Field Report: the Shangri-La of Day Game?

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Holy shit did I find a fantastic new spot for day game last weekend. Potentially at least. We’ll have to see if it repeats itself on a separate occasion.

Anyway, one of my female friends (not attracted to her, so it works; she likes me but knows it’s not happening) invited me to meet her and two of her friends at a Saturday Market midday. Absolutely gorgeous weather, and in a lovely coincidence there was a cell phone repair place nearby where I found out I could spend $100 to get my phone back like new instead of dropping $700 to buy a new one.

Better yet, the venue turned out to be a fucking gold mine. I did my first approach right out of the repair shop, crossing the street. Didn’t have my phone, but I had my commuter bag with pens and paper, so if I was taking numbers, it was going to be old school–also why I didn’t live tweet.

Let me stop there to say I’m not going to do that anymore.

The main reason is that it’s bad for flow–my session was so much tighter today than in the past sessions. Part of that is environmental: lots of hot chicks in a small area. But I also think a big part of it was not typing shit into my phone. Or even looking at it.

I’m not necessarily saying guys shouldn’t live tweet their approaches–maybe for some guys it helps to take a break and think about the last set–but if you do, try the other way every so often. You might find it easier to concentrate.

Not looking at my phone–not even having the option to look at my phone–I found I was far more immersed in the environment around me. Noticed things I wouldn’t normally notice. And that state of being present resulted in better game.

The second reason is that I think it’s better to write the field report after. For me at least. I learn more by journaling about the experience when it’s all said and done as opposed to tweeting in the immediacy of the moment.

In other words I’m completely reversing what I said like two posts ago about how I’d be tweeting field reports.

From now on you’ll get blogs, not tweets. I’m not going to tweet approaches at all anymore, unless it’s a one off or something (like random coffee shop or grocery store) where it doesn’t make sense to write a report.

Or if I fuckin’ want to.


This was a bougy neighborhood and the chicks were hot and young. Honestly, I haven’t seen this kind of concentration of 8s in a long, long time. I’d say average was 24 from what I saw, but lots between 18-30, plus most of the older chicks were hot too. This is going to sound borderline outlandish, but I think the average chick I saw was a 7. Probably wasn’t, because I tend not to see unattractive women–and understand, I don’t mean that figuratively; I mean I quite literally don’t see them–but whatever. Quality was very good.

And it was so different from my usual walks downtown, which often stretch for 5-6 miles, because the action was confined to a fairly small area, maybe a couple hundred yards of pavilion, restaurants, coffee shops, and then the vendors from the Saturday market.

Anyway, fantastic set up, very good quality and numbers.

First set was the cute little brunette I mentioned earlier. She was wearing a beautiful green dress and had on a mask. So did I, just opened direct: “Hi, that’s a beautiful dress–you look lovely.”

She really did. Solid 8, short, probably 5’3″, but thin, strong, toned legs, and small, perky round breasts. Late 20’s.

She said thank you and we finished crossing the street.

“You look like you belong showing art–you just need a little white hat–is this one of your galleries here, or are you just hoping to get in for free?”

She laughed at the joke and we locked eyes. I stacked for awhile on what little I know of art and painting and photography. She kept eye contact with me and was smiling the whole time, but she never asked a question or seemed to hook.

Finally I challenged her–what do you think? Are you an artistic sort of girl?

She shook her head bashfully. “IDK.”

“Well I’m off to the market–meeting some friends.”

“Oh nice.”

…and this is where I knew I had to go for it or move on, because there was no investment on her part, “Hi I’m RP, nice to meet you.” Extended my hand. She says, “I’m sorry, normally I would but thank you.” Thank you COVID-19, or what shall henceforth be known as The Great Fuckery.

“And your name?” I call as she’s starts walking off.


Ah, Annette. She looks back after a bit, and says, “it was nice meeting you RP,” and I said, “perhaps another time, Annette.”


She was GORGEOUS. Like my perfect type.

Anyway. Good set–at least in terms of I did everything I could–but no close.

So I walk the other direction, and bam there’s another really cute girl coming at me. Black girl, but lighter skin–caramel–and she’s done up hot: tats, big hoops, little tube top and tight dark blue jeans.

“What’s up darlin, where you off to so fast?”

Let me stop for a minute: you might be saying to yourself–RP, this sounds super gamey…

And you know something? You’re right. It is.

