Virtual Day Game Scenario: opens, teases, stacking.

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I’ll give her a lesson.

School’s in session motherfuckers!

Kidding, but I thought it might be kind of fun to try something a little different since we can’t get out and practice on the streets like we’d like to be doing right now.

This post is going to be very simple: I’ll show you a picture of a girl, as well as a description of her behavior. Your first job is to decide how to open her. Then proceeding to a tease and/or stack assumption.

Next, I’ll give you some of her personal information she reveals in the reply to the open and stack assumption, and you need to pick a topic to stack on and tell a story about.

The purpose is to cultivate a good discussion of opens, teases, and stacks–I won’t pretend I have all the answers and every guy’s game is going to be a little different (still waiting for that post Breeze), but it might be a fun distraction from everything else that is going on and a chance to academically think through game.

Obviously, there’s no way to replace the real thing, because with the girl in front of you and the AA we all sometimes experience, it’s rare that any one set is perfect. But, as I mentioned, most of us can’t get out right now, so this might be a good way to practice. Anyway, try it out and see if it’s something worthwhile… here we go:

Easy/basic mode: take your time and record your answers on a reply to the post on Twitter or in the comments section of the blog.

Hard mode: within 10 seconds of seeing her picture, open–then read the stack info, and go, again, as fast as you can. Probably the best way would be to force yourself to say it aloud. If you do it this way, go back and record your answers by replying to the post on Twitter or in the comments section in the blog.

Also, at the end there’s a quick quiz as well.

Downtown Day Game

Imagine a sunny day, mid-June. The Rona is fading away and everyone wants to go back to normal, which means spending a day downtown, shopping, enjoying the weather, getting lunch, etc.

You’re fit, your fashion has you looking like a baller, and you’re ready to talk to some pretty girls.

Set 1: on the sidewalk (pavement for EU/Aussies)

Pretty girl is coming your way, walking fast… here’s what she looks like:

Let’s assume for the sake of argument it’s a short red skirt and she has on black pumps.

You step in front of her and hold out your hand: what’s your opener?

(Reminder: classic is to open direct and say, “excuse me, I just wanted to say you look lovely/hot/sexy”–something that let’s her know you think she’s attractive.)

Assume she stops, but doesn’t say anything, just looks at you.

What’s your tease and/or your stack assumption?

(Reminder: classic is to say, “you look like…” and then say what you see.)

After a bit of banter, suppose in response to your assumption, she reveals she’s:

  • A) a student at a local university, studying nursing.
  • B) she’s going to meet friends to go shopping.
  • C) she’s from Chicago, originally.

What’s your stack on one of these topics? What story will you tell?

Bonus: based on her appearance and what she told you as well as your stack, what’s the best way to spike this conversation in a sexual way?

Set 2: seated on a park bench.

Now you’re walking through a park and you see a girl chilling on a park bench, having coffee or a cigarette.

Look! It’s RPD in the foreground walking off like a pussy!

You walk up to her and stop, she looks at you: what’s your opener?

She says, “thanks,” nothing more.

What’s your tease and/or stack assumption?

After a bit of banter, in response, she reveals:

  • A: she’s a native of your city.
  • B: she’s on break from work.
  • C: she’s drinking an almond milk latte.

Whats your stack on one of these topics–what story will you tell?

Bonus: based on her appearance and what she told you as well as your stack, what’s the best way to spike this conversation in a sexual way?

Set 3: in a book store.

You walk into a book store with lots of foot traffic. You’re walking through the literature section when you notice a girl glancing over some Nabokov.

Nash got to her first.


She smiles and blushes a little, looks away, but doesn’t move.

Stack assumption?

Suppose she reveals:

  • A: she’s looking for some Russian literature for a class she’s taking.
  • B: she’s not read Lolita.
  • C: she’s wearing her grandmother’s necklace (you made a comment about it).

What’s your stack? What story will you tell?

Bonus: based on her appearance and what she told you as well as your stack, what’s the best way to spike this conversation in a sexual way?

Set 4: coming out of a shop/restaurant/cafe

You’re walking up the street and you spot this little beauty coming out the door of a cafe.

If you don’t comment on those earrings, dumb.


She smiles and replies, “that’s nice of you to say,” but keeps walking, so you walk with her.

Stack assumption?

And she reveals:

  • A) she just finished lunch with her mom.
  • B) she’s on her way to meet some friends for a wine tasting.
  • C) she’s originally from Germany (you asked about her accent).

What’s your stack? What story will you tell?

Bonus: based on her appearance and what she told you as well as your stack, what’s the best way to spike this conversation in a sexual way?

Set 5: downtown park fountain

You continue on and come to another park with a fountain and the city skyline behind, when you spy this little mamacita.

Don’t worry, the tradcons won’t go for her cause she’s got tattoos, lol.


She stops, gives you big eyes and says, “You think so? I love this outfit.”

Stack assumption?

And she reveals:

  • A) her first language is Spanish.
  • B) she has two more tattoos (be gone tradcons–if you don’t want them, more for me and Yoylo).
  • C) she’s attends your city’s med school and is studying to be a doctor.

