10 Things men on OLD should know about the apps.

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RPD 3.10.22 Update: the below is all still mostly true, but there are a few changes. The first is that, if you’re on Tinder, you need to be paying for Tinder Platinum. It automatically puts your profile in the girls’ stack if you swipe on them, and you know you’re profile is going to be see by a lot of girls because you’re a paying customer and it makes no sense for them to throttle your traffic. The same is true of most of the other apps–it really is worth paying in most cases, because this is a numbers game: the more chicks you can get your profile in front of, the better chance you have of matching with someone equal to or -1 of your SMV. For the most part, you’re still not going to get hotter, younger, tighter on OLD, but it’s the most popular modality. If you want more help setting up your profile and knowing what kinds of photos to get, etc, hit me up for coaching.

Anyway, most of you who’ve been reading the blog or following me on Twitter for any length of time know I’m not a huge fan of dating apps.

The main reason is simply that they tend not to work very well–and not just for me, but for most guys who use them, because dating apps are pure black pill: there is no game. Your results will only be as good as your looks and your photos. And even then, most of your matches will be -1 or more of your baseline SMV.

On top of that, the apps generally boast a 3:1 ration of men to women, a lot of women use them as thirst traps and have no intention of ever coming out, and many women WILL NEVER use them (especially the super hot ones), because they don’t have to: they can meet guys through social circle, work, friends, or who knows, even the odd guy with the balls to cold approach here and there.

But all of that said, the apps can absolutely work and there’s no reason guys shouldn’t use OLD if it makes sense given their situation and lifestyle.

For example, one of my clients works long hours, has a family, and doesn’t have a ton of time to dedicate himself to day game. He absolutely wants to learn cold approach–actually, I insist anyone I work with learns the technique, because even if you don’t use it much, your game will improve massively and it will make you better on dates, in seduction, sex, and a relationship if that’s where things go–but whereas he has lots of time in between meetings and work to send messages and swipe, he can only get out on weekends here and there, or perhaps the odd trip to the store to practice day game.

So it totally makes sense for him to use dating apps as he’s getting into game. And I should add here that though I’m not a fan of dating apps, I know how they work and what guys can do to be successful, so if you have a crazy schedule, but still want to meet chicks–I can definitely help you in terms of how to use OLD to get laid.

Just know I’m also going to make you go talk to girls IRL.

In any case, however, as my guy is getting on the apps he’s sending me updates and we’re just joking back and forth about stuff, I thought it might be helpful to write a post about stuff that will happen if you’re doing OLD.

1. The vast majority of chicks will swipe left on you. Like, almost all of them.

Or, if it’s an app like OKC or Hinge where you can message girls, they won’t ever reply.

This is true even with many girls who have lower SMV than you–older, fatter, weirder, etc. This is just the way it goes, and part of the reason that for me, being on the apps is a drain on my energy. Because even though you don’t see it, if you’re on the apps for any amount of time you KNOW FOR A FACT that you are getting rejected quite a lot: every minute, hour, day.

So guys should just know that going in: even if you’re very good looking and have very good photos, chicks will find reasons to swipe left. Remember, chicks swipe right something like 14% of the time, whereas men swipe right nearly half the time–and that’s the average, including trannies and huge women who would give Water Buffalo a run for their money, which means women who are actually attractive (6+) probably only swipe right around 2-5% of the time, maybe even less.

2. 50% of your matches won’t respond to your first text, another 50% who do will ghost, and lots of chicks who seem on won’t come out or will flake.

Give or take, depending on the app and your level of standards.

Chicks use dating apps capriciously, which means that there’s not a lot of deliberate thought or energy she’s dedicating here, and especially not for any one particular guy. Remember, you’re one of like at least 30 matches she has in her cue, which is why even if you’re very good looking with very good pictures, she still might not respond to you.

So if your message is boring, or she doesn’t like the look of you at the time, or whatever, she’s not going to respond. And to be fair, you’re just some rando on the internet–she doesn’t owe you a goddamn thing.

Beyond this, many of the girls who message you won’t come out, and then a fair number of those who give you their phone number (you should absolutely get her off the app after a few texts back and forth) will flake on the date or ghost.

