Why prostitution will always be a shameful job (including OnlyFans).

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So I got banned from Twitter the other day. That was awesome (tweet is below).

Seems like common sense, but the PC police are liable to ban anything these days, especially if what you say is considered negative about chicks. Didn’t you guys know: we’re all benefitting from tremendously from white/male privilege, and misogyny is rife in the modern world–never mind the fact Asian women now earn more than any other group in American society.

However, even before my tweet caught the attention of the thot police on Twitter, I wanted to say more about the topic of prostitution, because it’s something we rarely talk about–and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it explained anywhere.

Before we get too far along, let me state clearly that I’m very much pro sex, pro women having lots of sex, and I love sluts–you can read more here.

Yet as you’ll see, I’m not pro sex work (although as a social libertarian I think it should be legal). Indeed, most people aren’t either when it comes right down to it, and here’s how you can tell: ask them if they’d want their daughter to be a prostitute–or shoving dildos in herself on OnlyFans? Sister? Mother? Wife? Cousin?

In most cases, the person who told you they’re pro sex work will either tell the truth and say no, or more likely they’ll lie and hem and haw about it and make some kind of excuse as to why they wouldn’t want that, but that sex work is OK, because blah, blah, blah–since apparently no one is capable of admitting fault anymore. Whatever they say, if you watch their facial expression, 9/10 times you’ll see them blanch a little.

But why is that?

Why does prostitution–aka sex work–elicit such a negative, visceral reaction? Why are so many in the manosphere horrified by the rise of OnlyFans, even if it’s almost certainly less widespread and pervasive than what a lot of guys think?

I tried to think of the male equivalent of a prostitute for a long time for the sake of comparison, and when it finally hit me I realized why it took me so long: because they only now exist on the very periphery of human society.


A man who willing to trade his life–and loyalty–to commit violence for price.

Now today we might think of mercenaries as a mere extension of the military; guys who run around in tactical military gear with specialized weapons for companies with names like “Blackwater.” But mercenaries have existed throughout the whole of human history–far more numerous and visible in the past than they are now–and like prostitutes, almost always thought of with ill repute.

If you think about it, the analogy is damn near perfect.

We now call prostitutes sex workers; mercenaries, “private security contractors.” But the roles they play going back thousands of years remain unchanged.

Prostitutes sell their body for pleasure; mercenaries sell their body for violence. Name a price and they’re yours to use however you see fit–the filthier the work, the higher the price.

And finally, both professions require no baseline of talent or skill–this isn’t to say some prostitutes and mercenaries aren’t highly skilled–it’s simply that the bar to entry is non-existent: literally anyone can do these things, because it requires nothing other than the basic use of one’s own body.

Indeed, the only real barrier to entry into either field is THE WILL to use our bodies in the service of a vulgar trade. After all, what more does it take for any woman who would be a prostitute other than the willingness to take off her clothes; to open her legs for a price; to set up a camera and play naked with some phallic object. For a man to be a mercenary, what more than the willingness to use his hands and muscles to pull a trigger or swing a blade?

The market for prostitutes and mercenaries is defined by moral aversion.

One very simple reason we don’t like prostitutes or mercenaries is that both practices are only lucrative because most people WON’T sell their bodies in this way.

Because if every women walking down the street was willing sell her body, the market would soon collapse; for though it is valuable, beauty is not rare. No, the fact that most women are not willing to sell their bodies is what allows prostitutes, cam girls, and pornographers to make a living (which means there either aren’t that many girls doing OnlyFans, OR the vast majority of them aren’t making much money, OR both). The same is true for mercenaries who plied their trade for most of human history; because though men have always been called on to kill for king and country, or to protect their lives or families, very few have ever been willing to kill for coin and coin alone.

I should add here it’s also pretty gross that the chicks who are today profiting handsomely off of OnlyFans, etc. are relying on the fact that our society is organized in such a way as to promote the sexlessness and loneliness of men. Like, if the chode writing code in Silicon Valley thought he had any chance at finding a nice girlfriend, he wouldn’t spend money buying Belle Delphine’s fucking bong water, or whatever she sells. Is it mostly his fault he’s a pathetic loser? Sure, but he’s also the product of a feminized, blue-pill society–and the fact remains that getting laid in 2020 is hard for most guys. Hypergamy is very real, and far more advanced as I have argued many times, than most people realize or are willing to admit.

