Field Report: day game with new wings, a crazy SDL, and a date to nowhere.

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Last Saturday I met up with a new wing and his buddy to do some day game.

We started at a Farmer’s Market near a college, downtown–somewhere I’d gamed before and found to be pretty decent.

I’d met Magic D the night before (a disappointing effort at night game–not enough volume for whatever reason), and he was bringing his friend, Born Again Virgin, to make a trio. The guys were late, so I wandered around and tried to get a start. I managed to do one set but she wasn’t about it at all: cute asian girl, but for all intents and purposes a blowout.

When the guys got there I was like: how does this work with three bros?

I’d done a previous session with MagicD’s buddy Big Mike, but with two it was pretty obvious: approach groups together, and if we saw a solo girl, one of us just goes. Unfortunately that day was absolutely dreadful in terms of volume and we only managed a few sets, which were basically garbage anyway.

Luckily, for our trio, MagicD had the plan: post up in a certain area, then break off when we saw girls we liked, or do some laps solo.

As we were walking to the spot I did a quick set with another cute asian girl, dressed in all spandex black yoga gear. At first she didn’t hear me because she had ear buds in, but then took them out and I repeated the tease that she looked nice, “like a ninja yogi” or something like that. I continued to stack on that, but she wasn’t into it and wanted to leave–didn’t seem to understand what was happening and finally excused herself and left.

I went and found MagicD and BAV again, and me and MD opened a mixed three set: two girls, one guy. He opened, got the group engaged and then I teased the girl I thought was cute about her glasses–these crazy amber ones. It was going fine, but then for some reason I got worried that the guy was her BF and bailed politely saying “have a nice day,” basically forcing MD to bail. He was also like, “why’d you bail?” and I didn’t have an excuse: just fucked it up.

He gave me some good feedback of adding the “excuse me, this is random” to my open, which is smart–I guess something I’ve gotten away with or from and still having some success. I have to say, my day game is still rusty after a year of COVID: I’m doing OK, but making mistakes I ordinarily wouldn’t make, not as sharp as I should be.

MagicD went to get some food and wait in line with BAV, so I did a lap. I weaseled on one set, then went and approached a really hot blonde girl, but after the compliment she WAS NOT interested and left pretty quick after the open. I came back and the guys had gone to sit down in a park in the middle, but on the way to meet them, there was a very cute asian girl wearing this bright red skirt with a blue denim jacket. I opened her, “hey this is totally random, but I have to say I love your outfit–you look super cute, very patriotic in red, white and blue.”

I asked her if she was there to shop for food and if she cooked, she said yes, so I stacked on cooking, told a story about what I like to make and some cool booths to check out. We continued into vibing, and then it was time to close so I went for it–“no, I’m a student and very busy?” I tried to push that school will end and I’d only keep her an hour, but she said “no, thanks for the compliment nice meeting you.”

The next set were two girls, and though I mostly think two sets are worthless, the girl wearing this blue flowery dress was showing all kinds of skin and was a high 8–super hot, big tits and a really nice ass, plus really cute, long brown curly hair…complimented on the dress, the girls stopped and hooked immediately, started asking about me and what I was doing, but when I asked if they were students, it turned out they were, but not college: high school, so I told them to have a nice day and politely excused myself.

As always, I DO NOT recommend hitting on underage girls–just a no go for me. Now, sometimes in day game it’s going to happen, because some girls who are 27 look like they’re 16 and some girls who are 16 look like they’re 27 (another reason why the slut/player shaming from older women is ridiculous). But mostly I find that if girls are underage, they’ll say so. These two were dangerous because they were INTO it and seemed to like me–like they looked at each other before admitting to being in high school because I don’t think they really wanted to–pretty sure if I’d tried to close I would have gotten the number from the super hot one, but again not something I’m going to do and highly recommend you guys do likewise–stay legal fellas.

After, on my way to find the boys, there was a really cute girl sitting by herself eating food, so I opened indirect, asking if she had seen a couple guys, one wearing a (redacted) & the other wearing a (redacted) shirt. She hadn’t, but seemed friendly, so I kept chatting and we had a really good conversation, but one very good reason you need to go direct or make an SOI is that she turned out, when I closed, to be a lesbian.

