Night Game Primer 2.0; Troubleshooting and FAQs.

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If you want to get laid by hotter chicks with greater consistency and speed, you need to learn night game

First, let me dispel the common complaint I hear from guys that night game is terrible because the chicks are super mean and the music is too loud and you have to stay up til 2 am and drink a lot to get laid.


That is night game done wrong and why guys hate it. I’ll talk more about venues below, but I NEVER go to big loud fancy night clubs, because all of the above is true. Those are horrible places to game–like, if I could design a perfect scenario for everyone to get sexually frustrated and not fuck, I would put them in a loud night club.

However, chances are there’s a local dive or karaoke bar near where you live that’s just the opposite–but again, let’s save that for the venue section.

Because the core reason you should want to learn night game is that it’s a target rich environment; moreover, many of those targets have gone out specifically with the intention of meeting a cool guy, and some number of those have told themselves that if the situation is right, they’ll fuck a guy that same night. And I know, because I’ve done it many times.

Let’s be honest: that is way better than day game, 90% of the time. In day game we’re approaching chicks at random, who may have no intention whatsoever of meeting any men, and most are certainly not counting on it.

Now as we all know, it still works, and part of the above is why: the boldness and randomness of the approach work in our favor…IF the girl is single and in the right mood.

But everyone who’s done it knows that’s a big fucking IF. Many if not most of the girls we approach will either not be interested OR really will have a boyfriend/husband. And even some of those who are actually single and interested to some degree will be in the wrong mood or frame of mind when we approach.

In night game it’s just the opposite.

Girls who out at night are mostly single, and even if she’s not single, she’s given herself permission to flirt with hot guys. In day game, the BF shit test is 99% myth: if she tells you she has a BF, she’s NOT interested. Where that whole thing actually comes from is night game, because in night game, women will sometimes say they have a BF right at the outset of the conversation to brush off betas.

But to the point: in day game you’re searching for a needle in a haystack–in night game you’re shooting fish in a barrel. Doesn’t mean you’ll always hit the mark, but again, night game is a TARGET RICH environment. If you’re going to the right places at the right times and doing the right stuff, you will get laid with greater frequency through night game than day game with less time and effort.

What kinds of venues should I target?

Here are the characteristics of a good night game venue:

  • Dim lighting
  • Good music (not too loud, or with places where you can get away from the noise)
  • Lots of corners and nooks and crannies,
  • Porch or rooftop or outdoor area,
  • Hot waitresses (then the girls are competing with the help–why going to strip clubs with girls can actually work extremely well btw)
  • Big enough crowd of people that there’s some mixing going on, but not so packed and crowded that it’s hard to move around. 

Keep in mind, all of these are good places for dates as well for the same basic reasons: cool, but not stressful, private enough for escalation to happen.

Specific kinds of places to target:

  • Country bars with line dancing
  • Dive bars with porches and pool or darts and other games
  • Karaoke bars
  • Tap houses
  • Wine bars
  • EDM or themed dance clubs
  • Concerts

I’ll give a few examples of the places I’ve pulled from.

The country bar was the most recent, and I actually got another number there recently although she ended up flaking. It’s just fucking money. The waitresses are all hot and flirtatious, on Friday and Saturday nights it’s packed, and there are lots of cute girls who go there specifically to meet masculine guys. 

My archetype is not the cowboy style, but it doesn’t seem to matter. You go, have fun, dance, etc., and it works. Excellent venue that I plan to go back to often before I move, and when I move you can bet I’m going to find its equivalent in my new spot.

Another place I dug when I was living in the city was a tap house–great beer list, lots of good food, and they usually had some live music or a DJ, but there were tables out on the sidewalk if you wanted to go outside, and there was also a back room with ski ball, darts, and some video games.

Karaoke is also gold–one time I even managed to fuck a girl in the bathroom of a karaoke bar. But I’ll be honest: it makes a huge difference if you sing. Note that you don’t have to sing well, however. If you choose the right kind of song, it’s really pretty easy. Sweater Song by Weezer, White Wedding or Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol, Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms, or Santeria by Sublime. All those songs are fun, easy to sing, and put everyone in a good mood. But again, singing is alpha. Being afraid to sing is beta. Don’t be beta.

