Older men w/ younger girls–most overblown issue ever.

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A hot button moral issue is and always will be older men fucking younger women. Why? Mainly because people are jealous–namely, older women and younger men who are attempting to apply shame as a sexual strategy. People forget that sexual strategy is not just getting P in V or a chick getting pregnant; it can also include stopping the P going into the V or a chick getting pregnant. I’ve learned this many times the hard way: cock blocked by her fat friend Becky once again.

But the funny thing is, as much complaining as we see about this, the truth is that older men fucking young chicks just doesn’t happen that much. And yet people just love to freak the fuck out about it.

Does it happen? Sure. There’s a small number of men who have some combination of game, status, money, and looks to where they can date women 15-20 years younger–even more in some extreme cases. But even in her sexual experience, a girl who has say an n-count of 25ish (many more than you might think–and yet less than the horror stories tradcons try to tell) will still probably have only fucked 5 or fewer guys more than 10 years older than her.

The other thing to consider is that some girls REALLY LIKE older men–as in, don’t want to date guys much less than 10 years older. And to be honest, if you haven’t done it, then you don’t understand–but that true daddy-daughter, Dominant-submissive relationship, especially the sex, is just fucking electric. When I think about hitting Socks from behind, that sweet little 24 yo peach gripping and gliding…my goodness that was a beautiful thing.

And here’s what the whiners don’t understand or don’t want to admit: it was great for her too. It was exactly what she wanted. A much older guy fucking her hard, slapping her ass, pulling her hair, pounding her the way no 25 yo old boy ever could–a big, experienced dick that’s going to last a long time; sex that includes powerful and/or multiple orgasms.

But it’s rare (except for a lot of guys in this community) for a number of reasons:

1-Getting chicks is primarily about access, and older men rarely have access to younger girls and vice versa.

Indeed, I would say 90% of all the couples I’ve met in life have been within 10 years of each other, and for 80% of those it was less than five years of difference. Additionally, most hookups occur in circumstances where the age difference is small: high school or college parties, social circle–even in online dating, where the baseline settings on the apps only show you people within 10 years of age or less.

This is yet another reason I’m not a fan of online dating. Was chatting with RedQuest a bit recently and pointed out that there are two main problems for older guys trying to use dating apps to get with younger chicks:

1) Most girls will never see your profile because 24 yo chicks don’t swipe much on older guys, which means the algorithm penalizes your age, and

2) She may herself have not changed the age range setting, which caps out at something like 10 or so years difference.

As a man in my late thirties, I’m acutely aware of this fact.

And IRL isn’t much better. What man in his 30s or 40s is working around 23 yo’s or is even around girls in this age group at all? College? Occasionally at a bar or restaurant? Perhaps a concert? All by the way gents, great places to run game and meet them. But it’s still not very common.

So the first barrier to an older guy being with a younger girl is not even a question of desire, but a matter of access, and in point of fact, most older guys don’t have access to hot, young chicks, and vice-versa.

But suppose he is around a hot young chick?

RedQuest’s response is pure gold. He says:

2-Most guys in their 30s, 40s, and 50s aren’t in good enough shape for a young girl to find attractive in the first place.

On top of probably dressing like a schlub and being blue-pilled AF. Married or not doesn’t even really matter; the average blue pill, out-of-shape-guy in his 40s or 50s has got to make big boy money to have ANY chance with a much younger girl. Because chances are, even if she was into an older guys, she’s not going to be into him because he’s not an attractive man.

Why it’s so important to FUCKING LIFT!

But even then turn it around: what about the guys in that age range who have their shit together and are in good shape?

A: most of them are married.

That’s where being an older guy who’s in even reasonable shape and single can slay. But we’re rare (and lord knows I’m teetering on the edge of “in shape”). So even for those girls out there who really like older guys, they won’t have many opportunities.

And there’s a third limiting factor:

3-White Knights, betas, spinsters, and feminists complaining about it.

Look, I’ll 100% admit it you fucking wet blankets: it works. At least to some degree.

Probably not a lot, because unlike what the feminist and puritan assholes believe–which is that women are dumb, easily tricked, naive, and incapable of making decisions–even by 16-17, most women have a pretty sharp wit about them and are smart/mature enough to make adult decisions. Sure, they want to fuck and tend to be horny and slutty, but they know EXACTLY what they’re doing running around in those short skirts, crop tops, bikinis and daisy dukes. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing–and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool.

But even here folks: they’re mostly going to slut it up with guys their age or slightly older. Guys they go to school or work with. And yes, it’s during this time she may consider sex with some men who are quite a bit older, for the reasons I described above.

Many won’t however, even if they’re inclined to do it, because of the stigma and sanctimonious bullshit of the Puritans and slut-shamers:

“Oh, she can’t match the power of an older man who has some money.”

Really? She shows her ass and tits to the world daily on IG and Tik-Tok. She doesn’t give a fuck. She even wears vans and has a few tattoos for fuck’s sake. And in most cases she knows she has quite a bit of power; likely even more power than she realizes.

“Muh but he’s taking advantage of her!”

