This isn’t a choice: you don’t get to choose TRP–accept it, or accept the consequences.

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Yesterday, I saw this tweet:

And it triggered me.

Now, before you see my response (probably many of you already have), I want to state I agree with Ophelia: your character remains regardless of how much money you have, whether you’re winning or losing, whether you’re banging a bevy of mid 20s hotties or the last pussy you saw was your mother’s cat you’re feeding while she’s on vacation because you literally don’t have anything better to do.

And there’s no question character is important. Of course. Character is a reflection of your soul as a man–your stoicism, strength, intelligence, discipline, humor, and confidence. Character is your ability to stay calm when others panic, to know that your worth cannot be communicated by virtue signaling on social media, to work through adversity and failure and bad luck. Character is about leadership, social proof, and sacrifice.


It’s actually kinda funny–to this point in my short, obscure career writing about red pill and pick-up and game, I haven’t attracted many trolls or haters. But that got ’em. Opened Twitter the next morning and several white knights and fem-trolls had already taken shots.

Like this:

And this:

I have fans! So cool!

Kidding of course, but it’s also not worth getting spun up about. Simps gonna simp and chicks are going to virtue signal–seems to me social media most often devolves into a stupid contest where everyone competes to show how moral and good they are without actually having to prove anything.

Women value results, not character.

I think there’s a good lesson here, however, which is that women say they like guys with good character, when in reality, what they like are the results of what a guy with a good character typically accomplishes. Remember, as red pill men, we put process before results, but what you have to understand for women is that it’s all about the results.

Don’t believe me? Who do you think will attract more women: a warlord who sells illegal weapons to terrorists and has a mansion with a pool in Beverly Hills, or the hardworking guy who lives in a studio apartment writing a screen play that will one day make him famous?

We all know the answer.

It’s why nearly EVERY SINGLE RAPPER has at least one song–if not more–about how the chicks who ignored him when he was coming up all the sudden want his dick, and he’s like: why did you not see that this is who I was all along?

Because for women, it’s about results, not character. This really shouldn’t be all that controversial in our community. I mean, at it’s core, the argument women like guys with a “good character” is exactly why so many guys end up discovering The Red Pill–because all our lives we were taught to be good, study hard and play by the rules, treat women with respect, be deferential, hide our sexual desires, etc…

And it doesn’t fucking work.

I mean, we all know Ralphy the simp above is going to virtue signal what a great guy he is, but guess how many chicks are going to hit him up for a date based on that? Zero. In fact, the truth is that if a given woman saw both tweets, she’s much more likely to fuck me, because I sound like an asshole.

Now again, this doesn’t mean your character doesn’t matter: for each and every man it’s absolutely crucial to who you are and what you can accomplish in your life over the long run. But she doesn’t care, and she never will. Because the truth is, if women cared about character and chose blue pill guys who were respectful, smart, kind, and deferential, none of us would be here–the red pill wouldn’t exist.

This isn’t a moral judgment–it’s the truth. Nothing more.

No, women choose winners–as they should. That’s the second point: my tweet can be viewed as bitter or anti-woman, but it’s not. I’m just stating a fact. I don’t blame women for not caring about a man’s moral character, nor do I judge them for it. It’s just the way things our–the way women evolved to choose the most successful men. Hell, it’s not as if men are saints: we all know that a chick’s hotness matters far more than anything else–that given the choice between a smart, nice girl who’s a 5 and a snotty brat who’s an 8, men pick the latter 9 times out of 10.

Most important is this: you don’t get to choose. I see a lot of guys on Twitter crowing about honor and respect and discipline and the like–and that’s all well and good–but just because you think those things are important doesn’t mean women do. There’s a weird kinda circular logic that happens in our community, whereby men get red pilled, then they discover self-help and personal development to get better (as they should), and then after some amount of time they start thinking that getting better means chicks will suddenly start chasing them because of their inner virtue.


Go to the gym and lift. Work to get that promotion at your job, spend time on the side hustle, apply discipline to your fitness and diet and lifestyle. Read and get smart. All of those things are important and good…but chicks aren’t going to chase you because of those things, which is why the whole “build it and they will come” mindset is nonsense that only applies to a small handful of guys who have a great social circle or are obscenely wealthy.

For the rest of us, you have to approach. You have to flirt with her and spike attraction. You have to exhibit traits that give her the tingles. You need game and frame and everything that comes with it. And once you have a woman, or several, you need to continue to be a winner who’s strong, confident, playful, fun, etc.

Because the moment you let your guard down, she’ll sense it and try to exploit that weakness. This is why having an LTR or marriage is the hardest mode of game–because you’re living with a woman, and women by their nature are predisposed to weed out men who show weakness.

And this brings us to the last point: don’t listen to what women say about men. Or at least, don’t take it seriously. I keep banging on about this, but it bears repeating: if women chose the sort of men they tell us they want, this community would not exist, because it would be entirely unnecessary. If women stayed with men of good character, through thick and thin, they wouldn’t initiate 80% of divorces. If women cared about character, they wouldn’t be so quick to separate a father from his children, because they would take into consideration that all children need their fathers in order to build a strong character.

Now, to be fair, a lot of men–myself included–made mistakes in our marriages and maybe some portion of us deserve to be divorced. But I also know that when I was at my low point–when my friend took his life because he himself got zeroed out in divorce–you know what never changed? My character. I was still a good person, a good father, a good husband.

Didn’t matter. I should have been strong and projected confidence and never let my guard down. But I thought wedding vows meant something. I thought marriage meant people stick together through “better or worse.”

I thought character mattered. I thought it would protect me.

But it didn’t.

Because this isn’t a choice. It’s how the world works. And there’s nothing you can do to change that. So we move forward with that knowledge and do the best we can to apply it in our relationships with women.

Or, you can delude yourself into thinking that women are moral beings who value you for “who you really are.”

There is one, actually. Your mom.

But don’t count on it with the others.


  1. “Women don’t care about character”, was my first thought as well. They wait at the finish line to fuck the winner(s), and they don’t care about the struggles or the resolve to succeed.

    “Thatโ€™s the second point: my tweet can be viewed as bitter or anti-woman, but itโ€™s not. Iโ€™m just stating a fact.” And facts are neither bitter or anti-women, they just are.

    I would amend you admonition to, “Don’t listen to what women say about anything.”


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