You NEED an edge: why peacocking WORKS.

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Which of these two bros stands out more?

The one on the left without question.

And this in point of fact that the guy on the right is stylishly dressed–if he wasn’t standing next to Big Bird in the yellow coat, we’d notice him way more than the average guy. The other reason the man in yellow stands out is that he’s looking directly at the camera, whereas the other guy is looking away, which shows why it’s important to make strong eye contact, but that’s a post for another time.

The message here is fairly simple: if you want to do well with women–in cold approach or on the apps–you need to STAND OUT. You need flair, pizzaz, edge, panache, chutzpah–whatever you want to call it.

I should be able to pick you out of a lineup with any five randos and say: that’s my player.

I wrote a post on archetype that’s quite useful, and RedQuest has a nice post on Style/Fashion that’s also quite good–but clearly we need to talk more specifically about peacocking, because I get the sense that a lot of guys in the Game/RedPill community don’t get it.

Now, I know the main objection to peacocking is: I don’t want to look gay/ridiculous/like a pussy.

You know what’s actually gay/ridiculous?

Not getting pussy because you’re scared to stand out. Not being willing to go ALL IN to get chicks. Fact is, if you’re only willing to go halfway, you’re only going to get halfway–and in seduction, that typically means nowhere, and going home to jerk off alone.

This bro is wearing a goddamn purse and that look he’s giving us is gay AF–but I guarantee if he’s straight and has some game, he can fuck VERY hot chicks.

Let me also assure you that people will get used to your new look, and ultimately will either think it’s badass or won’t care. Like, when I first got earrings, people were like: “you got earrings.”

Me: “yep.”

“…I like ’em–gives you an edge.”

Seriously. That’s what most people told me. Same thing when I got tattoos. “Oh those are cool, what does that one mean? I’ve always wanted to get one.”

Before we get to the WHAT of how to peacock, let’s start with the WHY:

  1. You stand out. At baseline, more people will look at you, including women. If a woman is looking at you or has noticed you, it’s much easier to open her.
  2. Your appearance itself is an opener/conversation piece. When I’m out, lots of people will say things like: “That’s an awesome coat” AND “I love your tats” AND “How long have you had those plugs?” AND “Your necklace is awesome–where’d you get it?” AND “That’s a cool ring–are you married?”
  3. By having a loud/brash appearance, you are signaling confidence and success. The term “peacocking” (invented and popularized by Mystery) comes from the idea that the male peacock has extremely bright feathers, which: A) catches the female peacock’s eye, and B) shows her that he is extremely fit and successful, because he obviously catches the eyes of predators more readily as well. Think about it: rockstars dress like maniacs, but it makes them all the more attractive to women. Lesson there.
  4. You will feel more confident–by dressing like a badass and having an archetype congruent with your personality, you’ll feel BOLD and happy, which is an excellent emotional state for running Game.
  5. Peacocking signals LOVER, not PROVIDER. Provider betas wear khakis and polo shirts, conservative sweaters, or whatever everyone else their age is wearing. For example, young male fashion is edgy by nature, but if you look like every other 25 year-old bro, it doesn’t matter–you don’t stand out. Like, if every guy on the street was wearing skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a leather jacket, Tom Torero and the London guy’s rocker look wouldn’t work worth shit. But it does work, because most guys are wearing stupid shit from H & M and all look basically the same.

Now the WHAT. Here are some things you can do or wear that will give you more edge:

Loud/stylish jacket

I have a patterned 3/4 length duster I like when it’s colder, and you know how I know it’s good? Because when I’m wearing it, someone invariably will tell me–without fail–that they love my jacket. That’s actually a good heuristic: if you’re peacocking properly, people will say something about what you’re wearing.

In any case, having a cool jacket is a great way to peacock, and a good way to find one is to check out some local thrift stores (also a great place to run some day game), or else peruse online retailers where you can narrow things down with specific search terms.

