Don’t get advice off Twitter, and if you’re real: write your blog!

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Don’t take your pick up advice off Twitter.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT have an exclusive license on truth, or perfect Game if that even exists, which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. As XBTUSD pointed out recently, my latest prediction post is somewhat baseless–it’s what I feel and think will happen, but I can’t point to evidence and data that I’m right. I could be wrong. Maybe we’re in for a terrible bout of sex negativity aka older women hitting the wall.

However, I DO this. For real. Guys have seen me infield. I’ve gone on loads of dates and gotten laid by a lot of girls. My coaching clients get laid–in fact, the reason I’m not sure if this can work full time is that my guys get laid pretty quick and don’t need me anymore. Which is great, that’s what I want: if you get help from me coaching wise, my goal is for you to fire me as quickly as possible because you’re getting laid by hot chicks.

I’ve also failed relentlessly. I get rejected constantly. I go on dates to nowhere, and I’ve very honest about those experiences. Like, I just had a SDL the night before I had a date with a true 8–super hot chick–who didn’t seem to like me at all, and then the next night I banged my 18 year old plate.

I succeed, but I also fail.

If you need proof in terms of pictures of myself and girls, I’m sorry–working on getting there, but anyone who’s living in the Western World knows that the risk of getting canceled and losing your job as a consequence is real AF, and until I can replace my income, that’s something I just can’t do. If you’re truly curious, become a client, because I do share some pics with those guys, and they can attest I’m the real deal and I know how to get with hot chicks.

DON’T TAKE ADVICE OFF TWITTER: a lot of it is nonsense.

Anyway, I’ve now had multiple coaching clients see tweets, take them to heart, and then it fucks them up and confuses them with girls. I’m not saying everything on Twitter is garbage, but the fact is a lot of the guys on Twitter are repeating pick-up and seduction axioms that don’t actually apply to good Game.

Here are a few of the worst pieces of advice I see commonly:

