Field Report: 1st date sex party w/ a girl from Tinder.

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No, I’m not particularly proud of that last part.

However, when your dick is in a 5’0″ 21 year old HB 8 after meeting for less than an hour, it’s hard to complain.

So I want to get to the interesting parts–which in this case was not the seduction. I didn’t do anything, really, other than be normal and cool and not fucking anything up.

We met at a bar, had one drink–they were closing, so I was like, “we can go to X, or we can have a glass of wine at my house and watch a movie.” She was like, whatever, so I said let’s go to mine. From opening the door to being inside her was less than 10 minutes. Then we fucked four more times during the next four hours, taking breaks to watch a movie in between.

In terms of the sex, I had promised BDSM, but we didn’t go whole hog (TBH, I’m fairly inexperienced). The first time actually was just really hard fucking–she came quick and then I did shortly after.

The next two times we got a bit nastier: I put a tie around her neck and choked her while we were fucking, and this was after I whipped her ass with my belt before and then while we were doing doggy. We also made use of the vibrator (hat tip to RQ).

But I’ll tell you guys, my god that lithe little body, cute ass, beautiful breasts–not huge, but good size and firmness, nipples pierced of course, and her beautiful, sexy eyes full of sex–this is why we do what we do.

WTF RPD? Tinder, bro? Come on.

I know, I know, but pussy is pussy and I hadn’t gotten laid for awhile. I’m actually going to blame RedQuest for this, as he was the one who sent me the URL from Kill Your Inner Loser for the blogger, Andy’s, BDSM Tinder profile.

So while I’m hanging out at an indoor play area with my son this past week, he’s playing with some building blocks and doesn’t want my help (little bastard is very independent and an engineer apparently–loves Legos and wants to build, build, build, which is a fantastic quality in a man), and I’m like, OK, let’s build this profile.

To be clear, you should go to Andy’s page and check out his stuff–I just followed his playbook, so I take absolutely zero credit for this Tinder gambit, but here’s the TL;DR:

  • Sign up for Tinder with a profile that says you’re 25 or under–this way the algorithm will show your profile to younger girls, which it won’t if you’re older.
  • Then you pay for Tinder Gold so you can hide your age.
  • Create a BDSM profile–mostly normal pics, but a few that hint you’re into kinky shit and a bio that’s more explicit (again, I just straight plagiarized Andy’s saying something about pulling girl’s hair).

That’s basically it.

Anyway, pretty quickly I’m getting some good matches–way different and far superior than what I ever got before using any of the swipe apps. My photos have improved quite a bit since before, mainly because I’ve gotten in a lot better shape than when I was first using them, but most of the credit is due to Andy’s gambit in my estimation.

Day game for the win?

With this particular girl–let’s call her Double Take–we text a bit on Tinder and then I ask for her number, which she gives. I set up the date for the next day, she agrees, game on.

While we’re texting that day, however, it comes out that I’ve day gamed her! She rejected me, of course, because chicks are rational lol.

I honestly didn’t remember, but she insists I tried to get her number sometime before and that was why she swiped on me.

Here’s where it gets even crazier. When we’re on the date, she says she had initially swiped left, but then had a flash of realization that I was the guy who’d approached her, and then get this: she pays Tinder to go back so she can swipe right on me.

The real kicker is that when I ask her why if she thought I was attractive enough to swipe on, she didn’t give me her number that day.

Her: “I was in a shitty mood and had a string of bad dates.”

You really cannot make this shit up–but it just goes to confirm two things most of us already knew:

  1. Her mood/emotional state is the primary decision maker when it comes to dudes. Like, if she’s not in a good mood, you can be the right guy in the right place and be running perfect game, but it’s not the right time and she’ll reject you. Remember that the next time a girl ghosts, rejects, or flakes–in all probability, it wasn’t you. Also goes to show why the old game adage, “change her mood, not her mind,” makes so much sense. Because when it comes to sex and dudes and dating, women aren’t rational actors.
  2. Day game is powerful. Because she swiped left, but then, realizing who I was, went back and actually paid so she could swipe right. Clearly, the fact I approached and had game made an impression.

Shit tests, and sugar baby/hot young girl reveals what it’s like…

So among other things we talked about while getting drinks, Double Take mentions she normally would not meet up this quickly. Typically, she says, she ghosts guys for awhile or flakes on a date purposely to see how he’ll react (hilarious, because the other girls I’ve matched with on Tinder are doing THIS EXACT FUCKING DANCE).

I was somewhat taken aback because usually girls don’t explicitly shit test guys–it’s subconscious–or at least, if they do, they don’t tell us about it. Very interesting to hear that this was how she operates and reminds me of a mantra of mine, which is that it’s always best to play it cool and leave things open. Because it could be she is interested–she’s just shit testing you.

She did pull a couple shit tests with me prior to the date that I thought were funny–and Mr. V says he’s seen the same thing with his girls–was first that she took a long time to reply to the first date request. I’ve noticed this with a ton of the girls I’ve gone out with: for whatever reason, even though they’re replying quickly before, when the date request comes out, there’s a big delay in the response.

Usually it’s still a yes, although the Jessica Rabbit chick I number closed on NYE ghosted and I don’t think she’s coming back. Alas.

The other shit test is once the date is confirmed, the chick goes dark like 24-36 hours before the date. I actually failed this shit test once with a stripper I ended up fucking later (I have a bunch of posts coming boys–there’ll be more on that one: tales from before I started the blog), because I freaked out when she didn’t respond to my attempt to confirm. I was able to get the lay later on, but I shudder to think of how many times pre-game I made this mistake with other chicks (also working on a post about best practices texting).