In 99% of cases where the guy’s a lot older, it’s actually the chick who’s getting free stuff: drinks, dinners, vacations, nights in fancy hotels, etc. And good on her. I’m not complaining. But the point is, if anyone is taking advantage of the arrangement when it’s older man/younger girl, it’s the girl.

“No I mean he’s getting sex…and…and she’s young.”



Is she a legal adult?


Are women every bit as intelligent as men.

“More so.”

Well OK then. What’s the problem? She’s getting sex too–likely a lot better sex than what she’d get with a guy her age who’s basically just going to use her like a human masterbation machine, without even the slightest care whether she has a good time or not.


I’ll tell you what the problem is:

People like to freak out about things that don’t happen very often at all–like much older guys fucking younger girls.

Or police officers killing people, something that’s truly rare (about 1000 a year, and all but 50 are armed, meaning some kind of weapon like a knife or gun).

Honestly, the whole racism trope.

Are some people racist?


But most people aren’t racist enough anymore so as to have a great effect on other people. The reason there is a difference now is because of historic, not current discimination, and the ratio has to be truly staggering in terms of effect–at least 10:1.

Same with sexual assault and rape.

Yeah, it’s bad and we should try to make sure it doesn’t happen. But unfortunately sometimes it’s going to happen unless we can somehow recall original sin. Same thing with rape, murder, robbery, arson, etc. You get it. Sometimes people do bad things and we can’t stop them. But we try to stop them, and we do in fact stop many bad things from happening. This is why we have laws and courts and police officers.


That is truly, truly insane.

The most absurd example is the belief that voter fraud is thing. There’s no proof that it happens with any real frequency, and I don’t know of a single case of PROVABLE VOTER FRAUD (this means you have to have actual evidence) that changed the result of an election, except in the case of dictators who win sham elections with 99% approval.

But to get back to the point of older men and younger women, if I may say one more thing to the white knights and angry, bitter, old feminists, what you are doing is both:

  • A) slut shaming, and
  • B) calling into question the basic agency, intelligence, and able-ness of women.

If we can send a young man off to die on foreign soil in a war that doesn’t concern his interests, don’t you think a girl can decide who she wants to fuck? Aren’t women incredibly complex, beautiful, powerful people, as equally able and intelligent as their male counterparts? Of course they are. So again, let’s stop infantilizing them–and stop freaking out.

It doesn’t happen that much anyway.

By the way, if you’re an older man who wants to learn how to game and seduce beautiful young girls, hit me up–we’ll work together and design a course for your specific goals, including coaching calls and specific feedback to help you with cold approach, dating, seduction, sex skills, and even OLD.

DM me on Twitter or shoot me an email: redpilldadpua@gmail.com


  1. Honestly, as long as you look young and are in shape the age issue isn’t a real thing. Access to hot chicks I would argue is just as hard for younger guys. The only reliable way is social circle as attractive girls in College are always on the move.


  2. All very true. The access issue bothered me most of my adult life, as after college, I might as well have been living on a different planet for all the interactions I had with young, single chicks. This summer, though, I got into a new living situation where I have a lot of younger people in my social circle and it’s definitely gone a long way towards shattering limiting beliefs. It blows my mind how much of a non-issue the age difference is as long as the access issue is handled and you are reasonably attractive (not gone to seed and socially competent). Never thought I would have a 21 y/o girl begging me to take her number when I was in my late 30’s.

    I think the situation is best summed up by a conversation I had where a woman from a early 20’s couple I’m friends with was talking about her boss and said, “He’s an older guy; around 37 or so.” I responded, “Ha! You know I’m 37, right?” and she said, “Yeah, but you don’t have a dad bod.”


  3. Most guys of all ages never get their fitness and nutrition close enough to right to be much in the game at all. Let alone the other fundamentals.

    IMO, most guys just want a pretty, acceptable girlfriend… https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2017/12/17/the-deep-psychology-that-keeps-men-in-the-game/ , and when they get one, they’re fine, they drop out.

    That is also why, from what I can tell, some of the typical sections of reddit and similar sites are “okay” https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2018/04/04/good-looking-loser-is-dead-long-live-gll-why-reddit-only-works-for-newbies/ even though they have little or no intermediate and advanced material. For most guys, if they fix the fundamentals and talk to girls, they will get somewhere. Slowly, uncertainty… but somewhere.

    I don’t think the white knights, betas, spinsters, etc., have much of an impact on a girl’s mating choices. More likely, her family and friends do. Most hot girls want a guy who can fit into their social and family world. A guy 10 or 15 years older than a girl 18 – 24… usually can’t. She is more worried about what her mom will say, or what her friends will say. Her friends will be okay with it if the guy is cool and can hang.

    Her mom will never like the older guy, cause her mom is old enough to know exactly what the older guy wants.

    That said… guys can get ecosystems going that bring them into contact with younger-hotter-tighter. It just takes work, like everything else. Cold approach can act as this ecosystem.

    Most guys don’t/can’t get hot girls because they don’t lead the kind of lives leading to hot girls. Fundamentals may take years to get in place. Girls are savage in evaluating men cause their lives and genetic destiny depends on it.

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