Ironically, why I’m going to leave: this city attracts the worst kinds of women–lesbians, purple haired idiots, super masculine harpies, dirty hippies, and girls with short hair who either hate men or think they are men. And still hate men.

Of course there are plenty of cute, feminine girls here, because in reality they’re everywhere, but the ratio could be way better. Funny, cause this girl had just moved from Texas, and Texas is where I’m planning to head myself. Glad the lesbos are leaving the Lone Star State.

I should add here that MagicD was opening a lot of girls as well, though like me not having a ton of success. He did number close a chick right as we left, who seemed super on. Definitely like hanging with these guys and plan to game with them again.

At that point we decided to go to a different area of town where there’s basically a glorified flea market. This turned out to be really good: tons of volume and lots of dreamy girls out and about. My first and only set was with a very hot black girl, hardly wearing anything: super short skirt, top that left nothing to the imagination. I teased that she was a hippie Saturday Market kind of girl, and it was funny because at first she argued, but then agreed as she considered it more, falling into my frame. When it came out that she had just broken up with her BF (QBF?) and was traveling alone for a wedding on Monday, the lightbulb went off in my head that this could be a same day lay (SDL).

And it should have been! Look at this text she sent me after a few pings:

But then…she flaked!

And what’s hilarious is that at some point, even if she’d come through it wouldn’t have mattered, because I was already in the process of engineering another pull.

The Same Day Lay: what to look for and how to make it happen.

After I number closed hippie black girl (HBG), I met back up with Magic D and Born Again Virgin. They had to go do other stuff, so the gang broke up and I went to get some water because I was absolutely parched, otherwise I would have done more sets because the volume was good.

When I sat down I saw that a client wanted to chat if I had time, and though I prefer to schedule meetings in advance, I’m always happy to chat ad hoc if I can make it work.

We chatted for about a half hour, and by that time I wanted to get some food so I went to do just that.

The black chick who was sending SDL signals wouldn’t be in play for another few hours, so I went into a restaurant and grabbed some food, dinked around on my phone, did some writing.

I’ve been trying not to drink much lately, but it had been a long, hot day and a cold beer sounded really good, so I went to a sports bar where they have a good local tap list and all the playoff basketball games on, plus baseball and other stuff.

The plan was still to wait for a bit, nurse a beer, and then go meet up with HBG at her hotel, but then another girl–also black (which is notable only because there just aren’t many black people where I live)–comes and sits next to me. She’s 28, not quite as hot as the other girl, but thin with a nice rack and definitely a girl I’d be happy to have in my bed.

I forget what I opened her with, but she’s a huge basketball fan so we end up talking a lot about that. It’s pretty on from the start, and again, I find out: she’s traveling. Alone.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush they say, so I start gaming her like it’s an SDL, assuming that I can either ditch out if the other bird texts me to meet at her hotel, and if she flakes, I’ve got the one I’m with.

As I mentioned, HBG ended up flaking, never replying to my last ping, but Basketball Girl was down for shenanigans. I bounced her to a second venue, and we end up doing a shot, drinking another beer–after an hour I bounce her to yet another place, kissing her on the ride over, and then she just volunteers to get her stuff from the hostel she’s staying at so she can come to my place. 

I guess in terms of technical stuff, an SDL is just like a first date where you’re trying to pull, so you initiate kino, escalate smoothly but steadily, go for the kiss sooner than you think, and then you’re continually teasing, flirting, and escalating physically to increase her buying temperature.

I live in the burbs, so it took a bit to get back to my place, but as soon as we got in the door she’s pushing me into the bedroom.

We fucked all night–she loved it from behind and I had her use the vibrator, which she appreciated. Woke up in the morning, fucked again, then went and got some brunch and she rolled out of town.

Funny enough, she sent me a message a day later (would share, but I’d have to redact so much it’s not worth it) saying she had a great time, but that she’s looking for her person, and doesn’t want a long distance relationship–I hadn’t asked for that or done anything to suggest such an arrangement, but sometimes people like closure. She was basically saying: you’re a fuckboi and you served your purpose.

Fine by me.

