The wall is real: what women say vs. what is true.

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Lately I see a lot of chicks in the manosphere (irony amiright) stating how there’s dick everywhere, the wall is a myth/isn’t real, that they can do whatever they want and there aren’t any consequences whatsoever apparently unto the end of time, etc.–and to this I’m going to say what I often say when I see something ridiculous on Twitter:


Now, this can be difficult to parse out for a lot of guys, so let’s parse–but the first thing I’ll point out is that this is a classic example of POWER TALK vs. real talk. Remember, women will almost NEVER be truly honest with anyone, because women are conditioned to always use POWER TALK, the key point of which is that you never reveal anything that does not advance one’s power or social standing. There are exceptions of course: emotional breakdowns, an amazing female friendship, or a man with truly strong frame who’s broken her will to dissemble, but these are quite rare.

Before we move on, I want to state very clearly that this isn’t because women are terrible people or malicious liars (sometimes true, but men can be too if we’re honest)–it’s because that’s how they evolved. Unlike men, who thrive primarily on intelligence and physical prowess, women–aside from their beauty–rely on social standing and being in-group to stay safe, find mates, and retain power and/or influence. In this state, true honesty is not only dumb–it’s dangerous. If a chick told another chick, honestly, that her child was born from a male of another tribe, or a male on the outs, or that she’d stolen food from the communal supply, she might well be exiled from the tribe or killed for such an offense.

So women evolved to use POWER TALK: communicating only what is beneficial for oneself in terms of social standing and tribal power.

OK. This brings us to Kate. For her, children are the worst, older man/younger woman is weird (apparently so are six-packs), and women in their 40s are hot.


All of these things are demonstrably wrong…but remember–Kate’s job isn’t to keep society afloat. Her job is to advance her goals/narrative as an individual woman, or perhaps for older women like her generally.

Which is why, as much as we love Kate, we should ignore stuff like this. And indeed, why you should ignore most chicks on social media no matter what they say. There’s an old adage in the manosphere, redpill, and PUA circles: listen to her actions, not her words.

100%. A classic example is when chicks say “no fuckbois” or “no hookups” on Tinder.

False. Andy at KYIL has a good podcast on this, but the TL;DR is that this is a shit-test and/or virtue signaling. The fact of being on Tinder in the first place can be seen as kinda slutty–so her ASD is activated and she feels the need to cry out that she’s not a slut…but that’s only for guys who take her at face value. For example, I fucked a girl off Tinder early this year who had “no hookups” on her profile–but that didn’t stop her from coming straight over to my apartment for the bang.

ASD is actually a great example of how POWER TALK works. Because if she’s a “slut” her value as a woman is lowered–men don’t buy sluts jewelry or fancy things, and they certainly don’t wife them up (which is why ladies, if you’re going to get banged by an entire frat in college, you should probably keep it to yourself). Thus, she signals–at every opportunity–that she’s not a slut….even though she is. Or at least, can be.

The Wall–not just a good album by Pink Floyd.

But let’s get back to the main point: the wall exists, and MOST women in their 30s and 40s aren’t tripping over dick–at least, not good dick.

That’s a key distinction. Do they have access to dick? Sure they do. Saying there’s dick to be had for any chick who’s not a total wildebeest is like saying there’s water in the ocean–it’s obvious and only a retard feels the need to say so. And indeed, the depravity of modern men seemingly knows few bounds…I mean my God there are guys who pay to watch land whales dildo themselves on OnlyFans instead of using free porn to masturbate.

Why? Only Satan knows–but it’s no great coup to match with thirst betas for whom getting laid really is a matter of getting lucky.

And like, the reverse is true as well, right?

I could load up some shit photos of myself on a Tinder profile right now and within a couple hours have a 5 (due to weight or lack of beauty or AGE) on her way to my apartment to allow a perfect stranger to do degrading and depraved things to her because I’m tall and faintly handsome. But I’m not going to do that, for the same reason chicks aren’t going to fuck 99% of the guys they match with on Tinder–there’s no value (and it’s gross).

Perhaps a useful comparison is fishing. I love to fish, and to fly fish in particular. But rather than pay $100 to fish at the local trout farm where I know I could catch as many (big) fish as I want, easily, without much effort, I’d rather spend $200 to camp for a weekend at a public lake where there are big fish that require far more skill to catch.

So like, when chicks go on about how they trip on dick walking out the doorway…OK, but is that the dick you want? Are we really supposed to be impressed that sexless bluepill losers who would stick their dick in the mashed potatoes if no one was looking want to sleep with you? Sorry honey, that’s not abundance…that’s just sad. Just because a fat man can keep eating at a buffet doesn’t mean he should.