But it also works for a reason.

Because it’s not really about what I say. It’s about how I say it. My eye contact. Posture. Especially true with a mask. When you call a girl “darlin'” and make an accusation, your tone of voice and attitude says “I’m flirting with you.” And typically, if you’re somewhat attractive and well dressed, chicks like that.

She stops and explains, “I’m going to Sur La Table to get a present for my sister.”

Excellent. Already she’s qualifying herself to me.

“Can you stop to chat for a moment with a handsome man?”


“Imma be honest I stopped you cause I think you’re cute. You look like you should be going to a concert or something.” She doesn’t hook or say anything, so I just keep going, “I’m RP.”

“I’m ___________,” she says (her name is way too uncommon to put on this blog, sorry).

“Well, what are you in the market for today, ____________–what do your friends call you for short?”

“Ana. And I’m getting knives.”

“You aren’t violent are you Ana?”

Now she laughs.

Anyway, good conversation. Lots of flirting. Stacked and vibed on cooking and food–always a good topic. Seems like everything’s solid, and sure enough I get the number close, but then she says, “I have a boyfriend.”

After giving me her number.

Really odd. Never had that happen before, and at the time, I wasn’t sure what it meant.

Still don’t, but long story short, it seems bad? I pinged her that evening and got a wild reply about how she’s a Libra and loves sex…then after like two or three more she stopped. Never replied to my revival ping.

Why? Because chicks are random AF.

After, I headed up to the ice cream shop to meet my friend and her girlfriends. Neither was cute enough to bother with–like 5s–so we just had a fun, flirty conversation. Trying to stay keto, so went and ordered a cold brew coffee and then came back to hang out with the girls.

One thing guys should remember: even though I wasn’t interested in any of the girls, I was still “gaming” them. I was playful, lighthearted, sensual, goofy, and whatever else I needed to be for them to have fun and laugh.

It’s good practice and makes it much more fun to hang out with chicks generally. With women, we have to communicate differently–and not just with chicks you want to bang. This is why it’s very helpful to have female friends you can do this with while not having to worry about results or closing or that sort of thing. It also helped me to stay in state, so I could continue gaming after.

Anyway, it’s finally time for them to leave, so I walk the girls to the car, say goodbye, and then go right back to game.

Open this super hot young blonde chick–probably 19? But so sexy I can’t stop. “You look great–wish I could see your face.” She’s wearing a cheetah mask, red top, light blue jean shorts that are ripped near the crotch.

She slows down, smiles and looks to the side, but doesn’t stop. My fault. I didn’t do a good enough front stop. Dumb. My brothers from London, and especially NYC would be pissed.

Keep going and less than a minute there’s another hot blonde coming toward me…blow out. I stopped in front of her, and said, “excuse me,” but before I could say what I saw (skirt, polo shirt, white visor–probably something about golf), she walked right around me.

Opened another two set almost immediately.

Again, I just want to make it clear: for a short period of time, this is the best daygaming experience I’ve had…maybe ever. There were so many pretty girls I didn’t have to wait long between sets, and the two blowouts I just mentioned were the only ones the whole time. All the other girls were willing to chat.

Also, I know some daygamers don’t open two sets, three sets, mixed sets, etc. That’s bulllshit. I know you’re not a pussy, because you’re doing day game. So…why again, are you being a pussy?

This is also why you should occasionally do night game to train, even if you hate it. As Mystery says, “women of beauty are rarely alone.” True–and if you pass on two sets, three sets, mixed sets, etc., you’re missing out on lots of chicks who will fuck you.

So this two set I guess are sisters–great indirect open, btw, even if it’s not true–but in this case I’m correct. Pretty quick I follow with something more direct, “you’re both very beautiful. Who’s older…I bet you are?”

In this case I choose the girl I think is older, and who also happens to be more attractive. In a two set it’s better to accuse and neg the target, so that she feels she’s competing with the other girl.

Maybe that’s not nice.

But it’s true.

I guess their ages: 22 and 20. They answer, “21 and 19,” so barely off. I start stacking on the Saturday Market and that sort of thing, talking about how nice it is. I also guess their home from college (100% correct) and we end up talking about if school is coming back or not this fall. Not a great topic, but the younger chick if I’m remembering correctly brought it up, so we chatted for a bit more on that and then I changed the subject.

“Hi I’m RP.”