The final example I’ll give is a club-type environment, but not a dance club. What you actually want to avoid are hip-hop clubs. EDM clubs can be good because half the girls there will be on Molly which makes you want to fuck. One of my best pulls was a black stripper from a Halloween EDM party. But the one I really liked was this place where they did 80s nights, 90s nights, and other themed parties on the weekends. So everyone was dressed up goofy, plus they had different rooms and you could move around pretty easy–made getting a kiss close or number a lot easier.

Places to avoid:

  • Open floor plan where everyone can see everyone all the time–there’s no mystery, no privacy (bar owners who do this are idiots)
  • Over loud music, especially hip-hop–this isn’t racial, but hip-hop and rap are very aggressive, masculine music styles, and they make girls bitchy and standoffish. Not good.
  • Bottle service. Nothing says: “I’m a provider” like buying marked up booze to sit down and drink it and pour it yourself. If you’re going to pay $500 to drink, do it at a strip club and at least get some tits in your face.
  • Any place girls are bitchy–that means that whatever vibe that place is throwing down, that’s the kinds of girls they attract. If girls at a particular place are consistently bitchy, it means either you’re coming off as a tool (I offer coaching to help with this), or that place attracts bitchy women (more likely). For example, there’s a bar downtown where I live that’s really good in terms of quality: tons of hot chicks dressed like sluts. Problem is, they’re there to meet black guys (I made friends with the bouncer, who’s black, and he told me that directly, “this is where white chicks get black dicks” was his quote; cool guy, we’ve had beers since)–so they have no interest in me. Again, not a race thing for me personally–I love all the peoples (btw, girls are WAY more racist than dudes; sometimes it’s fucking astonishing)–but if the girls want black guys and I’m not black, I need to go elsewhere, right? As Elon Musk famously said: message received.

How do I open in night game?

The best openers are honest and obvious. The girl I pulled recently was with her friend doing shots, so I was like, “love it! Shots! What are you ladies celebrating?” From there we just started talking.

My opener for the chick who ended up flaking (below) was making fun of her older friend for ordering a girly drink with some kind of apple whiskey. “Oh come on, order it with real whiskey!” That kind of thing can come across harsh, so it’s important that you’re smiling and it’s obvious you’re joking. It was a mixed group: two dudes and four chicks if I’m remembering correctly.

The next thing you do is talk to the guys, the other girls, and your target last. She needs to want your attention and feel left out a bit before you talk to her.

One key in night game: you don’t need to go direct–at least not right away. The attraction is implied. I don’t even know if I ever told the big boobs petite girl that I liked her before we started making out.

Another super basic opener is the opinion opener (credit: Mystery). This can literally be about anything relevant to the situation, or even irrelevant. A good way to frame it is: this or that?

For example: 

  • OK ladies, vodka or tequila? 
  • OK y’all, Cubs or White Sox? 
  • Sorry, I’ll only stay a minute but I need to settle an argument between my friends: is kissing cheating if you never see the person again and nothing else happens?

Note the false time constraint in the last one–very helpful in night game as people will sometimes wonder, especially if you approach a table, just how long this guy they don’t know is going to stay? If you are not using FTCs consistently in your game, you’re fucking up–even in day game.

The final opener I’ll give you which I’m kinda proud of because I made it up on the spot: “Hey, what’s up? You girls looked bored so I thought I’d come entertain you?”

For day gamers, this opener sets you up to do an assumption stack: where they’re from, what they do for work, what they’re celebrating (often people are out to celebrate in night game), what kind of people they are, etc.

How long to stay in the set? 

Unless it’s clear they want you to stay, 3-10 minutes. Sometimes you should leave even if they want you to stay, to demonstrate abundance and freedom from outcome.

Remember, in night game you have time. She’s probably going to be there for an hour or two, and so are you. As I said in my first primer on night game, what you want to do is open a lot of different sets: mixed sets, all girls, girls who are alone, etc. You should even open sets where it’s obvious people are coupled up. 


