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Sometimes it’s not the bait, but where you fish that makes the difference.

We talk endlessly about the WHAT of game–the open particularly–but also the stack, shit-tests, storytelling, routines, escalation, flirting, push-pull, SMV, etc.

But as any fisherman can tell you: the best equipment and the perfect bait or fly don’t matter if there aren’t any fish around. And yet in game–day game in particular–we don’t often talk about location.

Indeed, I think a lot of guys (especially the autists) believe that day game can only be done on the sidewalks and streets of busy cities on the weekend or during commuting hours. Seriously: how many guys have figured out that day game can and should be done almost anywhere? To start, think of all the places adjacent to that busy city street: coffee shops, retail stores, boutiques, restaurants, etc.

To illustrate the point, I’ve gotten a woman’s number or social media in the following places:

  • Sidewalks
  • Park steps
  • Sitting at a park bench
  • Mall
  • Bookstores
  • Coffeeshops
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Hiking
  • Costco
  • Target
  • Whole Foods
  • Other stores
  • On the beach
  • Camping
  • Golf course
  • Skiing
  • Bar
  • Winery
  • Museum
  • Tailgating
  • At a college football game
  • MLB game
  • MLS game
  • NBA game

I didn’t go on a date or sleep with all these chicks, of course. Many of them came out, but some flaked as some percentage of all numbers flake.

But here’s the deal: if you can get a woman’s number, there is some chance she’ll end up in your bed, which is why you be running game anywhere you can, and also why you should always try to close. Ask for her number first, but take her social media if need be: WhatsApp > Telegram > Snap > FB > Twitter > IG.

Quick rant on IG and female narcissism.

Why is IG the worst?

Because in 2021 we are officially at PEAK female narcissism…think about it for a second: Narcissism is named for Narcissus, who according to Greek legend, was so beautiful and so obsessed with his own beauty that he starred at his reflection until he eventually starved to death. Literally, as the basic bitch would say, WHO IS CURRENTLY DOING THE SAME THING THROUGH IG, Tik-Tok, etc. Has anyone thought of that: like, a lot of modern women, girls under 30 especially, are going to effectively kill off large portions of their lives and life prospects purely out of self-obsession.


But yeah, most chicks who offer their IG just want more followers. Still take it, but she’s probably just feeding her thirst trap.

Anyway, let’s return to the central point: (almost) anywhere there’s a girl, you can get her number.

On city day game and QBFs.

AND more importantly: some “wheres” are better than others. For example, ordinarily, downtown on big cities streets IS a good place to run day game. But given the situation with COVID, there are some changes in the dynamic: there are going to be fewer girls on vacation, whether domestic or international. Indeed, far fewer international. There are also going to be fewer people who come in from the suburbs. So the volume is going to be greatly reduced.

I saw this first hand recently, when I went on my normal day game route. Typically, I can get 6-10 sets pretty easily in 2 hours. This time? One. And of course: QBF.

By the way, a lot of girls right now are going to have QBFs (quarantine boyfriends–deserves it’s own acronym as these guys are living on borrowed time)–I think RedQuest was right when he noted that most girls would lock a guy down during lockdowns at some point–but we’re going to see that change here pretty fast. Girls are now starting to realize that life is going back to normal, and A LOT of them have been stuck with the same guy for nearly a year when she probably would rather be running around getting attention and having fun. Well, those times are on the way, so just like right before they go to college or move to a big city and say goodbye to their sweeties in pursuit of better dick, we’re going to see a big shift here starting in Spring and heating up with the weather. Girls will either be leaving their QBFs in droves, or cheating on them.

So while most girls who tell you they have a BF in day game either really do or are trying to get rid of you, treat it as a shit test–or better yet: an opportunity to be that better dick–and pass it. Recently on the Twitterverse we were discussing this, and Nash said this is his move…by far the best I’ve seen.

And where will you do this?

Anywhere. I sense a theme here.

Now, as I pointed out above, the big city might not be the best place to game–or even if it’s still the best, it’s not likely to be as good until the pandemic really ebbs aways and people start to travel again and go back to normal patterns of behavior.

So what’s a player to do? (link is to Lee Cho’s blog on small city day game–absolute must read)

Suburb Day Game — Big Box Stores, Retail, & Malls.

A lot of guys talk about game at Target, and that is a great place to run game: hot young chicks love their furniture trashy, cheap, and from China–and Target checks all those boxes. Indeed, any kind of store where they follow that formula should work: Costco, IKEA, Walmart (just make sure she’s got teeth), etc.

Same is true for clothing stores. Places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, JC Penny–extending to Forever 21, Macy’s, Nordstrom, H & M, etc.

A lot of the latter are going to be in malls, and that my friends, is a GOOD thing. Why?

Because girls who are scared of COVID aren’t going to the mall, especially not an indoor one. Like, if she’s willing to go out and be exposed to lots of people while shopping for something as trivial as clothes, she doesn’t give a shit. That means she’s not going to be as scared when you approach her, and we’re actually entering a little bit of a selection bias here where she’s more likely to be slutty as well.


(Note here: the one BIG drawback with malls is that there are A LOT of high school girls. Sometimes it’s inevitable in day game that you’ll hit on one, which speaks to the whole hypocrisy of age as the only measure of maturity, but I don’t advise approaching girls if you think they’re underage.)

Signs of Sluttiness.

