Bad Girl Game, Part Deux, and what players can learn from it.

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The modern feminist and media narrative has done more to hurt women than any other single source or factor, and it’s not close.

That’s not exactly a controversial statement on a blog like this, but in the larger context it’s pretty shocking. And yet, like so much of what can’t be said in the NY Times for fear of the woke fascist backlash, it’s also happens to be true.

To illustrate the point: consider a man…

He’s loud, obnoxiously so, and talks non-stop, often interrupting others–and if there’s any sort of competition, he simply raises his voice. He’s out of shape, drinks too much, has a lot of tasteless tattoos, and brags about all of it as if a badge of honor, as well as the fact he plans to never get married. He complains about children, doesn’t like dogs, and thinks old people are “icky.” He never lets anyone finish a sentence and is constantly looking to be offended by offhand remarks or stuff her reads on social media, loudly shaming and correcting anyone who runs afoul of his sensitive political inclinations. He’s also in a state of constant aggrievement and feels deeply that he hasn’t been paid what the world owes him, even though he lives a relatively comfortable life and has a good job he probably can’t be fired from, despite the fact he should be.

Sounds like a winner, amiright ladies?

Of course not.

No woman would want to date this sort of man, and honestly, as a man, I wouldn’t want to be his friend–hell, I wouldn’t even want to share a 15 minute bus ride with him. And my guess is, if we gave this man’s description to almost any group of people, they’d come up with this term: toxic masculinity.

Actually, it has nothing to do with masculinity–it’s called being a pompous asshole who’s wasting oxygen by the mere fact of breathing.

But now consider…if I simply change the pronouns from he/his to she/hers, I’ve just described what feminists have wrought of the modern woman. Like, I’ve just described Jessica Valenti to a tee. And supposedly, this is a good thing?

Now, luckily, despite the moaning in the manosphere, most women haven’t taken the bait, or else their feminine nature has so far resisted the creeping ideology we’re see from places like Medium, the aforementioned NY Times, and gender and grievance studies departments in colleges across the country. Thank God for that.

And yet, despite maintaining some semblance of femininity, women today make a lot of mistakes in the dating game and in sex and relationships. I go over the most common in the first edition, but I’ve since noticed others, particularly from the perspective of seeing girls do stupid shit in my own experience, with other players I know, or clients, and then trying to figure out what the hell to do about it.

So let’s get to it–the biggest mistakes I’m seeing women making now (possibly linked to COVID, but this happened before too):

She can’t get her ass out the house!

Seriously. It’s amazing to see how often this happens, but it appears to be a chronic condition.

Because she’s interested. Like, she’s on a dating app actively texting guys, or after meeting through cold approach or social circle, but then, when it comes to ANY step in escalation, from a number request to get off the app to going out on a date, she balks.

Why? The best guess is that she’s addicted to the attention, but too indecisive or lazy to get her ass out on a date–for whatever reason, many women don’t feel any urgency in dating, because they foolishly believe time is a friend when in reality it’s a bomb.

In any case, let’s be clear what this means for the player: move on. She’s a time waster. Withdraw your attention until she agrees to come out.

This actually happened to me recently with a girl I met through social circle. We’ll call her Sister Friend. We reconnected through social media (IG–which is why I think guys should have one–you never know), and after some flirting on the app, I was able to get her number and then we started texting.

…and texting and texting and texting–this chick LOVES her some texting and attention. But pretty quick I told her out on a date; she demurs–is busy this week, but let’s see about next week.

Disclaimer: I initially took screen shots of the text conversations and included them in the post, but because they’re so easily identified and tied to me if this girl found the blog, I’ve been warned against it by a player to be named later. Understand guys, I’d love to post pics of the girls I’ve been with, and more texting conversations–and I do share those with my clients as examples, but to post it publicly for all to see isn’t worth the risk of my anonymity.

OK cool. I dial back the texting quite a bit, but then later in the week pitch the date again–and she completely skirts it, asking me about my plans for the weekend. So what’s a player to do?


At a place where it wouldn’t appear rude, I just stopped replying and left her on read…and then guess who comes crawling back two full days later, asking me about my weekend?