You lead. You command. You are the big dog. Everyone should want your attention. Everyone.

Now understand, I don’t mean that you should be going crazy all over the place opening every person in the bar, but the point is you should be open and friendly and social with everyone you come into contact with, and you should go out of your way to talk to people, whether they’re cute girls or not.

Getting back to how long to stay in set, the first time you talk to the girls it can be short. Then find an excuse to re-open: 

  • “Hey, help me pick a karaoke song.” 
  • “Hey, come play darts with us.” 
  • “Alright ladies, let’s do some shots!”
  • “Come outside with me, it’s hot in here.”

Quick point here: for some reason, the pick up community has this odd rule that you can’t ever buy girls stuff or you’re a bitch and it puts you in the wrong frame, just like it has this rule that guys who want to coach and make money like me are somehow bad people–we should just be willing to spend 1000s of hours writing blogs and helping people for free because we’re communists.


Guys do better if they PAY for coaching because then both the coach and the student take it seriously, and it’s fine to buy girls stuff sometimes as long as it’s not a basis for the relationship.

Think about it this way: what’s more alpha–doing everything possible to weirdly not pay for a girl’s drink or dinner, or just paying because you don’t fucking care?

So yeah, sometimes I buy shots or drinks for girls during night game, and then if we have another round, I make her pay. If she won’t or gets weird, that’s a big red flag and there are other issues.

What if girls are mean to me?

Cry about it pussy.

No, in all seriousness, girls in night game will be meaner in general, than day game, but understand why: A hot chick who goes out and gets hit on by a bunch of guys who are drunk and/or have no game is going to get tired of it after awhile. That’s not your fault, and it’s not her fault–it is what it is. Don’t worry about it. Just go talk to more girls. Because most girls are nice or at least nice enough. Indeed, just as in day game, most night game rejection is expressed simply as polite disinterest.

I’m going to stop here and emphasize something: if you’re afraid of rejection or girls being mean to you, you need to stop being a fucking pussy. Understand, I’m not saying you are a pussy–but in the moment you’re scared to talk to a girl, you’re being one. Sometimes I’m a fucking pussy. I still get AA. I still weasel on sets. No one, no matter how alpha they say they are is 100% confident and assured all the time unless he’s a sociopath.

Still, if you’re afraid to go talk to a girl or several girls, in that moment, you’re being a pussy. 

And you shouldn’t be.

Because you’re a man, right? Men have bad stuff happen to them and they fucking soldier on. Our ancestors took fucking spears to the chest, had their hands cut off by swords, and most probably died some pretty horrific death whether through violence or illness, and that being the case, SURELY, you can survive getting rejected by a pretty girl.

Remember also, that nothing that bad will happen. Worst case scenario is she tells you to go away or something, or asks you to leave.

And no matter what happens, your mom will still love you.

RPD will still love you. 

It will be OK–indeed, getting rejected is GOOD. If you’re getting rejected, that means you’re on the path to getting laid. It’s likely that the players who get laid the most have also been rejected the largest number of times. Getting rejected is simply something you learn to endure and ultimately disregard if you’re going to get good at this.

No risk, no reward.

How to filter time wasters so you can focus on other “yes” girls.

You shouldn’t spend too much time with any one girl unless it’s CLEAR AF that she likes you. For example, the chick I pulled recently really liked me and we were making out within about an hour so I didn’t do what I normally would have and talked to lots of other girls.

In night game, however, once you’ve opened a lot of sets, some good things will often start to happen: 

  • Some girls will seek you out and reopen you, because they’ve seen you’re a cool guy. 
  • Girls you haven’t opened may open you, because they’ve seen you as a leader and cool guy.
  • Even girls who won’t open you will make it easier for you to open. They’ll stand near you at the bar or dance near you or figure out ways to make it so you can talk to them. Do it.
  • If they ask you to buy drinks or are bitchy, avoid. Those are your time wasters.

Also, if the place is dead, or the girls there are all bitchy, leave.