This is one of the basic manifestations of bad girl game: assuming all guys are the same and one dick is as good as another. It’s not, and chicks who don’t recognize this end up flaking a lot, settling with lesser men for extended periods of time pre-wall when they could be trying to find someone better, or generally wasting time while young and beautiful paying little attention to the men she’s with other than being a warm body who marginally guards against boredom.

There are more data points on the Wall than I care to mention here, but let’s review a few of them:

  • Data from OLD shows that 18 year old women are by far the most desirable in terms of swiping, whereas for men, it is age 50. In other words, the youngest women legally available are the most attractive to men.
  • This same data shows that the average attractiveness of a woman drops more than 30% over time, and 20% of this drop happens by between age 20-40. We should also keep in mind that all of this data is warped by the fact that there are still have lots of guys swiping on women who are old and unattractive, because they themselves are old and unattractive or don’t know any better. It’s also based on the average, which means that the dropoff for any individual woman is mitigated by the size of the cohort.
  • Article after article is published in newspapers and magazines about how older women are at a significant disadvantage in the dating market. The Atlantic, the Cut, and even places like the Wall Street Journal regularly bemoan–on behalf of women–where all the good men have gone or why it’s so hard for women in their 30s to find men who aren’t fuckbois or why women view so many men today as “unmarriageable.”
  • We also have to assume the truly damaging articles and/or data regarding older, single women aka spinsters, is suppressed and never sees the light of day. Like, if you spend any amount of time reading articles about older women who are aging out of the dating market, the amount of cope and spin, saying how happy they are, how this is the new independent woman, etc.–is astonishing, sad, and quite obviously written into the article to protect the publisher from being accused of misogyny (just like we’ve been told this year that mass BLM protests are magically exempt from spreading COVID, but don’t you dare invite your grandma over for Thanksgiving–if anyone were to actually tell the truth, why of course they’d be a horrible racist).
  • Final point: go talk to any woman who’s worked in Hollywood, or as a model, or pornstar, or stripper–talk to any woman over 30 who’s job security and salary depended primarily on her being pretty and having a nice figure. Guess what? It gets a lot harder. And the reason is that people like looking at attractive people, and women are by far most attractive when they’re young (under 30), whereas men tend to be most attractive between 30-50.

What’s the evidence in reverse–that the wall doesn’t exist? Some chicks saying so on Twitter? The fact chicks can match with lots of guys on OLD, where men outnumber them 3 to 1?


The wall is real, and honestly, all you need is your own eyeballs and some common sense to know it’s real. And for those chicks who don’t believe me, start an OnlyFans or Tik-Tok channel and go compete with the young chicks and see how far you get in terms of money, sponsors, and followers.

Why people get confused: anecdotal evidence and exceptions to the rule.

One key word you’ll often see women throw into their anti-wall tweets and statements: IF.

  • If she stays in shape…she’ll trip on dick out the front door.
  • If she takes care of herself…guys still want to fuck her.
  • If she is or does X, then Y.

Technically, this is all true.

IF a woman stays in really good shape throughout her life, she pushes the wall back considerably. The same is true IF she keeps her hair long, wears dresses, doesn’t drink or smoke or adopt a bunch of bad habits, etc. I mean, I just tweeted the other day, that at 50, Jennifer Aniston looks fucking great. She really does. But there’s a reason that’s news, and it’s because it’s exceedingly rare for a woman to look as good as she does at such an old age.

And it’s exceptions like Jennifer Aniston and other hot, older chicks people know that can lead to the notion the Wall is a myth, but this is the very definition of an anecdotal fallacy: just because something happens once or can happen doesn’t actually mean shit in the long run. Yep, some older chicks are hot and get lots of attention. Good for them.

But the truth is that merely getting older detracts from a woman’s beauty (sometimes significantly), and worse: MOST women don’t do a good job of staying in shape as they age. They don’t take particularly good care of themselves, and as an accelerant to spinsterdom, MOST women DO become more masculine as they age, cutting their hair, trading short skirts and showing skin for jackets and sweaters and pants, etc., while simultaneously becoming more bitchy and entitled.

To be 100% fair, most men don’t take care of themselves either, and because of this, never cash in on their most attractive years between 30-50. Here, in some ways women are lucky, because at the time when they’re reaching peak beauty (18 according to the data), they’re also a lot younger, which correlates with being thin. And that’s a big part of it right? Yes, younger women are hotter aesthetically: their skin is tighter and brighter, their hair more lustrous and full, etc–but the main reason I’d argue that younger women tend to be hotter than older women is simply that they’re more likely to be thin and feminine, as they haven’t yet had time to get fat or develop bad habits, nor have their natural feminine aura beaten out of them by the angry feminist harpies and modern media–who, by the way, are using POWER TALK to decrease the attractiveness of their sexual competition.

