Field Report: Night game fail and lessons.

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Well friends, let’s start with the bad news: it was a disappointing night out–and as one of the only guys in the community who seems to take his night game seriously, I’ll be honest… it stings.

I guess we might as well get it all out of the way, so here we go:

  • Approaches: 4
  • Indirect: 3
  • Direct: 1
  • Stack: 4
  • Vibe: 4
  • Grounding: 3
  • BF/other guy: 3
  • Cunts: 1
  • Numbers: 0

Overall, pretty fucking shitty, at least in terms of results.

But to be honest, I count tonight as a win, and here’s why:

  1. I was, if not the alpha, AN alpha (pretty sure I was THE). By the time I left the bar, half of the people knew my name, and I’d made as many friends with dudes as with chicks.
  2. My game was strong. The first approach I made was on a very cute redhead who was ON as I kept going, push-pull, push-pull, until her boyfriend (who was absolutely out of shape and ugly–only thing he had going was his height) showed up and literally mate guarded her out of the bar, and even as he was, she was making eyes at me.
  3. I opened fearlessly. Just walked up and started talking to people. Above you see there are only 4 approaches–those are only counting the women I was targeting. Overall, I probably did over 10 including others–either girls I wasn’t interested in or dudes.
  4. I had fun. It was a hell of a good time and I didn’t even drink that much. I made sure everyone around me was having fun too–anyone I talked to felt better afterwards, with the exception of the cunt (although even she did up to a point).
  5. I had opportunities to pull or number close.

Remember players, we are always closing. It’s very easy to talk to lot of people and have fun, especially when there’s drinking involved. But if you’re not trying to pull or close, you’re missing the point.

Moreover, a night like this is where it’s incredibly important to keep the process in mind, not necessarily the results.

Because as you guys have seen, the results were shitty. But overall, the process was good. I was alpha, my game was strong, I opened fearlessly, I had fun, and I had opportunities. Additionally, I didn’t get too drunk, which is where a lot of guys fail in night game–the proof is in the pudding as I started writing this at 2:15 am my time (now finishing it today).

OK, so let’s get into the specifics:

To start, I didn’t open any sets for the first hour or so. Why? Well, for one, the first bar we went to was pretty barren for chicks. If I’d seen a girl I wanted to open I would have, but one point that should be made about night game is there’s almost no point in opening before 11pm, because everyone’s just settling in before that. Let the vibe of the music and the ambiance and the booze work in your favor.

In any case, we left that first bar because it was dead and went to an awesome place. Vibe was incredible. Great classic rock playing, an incredibly outlandish scene with crazy lights and bullshit all over the place–just a great atmosphere.

We ordered drinks and as we did I opened the redhead. Unfortunately, she had a BF, but one of two very ON chicks I met all night in terms of responding to me and my game… there’s a point to be made there about a lack of girl game, but that’s another post.

So she was shuffled off by her BF, and my friends look at me like, “what do we do now?” There’s a pair of hotties in the far corner, so I just straight roll over there, drink in hand, and open: “I’m sorry, but you looked bored and I thought I’d come entertain you for a bit.”

I’m going to brag for a second: that’s a great fucking opener, and it came out spontaneously. Definitely going to use it again as it does so many things:

  1. You looked bored. Inference: you’re boring. Low-key neg.
  2. I thought I’d come entertain you. Inference: I’m a cool, confident guy who can do that.
  3. For a bit: false time constraint. I’m not going to be here forever.

Best of all, I’m now the prize and center of attention. Which means I can demonstrate value. I immediately channel my third eye, pointing to the middle of my forehead.

“Tell me your names and I’ll guess where you’re from.”

Command them, right? And I fucking did.

They told me, names I can repeat since they’re so germaine and at the same time, common: “Maddy and Tomi.”

“How cute.”

At first I guess California because they look like cunts (and turn out to be), “no” that’s not the answer, but second guess I hit the nail on the head: Chicago.

Girls immediately open up, and we start talking about ancestry for whatever reason. We’re all white mutts, so I’m not sure why that matters, but it’s fun and I play along.

At this point, however, I can see they’re about done–not because they don’t like me, but because it’s a lot. We need to remember: chicks aren’t use to this. They love witty banter when they hear it on the Gilmore Girls, but that doesn’t mean they can do it.