Kind of hilarious and also kind of annoying. However, as Mr. V reminds us: over text, we want to convey happiness and living the good life, so that’s what I do, saying my weekend was awesome, but she only gets two responses, both delayed, and the second is happy, polite, and brief AF: Nice!

And finally, she fucking gets it, with a question that clearly leads to a date: when are you free this week?

We’ve now had that date–it went well and ended with a kiss after I walked her to her car–but on the next date request…she still can’t manage to get her ass out (which is why I’m currently ghosting). In fairness she works a lot, and often long hours, so I get it, but that leads me to the next theme of bad girl game.

She’s so busy with her school/career she can’t date–but tries anyway.

Now look: I respect the hustle.

Since women decided awhile back they’d rather work long hours at stressful, thankless jobs instead of staying home all day, doing a few menial chores, and mostly being taken care of, I can’t blame any chick who takes her studies seriously in school or spends long hours on the job. Just the way it is in 2021–girls gotta make their own money these days right?

But here’s the thing: if you can’t go to school and/or do your job AND manage to carve out a few hours on a weeknight or weekend to get a drink, it means one or more of the following three things:

  1. You’re too dumb to do what you’re doing, whether school or work, which is why it takes so long aka is “so hard.”
  2. You spend too much time watching TV, on social media, texting with friends about meaningless shit, or fluffing with friends and family.
  3. You’re being taken advantage of by your school or employer–and you’re too dumb to figure it out. See point one.

And I guess whatever–all of that is what it is–but if that’s the case, don’t get on a dating app. Hell there’s a few hours of every week you could take back.

This is also true for single moms. Again, if you’re too busy because you’re taking care of your kids, working, etc., like that is a legitimate excuse–but then why are you on a dating app? This is one of the primary reasons I advise guys against dating single moms generally: she ain’t got time for you, and she’s mostly going to waste yours.

One point here for guys–or anyone really: if you’re so busy you can’t date, it’s a choice. Indeed, all time management is a choice.

Super busy and your job requires you to work 80 hours a week? That’s a choice. If you don’t like it, get a new job. Trying to work two jobs to pay off credit card debt or your student loans? That’s a choice. To be quite honest in many cases you should just default and file bankruptcy. Don’t like your girlfriend or social circle? Dump her. Stop hanging out with those people.

Point is: there’s always a choice to do something different. And at the end of the day, all we have is whatever amount of time we get on this planet, and wasting it away trying to hustle for money and status is one of the worst uses of that precious resource.

Speaking of which…

Addiction to her phone and social media.

I listed this in the first one, but it’s so bad it bears mentioning again. Rob has a really good piece everyone should read on this, but lacking social skills due to phone and social media addiction is a huge problem–especially for pretty, young women.

Because as you should know by now, women are addicted to attention. It’s an evolutionary thing, so you really can’t blame them for it, but there’s a unique problem here, which is that whereas we’re quite comfortable as a society telling a young man to stop wasting his time playing video games and being a pathetic loser (most of them keep doing it anyway), we don’t or won’t say that to hot young chicks who attention whore their days away on IG and Tik-Tok.

But it’s just as, if not even more, toxic.

Let’s face it: a woman’s greatest gift is her fertility–her youth and beauty and feminine wiles (related to this gift is motherhood btw, and being a matriarch, but these days all many chicks can manage is being a fucking dog mom). And the fact is, a lot of millennial and Gen Z women are wasting this precious resource for completely worthless and transitory attention on social media. These chicks are going to go from 16 to 30, look around, and realize “holy shit, I’ve wasted my entire attractive life and have zero skills because I was staring at my phone 10 hours a day for the last 15 years.” Worse, neither women collectively nor society have developed any kind of mechanism to warn chicks against doing just this.

Like, take @yes_url on Twitter–she’s now going by Alive Girl now, although she used to go by Dani California which I found clever. I’ll be honest: I find her quite attractive, and she seems like a cool, very intelligent girl…

But I also have no idea how she ever gets any work done, has a meaningful relationship with anyone, or even manages to have sex, because she’s constantly on Twitter, tweeting nonsense. I actually doubt she’ll ever know I even mentioned her on my shitty blog unless someone tells her about it, because there’s no way she has time, or bothers to read anything. Too busy texting a huge number of friends, family, etc., and I’d be absolutely shocked if she’s not also on Tik-Tok and IG, whoring attention there.