What’s your stack? What story will you tell?

Bonus: based on her appearance and what she told you as well as your stack, what’s the best way to spike this conversation in a sexual way?


  1. Which girl, based on her behavior, is mostly likely not to text back, assuming you close (not all the above you cynical fucks)?
    1. Walking blondie.
    2. Seated working girl.
    3. Bookstore beauty.
    4. German earring girl.
    5. Tattooed latina.
  2. Which girl, based on her behavior, is most likely to text back and come out, assuming you close?
    1. Walking blondie.
    2. Seated working girl.
    3. Bookstore beauty.
    4. German earring girl.
    5. Tattooed latina.
  3. If you were going for a same day lay or same day delay lay, who’s the best candidate?
    1. Blondie.
    2. Working girl.
    3. Bookstore girl.
    4. German girl.
    5. Latina.

OK fellas. I’ll post the answers to the quiz as well as what I’d say for openers, teases, stacks, and spikes (I can’t really do hard mode since I’m writing the prompts but I’ll try) on Twitter, and later I’ll update them on here. Keep in mind, the main point is to start a discussion on opening, teasing, stacking, and spiking. Everyone’s game is a little different, so what we might say is going to differ–in this sense there are no for sure “right” answers, but there are definitely wrong answers.

I should add that what you say matters fuck all if your fitness and style aren’t taken care of, if you speak with a high squeaky voice, and if you can’t make strong, sexual eye contact. This is just the intellectual mental masturbation side of day game, but it doesn’t capture the essence.

In any case, please let me know if you enjoyed this, how I can improve it, or even if it’s something you’re interested in. It’s obviously quite a bit different than a typical blog post on game, but I thought it might be fun to try.


  1. Thinking about it. I suspect there were a lot of pretty average guys in the 60’s and 70’s with huge notch counts. Free love and all that. Kind of makes my point though. What followed was the 80’s and 90’s when getting laid was wayyy harder in the immediate post AIDs world. Seemed like every girl you went on a date with had a story about a friend of a friend who had sex one time and caught HIV. Dating back then sucked ! Don’t be so sure the genie of female sexuality can’t be put back in the bottle by macro societal events

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  2. This is off topic and for that I apologize. But I can’t neglect to comment on your and RedQuest’s Twitter exchange with Ascend NYC. Seriously what is it with the unabashed Trump worshipping in the red pill section of the internet. I used to think it was mostly trolling. But now it seems like there is a whole part of the red pill manosphere that genuinely believes Trump is doing a great job here. I say this with all the usual qualifications. I can’t stand Hillary. I loath political correctness and think modern day feminism has completely corrupted young women and is evil because its made them LESS happy. But seriously. Is there nothing this guy can do that would stop these guys supporting him. The scariest thing is there will be a reaction to this and sooner or later we will end up with an equally ‘charismatic’ bat shit crazy President from the extreme left. I worry for our future.


    1. What Republicans will realize (or maybe won’t, or won’t admit) looking back is that Trump hurt conservatism more than any other Republican could have. By basically being a horrifically corrupt, incompetent executive, he allowed the Coronavirus to put us in a situation where we’re far closer to two things liberals have been wanting for a long time: UBI (universal basic income) and universal healthcare–massive extensions of the government and welfare state.

      Rewind the clock and suppose he takes this seriously: we have plenty of PPE, more than enough respirators, enough tests and testing procedures that allow ease of testing large portions of the population and contingency plans for flare ups, etc. (basically all the things South Korea and Japan did). Instead of basically shutting down the entire economy, we’d be in a situation where most people could continue working, or at the very least, could be going back to work much sooner. Now, we’re looking at a possible 40% contraction of the economy and the only way we can save it is through crazy levels of government intervention–and just wait until the health insurance industry hits us with massive increases in premiums next fall. What’s the answer? UBI and universal health care.

      I don’t get it either man–for some reason, this guy has broken people’s brains. They are literally incapable of attributing any wrong to him or even just seeing plainly that his actions are immature, unprofessional, irresponsible, and corrupt beyond measure. It’s honestly bizarre and precisely why I got so furious the other day. It’s like we can’t even have an honest conversation about this stuff because so many people in our community worship this guy like a God who can do not wrong. My guess is that he’ll lose a lot of support once people realize how badly he’s fucked this up, but what will be astonishing to watch (and horrifying) is how many people remain loyal to him when he’s literally proved incapable of protecting this country and its citizens, while doing more to advance the liberal agenda through malfeasance than Hillary Clinton could ever have hoped for.


