Seduction Tales from before the blog: my first pick-up lays and 10 lessons post-pill.

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I guess we’ll just go in chronological order…

Sept. 2018–Mom Jeans–Lesson #1: If women see you as Chad, then you are, and you can literally do whatever you want with her.

I can’t remember if I wrote about her or not–I feel like I did, but now I can’t find it. Anyway, she was a mom, late 30’s, tiny and petite, with a nice ass. Solid 7+.

Anyway, she IOI’d me at a local concert, so I approached her and her friends, got them laughing, etc. I had some stuff to take care of, but they were going out, so I told them I’d meet them at the karaoke bar around 9.

They were there when I got there, I made a point of hugging them all as soon as I arrived, and then we had drinks, sang some songs, and started having a good old time. Mom Jeans was clearly into me, so I didn’t need to do much, but anytime I went to the bar I flirted with other girls, as well as high fiving people who sang or after I sang. This is basic night game stuff–you want to be the baller in the room.

After about two hours we went to her friend’s house to have some wine–when she said she had to go, I asked if she could drop me off where I was staying–at my parent’s house, btw. She said yes, and when we got there we started making out in the car. From there I just said, come inside with me for a minute, and I just led her right up to my room and banged her.

We banged a few more times after, but then she fell off because we lived too far apart and she did the typical single mom thing by not making enough time in her schedule to continue dating.

Oh well, fun while it lasted.

Sept. 2018–Mom Friend–Lesson #2: If a woman sees you as Chad, you are Chad to her friends as well.

So the friend I mentioned above, well, she also wanted to fuck–probably a bit of pre-selection or jealousy there. So after Mom Jeans and I were done, I called her up randomly and told her she should come over to watch a movie. She did and we fucked pretty quickly after she got there.

What’s interesting is she was 24, a 7 by virtue of her youth (one of those who’s pretty good looking when young, but probably will fade pretty quick), and after, drove to see me for several weeks in a row to get banged some more before she wanted something more serious and I had to shoot the puppy.

Sept. 2018–Stripper #1–Lesson #3: If you pass her shit tests, she will fuck you.

This was a chick I met through FB strangely enough. I didn’t pass her shit test the first time when she refused to confirm going on a date, but I ended up getting her out two months later.

Probably one of the best experiences of my life as a player, even though the night was mostly garbage.

Heavy shit testing right from the beginning, but I play the alpha, unconcerned, gaming. She flirts with another guy, I flirt with the cute bartender. This caused her to throw a fit and she went to the bathroom. I went to get her, but instead of apologizing or any beta bullshit, I just started kissing her, and it was on.

From there, we went to a place where she used to strip. We go in and she’s kinda bragging about me (“I met this dude on FB”), but then quickly disappears into the woman’s bathroom to do some cocaine (I have no proof of this, but I’m not wrong). She’s gone for quite awhile and I’m flirting with some of the other strippers, but when she does come back, I’m like: cool hanging, but I need to go home, I’ll see ya.

And she’s like: can I come home with you?

Me: Only if you can behave yourself.

Anyway, we end up back at my place and the shit tests continue:

“We’re not having sex.”

I know.

“I need to go soon.”


And I just continue to escalate. Finally we end up in my bed, making out, and she again says: we’re not having sex.

OK. I roll over and close my eyes. Next thing I know she’s grinding on my leg, grabbing my dick, and then I roll over and fuck her as hard as I possibly can. It was like 4am at that point and I had to be at work by 7–crazy fucking night, but this was one of those chicks who level you up: I became a true player that night.

Oct. 2018–Hot Lawyer–Lesson #4: Always, always be ready to run game–some percentage of girls (not small), want you to do exactly that.

Picked her up at a bar near my apartment at the time. Almost no one was there, but I went in and there she was: super hot chick drinking by herself. And I think: this is what you’ve been training for.