You see, I’ve made a study of sluts in my day, and the biggest difference between a girl who likes sex and doesn’t is fear–or lack thereof. Understand, sex for girl is both scary and exciting: she’s going to have a hard cock in her, attached to a guy who may or may not know how to use it (very exciting if he does; scary if he doesn’t). That’s why she’s shit testing you, has LMR, etc.

Girls are just more fearful in the first place too right, because a lot of things in life are bigger, stronger, or meaner than they are, and the most important thing for a female in life is to protect herself so she can have babies OR to protect those babies. That’s in her DNA.

However, the point here is that if she’s LESS afraid of certain things–or of life generally–she’s probably also less afraid of sex. For example, if you can deal with the smell, a chick smoking a cigarette is a tell that she fucks and you should approach. Same thing with wearing a very short skirt and/or showing massive cleavage: she’s knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. And she knows, especially if she’s hot, that she’s going to get a lot of attention from men by dressing like that, which should tell you that SHE WANTS THAT ATTENTION.

And you’re just the man to give it to her, right?

Other signals of sluttiness–or trending toward sluttiness:

  • Tattoos–especially on her neck, sides, or back
  • Lots of ear piercings
  • Nose piercing–septum means she’ll fuck on the first date, as Yoylo reminds us
  • Drinks a lot
  • Does coke and other party drugs
  • Smokes pot
  • Goes to festivals and talks a lot about it
  • Goes to a lot of concerts
  • Wears knee high socks or boots on the regular
  • Dresses in cosplay
  • Posts lots of sexy pics on social media (esp Tik-Tok and IG)
  • Has an OnlyFans

Honestly, I’m of two minds on OnlyFans.

On one hand, it’s kinda sad, because prostitution is degrading to the heart and soul of a woman, it stains a girl’s reputation for life, and in an age when chicks finally have the freedom to do whatever sort of work they choose, many of them are choosing to shove large phallic objects inside of themselves for the joy of simping goons on the internet when they could be working as doctors or teachers or engineers or entrepreneurs.


On the other hand, those chicks still want to fuck–indeed some are going to be super into BDSM and want to go to sex clubs if one is so inclined. Cam girl (this was before OF, but same idea) was trying to settle down when I met her, so I don’t think I could have gotten her to the sex club (I told her she could share and be my main, but she wasn’t down for that), but we still fucked on the first date, she gave amazing head, and came back at least two separate times to give me a few more goes at her magical pussy.

So the point is, the chick on OnlyFans still want to fuck guys in real life, and you may as well be that guy–especially if she’s hot. I’ll also add here that the fuss over Only Fans is overblown. If you look at the numbers, most girls don’t do it, and for the average girl it’s not very profitable. The internet just massively amplifies anomalies and the crazy Right Wing moral brigade on Twitter loves to freak out about bad behavior by women.

In any case, I know a lot of guys poo-poo sluts on Twitter, and sure, if you’re looking for a chick to wife up and raise your kids, you probably don’t want a chick who was gang-banged by the LSU football team in college–and of course we’d all rather bang virgin 8s; like that’s literally what they sell Islamic terrorists on, right?

But if she’s clean and super hot, why not add her to your roster, player? Scared your dick isn’t big enough?

Now we’re getting nearer the real answer…

Grocery stores, Bookstores, Coffee Shops.

These are also great places to run game; as many of you know, I’m a particular fan of Whole Foods.

But realistically, any grocery store is good. Chicks, like the rest of us, need to eat food (and most chicks, like most Americans, eat too much). Let me recommend here that you do an indirect approach–comment on what she’s buying or going to make for dinner or something else that’s circumstantial or going on in the store. Then, early on in the interaction, tell he you think she’s cute or pretty, so she knows it’s a man to woman interaction and why you’re talking to her.

Honestly, if it’s not part of your day game route (there’s a popular Whole Foods on mine), I think the approach here is to stop in once a day after work, or really, whenever you actually need to go to the grocery store. The key is two-fold:

  1. Be dressed for success: if you’re shopping in sweat pants and your Mandalorian T-shirt, you’re not going to impress the hot chick who’s dressed up shopping for wine. And if you look the part, you’ll feel better and more confident too.
  2. Warm up: during a day game session of two hours and ten sets, you can tell yourself “first one’s the worst one” and it’s fine. When you go to the grocery store, you may only get one set. So start talking to yourself in the car, say hi to everyone you see in the parking lot, chat up the grandma buying lettuce–get your mouth moving and your brain acclimated to being social.

One point I want to make here that’s universal: DON’T look at your phone while running game. To do well in day game, you need to be 100% in-tune with your environment, making observations, figuring out how to approach. You’re not texting, posting, and your notifications should be turned off. In day game, you absolutely cannot afford to have those distractions.

Coffee shops and bookstores are also great.

In bookstores, like with grocery stores, I recommend going indirect-direct: you can make a fun or flirty comment about the kind of books she’s looking for, and then tell her you think she’s attractive shortly thereafter.

In a coffee shop you can go either way, but again, chicks love their coffee, so whatever you’re doing, if there’s a coffee shop nearby–in the mall, connected to the grocery store, etc.–go in there and see if there are any ladies sipping lattes.

I realize now as I’m editing this and finishing it up that it’s one hell of a ramble, and I went off on a lot of tangents. Well shit guys, sometimes things get away from you, right?

Anyway, the point here it to think about where you’re day gaming, and to recognize that anywhere you can get some volume or work in a one-off, you should.

As always, if you want help, hit me up.

RP signing off.


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