      1. Completely agree. Remember the TeaParty? That seems like a lifetime ago. We are so obviously going to spend our way out of this until the dollar becomes worth a fraction of what it is today. To bring it back to what we are all here for.. girls. I do wonder if we will move towards a more k selected society on the back of this. There have been a few comments on Twitter about how feminists are noticeably quieter on the internet these days. I don’t know if thats true (don’t personally follow a lot of feminists) but it makes sense to me that in a post virus world female priorities may shift. At least at the margin. I have always agreed with you that there has never been a better time to be a player. Could that be about to change? I think we have to keep an open mind. Imagine a world where we are all wearing face masks every time we leave the house. Do you seriously believe DayGame will work well in that environment? Yes, girls will always want to meet men and vice versa. But I think we all have to accept that the best way to make those meetings happen can and will change.
        Neither DayGame nor Online Game existed before what? 2010? Men were still meeting women. The beauty of the last 10 years has been that if you had the will and you were prepared to put in the time, pretty much any man could be a player. But look back in history. It’s truly atypical. To rack up the notch count most of us on here have we’d have had to be minor celebrities or war lords in the past. What percentage of men prior to say the year 2000 could say they fucked more than 50 women? <1% I would imagine.

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  3. >>every guy’s game is going to be a little different

    Still in the works! I’m collecting a lot of thoughts on this one. Shooting to get it out this weekend.

    I’ll be playing on medium mode; I’m taking a bit of extra time to jot down my words while iterating each line a couple of times.

    >>Set 1: on the sidewalk (the classic)
    “Hey excuse me, I just saw you passing by over there, and I thought you looked cute. So I wanted to say hi. I saw you just zooming down the sidewalk, very typical city girl. Let me guess…you’re either an evil lawyer or a starving artist.”

    I’d jump on Chicago vs. NY pizza and vibe on food/city. After a bit of random vibing, I would tone it down and go back to her wanting to be a nurse and throwin in some spikes. “So you want to be a nurse? Save the world and all that?” “Oh I see…you just wanted easy access to ritalin ;-)”

    Bonus: I like this black and glossy red look you have, with the little bow tie in the front. You look like a little christmas present meant to be unwrapped 😉

    >>Set 2: seated on a park bench
    I’ve done very few stationary sets in my time. The best was a coffee shop approach. Got the number, but couldn’t get her out. Let’s give this one a go.

    “Hey excuse me, I was just walking passed and saw you sitting here and thought you looked cute, so I wanted to say hi.”

    Now, here is where things become significantly different then a street stop, where the girl can walk away. You *need* to really calibrate to her facial experssion, body language and intonations. If she gives you IODs, simply say “well I gotta run, enjoy your day” and eject. IODs will be subtle. Whave to look out for poor eye contact, her looking back down on her phone, frowning, and anything else that says “go away”. Without the IOD, stack forward.

    “You look way too relaxed for this city. Everyone is running around this town and you’re just chilling alone at a park…are you spying on someone? Is it that guy over there with the big…jeans?”

    If I’m getting good vibes, then I’ll ask to join her for a few minutes before having to run off. Stacking is still challenging for me, but what I found is that smoothly jumping around topics helps me to find a hook to jump into for the investment phase. With this girls background, I would tease about her native city being taken over by outsiders. With the comment on her almond milk lattes, I would joke that southerns drink their coffee black…but with a bit of Southern Comfort (I’m from the south, sweet potato pie will shut my mouth). This is more vibing, and quite frankly, I have no idea how to get to investment here. Generally speaking, I would look for a topic where her eyes light up and I hear something excited in her voice.

    >>Set 3: in a book store

    “Hey, excuse me, I was just heading out but I saw you and thought you looked cute, so I wanted to say hi.”

    Same remarks in set 2 concerning IODs apply here.

    “I see you’re into Russian books, they are written ridiculously long, like 1000 pages each. You know what this tells me about you? It tell me you have way too much time on your hands ;-).”

    I’m familiar with American literatue so I’d riff on that a bit before trying to get her to compare it to Russian literature. This would hit investment pretty quickly, so spiking is extra important. If I’m getting good vibes, I would stare back at the necklace/breasts and say “You know I’m sorry, I’m looking at your necklace again, and it is nice, but my eyes can’t help but wander…;-). You really out to cover up.”

    >>Set 4: coming out of a shop/restaurant/cafe
    I’m still playing the game, but won’t put in my full set here. On the earrings: “I like your earrings, they’re so colorful! You know what they remind me of? Little fish hooks. You’ll catch massive salmon with those bright earrings.”

    >>Set 5: downtown park fountain
    On the pants: “I like these pants you’re wearking. They look really comfortable, like pajamas. Like you just walked right out of bed and didn’t bother putting on jeans.”

    Great post, these are good exercises to stay sharp and refine our game. As I went through them, I realized I have a gap in story telling. I’ve lost plenty of sets that start well, then fade away because I put the onus of the conversation on the girl.

    I have no idea on these. To me, this comes down to how the girl responded and how she took the sexual spikes throughout the set. But if we focus on just her initial reaction then:

    1. B – I don’t like the “thanks” with nothing behind it. It seems emtpy, like she already made her decision and wants to quickly, albeit politely, reject you.
    2. E – Love the big eyes!
    3. E – Really, really love big eyes!

    Your posts generally contain actionable material. This one is no different. It’s a welcomed exercise in mental masturbation during these corona times.


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