A great move to pull in a bar is to just sit down next to her without asking. It’s bold enough to come off as almost being offensive, but then you flash her that Cheshire grin and show her you’re cool and most girls love it. I got Kitty the same way (BTW, I guess I should include her in this list as I fucked her in Sept 2018 as well, but I don’t feel like it–basically the same as this story, but went on a date instead and banged her on that first date).

Anyway, I sit down and start gaming. She’s hot, so I make sure to neg and give a false time constraint, but as we’re flirting, I can tell she likes me so I drop that shit and start treating it like a date. She finishes her drink so I buy her another, and then we finish that one and I say, let’s go to my place to watch a movie (note: you do not need to be creative–if she wants to fuck, any legit excuse will do). We get in the door, I poor some wine, but within 15 minutes we’re fucking.

TBH, one of the hottest chicks I’ve ever been with. Probably the closest thing to a 9 I’ve had besides Socks. But definitely a solid 8+: big, beautiful fake breasts, perfect little ass, thin, muscular, and pretty.

The hilarious part was that after we fucked, she says: “GOD it feels so good to get picked up.”

Seriously bros, remember this: some portion of chicks go out specifically hoping that a guy has good enough game to take them home and fuck them. That girl reading a book at the bar at 8 alone? Why the fuck do you think she’s there? 9/10 times it’s not because she’s super interested in the book–she’s there because she’s hoping Chad shows up, games her and fucks her.

The crazy part with this chick is she comes over the next day to cook me dinner, and we end up fucking like three more times that night.

And then… she just fucking disappears. Ghost town. A very strange experience, but certainly one I’ll never forget.

Oct. 2018–Zombie–Lesson #5: Girls will come back. Sometimes even 9 months later.

So this is a chick I met through Tinder as it happens, but before my TRP awakening.

I actually ran good game on the date (this was 2017), but didn’t end up fucking her, and after she wasn’t interested for whatever reason (99% probability because I didn’t fuck her when that was what she expected).

What’s crazy is that 9 months later, this chick finds me on Insta, and starts DMing me wanting to hang out.

So we did… actually took me 3 dates to finally get the notch. Then of course she wanted to get serious (28 and a 6+/7-), so I had to let her go. Tried to retain her because the sex was good, but no way I was going to be exclusive with this chick.

Oct. 2018–Halloween Pull–Lesson #6: Sometimes you just get lucky, but you still need logistics and frame. Stripper #2.

So on Halloween I went to an EDM festival with some of my friends, dressed as a Viking Warlord. It was an awesome party and there were a ton of super hot chicks.

My play was classic night game, circulating between hanging with my friends and opening groups, flirting with lots of girls and establishing social proof. This one super hot black chick (HB 8) is dressed like Cinderella–the first time I open her, we flirt a bit, but then she says she has to find her friends, and I’m like, cool, I’ll see you around.

About an hour later we end up running into each other again dancing together, and I’m doing well flirting when she says, “do you live around here?” and I reply, “yeah, not too far away–let’s go.”

I had to maneuver some shit last minute as my friend had my keys (no pockets), but I got my car quickly enough and bounced her back to my place. She shit tested me the usual, “we’re not going to have sex,” blah, blah, and I was like I know, it’s cool. She says she likes country so I put that on, pour some wine, and then start escalating. 20 minutes later my dick is inside her and she wants me to fuck her raw.

I did–not smart. Luckily I was tested soon after and everything came back clean, but fucking a stripper who’s down after less than two hours of time together is a super risky move and really fucking stupid on my part.

In any case, I was able to fuck her a few more times in November and December, and then she flaked on me and I got pissed (stupid) and nuked her (mistake #9).

Nov 2018–20 y.o. FB girl–lesson #7: When it rains it pours. Be cool on Social Media.

100% honesty, I’m not a big fan of social media. It’s mostly a lot of humble bragging, look-at-me bullshit, and overall a huge waste of time.

