10 Reasons why the future of game is bright.

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The SMP is pretty tough right now if you’re a dude. That’s just a fact. But some guys might have come away from the last post thinking I’m down on women or game.


Precisely the opposite. Indeed, I think that after we get past COVID, the 2020s are going to be a great time to be a player and lover of women.

One important note before we get to the reasons: as a red pill man, one needs to learn to separate the negative aspects of reality from the optimism of taking action. Because both are important and necessary. Yes, you need to understand what you’re up against, why you probably shouldn’t get married, why you can’t take what women say at face value, etc. However, at the same time, we can’t let adversity prevent us from taking action and banging around on Twitter and YouTube saying “women bad” as some guys do.

For example, in the last post I noted that many of today’s women are extraordinarily narcissistic, obsessed with their phones, social media, and false validation, and tend to be extremely squirrely and flaky when it comes to dating.

All true.

But it’s also a generalization. Some girls don’t have social media, or if they do, don’t care much about it. Many are too modest to post scandalous pics for all to see and/or have private accounts. And even the social media thots and strippers and OnlyFans girls–the worst and most narcissistic–are still in play. I should know: I dated a cam girl for awhile. And guys need to remember that ultimately, girls of all stripes will reply to your texts and come out on dates, assuming she likes you and thinks you’re an attractive, high value guy.

It reminds me of last December when I went to a Christmas bazaar and off six approaches got two numbers (two IGs as well, both worthless as usual). Both those women continued to reply off and on through New Years, and I ended up getting both of them out on dates in January. Now, sad to say, I didn’t end up sleeping with either of them, but given the bad logistics and more than three week time period between set and date, the chances of either coming out were super low.

And yet they did. Both of them.

So yes, things can be difficult in this modern age–more girls flake, and women are generally less reliable and more narcissistic–but that shouldn’t prevent you from doing whatever it is you want to do with women and living the sort of life you want to lead. It might require a little more hard work than in the past, but if you’re not willing to do the work, all I can say is that this lifestyle isn’t for you.

That said, let’s get to some of the reasons why I’m optimistic about the 2020s and beyond.

1) There hasn’t been a pandemic like this for 100 years–it won’t last forever.

So of course the SMP is going to have a depression. People can’t travel freely. Cities are empty. Night game is dead in most places. Brutal, but…


Make no mistake: at some point, the Gods of game will smile upon us once again!

To be quite honest, the fact that any of us are getting laid and recording +1s is quite astonishing in itself, and speaks to the power of game. Because women are herd animals who tend to scare easily, and fact is, a lot just aren’t going to come out right now no matter how attractive you are and/or tight your game is. Also, just as there are a lot of guys monk moding right now, focusing on other things, many women are using the quarantine in precisely this same way.

The good news: there’s a 547% greater likelihood your next girlfriend makes a mean sourdough.

2) Once the pandemic has passed and the economy starts to recover, there will be an explosion of single women on the market.

Right now, a lot of women are still hunkered down with whoever they happened to be seeing back in March when the lockdown was announced, or they’ve been seeing a guy in their social circle or familiar to them in some other way. Additionally, many girls who were single when COVID hit are simply not back on the market, either of their own accord as they don’t see dating as a priority right now, or because circumstances have forced them to move home with parents, away from big cities or their university.

What this means for players is that the supply of women–women who are single, or women who would either break up with and/or cheat on their boyfriends–is currently far below normal levels.

However, when things do return to normal–meaning no more masks, going to sporting events and concerts, clubs, cruise ships, that sort of thing–we’re going to see a ton of women flood back onto the market, having broken up with their quarantine boyfriends (people are actually predicting a lot of divorces as well) or judging it safe to get back out and start dating again.

Indeed, my guess is that for a short period of time, things get kinda wild–I mean, think how long it’s been since we’ve been able to go to a concert or a dance club or gather in any sort of large group. Seems to me whenever that starts happening again (I have no idea, but probably Spring to Summer of 2021), hedonism reigns for a period of time.

3) Modern women are extremely sexual.

They’re not afraid to show skin or get naked, even if it’s just to take pictures. And they like fast escalation. Many will fuck on the 1st date or the same day you meet them.

Now, the Tradcons may not like this, but we’re players, not a purists. This is a hedonistic pursuit, not a spiritual one.*

Point is, once things get back to some semblance of normal, our ability as players to get fast sex with lots of women is massive, because today’s women don’t carry the sexual shame of prior generations. I suppose if there’s one thing feminism and female liberation have been good for, it’s that.

4) Modern women are into kink.

