Field Report: pulled too fast– missed SDL w/ Denver girl.

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Last night was one of the craziest experiences I’ve had so far in game.

Normally on Mondays I have my kid, but this week we switched, so after work I had intended to go out and do some day game. Unfortunately, the mall I chose was pretty empty so I went to a coffee shop near my house instead, intending to do some writing…but to be honest I ended up mostly texting with people and dicking around on Twitter.

The coffee shop was pretty empty–it was around 6pm my time, not exactly a time when most people tank up on caffeine–when in walks a hot little number: brunette, kinda tall and skinny, but a nice figure and very cute smile (HB 7). As she walks in we make eye contact and she gives some IOIs, flicking her hair, looking down and then back at me, even to the point of turning around to look at me while she’s waiting for her drink.

The pick-up

I’m seated at one of those tall tables, wondering how I can go open her, but she helps me out, sits down right across from me at the table next to mine.

Not terribly proud of my open, but it worked: “so what’s your drink of choice–you look like a plain old latte kinda girl.”

“How’d you know?”

“It’s my third eye,” I say, pointing at my forehead. Feel free to steal that one fellas–I use it all the time and chicks love it.

“Really?” she answers. “Do you read fortunes?”

“I’ve got a secret,” I say, nodding, motioning her to come over. She does, “what” and then I say, “don’t bother me–I’m working.” But I’ve got a huge smirk on my face so she knows I’m just kidding.

From there we kinda just start vibing on normal stuff. I ask her where she’s from: she says she lives in Colorado and is traveling for work. I tease her a bit–how come she’s staying in the burbs and not downtown–but it turns out she has to drive around to quite a bit so it made more sense to be near the freeway, so I ask her what she does, vice-versa, and then I number close, saying we should get a drink while she’s in town.

That’s when she says, “what are you doing right now–still working?” This time she’s the one with the smirk.

This is where I realize I should go for the SDL (same day lay): only in town a few days, wants to hang out right now, so I say, “just finished as a matter of fact–there’s a cool bar up the street. Let’s go.”

We get to the bar and she’s like: let’s do a shot. I’m like, “fuck it, it’s Monday night, why not?” So we each have a shot of tequila (I’m partial to Cazadores). We decide to order another round and then she goes to the bathroom. When she comes back out we do the shots and somehow movies come up and I ask if she’s seen A Star is Born?

No–she hasn’t.

The pull

So I’m like, “Oh it’s so good–you have to see it. Let’s go to my place. Just around the corner. I have some wine and we can order pizza.”

She’s down, so I pay the bill and we walk to my apartment (logistics: only a 5 minute walk)–which was clean, plus I had bounce back booze and snacks. Hadn’t planned to pull a girl back to my place, but having blown an opportunity for an SDL before, I never leave the house without making sure I’m prepared just in case.

When we get there she says she has to go the the bathroom again (weird, but whatever–probably she was realizing we’d end up making out and wanted to freshen up,), so I put on the movie and get out some wine.

At this point we’d only been hanging out for a little over an hour, and I’m kind of astonished things are going this fast, but it’s happening and she seems down, so I roll with it.

When she comes out of the bathroom I show her around the apartment, then kiss her for the first time before we sit down on the couch.

“That was bold,” she says. Funny how chicks always use that word. I reply, “I know.”

We sit down and start watching the movie, and this is where the speed of the pull starts to work against me. We’re sitting right next to each other, and we’re touching: sometimes my hand on her leg, sometimes she’s holding my hand–that kind of thing. I start kissing her a couple times as the movie goes on, trying to get to the point where there’s momentum for sexy time, but she stops me, saying: I want to watch the movie. At this point, I order some pizza. This is where the shit testing and ASD really picks up.

ASD and LMR–RPD delved too greedily and too deep.

“Do you normally pick up girls in coffee shops?”

You’re the first this month.

“We’re not sleeping together, if that’s what you think.”

Whoa, hold your horses darlin–I just invited you over for wine and a movie. Slow down.

(Side note: normally I love hearing that because it means we are going to fuck–but in this case it didn’t seem token; it felt like she meant it.)

“OMG I barely know you–we just met.”

I know…you could be a serial killer. You aren’t a serial killer are you?

Pizza shows up and we eat, continue watching the movie which is almost over at this point–the ending is incredibly cringy and sad (it really is a good movie), so I’m trying to figure out what I do next, because it’s not good for game. Luckily she ends up talking about this show she’s been watching on Netflix called Lucifer, so we put that on.

After a bit I’m able to get a more solid make out with her, she’s making moaning noises and seems super into it. Shirt comes off and then…massive LMR. Same kind of stuff:

“OMG we just met. This is going so fast. It feels good, but I’m not that kind of girl, etc.”

I rolled off as you’re supposed to, but this time I can kinda sense the energy has turned against me and her horniness isn’t going to override her ASD. We kiss a bit more and establish a sense of normalcy, but I can tell she’s nervous and after a bit she says she has to go, puts on her shirt, and takes off.



In retrospect, I should have tried to make plans with her before she left as she’s only in town until Friday, but like a dumbass I didn’t. I think I was just kind of shocked at the speed of what had happened and maybe a little buzzed as I hadn’t been drinking much lately. Whatever it was it was stupid–clearly I didn’t give her enough comfort, and the would’ve been the best way to provide some going into the next date.

If I had to guess it was too fast and I burned the lead: her ASD is probably going to tell her we shouldn’t hang out again, because she knows where it’s going and she also knows it’s a hook up as she lives out of town. Plus she might start to question what kind of guy is able to pull a girl back to his house that fast and there’s only one answer to that: a player. And as many of you probably know, girls like to sleep with players, but they don’t like admitting it that they’re sleeping with a player.

On the other hand, that could work in my favor if she’s the more adventurous type and just wants a fun experience while traveling.

Regardless, a very interesting experience. Shows how fast you can push things, but also the risk that comes with going at that speed. From pick-up to pull was about an hour–granted, she kind of led me down that path, but it’s still takes some skill to get a girl to trust you that quickly…

But ultimately, not enough comfort, not enough trust. And it reminds me of a Nash post on Mystery’s 7 hour rule–the more I think about it, the more I think that 7 hour idea makes a lot of sense. Because even if I had fucked a her last night, she would have regretted it, and ultimately, that’s not what I’m trying to do. I want the girl to have good experience too.

Last night I let my horniness get the better of me. Dumb.

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  1. Mystery’s 7 hour rule stands.He’s always said you can lay faster than that but then she won’t want to go out with you. I don’t have the patience for 7 hours, but after a 1-2 hour lay, she’ll almost never return your texts.

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