The particular kind of jacket can be pretty wide/varied. Obviously the leather jacket or bomber is a good look. A bright sport coat like the one the guy is wearing above or below. A 3/4 or full length duster (not the cowboy one type though, unless you’re going country for your archetype) like the one I’ve got. I suppose that even a puffy jacket or vest or coat could work as well–but whatever you choose, it should be loud and unique.

This is a great jacket, but he needs to lose the glasses, get some earrings, spike his hair, or something to give him an edge. But the sport coat with a white T underneath is a good look–I’d like to see a chunky necklace as well.
The puffy fur around the neck makes him look confident and alpha, plus will be different than other jackets people are wearing when it’s cold.
Guy on the right pops–cool jacket/strong look.

Goofy and/or Bright Shirt, Whether T or Button Up

If it’s too warm to wear my coat, I’ll typically go with a bright T-shirt or unique button up. The shirt should be fitted so the girl can see the muscles in your arms and shoulders through the sleeves, and show that your waist is fit and trim.

The catch here is that it needs to be truly unique or interesting: a lot of T-shirts like the kind you’ll find at Target or Walmart or Marshall’s (more good pickup places, although you might get a meth addict at Walmart) similar retailers are catchy/funny/loud, but if you can buy them at one of those stores, it’s missing the point, because so can every other douchebag out there.

I’d snap a picture of some of the shirts I wear, but I really don’t want to dox myself, so you’ll have to use your imagination. One is a button-up white shirt with green tigers all over in the print. I have another T-shirt that has a funny message with some kids growing marijuana if you look closely–it’s also light orange, so eye catching. I have a purple patterned button up I wear a lot for night game. If you’re jacked enough, you can wear a plain white T-shirt or with a message on it, but the point is to show off the guns.

That’s a cool shirt people will ask about–but kid needs to get in the gym with those skinny arms.
Guy is jacked–this is the white T-shirt look and works well.


You know why girls get tattoos? Because they think tattoos look cool when guys get them, and that the same is true in reverse. Now, you and I know mostly it’s not (sometimes a girl can look good with some tats, but it’s usually the case she’d look better without them), but the takeaway here is that GIRLS THINK TATTOOS ARE COOL.

Because when guys get them, they are.

Now here’s the deal: tattoos are for life, so if you don’t want to get them, don’t–and don’t get them until you have something unique and meaningful. For example, lots of people get trees or flowers or animals or symbols on their arms that aren’t unique and don’t seemingly (I’ve asked) have a story, in which case, you’ve missed the point.

Tattoos should be:

  1. Visible: if you want to get your mom’s name tattooed on your ass, go ahead, no one’s going to see it anyway. The point of a tattoo should be to tell some sort of story about yourself, your views or beliefs, AND it should look cool, in which case you should want people to see it, right? Good places: arms, especially forearms; hands; neck (yes, I said it–guys with neck tattoos fuck); calf if you’re wearing shorts a fair amount; anywhere on your back, shoulders, torso if you’re going to be shirtless a fair amount.
  2. Cool and unique: because duh.
  3. Have an interesting story–hopefully one that DHVs (demonstrates higher value). For example, one of my tattoos has a connection with a book I wrote, which allows me to brag/talk about that.

If your tats meet the criteria above, they’ll work for both peacocking as well as for life.

Badass. And he can wear glasses, unlike the guy above, because his tats give him the edge.
No. Too many guys get lions and fir trees and bullshit. If you want a lion, do something UNIQUE with the design.

Jewelry: Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Watches, etc.

Same criteria here as for tattoos on rings and necklaces–these should have meaning and preferably a story.

With earrings and watches, this isn’t the case; here the function for both is mostly to look cool. I mean, if your watch or earrings have a story, great, but it’s not necessary. Personally, I wear fake black plugs–and that’s a good look for most guys–but depending on your archetype you can go for small rings, a cross, etc.

Black rings look good, as do silver chain necklaces with some sort of item hanging off it, like a cross or a gem or a symbol. You can also make necklaces out of black hemp that look good as well, again with an item or two hanging off. The rings I have are actually kind of oddball and unique–one has a bunch of symbols on it, and the other is set with a bunch of blue stones.