As for the argument we so often hear from women (who as we know can’t take responsibility for their actions–AWALT): yeah, but OnlyFans and prostitutes wouldn’t exist if men weren’t willing to pay…

OK, sure, but that’s like arguing restaurants and grocery stores wouldn’t exist if people just didn’t eat. Sex is a bit different as it’s not required for survival, but the desire for sex is as deep a biological urge as there is. And the fact is that if men can’t get sex, they’ll pay for it, and sex is always in short supply for most men because women are highly selective about who they’ll sleep with–circling back around to the point that prostitution is only valuable because most women aren’t willing to sell themselves in this way.

So it really should be no surprise that what prostitutes (and mercenaries) are willing to do runs afoul of almost anyone’s basic sense of human decency, not because we’re socialized or taught to believe it is wrong, but because it is deeply wrong–a sin against our own species.

Indeed, one cannot find either arrangement in nature. Wolves do not betray their pack for the promise of meat; they may join another, more successful pack, but only for long term survival, not short term provision.

Likewise, there is no example in nature of the female mating with LESSER males of their species (for who else employs them?) on the basis of some material exchange. The reason is quite simple: that species would soon go extinct. No, in nature sex is reserved for the fittest, most dominant males–never a quid pro quo short term exchange of provisions (that doesn’t mean males won’t provide females with food or protection, but that is not the basis of the relationship; in many cases it’s actually the reverse, like in lions, where females will often provide the alpha male with meat).

Yes, selling sex is not the same as selling violence, but far more similar than you might think.

Now, to be fair, there’s an obvious difference here: the mercenary is willing to take a life whereas the prostitute is merely providing temporary pleasure–the only harm is to the man’s pocketbook and/or the prostitute herself, so there’s really no comparison.

And on a philosophical level this is true of course: what we’re talking about is a matter of degree that I suppose is determined by the nature of the acts and how often they’re performed. But we have to keep in mind that what girls are doing now on OnlyFans or with access to birth control has only recently been made possible. And this is another reason why, even in the absence of any real harm as a consequence of sex work, we still find ourselves somewhat alarmed and disgusted by young women selling their bodies…even if only online.

Because without birth control or streaming internet–as was obviously the case for most of human history–any prostitute was bound to eventually become pregnant with child, and that means she would either have to abort her pregnancy, or get rid of the child in some other way.

Like, we use the word today without thinking about this, but that’s who “bastards” are: the children of prostitutes (and unlike their predecessors, most women who sell themselves today on OnlyFans don’t have the excuse of abject poverty as their reason for engaging in the practice). So the act still implies a disregard for the value of human life or a willingness to discard it–and the natural revulsion we have as humans is therefore the same, even if the modern sex worker is protected from pregnancy, or doesn’t engage in actual sex.


Now imagine a world in which there was as much of a need for killing or the threat of violence as there is today for sexual access to women; a world where tribes or nations or peoples were vying for power, and men–particularly big, strong, young men–could could make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month or even on a weekend by killing or crippling or poisoning or threatening a person or group of people. How would we feel about this sort of man? Imagine how women would feel, in a world where, from the moment they could learn to wield a gun or knife or club, young men–sons, lovers, brothers, peers–could sell their capacity for violence to make a pretty penny as thugs and killers?

Indeed, what would we think if this was a general trend in our society, as OnlyFans is now?

The answer is we wouldn’t like it. There would be a general uproar about the practice, and we’d probably see people organizing and making laws to curb and/or stop it.

Is this starting to make sense? Are we–particularly the women who might read this–beginning to understand why any guy with options might not be super keen to marry a chick who sold her body for money? Why any reputable business might not want to hire a girl who’s selling her ass on Only Fans?

I mean, how would you feel if your doctor was someone who spent his 20s killing children in the Congo to pay for med school? Would you want your kid’s teacher to be a guy who kidnapped children for ransom to make the downpayment on his house? Would you want to hire someone who crippled a family patriarch to satisfy a rival family’s blood feud so he could pay off some credit card debt?

No. You wouldn’t.

Now, again, it’s fair to say there’s a stark difference between sex and violence. Killing someone is final in a way that having sex is quite obviously not, which is why there have been laws against murder in nearly every human society that has ever existed. And I should add here that I think prostitution should be legal for fairly obvious reasons–like drug use it’s going to happen, and it’s probably better to have it regulated and accounted for than to occur on the black market. But the point is that even if and when it is, we’re never going to view sex workers the same way we view people who make their living doing honest work.

Because sex and violence are yin and yang: one is rooted in pleasure and love and creation, the other in pain and power and destruction. And at the end of the day, it is still selling one’s body–one’s soul.

Our very essence as human beings.

The mercenary is trading his name as a man, any sense of honor he has, and the lives of those he kills, for money.

The whore is trading her most precious gift as a woman, her honor and fertility and capacity to take part in an honest love…for money.