Anyway, a few other interesting things came out on the date, plus after we’d fucked. Shit gets intimate when you’re holding each other naked after powerful orgasms–even with a player and a sugar baby.

The first is that she’s had three sugar daddies–still has one.

The latest one is a long term arrangement, but what’s crazy is the way she described the guy he has game and could probably be fucking her without money. Probably doesn’t realize this, but I mean, whatever.

I don’t really care–I paid for her drink and we got pizza after fucking, but she was fucking me because she wanted to fuck me. There was no “arrangement.” But interesting nonetheless as she’s the first sugar baby I’ve dated, or at least the first girl who’s told me about it.

She also revealed that she’s SUPER into older guys.

Like, in some ways, I wasn’t old enough for her and I’m almost 40–reminder, she’s 21. In fact, while we were watching A Star is Born, she mentioned that she wants to fuck a guy who’s really old, and points at Sam Elliot (older brother in the movie and guy who order sarsaparilla in The Big Lebowski–if you haven’t seen either, go watch ’em) .

Just goes to show you there are definitely a number of young chicks out there, maybe 15-20% according to Black Dragon, who are REALLY into older guys. Which means that if a guy is good in game, he can be pulling girls in their early 20’s into his late 50’s or 60’s.

The other thing–which was weird–was that she said she’d done porn, had fucked guys in the NFL, could go do drugs with a bunch of people in Miami anytime she wanted.


She’s probably lying about this, or at least mostly lying. Let’s be honest, no chick who can be fucking guys in the NFL is fucking RPD if she has the option. I mean, I’m a good looking, fit, tall, intelligent guy–I run good game and I’m told I’m charming.

But I am not an NFL guy.

I mean, who knows–maybe the state of modern men is such that even guys who should be all out ballers are still blue pilled pussies with no game, but I would think that the wealth alone would pull her if that was truly an option. 

That or her sugar daddy is paying her a ton. Who knows.

But one thing I’ve noticed with girls–especially super slutty girls–is that they really over play their hand when it comes to talking about sex and their experiences.

Partially it’s a shit test and partially it’s an indirect message that she doesn’t want anything serious, but it’s always good to apply basic logic in these situations: if it sounds too ridiculous to be true, it probably is.

Recall Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is the likeliest.

And remember, these girls want attention–a good way to get attention is to say outlandish shit that isn’t true.

To be honest, I don’t really give a fuck.

She’s a very cute girl, the sex was fantastic, and we actually had some natural chemistry. Hopefully I can retain Double Take.

Good candidate for sex clubs.

Goddamn fellas, there’s never been a better time to be a player.


  1. I tried out Andy’s BDSM-Tinder method, and haven’t had any results with it. It initially seemed like it was going to work since I had maybe a dozen matches in a couple days, but they all went silent during the date pitch, and/or they’d would wait 3-5 days to respond. In a week, I was kicked off Tinder (probably for the non-explicit kinbaku photo).

    I’ve considered these girls time wasters and write them off by the time they respond… But after seeing your article, is this the new “normal” for girls?


    1. I hear you man. I got kinda lucky w/ that chick. I’ve found mostly the same since then. I get some matches, but most go silent. Even the number I got from this one chick who seemed super on is now ghosting me when I attempted to text for the date. TBH, I’m going to finish out my paid period, but probably after that I’m going to go back to full time cold approach. Online is just kinda garbage–and, despite what a lot of guys will say, it’s very time consuming as there are so many time wasters on women who aren’t serious and just using it as a thirst trap. We’ll see. I’ve opened up several other online accounts as well, just to see–because if it can work, it’s a super easy way to get laid. Problem is, it doesn’t work very well, if at all.


  2. Hey mate, I was linked here from a friend of yours who said he talks to you and Red Quest a lot (I won’t say his name for privacy – it starts with C ). Appreciate the shoutout, and glad to hear you got that sausage all wet 😉 I’ll be writing a BDSM-focused Tinder guide in the future, once I finish the rest of my regular Tinder guide.

    Yeah, there’s a tonne of younger girls who *love* older guys. I suspect when we’re in our 50’s, we’ll still be meeting 18-25yos, pulling their hair and telling them to call us “Daddy”.

    I’ll be following your blog from now on.
    -Andy / Kill Your Inner Loser

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  3. What do you mean by ” I didn’t do anything, really, other than be normal and cool and not fucking anything up.” Not fucking anything up?


    1. Just that what I did wasn’t hard and we weren’t there that long. Normal conversation with some sexual spikes, talked a little about beer and wine, then we took off back to mine.


  4. I want to hear more about the one-date model vs two-date model. I have primarily defaulted towards a one date model if possible, but Magnum and others have described the two-date model as better. This girl was clearly a yes girl. Maybe the solution is to shoot for one date on straightforward yes girls and prefer two date models for ambiguous girls.

    I don’t think I have a good grasp of when to pursue one against the other, or exactly what to look for.

    >I was able to get the lay later on, but I shudder to think of how many times pre-game I made this mistake with other chicks (also working on a post about best practices texting).

    >Good candidate for sex clubs.

    Great candidate. She sounds like such a slut that you could/should have proposed it amid the sex history talk.


    1. It may be that it’s worth writing something up about this at some point. Problem is I haven’t done enough two date model pulls to say much for sure, because as you say, I’ve mostly pulled on the first if I can.


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