Field Report: +1 SDL, most random chick ever, day game, and an 18 yo adventure.

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What happened last night was just incredibly lucky.

But it’s one of the reasons guys should learn day game–sometimes you run into a yes girl and sex can happen really fast.

For context, I was doing day game a la Mr. V and tweeting my sets. Ordinarily I don’t advise this, especially for new guys, but it was just something fun to do and I had a fair amount of time between most of my sets–I’m most definitely doing small town day game and volume is hard to come by. Anyway, here she is:

The set was quite short; in retrospect I think she was nervous because I opened her outside the store where she happened to have just finished work–she trains new store managers of a popular retail clothing chain.

Then we exchanged the following texts:

As I said, a yes girl through and through–even though the set was short, she offered to give her number to end the set, then responded pretty quickly to my initial ping, hearting it and quickly letting me know it was on if I could make it happen.

GUYS: if a girl texts you, “I need a drink” or “I’m hungry” or “I’m horny” or “I’m bored”, she’s tell you to ask her out and make something happen. She needs YOU to do it though.

Also, why did she tell me about the hotel? DING DING DING DING! She’s telling me she’s available and signaling that if sex is going to happen, it has to happen tonight. This is what Krauser and Torero and others mean when they talk about the secret society. Girls know. The question is: do you?

This is why I always clean my apartment before I leave for day game (or night game), and why I always make sure I have some wine and beer and booze as well as snacks and stuff–because you never know when this kind of thing happens so you need to be ready in case it does.

So we meet for a couple drinks at a local sports bar and then I was able to bounce her pretty easily back to my apartment. I kissed her on the walk back and she seemed super on, but then she shied away a bit at my place, so I poured her some wine and got out some cheese and crackers and nuts and turned on some music. We ended up talking for a long time but when I escalated again it was on.

We made out for awhile on the couch and then I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. She was fairly petite, 35 I think she said, and in good shape and pretty. A solid 7 I guess? I mean, she was a chick I was definitely happy to be fucking which is what I tell my clients: would you be happy to fuck her? OK then, approach.

She didn’t want to do anything crazy kinky, but like most girls she liked getting lightly choked and being fucked hard–she got herself off with the vibrator I have and then I turned her around doggy-style until I came. After, we talked for a bit about sex and relationships and stuff in bed, and this is when she says:

“I shouldn’t tell you this, but I have a boyfriend…”

I told her I wasn’t surprised and I didn’t care–that she shouldn’t judge herself too harshly. Things happen. I know a lot of guys have strong feelings about this, but a few things to keep in mind about chicks who cheat:

  1. If it wasn’t me it would have been someone else. Based on my experience, a lot of girls seem unable to move on from a dead relationship until they’ve cheated or screwed it up some other way, and once she’s bored or done, cheating is inevitable. Doesn’t make it “right” but it is what it is.
  2. Don’t blame the girl 100%. If she’s cheating, there’s a reason–the guy isn’t fucking her well, or enough, or he’s fat or boring or something. Or maybe as Roy Walker says, she’s just a slag! But then the reason she’s cheating is that she’s a slag and you should know better than to wife up or LTR a slag. Point is: a guy who’s fucking his chick well and holding strong frame is generally not getting cheated on. Can it happen? Sure. But most often it’s because a lot of other things have gone wrong first and many of them might not be her fault (after all, nothing is right?).
  3. This is why I am non-monogamous. To whatever degree I can, I want to avoid relationships built on exclusive possession and jealousy.
  4. Women who travel a lot fuck a lot. TL;DR–don’t wife up or LTR a traveling nurse.

Anyway, after sex we were both hungry so I ordered some food and we watched Netflix and ate and then she got frisky and wanted to fuck again, so we did and then passed out. Her alarm went off too goddamn early, but we fucked again in the morning, I made some coffee and she ordered a Lyft to go back to her hotel and was gone by 7 am to catch a plane later that day.

