Field Report: First date lay w/ Bumble girl

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“You’re an alpha male, aren’t you.”

Well gents, the drought is over thank goodness, as I was finally able to get a girl out I’d matched with on Bumble about a week ago.

The date itself was somewhat ordinary, so we’ll get to that in a bit, but let’s start with why I was able to get this girl out, because that’s probably the sticking point for most guys right now in the wake of the COVID-19 quarantine.

Initial messaging was pretty straightforward–we joked about the quarantine and Cinco de Mayo. Pretty early on I suggested we follow each other on Instagram. My thought here is that if you have a good account set up, it can provide both comfort and value.

IG Account and Game

What does that look like?

I’ve written about this before, but since that time I’d add that chicks like to see that you have some greater passion than yourself or being rich–they want to see your creative, adventurous side. This, in retrospect, seems even more important showing off money and status, although that’s not bad either. It’s a fine balance, but to my mind, you can’t go wrong with the following:

  • Pics with cute girls.
  • Pics with animals, preferably cute ones like puppies.
  • Pics of you traveling/camping/hiking.
  • Pics of what you do–creating art, building stuff, giving a presentation, etc.
  • Pics of beautiful scenery, artwork, architecture, etc.
  • Pics with family, friends.
  • Pics that demonstrate leadership and/or power.

However, as I said in the previous post, you don’t want to come across as vain, and the chief way you do that is by posting too often. In my opinion, you don’t need more than about 50 posts, if even that many, and I would not advise guys to post stories all that often, because it shows neediness.

Understand, this is not how women post–most are pretty shamelessly vain and thirsty. That’s NOT how you want to come across.

And, I’d add here that just as you don’t want to complain or be negative, you don’t want to appear vain, bored, or needy for the same reason: she has no trouble doing all that by herself.

I’ve seen lot of guys talk recently about how women expect men to entertain them, which sounds shitty…

But that’s 100% correct. We’re the entertainment. So if you don’t want to entertain girls and give them attention, you’d be better off going MGTOW, because that’s just how things are now.

Are You Not Entertained? - University News |

So to end what probably is too much to write about IG game (because ultimately your cold approach and dating game matters far more than social media), that’s what your account should show–you’re a fun loving, confident guy, who’s interesting and worldly aka good entertainment and value.

And I’ll be honest: don’t worry about your looks too much. You are what you are. Do the best you can with style, but focus on having pics where you look fun, confident, positive, etc.

Note the polarity here? Masculine energy gives, feminine beauty receives.

The Power of Voice

The other reason I think she came over and was quick to get into bed was that we spoke on the phone. We talked for about a half hour actually, and again, it was a way of building comfort and value.

Comfort in the sense that we had spoken–basically when you talk to girls on the phone, think about vibing like you would in the LDM. Then you occasionally spike sexual language, tease, and challenge as in a good set, which is another reason every guy should learn cold approach: it teaches you how to interact with women, which helps in every step of the game, up to the point where you put your dick inside her.

The comfort leads into value, both in the teasing and challenging, but also in her hearing your voice–especially if you’ve trained yourself to speak low, slow, and confident. Women are extremely turned on by a deep male voice. Highly recommend recording yourself talking and listening back to adjust how you speak, especially if you don’t naturally speak with gravity. Think strong action hero, not whiny political pundit.

The Date and Seduction

We arranged to go on a date the next week–initially I offered to take her on a walk at a local park, but added that if she was over the COVID thing, she could just come over for dinner.

She chose dinner. Clever girl.

A dish I like to make if I’m having a chick over at mine is risotto, because it requires continual stirring, or at least often enough, which means you can tell her to stir while you prepare other things. You also have an excuse to touch her hands, her waist, her sides, or brush against her hair or cheek.

I don’t think it matters too much what you cook, but you want to give her a job. Girls love to follow rules–you’re establishing polarity. Also, figure out a way to be near her and touch her–the nice thing about cooking is you can almost pretend it’s by accident. Plausible deniability, as always with women.

The conversation was flirty–lots of spiking and challenging and teasing. However, at dinner, I backed off the kino. In my experience, women don’t like a whole lot of touching while they eat, and in any case it’s good fractionation, re: what Tom Torero talks a lot about. Very on, then somewhat standoffish. If there’s a way to make a girl chase, it’s that.

After dinner I suggested we have a drink on the porch, but she said, let’s watch a movie. I wasn’t going to guys, honest, but when a girl says “let’s watch a movie,” what she’s really saying is, “at the very least I’m going to suck your dick…if you have moves.”

Didn’t go with A Star is Born this time–I think it was Bull Durham–but it didn’t really matter. We were making out within two minutes and about ten minutes later her pants were off and I had my hands up her shirt.

Let’s talk about quality for a second, because I often describe girls as I did after the lay as:

My IG American 7.

OK, so I’ll be honest: to me this is a big category. Too many American girls are fat and masculine in general for there to be many 8s, but there are a lot of girls who are smart enough to take care of themselves and who look pretty cute and/or have a nice body.

That’s a 7–and there are a lot of them because it encompasses girls who could be 8s if they took care of themselves a little bit better and girls who could be 6s except for the fact they take very good care of themselves.

Picture your typical pretty waitress or stewardess–not smoking, but if she dolls herself up and shows some skin, she looks pretty damn good and of course you’d fuck her if you could…to me, that’s the IG American 7; the saving grace for us Yanks is that, as I said, at least there are a lot of them.

