On feminists and what all women should understand.

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So, I’ll state right off the bat, this blog isn’t about being pissed at women or misogyny. RPD is about meeting and seducing women of beauty, to use a Mystery catch phrase.

I love women–that’s why I (and we) do what I do.

I love their softness, wit, grace, charm, beauty, smell… I could go on, but if you’re a player, or hell–any red blooded male–you can finish the list yourself.

However, I was triggered by a tweet I saw a while back (perhaps why I should spend less time on there) and I have to get this off my chest.

OK, so here’s the tweet:

Classic response from a feminist implying we’re incels (in point of fact, we–PUAs in particular–are the exact opposite; voluntarily incapable of celibacy)–their favorite go-to insult when they run out of rational arguments… so usually right away.

Anyway, I’d like to point a few things out if I may:

#1: A woman suggesting that incels are the lowliest form of man is basically the strongest possible endorsement for the Red Pill philosophy that exists.

Cause it’s all about getting laid, right? That’s the true measure of a man’s worth at the end of the day if we’re honest with ourselves. You can be rich and/or successful as fuck–Elon Musk or Prince Harry–but if you’re not getting laid, you’re a loser.

I mean, it’s funny when I hear the chicks I date or my mom or sister and their friends spout red pill shit, but when feminists do it–you can’t make that shit up.

Real men get laid (they’re not wrong); the rest are losers.

But then, how does that happen? How do guys go about getting laid?

TRP. Pick-up. Lifting. Reading. Improving their finances/status. Developing a killer mindset. Valuing process over results. Etc.

What doesn’t work?

Being nice. Deferring to a woman, giving her the frame. Being a “male” feminist. White knighting. Assuming women view honor and morality in the same way men do. Dad bods. Etc.

And while they won’t tell you they fuck the former (even though they know it), after a few drinks any feminist (or woman) will be happy to tell you she has no interest in sleeping a man who’s doing the latter.

#2: The basis on which women select men as mates is why the “patriarchy” exists.

Rollo was the first person I heard say this and he’s 100% correct. Men vie with each other for power, finances, status, and fitness in order to have access to pussy–and those who are successful are handsomely rewarded… by women.

Remember that Italian playboy Gianluca who caught flak for posting the dance video where he plays drums on the asses of four fucking 10’s on his yacht in the Mediterranean? I do. And I guarantee none of those chicks were there involuntarily–they all knew exactly what they were doing and were having a hell of a time doing it.

Cool. That’s the way it goes. Good for them and good for Gianluca–which brings me to the next point:

#3: Men have to work–really hard–to get laid on a consistent basis. Women don’t.

Take our boy Gianluca. Now, if I remember correctly, he inherited his wealth, but at the very least, he hasn’t wasted it and in his early 50’s, is in absolutely phenomenal shape.

Moreover, there’s no way he gets those chicks to do that video if he doesn’t have super strong game and adamantium frame to go with it. Finally, he’s got to be good in bed–which doesn’t “just happen” like chicks want to think it does: even with a magical cock, most chicks need more than just size and thrust to come.

And, as every man knows, none of these things are easy, even if you start out rich. Remember, most guys who hire dating coaches or matchmakers are super rich guys who have zero game and the backbone of an amoeba–so it’s not as if money and status are magic bullets to get women.

But most of us aren’t born with a silver spoon and the truth is most men won’t ever make truly life changing money: a lot of that is just smoke and mirrors.

Nor are we high school quarterbacks, social chairs of our frats, or Chads who just happen to fall into some pussy early and do well without really knowing why.

Indeed, for most guys, like 98% of us, getting laid consistently is very difficult. The sheer volume of material out there, from books to YouTube infields to dating coaches to the very existence of a community like TRP, attests to this fact.

And as I was telling some other players on a group chat recently, I don’t think true Chads–guys who are just naturally good with women–really exist.

At least not for very long.

I think some guys who happen to be good looking/fit have periods of time in their lives when they’re Chads (I kinda had one in my mid 20’s I’ll maybe write up at some point–RedQuest wrote about his in college), but most eventually end up getting married, and the few who don’t eventually start to put it together and think rationally about what they’re doing, at which point they cease to be Chads.

But it brings me back to the overall truth here, which is that what men and women experience in the realm of sexuality is vastly fucking different. And sure I’ll concede that some women are better looking than others and there’s a subset of women who struggle mightily because of this, but my goodness, if you’re a chick who was born after about 1990, access to sex–usually by guys +1-2 points in SMV comparatively–basically requires zero effort, other than taking some pictures and having a few online dating/social media accounts.

#4: The above is why a lot of men are bitter and misogynistic–because they know how easy it is for chicks, and they know how hard it is for them.

This is why incels exist, and why the manosphere so often feels like the “moanosphere” as Tom Torero put it.

As I said at the start, there’s basically zero utility indulging in these emotions, but it’s human nature to get pissed when we see someone who has it better than we do, especially when the inequity is completely unearned. Because what chicks don’t understand–or understand too late–is that while men have to work very, very hard to get to the point where they’re sexually desirable to women, women are essentially born with it.