Takeaway: if a girl is traveling, especially alone, go for the SDL. It may be just the adventure she wants to have.

Daygame Results and the most random chick ever.

It’s been good to get out and do some day game sessions, although the volume has been low. The two sessions that were worth anything at all yielded five sets a piece and I’ve been able to do a couple other one-offs.

This is including quite a few two and one (?) three set. Typically it’s no bueno to bother with two and three sets in day game, as it’s very difficult to break through the dumb girl logic of trying to prove to her friend(s) how non-slutty and aloof she is…however two quick notes:

  1. If you can’t get enough volume, you should open groups because like, they’re girls, and you may as well. Even if the ROI is low, at least you’re getting some practice, right? And I should also point out it can be done. I’ve gotten numbers and dates and I think one lay from girls I opened in two and three sets. Much less likely, but possible.
  2. In night game, you HAVE to open groups or you’re going to stand around with your dick in your hand 95% of the time–even mixed groups (that means with guys). As Mystery notes, women of beauty are rarely alone, and at the bar on a Friday or Saturday night, this is especially true. Also, unlike day game, in night game when girls go out in groups, they are often expressly looking to get hit on, so the frame is different.
  3. On the flip side, if you see a girl out at night alone: APPROACH! There’s a very good chance she’s there to get laid that night.

While out, I was able to record a few sets and I’m glad I did. I thought my game was pretty tight, but when I listened back to the audio it was a bit embarrassing: loads of mistakes, like laughing too much at my own jokes, too many questions, and not stacking properly when the girl gave me a topic. The good news is that my body language, eye contact (I know because I was there, not the audio), voice tonality, and teasing were all quite good, and perhaps most of all, the girls liked me (excepting a few blowouts) even when they rejected me as most did–lots of BFs, which either speaks to my game or the fact they really did have one.

Highly recommend recording your sets, and if you want analysis, send them to Lee Cho who’s offering that service: his feedback is money and will definitely help you get better.

The overall point I suppose is that you just need to get out there. Like, yeah, you’re still likely having to wear a mask, but the girls don’t really care–in fact, from what I saw, girls are pretty keen to get male attention right now and when you start flirting with them the concept of social distancing goes out the window. And even if you mostly suck and get rejected like I did (save the obvious and lucky SDL), you’ll at least shake off the rust before the true free-for-all begins in late May or June when nearly everyone who wants to be vaccinated has been and the mask rule goes bye-bye.

One quick point on that: guys, just get fucking vaccinated. I realize almost non of the anti-vaxxer bros will actually do this, but whatever it’s worth a shot–get it? Anyway, I got mine and so far I’m still alive. If you think there’s going to be some long term or ill effects, you don’t understand basic biology–you’re no better than the goons who say biological sex isn’t real. You should also seriously question whoever’s peddling that advice, because they’re either deliberately lying to you or they’re fucking dumbasses. Moreover, the faster we get everyone vaccinated, the faster we can put this nonsense behind us. And if you don’t trust me, don’t you at least trust your boy Elon?

In the meantime, if you want to get in some sets without a mask, go to a cafe or restaurant. For some reason, once you sit down you don’t have to wear a mask anymore (I will never understand this logic), and then you can game whatever chicks are there and you can both actually see each other’s faces.

That’s how I got the number from Book Girl, who turned out to be the most random chick ever. Got her number two (?) weeks ago. She responded to my initial ping and then like two or more texts…then ghosted me for a week, only to pop up and be super chatty, texting me right away when I replied. I set up a date with her for this past Monday, but when I pinged her over the weekend: radio silence. Needless to say, she didn’t respond to my text on the day of the date either, so is what it is.

By the way, when chicks complain about being single and not finding guys, it’s often because they do stupid shit like this and flake or can’t make up their minds or get their asses out of the house. Bad girl game is rife these days, but there’s nothing you can do other than to know it’s going to happen some portion of the time and the only remedy, as Nash says, is: go talk to more girls.