Why? Because girls are flaky and flighty in general, and the girls on dating apps especially so, which is the next point.

3. You will see the absolute worst of women: character flaws and narcissism.

Those of you on Twitter have probably seen some of the screen shots guys post of female dating profiles, often nothing short of ridiculous. Women make all kinds of crazy demands on dating apps because if she’s a 6+ it will have almost no discernable affect on her ability to match with guys +2 of her SMV. She looks at it as screening; you should just ignore it.

One thing you have to remember here is that chicks on dating apps aren’t representative of women in general: they’re more likely to be slutty (good IMO), capricious (bad), flaky (bad), anti-social (bad), have mental issues (bad), have kids (meh–usually not great), and be narcissistic as all fuck–all chicks love attention and are to some degree narcissists (lots of men are too, but it’s not nearly as prevalent–when women complain about men being narcissists, what they probably mean is he’s a sociopath or on the spectrum), but women on dating apps are especially thirsty for it, and more likely to be in love with themselves, which is why they’re still single and on an app looking for dick.

In other words, there’s a selection bias here–the types of women who regularly use dating apps are a particular type (read: worse). Just know that going in.

4. You will see the absolute worst of women: some won’t be women; most will be fat.

There are tons of fat chicks on dating apps, because they’re fat and no one wants to date them. Nevertheless, they will swipe on you, even though there’s not a chance in hell you’ll ever date them.


There are also a lot of trannies, because transwomen aren’t real biological women, and no guy wants to fuck a man unless he’s gay. I genuinely feel bad for people who are truly trans and feel like they’re born in the wrong body, but it’s also a problem that’s not mine to solve–and why anyone who’s thinking about transitioning should make absolutely sure they’re not just being a fucking retard who’s convinced themselves of something that’s not real/true.

Most people believe what they want to believe regardless of whether it’s true, and we also love to pretend, but at the end of the day the people who lie to themselves about shit have to fight those lies constantly; why it’s almost always better to align yourself with what’s true, whether you like it or not.

5. Eventually the apps will stop working and/or you’ll only see fat/old chicks.

After some amount of time, 95% of guys will stop getting matches on the apps–especially true of Tinder, but to a degree on all apps, because the algorithm is geared to penalize people who don’t get swiped on…problem is, men get swiped on far less than women–even very good looking men–so as one might expect, eventually the app stops showing your profile to girls as much, shifting to the newer dudes who get boosted when they sign up.

Additionally, OLD is a business and like any business, they want to make money.

So who’s going to pay? Not chicks. For women, particularly attractive women, dick is so abundant it makes zero sense for her to pay to use a dating app.

Naturally, this means men pay, and dating apps are incentivized to devise ways to get men to open their wallets; the easiest way, of course, to make that happen is to ensure they don’t work very well.

There are exceptions of course: see the above, as it seems apps are finally figuring out that if the want guys to pay, then paying needs to work–at least to some degree.

Also, a good move for older guys is Andy of KYIL‘s Tinder Gold gambit where you set your age younger to get matches with younger chicks, as the algorithm won’t show men women much more than 5 years of age younger than whatever you list. So paying for Tinder Gold Platinum if you’re an older guy might make sense.

6. “Not looking for hookups.”

“Not looking for hookups” is the ultimate shit test on OLD and you should completely ignore it.

This is an example of POWER TALK and/or ASD (anti-slut defense): she’s saying it for herself, or people who might know her IRL, not you. And I know this because this girl from Tinder had “no hookups” in her bio came straight over to my place the same night we matched and my dick was inside her in probably less than an hour.

7. “6 feet and over.”

OK, so here’s the thing: if chicks cared as much about height as they say they do, I would get a lot more action when I’m on OLD. Because I’m 6’3″, and it’s obvious I’m a tall guy based on my pictures (a lot of guys lie, which is pretty understandable given how obsessed women seem to be about height). And tall guys are a lot more rare than chicks realize: only 20% of all men living in North America are over six feet tall, many of whom are going to be taken, or gay, etc.

So again, if chicks truly prioritized height as a means of who to swipe on, one would think I’d be pretty popular, but I’m not–or no more so than any other guy out there with mediocre pictures.