Older girl introduces herself, and then her sister. Then younger sis adds, “we both have BFs by the way. Just so you know.” I then turned to my schtick about how what if something were to happen, what if she’s bored, but to no avail. Told them it was nice chatting and let them go.


Anyway, that’s just a snippet of the action to give you some flavor–let’s get to the big takeaways.

#1: There were zero negative encounters and nothing bad happened.

Which is normal.

Yeah, some girls blew me out and didn’t stop, as I’ve mentioned–but so what? Just the way it goes. Guys doing day game (or night game) should remind themselves: you’re talking to strangers, and some number of people aren’t going to do that. Or are in a hurry. Or whatever.

But even so, no one was mean to me. No one yelled at me to stop talking to girls. And none of the girls I talked to said anything other than “thank you” or “nice to meet you” or something along those lines when we were done with our conversation.

I mean, I’m not other people so I don’t know, but my guess is 99% of the people walking around didn’t notice what I was doing, and even if they did notice, no one cared. They just saw some guy talking to a chick.

And the vast majority of the time you go out and run game, you’ll have a similar experience. Most girls will not give you their number. Some girls will blow you out. But that’s it. And you’ll feel like a stud after because you went out and did something most guys will never do, which is talk to a bunch of hot chicks you don’t know, and if you do it long enough, some of them will fuck you.

That seems pretty great, right?

#2: Even with good logistics and game, some days you get skunked.

I ended up taking two numbers that day, out of something like ten or 11 sets (including the two blowouts). As I mentioned above the black chick stopped replying. The other girl never replied in the first place.

This is pretty typical.

Remember, the best day gamers in the world get like 30:1 in terms of approach to lay ratio, and most guys are going to do a lot worse. New guys and rookies should expect to do between 100 and 200 sets per lay. If you’re in NYC or similar cities, you can double or triple that because most women won’t stop or if they do, they keep walking after the opener. I’ve never done it, but my guess is I’d get my ass kicked in New York.

Additionally, because of COVID I haven’t been able to day game much, but I should point out that my +1 with the Persian girl was lucky given how few sets I’ve done since lockdown has been over.

With time we’ll see a statistical regression to the mean. I haven’t done a great job of tracking numbers, but my guess is if I start counting back to when I got started in summer 2018, I’m somewhere around 60:1. Keep in mind, that’s if I count all my approaches in terms of night game, day game, and one off coffee shops or grocery store stuff. It’s also come to my attention that I write up my +1s at a much higher rate than dates to nowhere or failures, so if I’ve given the impression I get laid constantly on the first date, the truth is that when I do get laid it’s often on the first date, but there are lots of dates I haven’t written up because it was boring, nothing great happened, and I didn’t get laid.

Anyway, what any good fisherman knows is that part of catching fish is not about tactics or baits or spots, but simply putting in the time. And sometimes you don’t catch any fish–what fisherman call getting skunked. That’s what guys doing cold approach should always keep in mind: you’re going to have droughts–days, weeks, or even months where all your numbers flake.

That’s totally normal.

So keep going. Keep calibrating. Keep getting better.

And eventually, you’ll see that ratio of approach to lay go down.

#3: Find new places to daygame–especially where it’s a “warm approach.”

I’m a huge fan of running game where there are chicks who are genuinely relaxing; chicks who are there to see and be seen.

The Saturday Market I’m writing about above is that sort of situation. Like, chicks got dressed up specifically for this event to hang out and be social. I was trying to convey this to some guys on a chat, but it was almost like a lot of the girls there wanted to be gamed.

This is where I’d say if you’re walking the same streets, hitting the afternoon commute, or trying to open girls who are on the move–subway, bus station, going to the gym, etc–make a point of hitting a farmer’s market, going to the beach, or that sort of thing.

Now I get it: with COVID, a lot of the typical places we might gather or be in groups are off limits, so this can be tricky, but the point is that guys have a much better chance of getting women to stop and talk if they aren’t in a rush and/or don’t have some pressing agenda.

Something to keep in mind, especially as things start getting back to normal.

Alright fellas, that’s all I’ve got for now–much love, and there have definitely been better times to be a player. It’s tough out there right now, but like most of the shitty things in life: this too shall pass.


  1. As long as you enjoyed yourself; seriously, I know plenty of guys that get sour when they have a down day. Enjoy the process and enjoy “people”. I learn about conversation through the field reports/stories. They should too.


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