I didn’t disclose my notch count–18 since Sept–as he probably would have been disgusted–blue pill guy, but a good friend nonetheless), it hasn’t been easy. During my first 21 months post divorce, I got laid by three chicks, all in their 30’s post wall that I met through SOD–best was a 7?

But even now, post TRP and learning game, I go through dry stretches where leads flake, women disappear, etc.

That’s despite the fact I’m a well educated, tall, muscular blonde haired, blue-eyed dude who’s a bit of a natural when it comes to cold-approach, charm, and game.

What about the average guy who’s 5’8″, only decent looking, shy and lacks social skills because he’s been raised on his smart phone? The truth is that guy’s not fucking much in the modern world, if ever.

Yes, he’ll for sure do better if he learns some game and takes TRP, but even then it’s going to be touch and go, because 5’s and 6’s think they can date guys like me or do even better. And if we’re honest, a shitload of the hotties–the 8’s and 9’s–are going to figure out they can become cam girls, strippers, sugar babies, or escorts/prostitutes and make a damn good living, so they’re effectively off the market (sort of–I banged a cam girl for awhile earlier this year).

So while I’m confident in my abilities, part of my advantage is based on physical attributes and learned skills, and I worry about guys in the future, because many, if not most, will lack both.

And that means they’re not getting laid–or they’re paying for it.

In any case, to return to the main point, we didn’t choose this–at least not most of us. TRP is something we found because it was literally the only option–that or MGTOW–and I’m starting to think those guys might be pretty fucking smart (apparently RedQuest does too as he continues talking about getting out of the game).

The final point I’ll make is that society should be thankful for red pill men and our philosophy. The only reason we get a bad name is because our strategy undermines feminism and the female imperative–and the truth that women are naturally submissive, feminine, etc. is not what our society wants to hear.

But aside from that, TRP makes men better for everyone. We tell guys to get their fitness and diet in order, to have some sort of mission/be entrepreneurs, to read and enrich their minds through learning, and perhaps most importantly, to give women the sexual experiences they want to have with men, even if most don’t want to admit it.

A bit more philosophical today–more on game and action taking tomorrow.


  1. I’ve spent the last good 4 hours reading different articles on your blog and I’m a 28 yr old European woman, just for context. Never considered myself a feminist in the way it’s perceived now – which is a danger to what real feminism actually is. My perspective is that we all should have the same rights as we’re all human beings. However, although we have the same rights, we have different roles. You can be anything you want – but there are roles in which you’d succeed better based on your biological and psychological factors. Personality traits come into play as well – and they’re perhaps more relevant than gender is. That’s why freedom is important. It’s society’s responsability as a whole to provide the context in which decisions can be made regarding one’s life, but it’s the individual’s responsability to choose paths that are more fitting for one’s circumstances, honoring these differences instead of trying to cancel them. We can be equal and different at the same time.
    Now, while there’s information on this blog that I appreciate reading and I can relate to – there are things I find unjust. You talked about your response to people who are asking why you’re not settling down – why wouldn’t this apply to women as well? This is exactly what’s happening. Just as you seem to have given up on the idea of settling, so have many women – and it’s not out of choice. The fact that they have kids is no guarantee they will not end up spending most of their days alone with other lonely parents. Your approach seems superficial at best – especially since your articles focus so much on the fact that all a woman can offer is youth and beauty. Jeez! How would it be smart of men to go MGTOW but a tragedy and a proof of stupidity for women to decide on the same route for their lives due to disappointment in men?


  2. Well now that Feminism is worse than cancer nowadays that is caused by women, for which there is no cure at all for this terrible disease. And this is why MGTOW is a real lifesaver now for many of us single men that really can’t meet a real Normal woman anymore which unfortunately these women are real man haters to begin with. If only women had been just like the good old days when most women back then were real ladies and the very complete opposite of today altogether, and they were real old fashioned as well. Today, what in the world happened to them? Yikes.


    1. Weak men happened to them. Weak men who weren’t able to provide the physical and emotional safety a woman needs – so they went and got it for themselves out of necessity.


      1. Be wary of anything blaming another group without taking any personal responsibility or identifying constructive personal actions.
        Being a victim (even an upset one) is easy. Saying “my situation and reaction to reaction to reality is my own fault, and thus I have the power to change it. And I’m going to use that power to take my current lot into my own hands” is more difficult (and radical) in today’s “comfort society”.

        “‘Weak men happened to them’” and “‘if only women had been just like the good old days’” both fail to identify personal responsibility… yes the dating market is sh*t for the average guy or older woman. Do you want to have different results? Yes? Then find what is lacking in the market, find it, and take action to become it.

        There’s an infinite number of complainers on Twitter. Few of them are getting the p**sy or physical and emotional safety they desire.


  3. The modern mating marketplace is returning to a more tribal/primal setting where women would mate with the strongest male. The distribution of females-to-males was asymmetrical. The technology is effectively filtering those males algorithmically on platforms that channel more and more females towards the apex of the male pyramid.

    I am 38, attractive, successful in my work, take care of myself, have a deep TRP understanding and application … yet the girls I matched on Bumble/Tinder were ordinary. Daygame has assisted me in attracting younger girls I genuinely find attractive and can seduce.

    I often speculate that widespread lesbian fantasies is a byproduct of an asymmetrical mating market where women would prefer to enjoy other women than deign to mate with a lesser male. Isn’t it interesting that almost every woman admits to such a fantasy?


    1. I agree/see evidence for your last point. So many women today say they are bi, when my guess is that most of them simply aren’t turned on by the guys they meet. I also think this is one of the reasons so many women flake/ghost is that they feel like guys are all the same and when they want one they can just swipe away and get one. What they don’t understand is that by using Tinder, they’re selecting for the guys with the LEAST game. Seriously, why would a guy with strong cold approach game (whether night or day) and/or a powerful social circle be on those platforms? We all know the women you meet IRL are hotter/younger. So it’s interesting: now that the world is coming to grips with the alpha/beta phenomenon of men, will women start doing more to seek alphas? This is the power of cold approach.


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