Along with fast sex, today’s women are the first generation where lots of chicks are into rough sex, poly, BDSM, 3-somes, ropes, etc. Like, teenage chicks make Tik-Toks joking about how they want to get choked during sex. Which means that if you know how to fuck, how to make use of toys, and how to be dominant, you’ll be in high demand.

And once you’ve gone that far, there’s a big beautiful world that awaits if you’re interested, because in most metro areas, there are sex clubs and parties you can get into if you’re fit and know how to source hot chicks. Link above is to RedQuest’s excellent FREE book on how to do this, and I also highly recommend his blog for guys who want to explore this world.

I know that for me, this is definitely the next step: just need a main, or some other girls interested in coming along. And daddy is on the prowl.

5) Women of all ages are turning onto older guys.

As the deregulation of the sexual marketplace continues unabated, the taboo against dating older men is melting away. Sure, you’ll see white knights and older women, typically feminists, get upset on Twitter or IG about older guys dating girls in their late teens and 20s, but two quick points on that:

  1. Both groups pretend to get offended as a part of sexual strategy. The white knights think women will see them defending their honor and like them for it (most actually think it’s pathetic), and older chicks know that if men in their 40s realize they can date girls in their 20s, then why in the world would they want to date a 35 yo harpy like themselves? We all know the answer to this question.
  2. You know who doesn’t care: most girls in their late teens and 20s–I know this from personal experience as well as other players who are friends of mine. Sure, some still think it’s “creepy” or “icky”, but lately I’m even starting to seeing memes and GIFs from younger women about how dating older men is the thing to do.

The takeaway here is that if you stay fit and fashionable, guys can do well with younger women into their 50’s and perhaps beyond in exceptional cases.

And the big reason why women of all ages are starting to turn onto older guys is…

6) Now that I understand game, sex and relationships are better.

Better for me, and much better for the girls I date.

When I think back to how I was before TRP, before learning proper game, before taking part in this community, God only knows how I ever got laid–how bored the girls must have been with my droll conversation skills and serious demeanor. How annoyed after I rolled off of them without changing positions or ever really fucking them hard.

Whereas now in my interactions and relationships with women, I’ve learned to hold a strong frame, to be fun, flirty, and playful, to build polarity and fill them with desire.

And in the bedroom I wield power and dominance, engage girls in fantasy and role play–toys if she’s open to it–though I can do just fine without, having learned new ways to use my tongue, hands, and fingers.

For new guys, I highly recommend reading the Sex God Method, but if I can give you one tip that crystalizes how you should have sex with a woman it’s this: fuck her like an animal. Ravish her. Her experience is predicated on your enthusiasm–in losing yourself in the moment. So fuck her hard, like it’s the last time you’ll ever fuck (think Roissy said something to this effect–correct me if I’m wrong). If you simply do that and that alone, her sexual experience will be far better–so will yours–and a lot of them will continue to come back for more.

7) Male competition is mostly garbage.

You know who a lot of chicks end up with, whether through high school or college, or the kinds of guys they meet at work or even on the apps?

Soy boys who spend their days on SnapChat and Tik-Tok, dancing like clowns, getting punk’d by their women, playing video games and beating off to mom-porn. Guys who haven’t read more than five books in their entire life. Who can’t lift a gallon of milk, let alone a dumbell.

Fact is, modern society, especially American society, teaches men to be feminized pussies who are afraid of their own masculine nature; teaches men that lifting, dominance, confidence, and decisiveness are all aspects of toxic masculinity. Moreover, they’ve been raised to defer to women, to believe they’re smarter, more morally pure, that the world is full of misogyny, and that rape culture and sexual assault are rampant, when in reality: women–especially the young, pretty ones–are the most privileged class in society and most reports of sexual assault and rape we hear about have more to do with a woman’s regret than a man’s violence.

If you don’t see this just look around. At the gym today I saw a male 9–tall, ripped, and good looking–with a woman who was at best a 6. And to the point above, a lot of young guys can’t even talk to chicks, because all they do is stare out their phones all day and play video games (another reason why women are starting to gravitate toward older guys). I could probably write a 4000 word post on this topic alone, but you get the point: if you’re fit and muscular, have a bit of fashion sense, and have some idea of how to carry on a conversation with a few interesting things to say, and live somewhere with a roof over your head, you’re in the top 20% of guys already. Indeed–and this again is a topic for another time–one reason I think the SMP is so hard right now is that women have had so many bad experiences with guys who can’t escalate or create polarity, can’t fuck well, and have nothing else of value to offer that a lot of them see no reason to bother.