So, to get back to the point–yeah, IF a woman who’s young and hot figures out how to stay in shape and take care of herself, she’ll get plenty of male attention into her late 30s and even 40s. And then there are always exceptions of the chicks who look great in their 40s or 50s–especially if she can stay thin and perhaps get a little maintenance work done, like a face lift or boob job. But again, these are the exceptions, not the rule.

Also, guys should remember: just because the wall exists does not necessarily mean women face any crazy comeuppance or consequence (a point Rob has made). Many older chicks, after having ridden the carousel, can find a guy to settle down with IF she’s not too picky or unreasonable. And even for chicks who don’t get married, and end up alone, it’s not as if they’re going to die or something terrible will happen…they’re just not going to get much male attention anymore. Or ever again.

Like, that’s what the Wall is: a point at which a woman starts getting significantly less sexual attention from men because she is no longer meeting a threshold of physical attractiveness. And to suggest this doesn’t happen at some point, sooner or later, to EVERY SINGLE WOMAN, is dumb. There’s a reason PUAs go to college campuses for day game and not retirement homes. And let’s be honest: the wall exists for men too. The difference is that it (typically) happens much later, and men have other aspects of their persona, like wealth, power, and social status that women find attractive aside from pure looks.

Believing stuff that isn’t true often leads to real problems.

I wanted to get into the POWER TALK vs. real talk thing more, but I’ll save that for another post. For now, the point is, remember that when you see women say stuff–especially stuff about relationships or sex or age–she’s almost certainly using POWER TALK (this is why women dating advice is usually dogshit). She’s trying to advance a narrative that benefits her. Doesn’t necessarily mean she’s lying if the truth suits her purpose, or that she’s doing anything nefarious, but it’s not a reflection of what is real. It’s what she wishes to be real or what she wishes others to think of as real.

Oh, and anytime you see women use the line: he never/can’t get laid, it’s a tell that she’s upset about what he’s said because it’s disrupting her narrative (ad hominem logical fallacy). That’s why you see this particular insult come up so often: it’s an attempt to distract the audience based on the oldest factor of credibility there is–whether or not a man is able to fuck.

So the translation goes something like this: why would you listen to this guy–he can’t even get laid? Now, in a tribal setting, this would actually be a pretty strong argument, because any worthy man in the tribe should be getting laid and be desirable to women. And I suppose, in some ways it’s still true today: if you’re in your 30s or older and you can’t get laid by a reasonably attractive woman, something’s gone wrong somewhere along the way, which kinda takes us back to why the red pill community exists in the first place.

But on Twitter? The truth is, she has no idea whether he’s getting laid or not–it’s just a baseless accusation and an attempt to distract the audience about the real merits of the argument. And in point of fact, Rollo, Rian, and most of the OG Red Pill guys are married to the best of my knowledge, whereas most of the women in the manosphere are not. I’m not sure that has anything to do with the Wall or what’s been said above, but it does strike me as pretty dumb to tell a man who’s married that he can’t get chicks.

Anyway, had to get that off my chest. Yes, the wall is real–it’s obvious. But there’s a larger lesson here too, and that is that just because someone says something doesn’t make it true. You know that, but if we’re honest, most people don’t actually practice what they preach in this regard.

People want to believe what they want to believe, often more than they want to believe whatever is true. It never fails to amaze me how fucking delusional people allow themselves to be in service of some ideology or figurehead, which is why I have half of the manosphere muted on Twitter.

If you want to believe some chakra or energy alignment or some combination of sublime bullshit is going to cause a miraculous turnabout of current events, and we’re all going to go off into the sunset riding unicorns with 12 virginal Swedish chicks in tow, cool. But that’s not going to happen, and you’re just as foolish as the hot 26 year old chick who thinks her pussy is an evergreen goldmine that will serve up high quality dick for eternity.


What’s actually likely to happen in reality is that both of these people are going to end up old and alone, bitching on social media about how the world isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

To me, the point of the red pill isn’t to believe what we want to believe–it is to believe what is true, whether we like it or not, and then make the best of it through hard work, strategy, intelligence, and rational planning.

If you like that idea and want a teacher to help you with red pill applications, cold approach, dating, seduction, escalation, or any other aspect of game–hit me up on Twitter or email me:

Now’s a hell of a time to get on the ground floor and get your fundamentals squared away…cause once we hit Spring 2021, I predict we will once again be entering a great time to be a player–the chicks will be dumping their beta BFs and emerge from their COVID cocoons horny AF.


  1. You had me until you told us you consider Jennifer Aniston hot. Total beta simp-dom. All women after age of 30 loses the label “hot”. Every single one. They can only be fuckable. And to be honest after that phrase you started backpedaling even more, making exceptions for women you would fuck as if it helped your case. It made it worse. Wall is not about the dick a woman can get, not a quality of it even, but about a fact that such women can not compete with their younger versions. Because men value youth for the most part.