Those chicks Gianluca is banging? I’m sure they watch what they eat, work out, and are very conscious about how they dress, wear makeup, etc, but otherwise, they just happened to win the genetic lottery. And I’ll add one more thing here: most chicks have a period for at least a few years of their life–maybe as early as 16-17 ranging to some point in their late 20’s–where they are very attractive to a large percentage of men.

The ones who aren’t, I suspect, is where most feminists come from. And here’s the greatest irony of all about this whole situation:

#5: Feminists and incels are two sides of the same coin.

When it boils down to it, the true reason feminists hate men is that they know they can never be as powerful as men (and can’t get the sort of men they think they deserve–usually +2 SMV who make a lot of money), and yet, feminism’s ultimate goal is for women to take power away from men, whether legally, socially, or financially.

But they can’t. They’re not built for it. Not most women under most circumstances anyway, and when the unattractive and/or unpleasant chicks realize this is the case, it pisses them off to no end and they become feminists. “It’s not fair!” is essentially the basis for all their complaints, but what they don’t understand is the reason it’s not fair is because boys have to be created, molded, carved, tempered–whatever making adjective you want to use–into high value men. We have to suffer and strive and compete in ways women just don’t, and can’t.

It’s not fair. But neither is the fact women–especially those who are born attractive–can basically do whatever the fuck they want sexually while most guys struggle.

That’s just the way it is, and there’s no use complaining about it.

So anyway, where incels resent women for their access to sex–because they wish they had that same access, or even some shred of it–feminists resent men for our access to power (and, by corollary as I mentioned earlier, the fact they can’t get the sort of man they feel they deserve).

The irony, again, is that the reason men are so much more powerful (and I don’t mean physically, although that’s true as well) than women, in general, is because of that exact dynamic: we have to be powerful in order to get sex.

Like, guys will live in a fucking van and dedicate themselves to day game to get laid. They’ll work 60+ hours a week for decades to play the provider game or fly to Europe or SE Asia to bang prostitutes or sugar babies. They’ll spend hundreds of dollars on a cam girl or stripper in a few minutes just to see some tits and ass. They’ll start bands, learn Salsa, go to war, spend ungodly amounts of time in the gym or studying or writing or working or what the fuck ever–and why?

To get laid.

Women can basically never share that drive or desire because it doesn’t exist. For them sex is easy.

So the only real difference between incels and feminists is that feminism is socially acceptable where being an incel is not (hence the use of that term as an insult). And the only reason feminism is socially acceptable is because some portion of men (read: delusional losers–full disclosure, I used to be one) have acquiesced to it because they think it’s going to get them laid.

Otherwise they’re basically the same: people who are pissed off because life isn’t fair.


#6: Feminism feminizes men and masculinizes women, which means more people end up alone, sexless, and unhappy.

Incels exist because feminism.

Because we live in a society that tells men it’s OK to be a fucking sissy who sits in his mother’s basement playing video games all day instead of working to make a life for himself, and at the same time, tells women to become more like men: strong, powerful, stoic, dominant, as opposed to compassionate, affectionate, and beautiful.

The end result is that a fairly large proportion of Western society has lost what it takes to be sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

Because as much as they might claim the opposite, women don’t want soy boys or dad bods or “woke” men. They find those guys repulsive.

And in reverse, short hair, big muscles, androgynous clothing, a stoic personality, not liking children, lacking compassion and warmth–hate to break it to ya, but none of these things are attractive to men, ladies.

It’s actually pretty gross. Short hair especially–makes women look like little boys. A national tragedy in my opinion.

So when you see that common feminist insult–“incel”–remember two things:

  1. Feminists are the same as incels: they envy and resent male power, just as incels envy and resent female sexuality.
  2. Incels exist because of feminism (as does TRP and PUAs), and the patriarchy exists because of how women choose men as mates.

Complain all you want ladies, but this is on you.

In the meantime, there’s never been a better time to be a player.


  1. Great post and I think point no 5 is the key and often gets lost in the shuffle. I almost never come into contact with feminists in my dating life because cute young girls mostly just don’t care about feminism. Where it has impacted the quality of life is my female friendships. I’ve always enjoyed female company and had close female friends (girl who i wasn’t interested in fucking for whatever reason) but that’s become less tenable over the last few years, particularly as they’ve aged. I’ve really noticed it with a couple of friends hitting their mid 30’s and well entrenched on the downslope Of their smv curve. Standard manosphere talking points they wholeheartedly agreed with 5 years ago when they were able to meet chads on tinder are now Considered by them to be thought crime. It’s only recently and with some sadness that I’ve realized that maintaining female friends is largely a total waste of my time. Not because I wanted to fuck these girls. But because there are only two possible outcomes. Either she finds a guy and gets married. In which case he will make sure we are no longer friends. (Happened more than once.) Or she doesn’t marry, gets bitter and becomes a net negative to my life. Essentially I have to treat female friends no different to my girlfriends. Know going in it will not last, and understand that sooner or later they will leave or get old enough for me to no longer be interested. It’s a shame. But then so are
    So many of the objective realities of the red pill. Players are just men who have adapted
    to the reality best.

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