This girl was in that category, although because she was a bit older, you could say a 6 and I wouldn’t argue (I’ll bet she was an 8 at 24 though). She was fit, had large breasts, pretty curvy but in a good way, big booty, blond chick. Cute enough, but not a stunner by any means. She was wearing a little skirt and had on a low cut shirt, cleavage on parade.

Anyway, her hand starts reaching for my dick, so I unzip my pants and get it out, and she starts going to town. While she’s doing this I reach around and start rubbing her pussy through her panties, and then slide my finger in her.

She starts moaning, so I turn her around, lay her back against the couch, pull her pants off and start licking her pussy (I know what a huge pussy I am, right?), while fingering her. She actually comes surprising quickly, so I pull my underwear off and move to get on top of her.

Here’s where it got a bit weird.

She starts saying, “I can’t, I can’t,” so I stop and just start kissing her. Then she keeps saying, “I can’t, I can’t” AS she’s pulling my dick toward her pussy, spreading her legs, and then putting my dick in her pussy. I actually pulled back and told her, “we don’t have to have sex,” even though it was clear she wanted it (maybe a bit paranoid, but I’ll be honest, I don’t want to get #metoo’d).

But then she just pulled me back inside her. If that isn’t consent I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I fucked her missionary for awhile, then turned her around and finished in doggy. I did OK, but blew a bit quickly…it had been awhile.

So yeah, that was that–my first notch in over two months. Thanks COVID you motherfucker!

Of Online Dating and Quarantine Dreams.

Now, I want to clarify–to me, a +1 via online game is not as fun or challenging or as rewarding as a girl you cold approach, and as most of you know, I’m not a fan of online game.

But right now it’s all there is, and I think chicks are finally starting to think about meeting up again. There are tons of guys with way better advice than me on how to set up your online profile and shit, but I have figured out one thing: she’s there for attention–give it to her. You’re the entertainment, remember?

When you match, send a message right away and try to text back and forth for 5-10 minutes, just like a good day game set. Be funny, use GIFs, see Mr. V’s Texting Guide. Remember: you need to entertain her.

Now, will you still lose a lot of these girls.


And that’s one of the things guys who advocate strictly online don’t like to tell you or like to admit: it takes a lot of time to do it right, because you are mining for that 1/300 chicks who actually like you AND wants to come out. The ratio is actually probably worse than that who–knows–and even so, you’re constantly filtering out fat chicks.

Even Seeking Arrangements has a lot of fat chicks. They’re everywhere.

But, if you’re going to do it, you need to entertain her. In this case, I actually like a move to IG or SnapChat, because it allows you to either demonstrate value (IG) or show playfulness (Snap). And it entertains her.

Remember, she matched with you and girls are pretty goddamn picky with online dating, so she thinks you’re a win for her–moving to Snap or IG in this case is fine, whereas in Day Game or Night Game, I’d say try absolutely to get the number before you take social media.

I’ve been talking a lot about dreams with girls I match with, something another player cued in my subconscious. Chicks like stuff like that, and as much as you might think it’s bullshit, you should talk about star signs and music too–any topic that evokes emotion and sensuality.

And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been having weird dreams during this time like a lot of people are saying. The caveat here is that dreams are always pretty weird and I wonder if people are just noticing them more since they’re locked in their homes, but I digress–chicks like to talk about them.

In truth, my dreams always seem to be a mix of absurdity, familiarity, and sensuality. So when I text girls about dreams, I’m just honest and tell them about a dream I had, playing up those aspects, especially the sensuality.

Other good ways to text girls from online is to play the questions game or the cube.

Reminder: questions game is where you ask a question and you both answer–craziest place you’ve had sex, for example.


Yeah, I know, I know.

But here’s the reality guys: I think it’s something true players need to be able to do in the modern era. If you don’t like it, of course, don’t do it–but just as there are chicks you can only access by learning cold approach, there are some chicks you can only access via online game.

Again: I’m the last guy who wants to admit it.

But there is an opportunity there, at times, and in spots. The key seems to be to delete and recreate your account a lot, because you get a boost when you first sign up, and try different apps, because depending on your city, some might be better than others.

I’d say be willing to spend some money, but you don’t necessarily have to. It simply increases your odds.

Remember, the way for most older guys to go for quality with online game is to hide your age and lie to say you’re 25, OR use Seeking Arrangements, and focus on 26-27 and under. One thing that becomes painful to see is the Wall when you have an older setting (mine’s 20-45). Just the difference between 25-35 is fucking crazy. Like I said, the girl I fucked last night was a 7–when she was 25 I’ll bet she was an 8.

Sorry on SA guys, cat’s out of the bag. Blame Jabba, not me.

I also have a theory I’m going to try out on the young and hot: an awful lot of girls put their IG or SnapChat on Tinder–I went ahead and followed a chick: hot. Like damn near close to a 9. Thin, with nice tits, dark hair, with a tight, lithe little body. 20 years old.

I DMed her…and to my surprise, she replied.

We’ve now had an ongoing chat for several days, and I’ve brought up the idea of BDSM, along with dreams, etc. She says she wants to experiment with threesomes, being spanked. I said I can make that happen. She says can you?

I haven’t replied yet, because I want to fractionate…but we’ll see. It’s entirely possible I’m giving her free attention, in which case I consider it a bit of a sunk cost, acceptable only because cold approach isn’t an option right now.

Anyway, it could be having that quality IG account could come in useful–and I’m not even sure mine’s all that good. But perhaps good enough.

Well, gents that is all for my report.

I know what I’m supposed to say here, but it’s not exactly true and I hate to lie to my readers, so…

It’s not the worst time to be a player?


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  2. Would you show your IG profile or some of the pics maybe with your face blurred? Am curious. If not I can completely understand.


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