Guest post: Game Modalities, Yields, Logistics, etc.

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RPD Note: This is a guest post by a player who wishes to remain anonymous on the various modalities players can use to source women.

I know most players in the community prefer day game to other methods, but a lot of guys don’t have the time to do 2-3 days of 10 approaches a week or can’t get that kind of volume if they do, so exploring other methods of meeting women may be worth looking into.

Additionally, using all of the modalities can be quite effective. The player who wrote this post had the following lays in 2019:

  • 3 from online game.
  • 3 from day game.
  • 2 from night game.
  • 3 from social circle.
  • 3 from sex clubs, plus a few BJs.

In my own experience, 90-95% of my dates and girls and lays have been from day or night game cold approach, but in the past couple years I’ve gotten four lays from online (2 from FB; 1 from IG; 1 from Tinder), and two from social circle. RPD has yet to get on the sex party train, but that’s the true gold mine if you can find a hot chick who’s up for adventure.


  • Market: Unlimited, assuming volume.
  • Yield: Low.
  • Season: All year, with seasonal interruptions around Christmas and highs around Spring and tourist seasons.
  • Effort: Minimal (indirect soft open) to Maximum (front stop)
  • Skill: London Daygame Model.
  • Challenges: Finding high-volume areas to approach, high drop-off rate, difficult skill set to master.

The benefit of Daygame as a modality is that it is an all-purpose skill which can be applied across an essentially unlimited market of women at any time of year and in any place. Yields are low: generally 1:50 lays for advanced guys to 1:1000 for newbies. The drop-off rate is high for daygamers due to the low yield. 

Results can range from a Same Day Lay (SDL) to going on 4-6 dates–the spectrum of possibility is wide. 

The style can range from blocks of time dedicated to approaches to a casual one-off approaching while in the course of your daily activities. 

RPD’s take: my preferred, favorite method of game. I do mostly one-offs, but will do sessions when I can. The best thing about day game is that regardless of results, it sharpens the sword–day game makes you a better player, even it’s only a few approaches at a time.

Remember guys, even though we talk about ratios, it only takes one approach to get laid.

The final thing I want to say here is that as you read on, keep in mind that whatever modality you’re using, calibration and adjustments are they key. If shit isn’t working, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Always ask yourself why what you’re doing didn’t work, whether that’s a day game approach to dealing with LMR (last minute resistance). If you have questions you can always send them my way (email or twitter) and we’ll figure it out.


  • Market: women who enjoy regular nightlife, some one-off nights out for groups of girlfriends, venue specific. RPD: if you’re really wanting to target younger and hotter, night game is really good for this as clubs in big cities are going to have very high concentrations of hot chicks compared with beating the streets doing day game.
  • Yield: for same night lays–low/medium, depending on skill. For dates and relationships–medium, again, depending on skill. RPD: IMO, the ROI (return on investment) for night game–if a player were to apply the same effort as day game–is quite a bit higher, simply because of the fact that some portion of girls are going out specifically hoping to get male attention and some smaller percentage is going out hoping to get laid that night. Key is not to get too drunk and be ready with good game at the end of the night.
  • Season: all year, mostly concentrated on Friday and Saturday nights, outlier days depending on the venue. RPD: off nights can actually be better for pulling–a girl who’s out drinking by herself at 10pm on a weeknight it hoping to be approached.
  • Effort: medium/high – requires a reasonable amount of sociability and the ability to navigate mixed groups of men and women. RPD: you need high energy. I would say in some ways, you to look at night game as the most difficult modality, but also has the best payoff.
  • Skill: RPD Nightgame Model (want to point out that my model is based on Mystery and Strauss’ work–I’m not claiming originality).
  • Challenges: Women are generally with other women so common problems include cockblocks, mother hens, envious friends; bars have male competition so strong social skills are needed; alcohol can affect social interactions and be a turnoff; consent remains an important requirement.

The benefit of Nightgame as a modality is that it is predicated on alcohol, socialising and for a core of women, the desire for sex. 

Yields can be medium to high–approaches are shorter, attraction is much sharper and more pronounced, and alcohol reduces inhibitions of even the most reluctant girl. Conservatively, approximately 15% of women are seeking a sex partner when going out at night. 

Nightgame often clashes with important health goals like reducing alcohol intake, smoking and getting enough sleep. Conversely, the highs of going out at night can make up for some of the heath drawbacks and also feed into an improvement of your social life. 

Some daygamers will dovetail a day session of approaches with a social night out. The very act of approaching during the day makes the night approaches easy and vibe good.

RPD’s take: love the idea of dovetailing–actually got laid doing this on my last big session. Night game, TBH, is where I’ve gotten a lot of my lays. Chicks are ready, needy, and if you run good game, it’s very easy to do quite well in night game. Understand, it’s a high stress, high pressure environment–not for everyone. Your game has to be on point and the shit testing is super heavy.

But we all know the talent is there.