In other words, another shit test. Maybe she does care, but shorter guys should ignore that and try anyway, and even if you’re tall it doesn’t mean Tinder is Shangri-la.

8. “Have your shit together.”

I’m not even entirely sure what this means, but unlike the “no hookups” shit test, you should consider passing on a chick with this in her bio.

Because it’s projection from her last failed relationship, where from her perspective, the guy “didn’t have his shit together.” This could mean any number of things, but what it says about her is that she’s probably a huge bitch who expects a guy to pay for/take care of her. It also means she’s probably less likely to fuck on the first date or two.

That said, you do you bro–if she’s hot, why not?

9. “I’m vegan; sapiosexual; non-binary; no Trump supporters…blah, blah, blah.

Who cares? She’s on a dating app looking for dick. That’s it.

If you want to pretend you’re vegan, or that you don’t like Trump, or whatever, fine, but as long as you avoid those topics and keep things light and fun it doesn’t matter. Nothing dries a woman’s pussy like arguing politics/ethics, so don’t fucking do that.

Remember: she’s on a dating app looking for dick. If she thinks you’re attractive and you have the game to escalate, she’ll fuck.

10. All that really matters is being good looking/having good pictures.

The reality of it is that almost nothing she says in her bio matters, and almost nothing you say in your bio matters–most chicks are just going to swipe on the hottest guys.

Again, OLD is blackpill. As the incels say: be good looking; don’t be bad looking. So anytime you hear about a guy who’s doing well on dating apps, you can be sure it’s one of three things:

  1. He’s lying.
  2. He’s fucking wildebeests.
  3. He’s really good looking, super fit, AND has good pictures.

Now, again, this is not me throwing shade at guys who use the apps to their advantage. I’ve done it, and if you can get a lay here or there on Tinder or Bumble or whatever, why not?

That said, if your only strategy is to use dating apps and you can’t do cold approach, you will never be a truly skilled player, and you will have a harder time getting truly hot chicks. Like, the fact is, girls who are 8s or 9s aren’t generally going to meet guys on dating apps, or if they do, it’s a guy they already know. Remember, Tinder started on college campuses basically as a way for hot chicks in sororities to signal to guys THEY ALREADY KNEW (who are mostly big pussies–especially these days) that they were down to fuck.

Additionally, you should be extremely skeptical of guys who only use dating apps to source women.

I mean, to begin with–assuming their exploits are true, what can you really learn from them? Be really good looking and hire a professional photographer? It’s kinda the same for guys who have a bisexual GF–like that’s fucking awesome. #Goals. But it’s very difficult to find a true bisexual girl who wants to have threesomes with you and other girls. Like, most chicks–even girls who claim to be non-mono or bi–ultimately want to lock a guy down at some point and/or be in a relationship moving toward marriage.

So assuming you don’t look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club and you don’t have a pornstar for a girlfriend, the apps aren’t going to ever be that great. Getting pussy is almost NEVER easy. Any guy who’s claiming that it is, is lying or paying for it.

Anyway, if you want help setting up the apps, and what strategies work and don’t work, hit me up on Twitter or email me about coaching. You’ll learn all the other stuff as well, of course, but there is a method to this madness, and I can save you a lot of time and hassle that will come with learning it for yourself.

Whatever you do, however, learn cold approach. The apps are at best a crutch, and you’ll be much better off learning how to source women on your own.

Will you be ready?


  1. Great post. I don’t do OLD anymore myself and am just a voyeur for these posts but one thing I’d add is to try and polarise your pictures to try and make the girls who like your look more interested. As an example, I’m 6″8″ and have ginger hair so I emphasized that in my pictures and bio


  2. Excellent post sir. #10 nailed it right on the head regarding pictures. I myself am a fairly handsome guy but do carry a little extra weight, so for when it came time to do my pictures under your sage advice, I had to think of a way to differentiate among the male populace online. Well RPD knows which pics I’m talking about, and they definitely have attracted the right girls I was looking for (petite, curious about bdsm).

    As for the other points, they couldn’t be more true! Some of the dumpster fire profiles I see from these girls, it’s surely entertaining to see what content they put in, or what demands they have, especially when they’ve birthed kids from some cum depositor and now want to find some poor schmuck to anchor down.


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