I hope I’m wrong, but she’s clearly not getting fucked often or hard enough–which leads me to the next trap a lot of modern women fall into.

Staying in a stale relationship and/or seeking beta males.

This girl from Bumble told me that she mostly goes for betas she can control, but on our first date she tells me: you’re different. You’re an alpha male aren’t you?

If you are something you don’t need to ascribe it to yourself, but how can you not be pleased when a girl says something like that in the first half hour of meeting you?

Unfortunately, she probably went back to dating betas because after I fucked her a few times, she started getting attached and wanting monogamy, so I had to give her the talk, and like so many girls she doesn’t want to share, which begs the question: didn’t these bitches learn that shit in Kindergarten like the rest of us?

To the larger point, however, a lot of chicks will stay with beta males in a relationship that’s way past its expiration date. This is 100% true now during COVID: chicks don’t like being alone, so a lot have shacked up with a “nice” guy who can be her cuddle buddy as long as quarantine lasts. Now, eventually a lot of chicks will either figure this out and dump the guy or cheat on him until he leaves her (a lot of women prefer to sabotage a relationship instead of breaking up with the guy), which is why after “COVID” I predict we’ll have a very RED PILL summer and fall as women leave relationships with betas in droves to fuck guys like you and me.

But a lot of chicks will stay in those relationships. She’s stopped fucking him and knows he’s a loser. She bosses him around like a playground bully. She’ll make fun of how simpy he is on Tik-Tok, not realizing that in effect, she’s also making fun of herself. Maybe go out and get a real man instead of making fun of that poor boy on social media, right?

Not sure if chicks get that by the way. I mean, when I see a girl posting tons of photos on IG, I don’t think: oh she’s so pretty–I think: oh, she’s lonely and has no real friends. Same goes for girls making fun of their husbands or boyfriends; if he’s that pathetic, then so are you.

Worse is the girl who’s actively seeking a man she “can control.” Because the fact is, no woman is ever going to be happy with that sort of man–she’s always going to secretly despise him, and he’s NEVER going to fuck her like she wants to be fucked.

Here’s another truth, boys: it’s better to be uncomfortably unhappy and have the chance to change than to be comfortably unhappy by choice and doomed to that fate (see: most marriages). A lot of women, however, choose the latter; like the fat person who wants to lose weight but can’t stop reaching for those bagels, she lets the fear of being alone for a little while force her to stay with a guy who’s a pathetic loser.

It’s unfortunate, but akin to social media and phone addiction, our society hasn’t developed a way to deliver this message to women: the current strategy is apparently to lie to them about the realities of life and let them wander into irrelevance and spinsterdom.

The takeaway fellas: don’t let that happen to you.

If you struggle meeting chicks, holding frame, and forging the kind of life you’d like to have, hit me up for some coaching–I’ll design a program that specifically addresses your weakness and helps you get what you want, especially as it relates to women.

Otherwise fellas, as always, thanks for reading!


  1. “Trying to work two jobs to pay off credit card debt or your student loans? That’s a choice. To be quite honest in many cases you should just default and file bankruptcy.”

    In most cases, student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Not sure how I know this since I don’t have any because I’m better than everyone else.


  2. Here’s a snippet on Girl Game from my new book if you don’t mind me posting it here:

    “It was an example of poor Girl Game. In my opinion good Girl Game is where a girl allows the smallest amount of escalation to happen while maintaining a guy’s interest, while still keeping an eye out to get herself inseminated by the most alpha sperm available given she’s receiving enough security from somewhere. This leads to her being able to extract the maximum time, energy and resources from men and thus maximise her reproductive chances. This could be expressed, for example, in a girl only allowing kissing on the first date, petting on the second and sex on the third. If a guy knows that he will progress with his escalation from date to date then he will stay interested and be willing to invest more. Alternatively if a guy knows for certain he will get laid then he won’t invest because “why bother?” Lastly, if a girl isn’t able to signal her own interest, even if she really is, then the guy will walk away: another manifestation of poor Girl Game.”

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