Rings and necklaces can be a great conversation piece and also lead to kino, either because she wants to touch them on your hands/neck, or because you put them on her hands or around her neck.

This is a strong look all around. Note the chunky necklace and earrings.
For me the earrings are bit much, but you’re better to err on too much than not enough. Cool necklace as well.


This is something I haven’t done a ton with, although at one point I let my hair grow out and it gets kind curly and chicks like that. As for my beard I trim it extremely short, so my jawline is exposed.

That said, one thing that will definitely get you more attention is having a longer beard or dyed/spiked hair, or very long hair (joke about it all you want, but just like with neck tattoos, guys with man-buns fuck).

I would only caution here that however you groom your hair and beard, the main goal should be to look good, as in handsome, not to peacock. If, however, using your hair/beard to peacock also looks good, then by all means guys should do that.

Oh, and if you’re balding to the point where it’s obvious you’re losing your hair, you should shave your head. Going super short a la Bruce Willis can look fine too, but why not just go whole hog and shave it off. Most chicks like that look and find men with shaved heads very attractive.

In terms of beard alone, our eyes are drawn to the guy on the right. Also: brighter colors. Smart.

Other items: hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc.

A lot of guys think peacocking means looking like this:

It can of course, and I bring this up in the context of hats, sunglasses, etc., because it doesn’t have to be this outlandish to have an effect–you don’t have to dress like a goddamn bumble bee to get female attention.

For example, some aviator shades on your forehead signals style and luxury; wearing white or women’s sunglasses (something I often do) signals playfulness and confidence; a fedora or straw hat signals wealth and sophistication; a cowboy hat signals strength and masculinity. So adjust your accessories accordingly, depending on what you want to show the girl.

Unique or fancy scarves are good, especially when it’s cold; sunglasses and cowboy hats are great at a pool or beach party; even a beanie or baseball hat might be good in certain circumstances.

Two accessories you should avoid wearing for the purposes of peacocking: helmets and gloves. Because gloves are mostly used to keep your hands warm, or else to protect your hands, and helmets are obviously worn to protect your head. Now answer me this: what kind of pussy needs to protect himself?

Kidding. Obviously if you need gloves or a helmet for whatever you’re doing–say skiing or cycling or riding a motorcycle–then you should wear them. But if it’s a situation where you’re trying to meet chicks, gloves say: “I’m cold” and in her mind that = pussy. And if you’re wearing a helmet she can’t see your face as well. So yeah, if you’re picking up chicks after riding your motorcycle, take the helmet and gloves OFF and carry them or whatever you gotta do.

The final point I’ll make here is that even though we can make fun of how Mystery looks above–guess who’s going to get noticed in a night club or at a concert? He will. And if his game is good–if he’s funny, charming, sexual, etc.–girls will like him and want to fuck him. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s almost impossible to over peacock; obviously, do whatever is congruent with who you are, and don’t wear anything that’s going to make you feel uncomfortable, but at the same time, don’t stop short and still end up in the land of ordinary.

This is also true of your pics for OLD–throw in a few goofy pics of you in a Halloween costume or wearing a funny shirt or doing something odd or strange. Or dressed looking super peacocky, like most of the guys above. However you dress/look, you want to STAND OUT in a sea of frat bros and golf pros and preppies and Eurotrash.

As always, if you want help with this, or any other aspect of game, hit me up for coaching and we’ll design a course specifically geared to where you’re at and what you want to do in Game.


  1. I agree with 95% of what’s said here. But, yes, it is quite possible to over-peacock in more-conservative areas of the country. Speaking from experience in the deep south.


  2. Aw, this was a very good post. Spending some time and actual effort to create a good article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never manage to get nearly anything done.


  3. RPD, if writing well is important to you, you might want to review the definition of “unique”, and stop using it when you mean “unusual”. Just a thought. I’m enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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