What happens next? Predictions on the SMP post COVID in the 2020s.

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Note: this is the very definition of mental masturbation. Hopefully it’s interesting, but it will not help you get chicks. If that’s your aim, go read my field reports, posts on day or night game, sign up for my new course, or get one on one coaching.

A sea of singles: millennial women hit the wall.

The millennial generation is the biggest generation since the baby boomers–actually the biggest generation ever.

And their women are getting old.

Their men are too of course (but I don’t care about men–I care about women), and the problem with getting much over 30 in this country is that people tend to get fat, avoid exercise, and stop having a youthful exuberance and that joie d’vivre I so often talk about. Here in the US, an awful large percentage of humans go straight from 29 to 55.

This is particularly bad for women.

Old, fat, and cranky is not a good look, and yet, this wall-ish transformation will occur just as many millennial women will, for the first time, start seriously considering marriage and children. Keep in mind, we’re only on the leading edge here–the latter half of this generation are still in their mid to late 20s. But as things go forward, the lack of HQ marriageable men is going to become increasingly, and then perhaps acutely apparent.

The point here is that way fewer people are getting married.

Why? Because women perceive their value to be far greater than it is relative to what they can actually exit the market with in terms of a man, largely because of OLD and social media where they can match +2 of SMV and get all kinds of attention from pathetic simps.

However, many more women are duped by the fake liquidity they feel on OLD and confuse a cyclical bull market for an infinite bid market. Stocks always go up, except when they don’t for decades at a time. Always sell into strength, otherwise the asset you thought was going to make you rich, won’t buy you a pack of cigarettes and a handjob.


In other words, many millennial women are likely to sail past the wall without realizing that while they can probably still match with guys on Bumble or Hinge or Tinder (although I think Tinder is dying–too much grift and fake profiles), the guys they match with aren’t going to wife them up, because for the guy it’s not worth it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for marriage to happen and work, it has to be a win/win for both parties. The girl has to be getting a HQ guy who possesses strong masculine traits, aka is ambitious, stays fit, and is at least marginally successful in terms of finances, job, etc. On the flip side, the guy has to get a girl who’s pretty (and feminine) to the point where he says, “this is probably the best I’m going to get, so I’ll cash in my chips.”

Now women of course could simply lower their expectations, but from what I’ve seen, they’re almost singularly incapable of doing that. Indeed, I think a lot of women have actually told themselves they’d rather be single in perpetuity than marry a guy who’s “beneath” them, and a lot of millennial women have told themselves they don’t want to have children, so there’s no real need for a man.

At some point they’ll figure out that no one cares about a spinster who doesn’t have a husband or family, but by then it will be too late.


This is hard to imagine for women in their 20s with large social circles, but as those of us in our 30s and 40s know, as you get older, friends fall away. They get married, have kids, move for jobs, get into niche activities like cycling or fishing or boating, etc. The reality is that even people who have incredibly strong social circles in their 20s will see that group of friends disappear by their 30s–and by their 40s it’s probably almost entirely gone.

Now, given that fewer people are getting married and having kids, maybe that won’t be as prevalent, but the number of older American adults with strong social circles is fairly small–I’ve seen a couple people on Twitter ask how to make friends in new cities as adults, and the truth is it’s really hard. There’s not a great answer out there, because most people have friends from high school or college. After that it can be tough. I’m lucky to have found this community and made friends with other players as well as many of my clients, because almost all the friends in my former social circle are married, have kids, moved away, or got fucking weird and woke.

In any case, at the same time millennial women are hitting the wall, the the state of the modern American man is utterly depressing: he’s feminized, uninteresting, obsessed with politics or sports, and/or sporting a dad bod. That’s actually good news for players like us, for obvious reasons, but it’s bad news for women who want to get married, because there are just fewer desirable (marriageable) men out there.

Thus, the relative value of Red Pill men should increase over the next decade, but there’s problem…

American women are fat, masculine, and entitled.

While it’s never been easier to stand out as a HQ guy, the number of hot, feminine chicks (in the U.S.–perhaps this is true elsewhere but I can’t speak to that) has dwindled.

The good news is and always will be that chicks don’t have to work very hard to get hot. They’re born, and then when they come of age as teenagers, they get hot, and typically stay hot into their 20’s or as long as they can manage to stay away from booze and bagels.

The bad news: American society is working REALLY hard to make that period of time as short as possible:

  1. A huge number of young chicks are now convinced they’re not even chicks, or their lesbian. Really, it’s just that being a teenager is hard and confusing and emotional, but the woke and SJWs have so fetishized being gay and trans and so thoroughly pushed the nonsense idea that gender/sexuality are socially constructed, that many young women who would be hot are cutting their hair to look like boys, taking hormones, and in extreme cases, having their tits cut off. Yay trans rights! And why are women more susceptible than men? The reason is dark, but should come as no surprise to a red pill man: women LOVE attention, right? So riddle me this: if you’re not a pretty girl in middle or high school–like, you’re just kind of a misfit or you managed to get fat despite your youthful metabolism–what can possibly garner you more attention and sympathy than saying you’re not really a girl, but a boy? Nothing. I predict we’ll look back on this period of time in horror at what we’re allowing to happen here, but that doesn’t help you or I in the near term.
  2. Even girls who like boys are being convinced to dress like…boys. Just like the trannies, they’re cutting their hair short, dying it to look like some punk-rock skunk, and wearing pants that are 17 sizes larger than they ought to be. It’s not a good look. I almost approached a chick at the store the other day because despite the weird clothes, she looked like she had a pretty nice body, but as I got closer I saw that she’d shaved off the sides of her hair, which was died black with red streaks, and I just couldn’t do it: she looked like an extra in Mad Max. No thanks.
  3. American women are fat. As I’m writing this section, I’m sitting across from two women, both pretty, both fat. If either of them were even somewhat more fit (like say, 15 lbs overweight instead of 30-40), I would go talk to them and try to get a number. But as is: hard pass. NO. Too fat.

