Red flags in game, TRP, and the manosphere.

Note: if you’re new to the red pill, start here.

To be honest, I don’t read a lot of Black Dragon, mainly because of the sentiments RedQuest has expressed. I don’t know the guy, so I won’t say anymore about him specifically since TRQ has pretty much covered it, but I do want to make a larger point:

Just because you have a Twitter account and/or a blog, or you sell books about game, or whatever, DOES NOT MEAN you know what the fuck you’re talking about. And since our space is almost by necessity one of anonymity, that means there’s a lot of bullshit and bullshitters out there.

If you’re on Twitter you see a lot of this: guys tweeting out platitudes, mantras, and advice while presenting themselves as these rich, alpha players who never get rejected by chicks or have any problems whatsoever.

If you’re on the TRP’s reddit page, you see a lot of this: guys telling stories that essentially boil down to “women bad” and incredibly simplistic takes on game, plus a fair amount of tradcon hamstering.

But if we apply the heuristic that if it seems too good to be true it probably is, and remind ourselves that complaining about problems rarely solves them, then we can pretty quickly see that a fair portion of guys in the community are full of shit and their advice should be disregarded.

Understand, this isn’t a shot at anyone in particular. If I want to complain about someone specifically, I’ll do it. This is more of a guide to help guys separate actionable advice vs. from bad advice.

To me, these are red flags:

  • Guys who talk incessantly about making her chase–OK, cool, I agree: it’s great if you can get a girl to chase you. However, in many cases girls won’t, and some girls will never chase because they’re just too feminine and passive.
  • Guys who tweet about frame, without explaining what they mean by that. “Pull her into your frame; be dominant; lead.” Again, yes–but WTF does that mean to a new guy? How does one do that? What does it look like?
  • Guys who regularly overuse the terms “soy” and “weesh”. It’s bro talk, which is fine, but if that’s all they ever harp on about, they don’t have much to teach you.
  • Guys who claim to be alphas but then do nothing but tweet about politics (as RedQuest said, a true alpha doesn’t go around saying he’s alpha, and guys should remember, it’s not a status or level–it’s about behavior. No one is 100% alpha). I’ll be honest: I doesn’t understand why the community is so political, especially when guys who claim to be red pilled–aka objectively see the truth–ignore established science and buy into conspiracy theories and other nonsense.
  • Guys who’s perspective on the world is basically: things are hard, lift weights, buck up, women suck, be a man, etc. They’re not wrong, but they’re also not adding anything new to the discourse.
  • Guys who are overly paranoid about feminism. Do I like feminism? Hell no–and if you read some of my posts you’ll see that. But it’s just not the threat it’s often made out to be, because when it comes right down to it, even the chick who’s super animated in Gender Studies 101 wants to get pounded and choked by Chad later that night. Chicks are chicks, and most of them want a dominant, powerful man when it comes to sex and relationships.
  • Super young guys. Sorry, but if you’re under 20 (for most guys it’s probably more like 30), you don’t know shit yet and that’s not your fault–you just haven’t had enough reference experiences to know more.

Again, it’s not that some of the above things aren’t true or that any talk about politics or feminism is necessarily bad, but when there’s no nuance and variability to the message or there’s a strange fixation on some particular topic, it’s probably just a guy who’s latched onto a simplistic world view and that’s all he says cause it’s all he knows.

On the flipside, guys who can be trusted will almost always show a human side of themselves–they will fuck up with a girl and talk about it, express doubt, experience difficulty, etc. Remember, everyone has problems and everyone fucks up–even people who are super rich and successful–any guy who never talks about that stuff is probably a liar.

The final thing I’d say is that the basic point RedQuest makes about BD is that what he says doesn’t seem like it would work in a lot of situations, and I tend to agree. That’s another good litmus test: if you come across stuff that doesn’t match your experience with women, or doesn’t seem realistic or applicable, it’s probably not good advice.

I apply this to myself as well, which is mostly why I write field reports–I’m simply relating my experiences and learning lessons along the way. I’m not an expert or a fucking guru and I don’t claim to be. To be honest, I’m just a dude who took the red pill, learned game, and started applying them to my life.

What you read here are the results.

5 thoughts

  1. I’m not totally against BD…. he has some interesting and useful stuff… Magnum has learned from him.

    I use feedly to keep up with him. There are some issues, however… not issues of style, like I do one thing and you do something else and so whatever… I dunno, maybe he’s writing too fast and spread too thin. If he feels the need to come up with “content” but doesn’t have anything to say, bad things happen. I try to write when I have shit to say and be silent when I don’t.


  2. >>The final thing I’d say is that the basic point RedQuest makes about BD is that what he says doesn’t seem like it would work in a lot of situations, and I tend to agree. That’s another good litmus test: if you come across stuff that doesn’t match your experience with women, or doesn’t seem realistic or applicable, it’s probably not good advice.

    Big question here is also how attractive are you, how experienced are you, etc. Inexperienced guys with bad game may very well look at the stories you or I have posted and think they are ridiculous lies. The possibilities are greater than a lot of guys assume.

    But in most cases… we don’t know how attractive the guy is, how experienced he is, how attractive the girls are, etc. A lot of guys are probably exaggerating the attractiveness of the women they’re getting for reasons of ego or whatever.

    The more experienced the guy is, the more finely honed his bullshit detector will probably be. I have done a lot of things in the last ten years that I would have thought almost impossible from ages sixteen to twenty-two. Players teach each other what is possible, as do books like nancy friday’s about women’s fantasies.


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