However, it’s there, and it can get you laid–key is to have a cool account set up with pictures that DHV, and then post infrequently, only stuff that shows you as a cool, fun guy who does cool, fun things. More here…

Anyway, this one just dropped into my lap. A chick I had met through some random friends reaches out on FB messenger with a very flirtatious vibe and basically she just wants to fuck. 20 years old, HB 7. I wrote about it recently.

Not sure there’s an actionable lesson here–only that when you’re hot, you’re hot. I didn’t do anything to earn this lay, but she somehow sensed I could give her what she wanted, and she wasn’t wrong.

December 2018–Wednesday–Lesson #8: if you run good game, you can fuck chicks who have no intention of fucking and beat LMR.

One of my classic one-offs, this chick worked at a tap house near my apartment at the time. I was actually just writing and grabbing a few beers, but we ended up flirting and I number closed.

Got her out a week later to a local wine bar and ran some of my best game. We each had a glass of wine and shared an appetizer, then I took her for a walk by the river, stopped and kissed her after a couple hundred yards, then we ended up making out, trespassing at a high end condo place to get to the top of the roof and making out some more.

From there it wasn’t tough to get her to come back to my place. A lot of LMR–had gotten out of a relationship and was very skeptical. Rolled off, gave her lots of comfort, then we started making out again and she was like, OK, just fuck me.

We had to stop several times because she was so overheated and a little too tight. But in the end it was some of the best sex I’ve had and she had some crazy orgasms that night.

We did it again the next Wednesday, and then she started trying to get me into a relationship/guilting me and herself for having good, fast sex. I did well not to nuke her, but I wasn’t going to commit and she never ended up coming back out unfortunately.

January 2019–sex w/ two chicks in less than 3 hours–Lessons #9 and #10: How cam-girl and yoga girl became plates.

As you can see, from Sept. to Dec. of 2018, I had a hell of a run, and it continued through January.

I cold approached both Cam Girl (night game number close) and Yoga Girl (day game number close) in December, but didn’t get them out until January. I ended up fucking Cam girl pretty quickly (had my dick in her the first date, but then she got scared, later gave me a BJ–next date was full on fucking), but couldn’t get Yoga girl out for awhile.

However, I finally did–btw, she was a girl I gamed using Snapchat, a platform I recommend for all players. Almost all young girls from the U.S. will be on it.

Anyway, she agreed to meet me for breakfast. It was a good first date and the vibe was there, so I was like, hey, let’s go get a beer and she’s down. We get to the pub and then it’s on, we’re downing beers and somewhere in the mix she starts getting very sexual, even going so far as to say, “I’d like to have sex with you.”

So I say: let’s go to my place. We do, and I end up fucking her on the kitchen countertop. Fucking amazing and she comes all over the place. But then I’m thinking: shit, I’m supposed to see Cam Girl tonight.

With not much time to lose, I drop Yoga Girl off at the train, then head to Cam Girl’s house, where she proceeds to utterly drain my balls over the course of a four hour sex session, interspersed with watching episodes of True Crime–cool show BTW.

From sex with Yoga Girl to sex with Cam Girl, there was a lull of about… maybe 2 hours. Crazy shit. And before TRP, never thought that sort of thing was possible.

Anyway, for a brief time I had both of those chicks which was really fucking cool–two regular, hot girls who were DTF and did so on the regular. Can I just say, that’s the beauty of TRP: cam girl was a bit older, 32 or 33 I think, but Yoga Girl was 26, and here I was with two hot chicks, 6 and 12 years younger, who were simply happy to be getting fucked well by an older dude. I credit that as the reason I retained them: they had orgasms and we did some experimental type stuff–nothing crazy, but way more than what happens for them with most guys.

Of course, it was too good to be true for long when first Cam Girl demanded exclusivity (I shot the puppy) and then Yoga Girl followed suit (I agreed, like an idiot), but that whole episode ended not long after.

And then… I started the blog.

Keep balling fellas: there’s never been a better time to be a player.


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