A few points on engineering a same day lay:

  1. It’s possible. I think most guys miss out on SDLs because they view them as out of the realm of possibility, but that’s the SECRET SOCIETY–girls can be DTF very quickly if it’s the right situation. And I suspect also, that they sometimes PUT themselves in the right situation when they want to get laid–another reason night game is worth a try from time to time.
  2. However, with most girls you meet–especially in day game–it’s NOT possible. With most girls, you’re better off getting the number and moving on: I generally don’t even like doing instadates, unless I think it could go somewhere.
  3. Here are the signs an SDL can happen: she is traveling alone and has NOTHING planned. She is staying at a hotel or hostel in the city. She is in the city, alone, for the day. She says her friends are away. She seems especially friendly and keen to talk to you, making no signs to leave, even after 10-15 minutes of chatting, investing heavily and asking lots of questions about you. She’s new to town and meeting new people. To the best of my recollection, all my SDLs have been with girls traveling–in town for the weekend, but leaving shortly thereafter.
  4. Treat it like a first date where you’re trying to pull her back to yours (or if she offers her hotel room, so much the better). It’s not magical or something that takes a special skill. It’s simply seeing the opportunity is there and then escalating; remember, it’s likely she WANTS you to go for it. After all, what could be more exciting for a girl than meeting a handsome man in a foreign city and having a beautiful seduction?

Date to nowhere–honestly not sure what I did wrong.

Yeah, so sometimes you go on dates and it just doesn’t happen. Unfortunate too, because this girl was an absolute smokeshow: brunette, huge tits (which I suspect were fake), petite, really nice toned ass and legs, tan skin, big eyes and lips. I wouldn’t say she was particularly pretty, but cute enough. Honestly an 8 in my book, even at 33.

Some of you have probably gotten the impression that I hate older women, but I don’t. I don’t hate any women and you shouldn’t either. But what I’ve found with older women is that IN GENERAL they’re more likely to be time wasters and are both more difficult and less genuine than younger women.

There are more bugs in the system, if that makes any sense.

It doesn’t have to be that way of course! There’s no reason older women can’t be fun and energetic and lovely, and some are. Kitty was an older woman and we hung out on many separate occasions over more than a year and it was great (until she got weird). Also, one of the first girls I picked up from night game and pulled the same night was a single mom–I think she was late 30s–and she looked great and was super fun and fucked like a pornstar. Fantastic.

But in my experience the above have been the exception rather than the rule, and it occurs to me that what most women don’t appreciate is how much time and energy men expend leading romantic interactions–the pressure is on me to perform…and that’s OK. I’m good at it, and as a man I accept that this is my role.

But when you spend a lot of time, energy, and oftentimes some amount of money on the approach, date, and seduction only to have the other person put in very little effort and it all ends up going nowhere, it’s frustrating at best.

A good analogy for women is this: you get really pissed when a guy either ghosts you or doesn’t end up seeing you again after sex, because you gave something of yourself and expected some reciprocity. For guys it’s on the front end: I took the time to approach you, had the game to get your number, then exercised the texting to get you out, planned the date and probably paid for it…and then to not get sex or at the very least, a second date, feels like a betrayal–especially if I was fairly cool and did nothing crazily weird or wrong on the date.

Understand ladies, if you think it’s ridiculous for men to want sex or a second date–that no woman owes a guy she goes on a date with any of that, OK fine. That’s cool. But then I’ll say to you that a guy doesn’t owe you a relationship after the first time you sleep together. Have you rejected lots of guys and not seen a guy again after he took you on a nice date and showed you a good time for some whimsical ass reasons? I’ll bet you have. And the flip side of that is that sometimes a guy who sleeps with you isn’t into having a relationship with you, probably because his SMV is +2 points of your own (the dynamic set up by conventional OLD).

That’s the nature of the game. And hopefully we can all agree that ghosting sucks and is a shitty way to treat other people, which is why I never do it.

Perhaps I’m also more biased against than normal, because I’ve had a particularly bad string of older chicks and first dates to nowhere: Book Girl, mid 30s, who was a huge hassle in the first place and then just couldn’t manage to get out of her own way. Coffee Girl, who I had in my house making out, sitting on my lap, feeling my hard cock against her panties, skirt above splayed out, and then…she didn’t want to just do the damn deed, even though her body was screaming YES!

That’s a bug ladies, not a feature–a younger girl would have smashed.