So I excuse myself and go back and start hanging out with my buddies. A group of well dressed chicks come in–one is super hot, the others are meh–so I open by teasing one of the meh chicks: “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you ladies in–this is a super low brow bar and you’re too well dressed.”

She smiles and the group likes it. I stack on where she’s from, why they’re so well dressed, etc, then move to vibing on the bar when a cool song comes on so we all start dancing and singing.

Unfortunately, they go to another area of the bar and then leave shortly thereafter, so I never had a chance to close the hottie. That’s just part of night game though–people are always coming and going.

At this point I need another drink and as I’m heading for the bar, this cute Latina gives me a massive IOI: her eyes get big, she looks me up and down, and then smiles.

I open her immediately and because of the IOI I just go direct (remember, in night game, it’s more often appropriate to use an indirect opener, because the attraction is implied): “what’s up pretty girl? What are you drinking tonight?”

She tells me and we start flirting–she’s wearing a sexy dress with a bunch of straps so I make some comment about if she likes ropes and knots, inferring a little BDSM. She loves it.

But then some motherfucker comes up to me and interrupts the set. He’s pretty drunk and belligerent, though friendly, but by the time I’m done dealing with him she’s gone back to her other friends.

I then go back and reopen Tomi and Maddy, who are now talking to my friends.

Maddy leaves to go use the bathroom and my friends go to get a drink–the girls are settling up to leave, so I try to number close Tomi who’s the cuter of the two anyway.

Classic shit test answer: I’m seeing someone.

Me: Yeah, me too–he’s super cute. But I don’t think they’d get too jealous if we get a coffee sometime.

Her: I don’t think so (and this is where she gets cunty), don’t you think I’m out of your league?

That pissed me off as you might expect, so I shot back, smiling: I’ve done better–beauty is common. Game is not. (This is 100% true. She was the classic IG 7, cute, but nothing special whatsoever).

Her: Yeah sorry, but I’m too good for you.

Me: No, you’re too arrogant for me. Have a good night Tomi.

Not a great exchange, but it wasn’t going to happen and chicks like that need to be taken down a peg. It was funny because later one of the other guys I was talking to said she was a bitch as well.

She probably was seeing someone, but if she really didn’t want to talk to guys, I don’t know why she’s out late at night wearing a see through shirt so everyone can see her tits in a push up bra. This is one of the times where girls will complain about getting hit on while taking zero responsibility for the fact that if they really thought about it, they knew they were going to get hit on. If you don’t want to get hit on, don’t go to a hook-up bar dressed like a hooker.

Anyway, by that time the bar was still packed, but the chicks had cleared out. I went to go find the little Latina, but she was kissing up on some REALLY fucking ugly dude who’d showed up in the interim, so that was a no go.

And that was the end of the night. At this point the bar was kinda clearing out, and there weren’t any more hot chicks to talk to, so I chilled with my friends for a bit and then headed out.

Again, not good in terms of results, but if we go a bit deeper, it’s mainly bad luck–two of the chicks I opened, the redhead and the Latina–were both ON, girls I could have pulled or at the very least number closed if they hadn’t been taken by ugly ass dudes (this is not me being bitter, just true in this particular case; there’ve been times when I’ve hit on girls where the BF shows up and it’s like, OK, you’re solid dude–well done).

The well dressed chicks were also fairly on, and there’s a good chance I could have number closed the hot one if they’d stuck around.

And the two set was just a chick who wasn’t interested and/or had a BF, plus a cunt anyway. I have no issue being rejected, but don’t insult me. To that point, everyone was having a good time, I’d been a pleasant, entertaining guy, and all she had to say was, “I’m sorry, I’m just not interested, but nice to meet you” or something to that effect. Not hard.

The other thing to keep in mind was that this all took place in the space of about an hour and a half or so.

Overall, pretty typical of night game, which by nature is very hit and miss, although it’s rare to have a night like this where I don’t get any numbers. That said, some nights will go like the above, others you’ll pull a chick, others you’ll get a couple numbers that are usually pretty solid, assuming the game was good. Obviously it varies, but one of the reasons I like night game is that if your game is good, you can pull 1/3-1/4 of the time.

Can’t wait to get back out there.

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