In most cities–and even in smaller towns–there’s a downtown area where there are several bars or restaurants. If the one you’re at is bad for whatever reason, go somewhere else. And if you go to a place more than once and on multiple occasions the girls are either bitchy or the place is dead, don’t ever go there again. It means that either it’s not a very cool bar, or it is, but the kinds of girls it attracts are bitchy–this is a big reason I don’t go to most night clubs: girls in night clubs tend to be bitchy.

If the place is dead, or there are only a few cute girls, another good tactic is to go to another bar and get the girls to come with you. Say you open a set, they seem cool. You roll off as you should, but then there aren’t any other prospects. You go back and say, hey, I’m going to head to XYZ–you should join me. If she says no, we have to stay here, try to number close. If she says OK, don’t number close, then see if she comes. 

If she likes you enough, she’ll come. If not, she’s a time waster and she’s gone. But often enough you’ll find that the girls will come: by going somewhere else, you’re implying that wherever you’re at currently isn’t cool and the place you’ve suggested going to is better. If she stays, the girl is essentially conceding that she’s a loser. Girls don’t like that.

Overall point: you shouldn’t spend a ton of time on any one girl. What you want to do is open a lot of sets in a calibrated, cool way, and then hopefully one or more will hook–one thing that happens a lot in night game is that the occasional girl will hook VERY strong, and it’s super easy to kiss close, pull, or get her number. 

When to go for number close? 

At the end.

Night game isn’t like day game–you’re going to be there for awhile, right? Or you’re at least going to be out for awhile. So you only ask for the number when the night is ending, she leaves, or you leave.

Because the girl is out, dressed sexy–she wants to have fun! Now! So if she hooks and likes you, have fun with her! Play games, make her sing karaoke with you, do shots, tell stories, do the questions game, bounce her to another bar, and then by God pull brother! 

A lot of my number closes via night game are where the girl says no to coming back to mine, or I don’t want to go with her because she lives in fucking BFE.

Quick aside on that: often enough, girls will invite you to go with them–to a party or someone’s house or apartment. Which is great, but if she lives like 20-30 minutes away, I tend not to go unless I’m 90% sure of the lay. Because you have no idea what you’re getting into. Now if it’s close, why not take the risk? But if you live downtown and she’s deep in the burbs, what if you get there and there’s a bunch of dudes at this party and she decides not to sleep with you, as women are sometimes wont to do when they have a long car ride to think about shit? 

That’s right, you’re fucked, and you’ve got an expensive late night Uber back home unless you drove. BTW, in that case I tend not to drive and instead go with the girl or girls, because as soon as you’re not with her, the magic is gone–because you are the magic. And then she’s going to get tired, wonder why this guy is willing to follow her out to God knows where, etc.

Anyway, back to the point, you’re not number closing to get volume–you’re number closing strong leads, or you’re trying to get her back to your place that night. Understand, she won’t let the pull happen unless she wants to, but some number of girls want to do just that–which is why night game can be so great as I mentioned at the outset. So always start with that as the goal, and then take the number if that’s all you can get.

How to isolate her from her friends?

This is tough because of the cock-block factor. In my opinion, this is actually why night game isn’t nearly as good as it could be: because there’s a very good chance someone in the group is a wet blanket cock-blocker–probably her name is Becky or Joy and she’s fat.

Girls “look out for each other” when they go out, which is code for: prevent the hot ones from having sex with Chads that same night. Like all things chick it’s the ultimate contradiction–let’s get dressed up super hot so we get all kinds of HQ male attention and then make sure nothing comes of it.

So how do you break the circle? 

Advance and escalate. Ask her to go outside to get some fresh air. Ask her to play a game with you. Ask her to sing karaoke. Not a big fan of smoking, but a cigarette is a great excuse if she smokes. Tell her a secret–but not here. In another room, outside, at your place.

Point is, you need to find a reason why she should be with you alone and leave her friends. It’s difficult. Some girls will say no. But like, that’s how it goes, right? This is actually a place where buying her a drink can be a good move, because that’s a pretty good excuse for her to come with you right?

Here’s how I do it: “come get a drink with me.” I’m telling, not asking. And though it’s implied I’ll be getting her a drink, the reason we’re going is because I want to. Then I grab her hand and pull her with me.

Might she say no, pull away, not come with?