The 18 yo who fell into and then out of the scene.

Man I tell you guys–despite all the headlines, most chicks still hate sharing. And fuck me, some of them can still fall in love!

An 18 yo hottie too, who just fell into my lap.

We connected via SnapChat, which is a good reason to be on Snap and IG–even if you’re not really on them very often.

I was actually quite skeptical of the whole thing at first: 18 yo girls don’t normally just offer themselves up to dudes EVER, and certainly not often to men my age. However, if you saw the text thread (if you take a screen shot on SnapChat it alerts the other user, otherwise I’d share it), you’d see she was keen and practically begging me to invite her out, so I finally did.

Side note: if a girl has decided she likes you, it really doesn’t matter what you text. You can basically text whatever the fuck you want and as often as you want and she’ll reply immediately and enthusiastically like this girl did. That isn’t to say your text game isn’t important–read Mr. V’s piece on Lee Cho’s blog for a full explanation.

But again, as I said in my piece on text game, generally speaking you’re not going to text your way to a girl liking you if your game wasn’t tight when you met her, and if she likes you, as this girl with me, there’s not a lot you can do to fuck it up.

In any case, she came over pretty late on a weeknight, we went for a walk, then came back to mine and watched some Netflix. I kissed her and we made out for a bit and then she wanted to slow down, so I rolled off and we watched some more and talked and stuff. When I re-escalated she was a lot more horny and after a bit we ended up in my bed fucking.

The next time she came over, she didn’t want to have sex, which I of course respected. Then she came over again a few days later wearing lingerie under her coat and we fucked long and hard twice.

The fourth time, however, about a week later, things got weird. We went out to dinner and had a good time, then came back to mine. We started making out, but just like the first time she wanted to slow down–and then she told me she had something to tell me: “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Now to be clear, before we had sex the first time I told her I was non-mono, which she didn’t like but accepted. I was also very frank with her about the fact I didn’t have time for a “normal” relationship where we spent several days together every week because I have a kid, yada, yada. My mistake I see in retrospect was that this wasn’t what I did and we hung out four times in the space of like 10 days.

A lot of you guys may be shaking your head and wondering WTF is the problem, but here’s the thing: I genuinely DON’T want to hurt the women I sleep with. I truly believe in leaving her better than you found her, and having a young 18 year old girl fall in love with you is a recipe for disaster in any number of ways.

So that night I de-escalated and ordered her a Lyft home and I haven’t seen her since, although we’ve been exchanging a few texts over Snap here and there. We’ll see. Maybe in a month or two I’ll re-engage, but I don’t need a girl that young falling in love with me and expecting reciprocation just yet–in a few years when I’m ready to retire from being a player, sure, but even then I’d prefer an older more mature girl. You know, like 23 or so!


That’s it for now fellas–but if you want to have stories like this of your own to tell, hit me up for some coaching! I’m having a great time helping guys from true newbies who are starting from square one to fairly advanced guys who are getting laid on the regular. I can help you with setting up your online dating profile, day game, night game, escalation, texting, seduction, or just general red pill shit.

Another guy you can hit up for coaching is Thomas Crowne, and like I said, send Lee Cho your audio infields. Also, if you’re looking to get into BDSM and the Dom/sub life, my man Turk Innocenti is the person to talk to

Whatever you do, if you’re struggling with chicks, get help! Yes, some small number of guys can learn this stuff on their own, and the blog here will always be free for that purpose, but MOST guys aren’t going to find a lot of success without a coach/mentor helping them along the way.

Otherwise, as always, thanks for reading. And get the fuck out there!


  1. Caught a yes girl earlier this month as well for my first daygame SDL ever. Similar story to yours. And, how á propos, she’s a travel nurse staying in a hotel. Approached in a park in the afternoon, pitched drinks in-set, she was down, met for drinks that night, smashed. Feels good, man.

    P.S. you can use another camera to take a photo of your phone to capture Snapchat conversations. I use my webcam.


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