New Course: the Fundamentals of Game and Seduction.

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A lot of clients and readers have told me I should write a book.

They ask for information on how to have good conversations with women, how to escalate, how to plan dates, how to perform in bed, how to retain women (TL;DR–don’t go for fast sex like I do), etc.

In addition to the blog, I have PDFs I share with clients on much of the above. One of the reasons I’m so thankful for these guys–they push me to think through my knowledge and practice and experience in Game and with women, then make it learnable and applicable. The next step is converting some of this stuff into podcasts so it’s more accessible.

To be fair, I’m merely standing on the shoulders of giants. I’ve studied so many different players–their books, podcasts, You Tubes, blogs, and over time, I’ve been able to apply those principles in my own life. Unlike a lot of guys, I’m not just a day gamer–I also like night game, can use online, and will definitely employ social circle if and when it suits me. By no means am I claiming to be the best PUA out there (not even close), but I do pretty well for myself, and though I didn’t intend to become a coach, I love helping my clients and playing the role of teacher.

So I’m going to write that book. But I’m going to go one step further. I’m going to tie the book to a course, so that students truly learn and live the fundamental principles of game.

Reading is good, but the problem is that so many guys DO the reading and still can’t turn that into action. Since I’ve started coaching what’s become very clear is that most guys know what they should do–they have the knowledge, or they think they have the knowledge. Hell, probably most have done the same stuff I did: watched You Tube infields, read The Game, read all the blogs, listened to the lectures and podcasts, etc.

The problem is they don’t know how to apply their knowledge. How do you turn your familiarity with the London Day Game Model into actually talking to girls and taking numbers? How do you escalate on a date, or pull in night game? How do you project being calm, cool, and confident when you’re nervous as hell?

This fall I’ll be teaching the first run of a course called: The Fundamentals of Game and Seduction, that will set guys up for a life of success with women.

Students will receive a spiral workbook with the same title, and we’ll have class once a week for 10 weeks via Zoom. Students will be expected to do field work, will have readings and homework to complete each week, and attend class regularly. Class time will be primarily devoted to short lectures on the content, plus discussions, collaboration, and troubleshooting.

The cost of the course is $295. Students can also engage with personal 1 on 1 coaching for an extra $50/hr. Enrollment is first come first serve (so far a few guys have spots–I’ll probably cap it at 15 or 20, but it depends how much interest there is), and there will be vetting involved to ensure everyone can maintain anonymity should they want to.

Start date will be early fall 2021, probably late August or early September.

You can reserve your spot the same way you can ask for coaching–shoot me an email at or click on the coaching page and fill out the form. Let me know you’re interested and then we’ll take it from there.

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