Anyway, the problem is that even though being a top guy has never been easier, I’m not sure it’s much better. The demand for us is going to increase, for reasons I listed above, but who’s going to fill it? The number of hot chicks has dwindled in proportion.

Still, some long term reasons for optimism.

I’m a naturally optimistic guy by nature: I try to look for reasons why things might go well as opposed to why they might go wrong. That doesn’t mean being naive or gullible, but I’ve found that when you see how things can go well you can sometimes push fortune in that direction and then they do end up going well. Indeed, I think this is critical for any PUA: cold approach is exciting. Like, if you do it often and well enough, some number of hot chicks are going to end up in your bed.

So in terms of the SMP, here’s why I think things will go right for top guys as the decade evolves:

  1. Chicks are still hot when they’re young, more turn 18 every year, and I’m guessing it’s going to become really apparent that thin, feminine women get lots more attention than Billie Eilish look alikes. And again: What do women want most of all? Attention. So I’d be shocked if we don’t see fashion and fitness swing back that way sooner rather than later. As a corollary, most everyone got fat during quarantine, but now that it’s over I bet we’ll also see a fitness boom as a corrective.
  2. The trans fad is going to end, soon and badly. Because large numbers of the young people–especially women–claiming to be trans vastly exceeds the number who really are (less than 1%), and you can’t fuck with biology: they’re eventually going to be unable to keep up the facade of pretending to be something they’re not. In the next few years, we’re going to have hundreds if not thousands more Kiera Bells, and at the same time, people are going to start seeing how absurd it is to pretend biological sex isn’t real, because it is. As Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park: life finds a way.
  3. Millennial women are starting to realize that feminism was a betrayal and that feeling is going to intensify as they hit the wall and enter spinsterdom–but what’s the last gasp cure? What’s the only way to get high quality male attention? Get thin and be feminine. Many millennial women will do just this and it will eventually trickle down to younger women as well.
  4. Pretty girls have just spent a year unable to get attention IRL, and many have been weathering COVID with a quarantine boyfriend. Mark my words: this will be a VERY red pill summer and fall, and that may well continue into 2022. There are going to be a lot of divorces, a lot of break ups, and a lot of women who are suddenly single–with that kind of flux in the market, top guys are going to be in a position to do very, very well.
  5. OLD is really bad for 90-95% of the population. Like, girls don’t normally end up with guys who are going to stick around because they match +2 of their SMV and that is never a situation where the guy says: wow this is the best I can do…because it’s not. Conversely, most guys have realized OLD is utter garbage because that’s who they match with: garbage. Guys who do cold approach have always had a massive advantage in the market, but that advantage will get bigger in the next few years as people seek out and value more authentic experiences.
  6. Likewise, social media has reached its peak and its influence will eventually recede. Why? The simplest reason is that it’s not time well spent. I mean, think about Tik-Tok: it’s people dancing while they lip sync to bad music. There’s no real value either, right–it’s just mindless entertainment–how long is that really going to last? In addition, social media is shown to cause depression and anxiety, and generally speaking, people don’t like being depressed and anxious.
  7. People are starting to get tired of female entitlement and brattiness, because they realize just how much power and privilege young, beautiful women have for no other reason than being born hot and managing to stay thin. We’re also starting to tire of this weak-ass, feminine culture in general, where everyone’s feelings are constantly in danger and everyone’s offended about everything, all the time.

Mostly, though, things are going to stay the same. Because that’s how life is.

This ☝️

We’ll see some flux for sure, and on the margins my guess is that helps red pill guys and players more than it hurts us.

But overall, things will mostly be how they were pre-COVID–which, if you were a strong player, was pretty damn great. Girls will have very fast sex these days. If you live in a big metro area there are tons of potential girls to game. Young chicks are usually pretty hot and want to fuck hot guys, so there will always be an opportunity for guys with good fitness and a fun lifestyle to have a lot of sex with a lot of girls.

That said, it’s not easy. Being a player takes time, practice, dedication, and calibration. It is both a lifestyle and a skill set.

If you need help, I’m your guy. Hit me up for coaching, or sign up to take my course. And despite my general dislike of OLD, I can show you how to use it to get the best possible results.

LMAO–I should probably get away from making predictions.

But For those of you who write and write often, you know the feeling: sometimes you have shit to say–shit that will fester and grow and metastasize and then you can’t sleep and it sucks if you don’t get it out of your brain.


  1. The 90s are having a resurgence. The same way we wore Led Zepplin tshirts and got into grunge, younger women are getting into boyfriend jeans and Nirvana. I don’t think it’s necessarily a societal trend toward making women more masculine — just another ugly fashion trend like shoulder pads in the 80s.

    They are getting fatter and way more entitled though.


  2. “LMAO–I should probably get away from making predictions”….Agree…

    I like this post but was hoping you would support your arguments better with data or historical swings in culture. How long do societal shifts take? What causes the pendulum to swing back? The Fourth Turning is a cool read on some of these topics although I’m pretty ignorant in general. You are a history buff so I would ask you…historically what caused terrible trends to reverse. Slavery in America was obviously awful to many people but didn’t end until a war…many trends go on much longer than they should. (apologies for using a racial example, just first one that came to mind, don’t let it distract from my point)


    1. I don’t know if data really matters. I mean, I see what you’re saying, but on the other hand, how can you predict social trends when people regularly lie about what they believe and/or support? You can’t. So in some ways you have to rely on intuition. Note also that I said at the beginning this was an exercise in futility. What will happen will happen. regardless of what you or I think will happen.


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