Round 2 never happened–she ghosted after a few week replies to my pinging.

And then there’s Fake Smokeshow Girl (FSG) from Sunday. We met at a cool bar near a lake (same lake as above, different place) and had a drink. I teased her about a story she’d told me, and we talked about how we’d met watching the basketball game that prior Thursday. 

But she kept steering the conversation toward logical, boring stuff. And to be quite honest, she seemed like the classic Millennial girl: doesn’t want to get married or have kids. Just wants to travel. Has a small dog, drinks a lot, can’t cook–she said she’d had boxed macaroni and a few glasses of wine before she met up with me so she had to take an Uber. Like I said, she’s hot enough to get away with that for now, but how long can it last? Very hot, so maybe 40?

Despite the character flaws, she had that stripper’s body and I wanted the notch, so I bounced her to venue two…where they were playing fucking BINGO! Goddamn it: a bunch of old, loud drunk guys. And honestly, whatever shit vibe there was, that killed it.

She’d also mentioned that her mom was going to pick her up after the date, so pulling basically wasn’t an option, and when I tried to turn the conversation sexual and mentioned kink, she had a VERY negative reaction–odd because most girls are at least curious.

But I’ll take the fall–I fucked it up.

I should have had the one drink with her at the bar on the lake and then done Magnum model: nice meeting you, see you later I’ve got stuff to do. That was the move if there was one. Also, bad planning not to know BINGO was happening. A really important and underrated aspect of game is to know the venues you’re going to and planning them efficiently. And for that, I have no one to blame but myself.

All part of the game, but to return to the point, I’ve found that younger women are much less likely to pull this kind of shit. I’ve also found that younger women will come out for date two at a much higher rate than older women, whereas in this case, like Coffee Girl, FSG just ghosted me.

Anyway, that’s why I have my bias. It’s not to say particular older women can’t be fun and awesome and super hot–they can be. But as a general rule, they are not: they’re more difficult, require a lot more patience and energy, and are less likely to end up in my bed or come out for date two. And that’s not just my observation: Magnum makes a point of dating 23/24 and under for the same reason, and other players from all over the world have told me they have the same experience–there’s just a much lower ROI with older women. 

So yeah, if I’m going to spend energy on cold approach, dating, and seduction, I’d much rather target women in their 20s than women in their 30s. It’s the logical choice.

And, let’s just be honest: most of them are way hotter anyway, which is why older women like to throw cold water on sex and the older man/younger woman dynamic.

Game is a GAME: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Even guys like me with quite a bit of experience have wins mixed with losses.

I mean, this weekend could have been dreadful: before I number closed the hippie black girl, all the other girls I’d approached were rejections, and then she flaked! I could easily have gone home with my tail between my legs, zero numbers, and then had that shitty date experience with FSG the next night.

It was saved by the SDL with Basketball girl–and that was random. IME, most of game is: there will always be ups and downs. And luck is most definitely involved.

However, as Arnold Palmer said, “I find the more I practice, the luckier I get.” I got the lay because I was out and I had enough experience to recognize the opportunity was there–AND, to know that even though the hippie girl seemed like a shoe-in, it never hurts to have a back up.

Anyway, if you guys want to learn how to have these kinds of experiences, hit me up for some coaching. I’ve only been helping guys for about nine months now, but I’m taking on more and more clients who are making HUGE strides, whether in OLD, cold approach, dating, or seduction.

Guys who struggled to match on OLD, are getting matches and meeting girls that way.

Guys who struggled to approach girls are approaching, and guys who had trouble even talking to people are finding they have a social side and are starting to crush those demons.

And many of my guys, by whatever means–OLD, day or night game–are getting laid and no longer need me as a coach; they’re just rolling on their own, which is fucking awesome in my book.

Regardless, if you like the blog, help a brother out by throwing me a few bucks on PayPal or become a sponsor on Patreon. The blog will always be free and available for guys who don’t have the money to pay for coaching or prefer to learn on their own.

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  1. “this XX attracts the worst kinds of women–lesbians, purple haired idiots, super masculine harpies, dirty hippies, and girls with short hair who either hate men or think they are men. And still hate men.”

    This happens in many places, it could be work or affairs of the pants. It seems to spread.


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