  • Market: Women of all ages although range is generally 18-50. Approximately 40% of all couples meet online. 
  • Yield: Very low–generally a very high search effort leading to high flake rates and low quality dates.
  • Season: All year, mostly active around hotspot times of the day and week (particularly Sunday mornings for responses).
  • Effort: Low–very little is required for swipe online dating which leads to poor outcomes and quality. Medium effort required for post matching texting to create some form of online attraction. High quality profile with good photos and confident/polarizing text is super important. 
  • Skill: BD Online Dating Model.
  • Challenges: Significant threat of catfishing (photos not matching the person), high match rates and mutiple text threads, matches leading to nowhere, high flake rate.

The benefit of Online Game as a modality is that it is an easy way to identify and match with some women however the uphill battle is then getting a woman out on a date. Many dating apps are predicated on an algorithm which has in the past unfairly skewed matches towards the top 20% of attractive users. Attempts have been made to equalise this to no avail. Hypergamy is the rule with online dating.

Yields can be unstable–direct-to-house hookups to long-thread conversations with multiple persons resulting in nil dates and matches. 
The chief benefit of online game is that almost half of the population meet through a dating app.

Online game is an addendum to regular face-to-face interactions. One of the noticeable points of dissonance in online dating is the lack of chemistry despite strong social foundations pre-date. This is mostly due to a lack of DNA matching and sexual hook points during the interaction. 

RPD’s take: generally I think online game is bad and guys are much better off learning cold approach, although I did get a lay recently with a very hot 21 year old–you can read more here.

Social Circle

  • Market: Limited to groups of friends and colleagues.
  • Yield: Low to medium–social proof is high within Social Circle Game however numbers are low. Relationships with colleagues also accounts for a sizable proportion of how people met. 
  • Season: All year, excepting major holidays (when spent with family). Additionally, it is not portable due to social circles generally being geographically based. 
  • Effort: Low–for social proof Medium–for discretion High–for variety as a social circle would need to expand dramatically in order to offer the variety other modalities provide.
  • Skill: N/A (there may be an option here to work on something).
  • Challenges: Small circle of friends; reputational issues if you are seeing a number of women within your social circle.

This modality is specific to social circle of friends and colleagues however dovetails into interests and hobbies. (In fact, all modalities are essentially overlapping). 

Yields can be low to medium depending on the tightness of the social circle, such as school groups and colleges/universities. 

The chief benefit of social circle is that social proof is already high so there are less issues about how you know the other person. 

Social circle presents some great benefits however the principle drawbacks are that it lacks anonymity and lacks portability. 

RPD’s take: I haven’t used social circle enough, but it’s very difficult if you don’t have a strong social circle. You can read about my latest social circle lay here.


  • Market: Limited to activities/interests/passions however with the possibility of entering into a wide variety of new interests/passions you would normally not access in your social group.
  • Yield: Low to medium – this is dependent on the number of women in the activity in question, for example partner dancing.
  • Season: Most activities are generally weekly so contact time is not as frequent. This of course depends on how common the activity is (eg. Salsa dancing, Rockclimbing).
  • Effort: Medium – activities require a time and effort investment in new skills.
  • Skill: Subject to the interest in question.
  • Challenges: Learning the skill itself; carefully identifying women within the interest group who have an attraction to you; ensuring reputation is maintained despite dating women within the group.

This modality runs alongside social circle however can involve random groups of people so social proof is low until built up over time. 

Yields are subject to the male/female ratio, nature of the interest, and way in which women can be met within the group in a calibrated, social respectable way. 

The chief benefit of interests/passions is that you build up a skill in addition to meeting and socialising with women. 

The most common form of interest/passions which maximises youth, beauty and high numbers of females is partner dancing where men canaccess with some degree of plausible deniability. Rhythm and touch are the fruits of partner dancing, often satisfying a touch need sorely lacking in modern society. 

Other options include yoga, Pilates, gym classes, charities, youth organisations, music jams, improv comedy, stand up, etc. 

RPD: Again, something I need to get better at doing, but my goal this year is to regularly attend a yoga studio and see if I can pull from there. My other plan is to go to a lot of EDM shows and festivals–I like the music, plus the chance to pull from those situations is quite high.

Sex Parties

  • Market: Limited–very small proportion of the market.
  • Yield: Medium to High–this depends on the general vibe interacting with people in the club.
  • Season: All year, though mostly concentrated on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Effort: High–requires having a girl who is prepared to attend a party, emotional awareness, and ability to navigate complex group sex dynamics
  • Skill: The Red Quest’s book on Sex Party Game
  • Challenges: Finding a suitable female to attend parties with; social acuity in managing interpersonal and intersexual dynamics in clubs; emotional resilience dealing with sub-drops, jealousy and feelings of abandonment.

This modality is advanced and requires a high degree of social, sexual and emotional acuity. 

Yields are medium to high given the implied nature of sexual activity at parties. 

The chief benefit of sex parties is easy access to sexual activity in a safe, non-judgemental environment. 

Sex parties present some of the highest yields of sex within a short window however require good emotional control, physical fitness and ability to persuade and guide interested females to parties.

RPD: Hoping my Tinder girl can be my ticket. You’ve got to have a hot chick if you’re going to roll to a sex club.


  1. With EDM festivals you need to be aware that most of the crowd will be on molly. Just saying. Pop it yourself to see what it does to people before you jump in.


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