Sure. But your job is to escalate and make things happen, right? And if she doesn’t say yes, surely, another girl will–that’s one thing you need to make sure you’re doing in night game: she needs to know you’re cool/alpha enough that other girls are going to get you if she doesn’t.

I’ll stop short of saying it’s dread game, but it’s something like that. If she doesn’t comply with what you want her to do–if she lets her friends stop her–you’re going to be dancing with someone else and she’s lost out. That’s where you can really flip the power dynamic and it’s crucial. Because let’s face it: she’s a super hot girl who’s used to getting lots of attention and everyone doing whatever she wants all the time. But when you show you don’t care, that you can get other girls, that you’re the boss–that’s how you win.

Advance and escalate.

How to do solo night game.

“Oh yeah, my buddy is on his way–always late.”

That’s how.

As Hector Beaman says: “your frame is all there is.” TBH guys, like, this is what I do. All my friends are married. So 9/10 times when I go out it’s just me, the lone wolf. And I fucking love it.

Because as long as you don’t care, the girl(s) won’t either. So make up an excuse: I’m new here; my friend is late; my buddies are on the way; just getting a drink–whatever. It doesn’t matter. Again, if you don’t care, she won’t.

A good tip here though, if it helps: make friends with the bartender, waitresses, etc. This is especially true if you go to a place regularly. If you tip and treat the staff well, they’ll be some of your best wings.

But otherwise, don’t worry about it: game doesn’t require a partner. Indeed, I’d argue it’s better to be alone, because you’re not constrained by what the other people want to do. Like, if I’m out on my own, I just do whatever the hell I want whenever I want. No checking with other or consensus building–I just roll.

Key differences between day game and night game

  1. You have time, there’s really no urgency. In day game, you need to get her number–she has somewhere to go or be. But in night game, she’s going to be at the bar for awhile, often until the end of the night. So chillax baller. Open her, then leave and open other girls, then re-open, and let her marinate.
  2. Do not be direct. In night game, she knows she’s cute and she knows you’re hitting on her. So there’s no need to declare it–the attraction is implied. That isn’t to say you can’t tell her you like her at some point if you want to, but it’s not crucial like it is in day game.
  3. You’re not going for a volume of numbers–you’re going for strong hooks, or a pull to your place (or hers). Like, in day game we want to hit that 10 set mark if we’re out and about, because we know that half the numbers we get will flake and only 1/10 might even come out on the date, if that. But in night game, you should be able to get a girl to hook pretty strong by the end of the night to the point where, even if she won’t go home with you, she wants to see you again. So in night game, a good night is 2-3 numbers, but they all really like you–better yet, only 1 but your dick is inside her at 2am.
  4. Alpha fucks. In day game, the fact of you approaching makes you alpha. In night game, you need to be alpha the entire time. Your aura is extremely important. People need to like you and see you as the boss–the leader. This is done by being friendly, open, confident, and social.
  5. Good game is good game. What works for you in day game will work for you in night game. Assumption stacking, vibing, DHV, strong eye contact, etc–all of this will work in your favor in night game just as well.
  6. Peacocking is more important. I tell guys that I should be able to pick them out of a lineup, but that is even more true in night game. If you aren’t attracting attention with how you dress, you’re blending in and that’s not good. You want to be the guy with the flashy jacket, the cool shirt, the crazy tats, etc.
  7. Don’t get drunk. Chicks don’t like drunk, and that alone will set you apart.
  8. Be the last dick standing. This alone can get you laid–the mere fact of not getting too drunk and being around when she goes home.
  9. False Time Constraints are absolutely necessary. “Hey I can only stay a minute, but…” You should always be communicating that you really have something better to do or can only stay for a bit, but you’re being chatty anyway. Especially important when you’re opening.
  10. Pull, pull, pull…like guys–she’s maybe out to get laid. Lay her! Don’t puss out!

As always, if you want help, HMU. But I’ll be honest: I’d be shocked if my next lay didn’t come from night game.


  1. With night game, you can pick a favorite place and become a regular. You get social proof and it kind of becomes social circle, depending upon how well people know you.

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