Now, I feel bad for these guys, but if any of them actually want to turn it around, they could be well on their way in 60 days if they were willing to do the work. Understand and apply the principles of The Red Pill–lift, pursue your mission, read, learn game, and value process over results–and get professional help if you need it. As always, my DMs are open.

But unless the red pill goes wildly mainstream sometime soon, the fact is, the majority of men out there aren’t even in the same league as a red pill guy–that’s true even if he’s only been lifting for a year or so.

Which means the girls are there for the taking as hypergamy starts working in your favor.

8) I’ve learned to embrace the long term.

Red Quest has a good post about this–how you only see the tip of the spear. And it’s been true in my experience. I got divorced in 2016, but I didn’t really have my breakthrough in game until late summer/early fall of 2018. During that time I lost a significant amount of weight, read a ton of books and blogs–mostly relating to game or self-improvement–and spent hundreds of hours listening to podcasts on game or watching YouTubes of PUAs/dating coaches.

Long story short: I did a TON of work before I started getting laid on the regular.

So remember, today is not forever, and as Lao Tzu notes in The Tao, over time, water wears down rock. In practical terms, this means that nearly every problem can be solved by following a virtuous process over time. Not easy, but easier with the perspective of knowing that it works.

This year has been a dumpster fire–no doubt about it–but again, this too shall pass.

9) I finally understand HOW to play the game.

Now it’s simply a matter of playing it.

Of course, like any game, I’m sure to make mistakes, experience highs and lows, succeed and fail, but three years ago I didn’t even know the rules. Going forward, I’ll continue to document the journey, learn and develop new techniques, and make new observations. I’m genuinely curious to see what’s around the corner.

10) Hard work, skill, and perseverance prevail over circumstances.

Always have, always will.

As I mentioned in the last post, there are a lot of challenges with regard to gaming modern women, especially the most desirable among them who are young, hot, and inundated with constant attention.

But fact is, chicks still want to fuck.

And what a skilled player can do for any woman in terms of entertainment, excitement, and great sex goes so far beyond whatever worthless validation she gets on IG or Tik-Tok it’s pointless to even compare the two. You really think she cares about how many likes she got on her last post when she’s lying on the bed in the puddle of her monstrous, squirting orgasm, legs shaking, barely conscious, exhausted after you fucked her brains out?


Moreover, even most of the chicks with social anxiety are going to have a moment where their sexual desire overrides whatever fear they have of coming out, and she lands like putty, in the lap of a benevolent player who can transform her into the sex kitten she truly wants to be.

There’s no doubt that a lot of the energy we see in modern society–particularly from feminists and trans-activists–is an effort to deny biology, and particularly evolutionary biology.

Which is precisely why they’ll fail.

Because there is no narrative that trumps DNA. Women will always want to have sex with strong, masculine men, and men will always want to have sex with beautiful, feminine women. No matter how many female action-hero movies they make, no matter how often they try to normalize women holding power, the truth is that those women will always be less desirable than the ordinary feminine girl who works as a barista or nurse or pre-school teacher–something someone should tell Tomi Lahren.

In fact, I’d honestly be quite surprised if we don’t see a backlash against feminism at some point, as more and more women figure out that it doesn’t make them happy or fulfilled or deliver any other positive outcomes–it just makes them miserable cunts who are less desirable to men. And remember: we’re about to see women in the biggest generation out there–the millennials–start to hit the wall, many of them rendered forever invisible to men and irrelevant to society at large.

Only time will tell, but the point is that if you’re a red pill man, just keep doing the work. Get in great shape, develop and pursue your mission, and continue to engage women, learning from your mistakes and sharpening your game. Because at the end of the day, if you do those things, no amount of hard circumstances can deny the fact that women will find you highly desirable, and you’ll have the game to go out there and get them.

I won’t lie: right now isn’t a great time to be a player–but as I spelled out above, there are a lot of really good reasons to think it will be again soon.

*I’d argue that hedonistic activities, like sex, can be spiritual, as is eating a delicious meal, but the reason it’s enjoyable is because of the physical pleasure, which brings us into the present moment. Don’t misunderstand me–you should leave every woman you sleep with better than you found her, but I find it a bit silly when guys want to frame game as some noble mission. Again, this isn’t religion. It’s pick-up and seduction.

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  1. “I know that for me, this is definitely the next step: just need a main, or some other girls interested in coming along. And daddy is on the prowl.”

    Hell yeah, excited to see where this goes. BDSM/kink is a *hell* of a lot of fun.


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