    Nice attempt at describing the wall but failed. No post-wall woman is hot. Words are important. Just because she’s hot does not mean her eggs are as valuable as some 20 year old chick. Actually her eggs are past expiration date long time ago.

    I do not always criticize RP stuff but when I see bs, I have an urge to point it out so that a person would not confuse other men and make them even more beta by believing hotness has anything to do with it.

    P.S. also believing what you see on screen and pictures of celebs is a top ultimate delusion. Watch how they look out of bed. This is where their “hotness” shine.


    1. Damn what a badass. Thank god some anons on the internet have the balls to tell it like it is. But I would go further, past 21 women are over the hill. 18-21 are the only chicks that are allowed to touch MY dick


  2. I’m just curious, and clearly in very much out of the loop on this whole issue… you think when you see a good-looking, fit, happily married woman (maybe even one who has kids) who meets all of the aforementioned criteria. (Stays in shape, has great boobs, works out, wears dresses, make up, has long hair, stays petite and still has youthful/tight skin etc). I’m just genuinely curious as I seem to have fallen into a rabbit hole I had no idea even existed. I’m not coming from any angle and I’m not entirely sure how I ended up on this page, reading this blog, just looking for where a woman like that fits into this whole idea. Thanks in advance for answering.


  3. I thought this was an interesting post. I can’t speak for Kate, but one interpretation of what she’s saying is, there’s something about “the wall” that a lot of red pill guys get off on. The most generous interpretation of Rollo and similar thinkers, is that they are truth seekers, and if knowledge of the wall were more widely understood by women, instead of a feminist fantasy, they would be better off. They would make better decisions and be happier. I think this is true. I also think the reason many men are attracted to the idea of the wall, is revenge. I’ll speak for myself here and say that there is still a bit of unresolved pain in myself, from being a younger man and being rejected by the women I desired. They wanted the (older, cooler, hawter) guys. Attractive women have little empathy for this phase almost all men go through. They have very little empathy for men in general. When I think about the wall, there’s a part of me that I’m not proud of that wants to see them get what’s coming to them. I want them to feel the same pain I felt when I was young. I want them to start to have some empathy for the men around them. I sense some anger in this post where I don’t usually see it in your writing. I also observed that this post seems to have resonated with some in the manosphere. If you sit with my comment, I’d be curious to know your motivations for writing this post? Kate seems like a pretty alright woman. I say all this with the utmost respect, I enjoy your writing and you always are respectful in dialogue.


    1. Yeah, I mean, I won’t lie. There’s some bitterness and anger if I’m honest–but the main reason for that anger is the modern woman’s utter arrogance and abuse of their sexuality, and their concurrent inability to take any responsibility whatsoever for the power that comes with it, or to reckon with the reality of what will happen when it’s gone. It’s like a snotty ass kid telling you to fuck off, you know you can’t and shouldn’t do anything about it physically, so you tell him to watch his mouth, and he says, “I can do whatever I want old man, fuck you.” Now, you know eventually he’s going to learn his lesson and/or get his ass kicked, but it’s still incredibly annoying to tolerate someone being such an asshole so blatantly.
      Generally speaking, I don’t like writing these kinds of posts–I’d rather write about game or women–but sometimes the record needs to be set straight. I guess that was the main motivation. I kept seeing these women saying there’s no consequences for bad behavior, they can do whatever they want, men are stupid shitheads, most of whom can’t get laid, and I’ll be tripping over dick when I’m 55 with false teeth.
      And it was time someone made that point emphatically.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “I can do whatever I want old man, fuck you.” Now, you know eventually he’s going to learn his lesson and/or get his ass kicked, but it’s still incredibly annoying to tolerate someone being such an asshole so blatantly.

        This resonates. I feel where you’re coming from.


    2. I used to have those same revenge type fantasies in my TRP anger phase. However, over time I started to realize women are just doing what is in their best interests. I can’t really blame them. Looking at it objectively, if I was a young woman in modern society I would most likely follow the AF/BB strategy. It is very difficult if not impossible to not succumb to the feminist blue pill social conditioning.


  4. Ross Jeffries said it best. There is what women say, what they think, and what they respond to. You really can’t take what women say or think seriously. There are too many girls that have let me use them as a long term personal sex toy. Yet, on the phone before our first meetup they tried to act like good girls looking for a relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. As per any argument or discussion, exceptions are not statistical norms. The “whaddabouts” don’t prove a point. The exceptions are often at the far high end of the population. It is a tip and not a grouping.

    I know that this is not what many women want to read but the vast majority understand that the top 5% of “x”, whether it be women, bodybuilders, or pornstars is a small amount of people.

    Good feelings and empowerments slogans are often at a loss to time and reality. That is why folks in general should make good decisions and prepare for an unavoidable “future”.

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