+1 Big Tittie Mama; Night Game returns.

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I should NOT be awake right now–but when the chick you’ve just banged and fallen asleep with suddenly wakes up and decides that come hell or high water she needs to leave and go home, you get her home, because you’re sure as shit not going to sleep or get any work done until she gone.

Coffee is good.

Funny too, because yesterday seemed like a total loss. There was too little volume for a proper day game session–part of that was bad planning on my part. Where I live, suburb game is always going to be hit and miss. Should have gone downtown.

In any case, I went home and read for awhile (Snow Crash–excellent book rec by XBTUSD), then decided what the hell, let’s go see what’s what and went to a country bar to get some food.

I pull up a spot at the bar, and as luck would have it, there are two chicks sitting nearby doing shots.


The girls aren’t super hot, but still very cute–both 7s, a bit older (note: a 7 to me, is a girl who’s not HOT, but genuinely good looking, fit, and basically any guy would fuck if given the chance). The one I ended up banging was a short blonde, petite, huge tits, sassy AF. The other was a brunette, a bit taller, with a dreamy face. She actually kinda looked like Aella girl. One works in HR, the other was a nanny.

It was a two set, but in night game that doesn’t matter.

In day game, as I’ve mentioned before and most other guys agree, two sets are basically not even worth your time unless you have no other options. Like, yesterday, I could have opened some two sets at the mall (basically every girl I saw was either in high school and/or in a group), but I didn’t because I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere.

In night game, however, the girls are out because they’ve decided, either explicitly or implicitly, that they want to meet guys. In this case, instead of the other girl cock-blocking you or her cock-blocking herself (sometimes girls really are this dumb), it’s a “you go girl” situation: green light! Go get some dick.

Actually, these girls are a perfect example of that dynamic. Earlier they had been out at a Tulip festival, and had I hit on them in that context, they almost certainly would have blown me out because in that moment it was about girl bonding and doing whatever they were doing. But in night game I end up getting the lay. The context in which you are gaming matters–maybe more than anything else.

Anyway, my opener was super simple: “what are you girls celebrating?”

They were just out. Doing shots. Excellent.

Seriously guys: don’t overthink the opener. It’s honestly way better to say, “hey, how’s it going?” than to hesitate or say nothing at all. Is that a good opener? Not really, but if you follow it up with good game, it can work.

After I opened I made some assumptions about them and joked and teased a bit. We talked about some basic stuff, like where they’re from and what they do (it’s fine to talk about this stuff–it just shouldn’t be the focus of the conversation), and then they invited me to come sit with them. They both comment on my look–they like my plugs and jacket (which I had taken off, but it still catches the eye), and they both ask me about my tattoos, using it as an excuse to touch my arms.

This is why you peacock and have an archetype guys. If you’re not doing this, you’re not a player. You HAVE to set yourself apart from other guys in how you dress and look.

As we’re hanging out, the Blondie I ended up with tells her friend to go hit on another guy, “invite him over to our table.” She does, we do a shot, but the guy turns out to be a super bitter beta. He’s scarce AF talking about how girls have all the options and guys get rejected and kind of complaining, which of course dries her pussy to no end, so the Aella lookalike goes and invites two more bros over to our table (he gets it and leaves), and we do more shots.

I did, politely, tell Billy Beta to not care about rejection and offered my services, but alas he declined–I guess he’d rather watch other guys get pussy and complain about it for the foreseeable future?


It was actually super interesting to see it happen though: these chicks were very aggressive (perhaps the best reason to do night game–more on that later), and I guess in that sense I was lucky to happen upon them, although I’ll say what Arnold Palmer said when told he was just lucky: “the more I practice, the luckier I get.”

The two new guys are players; not professionals by any means, but clueless Chads and it shows. Boring, not much to say–no spiking and teasing–but good looking enough it probably doesn’t matter too much.

A low key shit test for RP? Perhaps. But I played it cool. Made friends. Remember fellas, you ARE the prize, and you don’t give one fuck about what these girls decide to do. These guys are Chads?



A player wins against a Chad nine times out of 10, because the player is aware that a game is being played and he knows how to tilt the social dynamics in his favor. In this case I guess they kinda tried to AMOG a bit, but I just ignored them and teased the girls more and told stories and made myself the center of attention.

At this point I wanted to isolate little miss sassy pants, so I pull her outside and we start making out. Guys think too hard about this, but it should be easy–I just said, “hey let’s get some fresh air,” then grabbed her hand and pulled her with me. We made out and talked intermittently for probably 10-15 minutes before going back inside.

Then she wants to dance, so we go and do some square dancing (I just try bros–not my forte; you basically turn around a lot and kick your feet out at the right time), and then we’re back at the bar and she wants to make out again. After that we end up talking with the other girl and the bros for about another hour, and then I pull her aside and say: let’s go back to my place and watch a movie.

This is where her friend could have bit me in the ass, but luckily she’s got these two other dudes fighting for her attention so she says, “yeah, just go for it–I’ll see you tomorrow.”


There was no movie.

We fucked as soon as we got to my place. She was on and ready and we both knew what was going to happen. Fucked her hard (which she liked, because AWALT), turned her around a few times, but I can’t say it was especially wonderful–sex is always good, but we were both a bit drunk.

After, we did watch part of a movie and she fell asleep on my chest and then I fell asleep…


“I need to go home, I have blah blah blah today.”


I wasn’t going to bother driving her anywhere, so I just called her a Lyft. Took awhile to get here because it was like 4:30 in the damn morning. I managed to calm her down and we kissed a bit more before she left, but for a girl who was all confidence and swagger the night before, it was an odd transformation.

Maybe she cheated? Maybe it was post sex ASD? When sex happens really fast, sometimes chicks don’t want to see you again–I’ve even had a female reader tell me this explicitly.

Who knows.

And ultimately, who cares.

For me, it was good to see night game make a return post COVID. And this is why guys, you should be doing some night game. Because it really can be that easy.

Like last night, my game was fine. Things probably went easier because I’m a player and I know what to do. But other than not falling into beta Billy’s gay ass frame, or getting intimidated by the other girl inviting guys to our table, it was not difficult.

Because those girls were out with the intention of getting laid. That’s not to say Blondie would’ve gone home with just anyone, but in night game, you need to remember that there’s probably 25-30% of girls out who have told themselves they want to fuck that night, and are open to that possibility. If you can identify and seduce them, the pull is there to be had–one of my clients has lately scored two lays in the last two or three weeks for this same reason.

On that point: if you want to learn how to do this, hit me up for coaching. And for guys who want to go a slightly different route, will be posting about my new course tomorrow!

And for guys who say, FUCK YOU RPD, I ain’t paying for shit–no worries! The blog is free and it always will be–and if you want to help me out just a little you can throw me a little cash on Patreon, that’s cool too. But I spend multiple hours writing this blog every week and if you want to learn game on your own, all the information is here if you can translate that into action.

Most guys can’t, however, which is why I offer coaching.

Also, remember: I fail too! Book Girl ended up not working out, nor did the little mama I took out on Wednesday who’s now ghosting me.

But that’s the point guys–if you take your shots, you WILL get laid.

Again, I’m happy to show you how.

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