  • I have a boyfriend is shit test. Mostly it’s not. If she tells you she has a boyfriend, 99% of the time she either means it or she doesn’t like you and wants you to leave her alone. I mean, if she likes you, why the fuck would she tell you she has a boyfriend, even if she does? It makes no sense.
  • Be aloof, disinterested–make her chase. Girls are passive: they’re not going to chase you UNLESS they know you well and really like you, which means this advice doesn’t apply to cold approach or the first few dates. Indeed, the biggest mistake most guys make in day game or dating is not showing interest, either stating attraction (SOI) or escalating physically.
  • Call a woman on her shit or put her in her place. If she’s your wife or girlfriend, OK, but even then you need to be careful, because directly confronting a woman, especially if she’s agitated or angry is falling into her frame. The best thing to do is ignore her, change the subject, or dismiss it without being combative. Because while I believe 100% that women are just as smart as dudes, arguing with a chick is about as effective as arguing with a child–it is not a logical interaction. Avoid.
  • Work on yourself aka the Field of Dreams fantasy. This doesn’t work. You can be super rich AND good looking AND cool, but if you don’t know how to use dating apps and/or do cold approach pick-up and Game, it just doesn’t matter that much. Girls today are flightier and flakier than EVER–the good news is that you can literally talk to as many women as you want, if you have the balls to do it. Nine times out of 10, guys who say build it and they will come are just pussies who are afraid to get rejected.
  • Tattoos and nose rings are only for sluts! Maybe, but today, tattoos are ubiquitous. Same with the slut shaming surrounding girls wearing vans, who dye their hair weird colors, blah, blah, blah…First, let me just say again, I love sluts and encourage sluttery. I’m a slut and it’s super fun. We’re here to fuck lots of women, right? Like, if you’re not going to wife the chick up, why do you even care? Wear a condom if you want. But if anything, you should go HARDER at girls who have lots of tats and nose rings: because they’ll fuck. As Yoylo says: septum means she fucks on the first date. On the other hand, lots of girls who are quite chaste and non-slutty are going to have tattoos or wear vans or have nose rings. These markers are simply a dumb way to make judgments anymore. Seems to me a lot of guys in the manosphere have forgotten: this is 2021, not 1981.
  • If you buy drinks you’re a chode. Then I guess I’ve gotten a lot of pussy from girls who think I’m a chode. Crazy. But in all seriousness, buying drinks or even dinner doesn’t make you low value. Or even paying for an Uber. Indeed, if you’re an older guy dating younger women–as you should be–then it would be really fucking weird for you not to pay for stuff. Like, you have a career and money, etc., right? So why are you fretting over a coffee? It’s ridiculous. Paying for stuff often greases the wheels for girls, so if that’s the case: do it! I’m not saying pay for prostitutes–although no judgement if you want to–but what’s a few drinks or a dinner? There also times when this is not the case, and then: DON’T. I guess my point is, be smart enough to know the difference.
  • Don’t double text; if she ghosts or doesn’t reply, delete her number. OK, so this is generally good advice, BUT, one thing you should ask yourself is what do you lose? Like, say you text a chick and she doesn’t reply. What do you lose by texting her three to four days later? Not much in my estimation. And what could you gain? Sex with a hot girl. That seems pretty good and a deal you’d take every time. Think of it like the lottery: is there a big chance she’ll respond aka that you’ll win? No. But what’s $5 in the grand scheme of thing, especially when it’s a huge jackpot? Nothing. And if you lose, who cares? This kind of all goes along with the idea that there’s no reason to blow yourself out or burn bridges. You didn’t teach her any lessons–it’s not like she’s going to learn anything or respect you more if you delete her number. But might she fuck you if you hit her up a week or month later? Sure. Like, who knows. Chicks are random AF. Why not see what can happen?
  • She didn’t hook, so I let her go OR she was going to be a flaky number, so I didn’t close. Why? The whole point of day game or cold approach is to get the girl’s number. She’s talking to you, right? She didn’t blow you out, she hasn’t left–LIKE WHY THE FUCK AREN’T YOU CLOSING!!! And for guys who doubt it can work, I’ve had sets less than a minute lead to girls in my bed. I’ve had sets where it seemed like she didn’t like me, and she ends up in my bed. Why did that happen? Because I fucking closed. It’s kinda like the same advice above: even if she’s 5% likely to fuck you and come out, why not take that chance? You’re already engaged with her, right? Is your ego really that precious?

I could go on, but if you’re spending tons of time on Twitter, reading blogs, and listening to podcasts–that’s great, and you can learn a lot…but the best lessons are learned in person. Go talk to girls. Follow a local sports team and go to a bar where they show their games on TV and make friends with other fans. Do fun things with friends. Have adventures. Do psychedelics.

James Tusk and Krauser recently did a podcast and something Krauser said struck me: game is weaponized charisma. He’s right, because of course he is–one of the best in Game ever. But charisma is being social and charming and likable, and the only way to learn that stuff is to be social to start with, and then you can learn to be charming and likable. Like, if all you do is read Twitter and play video games, why would any girl be interested in you? You’re literally not an interesting person.

On a related topic, if you’re on Twitter, running game, why not be more specific? Why not give personal examples? Why not write that blog, or do a podcast, or be on YouTube?

To be clear, you don’t need to go public. I haven’t gone fully public–but I do relate my personal experiences, both on Twitter and on the blog. And if you’re real–like actually doing this–why wouldn’t you?

One thing guys should ask themselves is how much you should listen to bros who just tweet bland platitudes on twitter, don’t have a blog, or a podcast, or a YouTube, and never talk about specific experiences?

Probably not a lot. Guys who don’t give personal examples or relate detailed experiences are a lot more likely to be LARPing than gaming.

To be fair, there are guys who are married, like Rian Stone, Pat Stedman, and others who are very good coaches and can help you become a better man, but think about what you want. Do you want to be a player and get laid in 2021? If so, you should hire me, because I’m doing it. On the other hand, if you want an LTR girlfriend or wife, you probably should hire someone else–I can point you in the right direction on that stuff, but other guys know that game better than I do.

Anyway, you guys know where to find me, and if you’re not a moron, you know I’m real, because I write field reports, share details, share failure stories, etc. But as RedQuest says: try it out for yourself!

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