And WE ARE RIGHT to be offended by that, whether it’s the sale of sex, or violence. It’s gross, and it will ALWAYS offend our collective sense of common decency as human beings.

The difference between voluntary, consensual sex and paid sex is HUGE.

“But you’re a libertine, right–isn’t this hypocritical for a guy who calls himself a player? Don’t you go around trying to fuck as many hot young women as possible?”

Yes. Yes I do.

But everything I do is purely voluntary and consensual.

The women I’ve been with choose to sleep with me of their own accord. There was no exchange of money, or even in most cases the promise of some future association. It was seduction, desire, lust–sinful in many eyes, and perhaps in may ways–but we betrayed no primal trust in the human spirit. She chose me because I embody the qualities of a high value male, both physical and mental–and I her for the reciprocal reason as an attractive, fertile woman. In the hypothetical, if the union were to produce a child in the predawn of human civilization, neither of us would have been disappointed.

Prostitution is in some ways a violation of this idea on both ends: the whore would not choose the John as a mate without remuneration–and his payment absolves him of any responsibility if she were to become pregnant.

In addition, part of the reason sex is so amazing is that if done right, it’s a mutually beneficial act of pleasure. We both experience the thrill of physical connection, tongues and fingers and skin and penetration, a rising wave of bodily pleasure crescendoing in climax and then collapse in the afterglow of physical ecstasy and exertion.

Prostitution, on the other hand, is about pleasure for the John; if the prostitute takes some pleasure in her work, great, but it’s still a job–something that is done as a means to an end, not the end it itself. In any case, sex via prostitution is by its nature involuntary; it would not occur without the exchange of money. And I have to imagine (I’ve never paid for sex–not that I judge guys who have…and no, the moral hazard of the John is NOT the same as the whore) that the act feels different when it’s not truly consensual and voluntary; a lesser, cheaper version–more akin to masturbation than a voluntary sexual act.

Perhaps that’s the larger point here: sex–even a drunken, one night stand–is a matter of the heart, be it love or lust or both. I can’t say the connection with every woman I’ve been with has been equally strong, but I can say with 100% conviction that there was an emotional connection with each and every one of them–a tenderness, or fondness, that exists for that act and that moment, even if the end of our relationship wasn’t clean or amicable.

For those players who’ve slept with strippers or cam girls (as I have in several cases), you can sense it. Even if the sex was good and passionate…there’s still something missing. Some part of the girl that, once she’s crossed over to accepting money for sex, or even just to show her ass, corrupts her soul–like she can’t love anymore for the sake of love. No, the fact is that for most sex workers, once they’ve done it–even only a few times–the sexual act is forever tainted and tied to money…

And that’s really sad.

It’s also why guys aren’t keen to marry chicks who’ve done this. I mean, marriage is fraught these days as it is–so if you’re going to put a ring on a girl’s finger and walk her down the aisle, it’s nice at the very least to believe she’s marrying you out of honest love, not because she sees you as a bank account or retirement plan.

Like, how many of the chicks who are now selling their pics or dildo-ing themselves on OnlyFans for randos at 19 years old really understand the moral hazard they’re entering into? Of selling matters of heart and soul–the distinct and beautiful human experience of love and affection and connection–for some quick cash?

And what does it say about a society that calls the above empowerment, but freaks out at the very notion of an honest, consensual, mutually beneficial connection between that same girl and an older man? We are a truly sick culture: ready with acceptance and tacit, if not enthusiastic approval for chicks ubiquitously selling sex on the internet to depressed, pathetic, lonely young men, and equally quick with shame and judgment and outrage at any expression of male sexuality or power.

And as I learned, in 2020 you can’t even point this out, or Twitter will ban your ass.

Last point: the great irony is that one of the early reasons given for suffrage and women’s rights was that in many cases throughout history, unmarried women had to choose between prostitution and survival–rightfully seen as a tragic outcome. And feminists assured us that no woman with a choice would want to live as mere sexual chattel, right? That prostitution only existed because of the patriarchy–because women couldn’t make money working normal jobs…

Where are those feminists now?


  1. In a Capitalist society, prostitution is no different to being a police officer, a politician, a banker, or a restaurant worker. No better. No worse. The immoral factor is the selling not the sex.


  2. Thought provoking post.

    “We are a truly sick culture: ready with acceptance and tacit, if not enthusiastic approval for chicks ubiquitously selling sex on the internet to depressed, pathetic, lonely young men, and equally quick with shame and judgment and outrage at any expression of male sexuality or power.



  3. Would you want to hire someone who crippled a family patriarch to satisfy a rival family’s blood feud so he could pay off some credit card debt?

    No, but I am more likely to entertain matters of honor more than most men. I fear that I would be a red flag juror.


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