The July Century Challenge and a point on texting and female interest.

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Summer, despite what it appears on the surface, is actually not the ideal time for game: too many girls on vacation, away from their jobs or universities in big cities, going here and there and everywhere–lots of events and BBQs and concerts and other stuff to compete with in terms of her time and attention.

That said, my God isn’t it beautiful to see women out and about showing skin in the sunshine–especially after the last horrible COVID stained year we’ve had? And in any year, summer certainly beats winter when everyone is hunkered down.

Anyway, to my mind there’s no better time to hone one’s skills at cold approach than during the summer, because even if it might be difficult to get on the docket for her plans between vacations, the opportunities to talk to girls are arguably never more abundant than they are in the summer (I’ll add the caveat that if you live in the South or SW US, or somewhere it’s super hot, then this might not be true–but in most of North America and the EU, it’s glorious): farmer’s markets, street parties, holidays (here in the US, anywhere there’s a 4th of July celebration is GOLD), concerts, festivals, etc.–and if YOU happen to be on vacation, where there’s a pool or a beach or a mall nearby, let’s go!

That said, I invite everyone–readers, clients, and seasoned vets alike–to join me for the July Century Challenge: talk to at least 100 girls during the month of July. This is inspired by a particular client I spoke with recently: I told him if he does 100 sets this month I’ll bet he gets laid and if not I owe him the month of August for free.

And in solidarity, like the 15% challenge I did with Lord Connery and Investor, I’m going to do the same. I still haven’t hit my stride this year–if I’m honest I probably haven’t even done much over 100 sets total. Part of that’s COVID and part of that’s lack of volume, but no more excuses: it’s go time.

If you’re down for the challenge, let me know in the comments, DM me on Twitter, or send me an email and I’ll create a group on Telegram where we can collaborate, keep each other accountable, chat, and support each other throughout the month as we track our approaches. Additionally, if you want to get some support and coaching during the process, hit me up and we’ll make it happen: I can be a virtual wing, we can do simultaneous sessions together, and/or do calls before and after your sessions–whatever you need to get better and start learning the beautiful art of Day Game and cold approach…and yes, night game approaches absolutely count!

So if you’re in, let me know–and if not, follow me here and on Twitter and see how it goes!

On female interest and text game.

Let’s say you do the above and in those first ten sets you get a few numbers. As Mr. V advises, you text her 1.5ish days later (I also like to text her right when she gives the number; reduces flakes IME).

Like this:

  • She gives the number–RP: Hey Jessica this is RP nice meeting you 😉
  • Jessica: nice meeting you too!
  • 1.5 days later–RP: Hey there miss kitty–how was wine tasting (maybe she revealed she has two cats and was going wine tasting later and you teased her about that–point is to call back to something you talked about that was cute or funny).

…But alas, no reply from Jessica.

Now to begin, don’t panic: she still might text back–I’ve had girls text me days later and still come out. But let’s be honest, it’s not a good sign.

It’s also to be expected. Remember, unless you’re VERY GOOD (and sometimes even then), about half of the numbers you take will straight up flake: you’ll never hear from her again. Just know that it’s baked into the formula. And that happens on OLD too right? Actually it’s way worse on OLD in terms of girls who match and then don’t reply or don’t come out. Girls flake–it’s what they do. If you can’t accept that you’re going to have a very hard time in this game.

Then, of the half or so of girls who do reply, another half won’t come out on a date. I’ll credit Tom Torero with these numbers, but know going into this that a large percentage of the numbers you take are going to disappear, either right away or after a few texts.

Good news is that the ones who hook in cold approach tend to hook strong. And that’s the point I want to get to here: if a chick likes you–is sexually attracted to you–she’s not going to get turned off because you texted her back too fast one time, or because you used an emoji she didn’t like. If a girl likes you–and in particular if she REALLY likes you–she will make it easy for you to get her out and fuck her.

On the other hand, if she’s on the fence or unsure, there’s no set of magical texts that will get her out: at that point, it’s up to her random chick whims–if she feels horny and curious, she’ll come out. If she’s in a bad mood or work is shitty, she won’t.

But so many guys absolutely kill themselves overanalyzing the texts they send to chicks, particularly the ones right before she goes silent, and the truth is that 99% of the time, she just wasn’t that interested in the first place.

Are you following Mr. V’s guide to texting? Have you read what I have to say on the topic? If so, and you’re applying the lessons in those guides, then it’s not your texting–you’re probably doing just fine. And instead of worrying endlessly about the exact verbage of what you sent her, here’s what you should do: go talk to more girls.

Abundance, abundance, abundance.

Most problems guys have with chicks are the result of a lack of abundance and the fact other girls don’t want to fuck them. Because guess what? Chad–whether he’s a clueless natural, a player, or whatever–doesn’t sit around analyzing the texts he sends to chicks. He doesn’t care. And what’s crazy is that’s true even if he’s a husband and father–his wife kinda knows other chicks want to fuck him and that keeps her loving and loyal.

Which brings me back to the century challenge–I want you to go talk to a shit load of girls this month. Take a bunch of numbers. Go on some dates. For those of you who actually follow through and talk to 100 girls, many of you will in fact get laid. And trust me, when you’re texting 3-4 different chicks who are on and going out to do 20-30 sets a week, you won’t care about the girls who flake or don’t come out. And ironically, once you get that girl tornado going, more of the girls you approach will be interested and want to come out. I don’t know how exactly girls know when a guy is fucking, but they know, and it makes them hornier.

Is theory important? Sure.

Is learning the LDM useful? Definitely.

Is proper texting important? Yes.

Should you have your fitness, finances, and fashion sorted out? Absolutely.

But the best thing guys can do to get better at Game is to GO OUT AND TALK TO MORE GIRLS. And that’s true of OLD as well–hell if you’re on OLD, upgrade your photos, try different apps, open more chicks. Be abundant on there too.

Whatever you do, however, understand this: cold approach is the ultimate force multiplier. Even if you don’t get that many girls from day or night game, having done it and doing it regularly will make you much better on dates, escalating, seduction, and in relationships.

So join us this July and talk to at least 100 girls!

Again, if you want help, hit me up. Otherwise, good luck out there fellas.


  1. pancakemouse, if Atlanta is in your path, you should definitely check it out. I was there for a week and people are out and about. Pretty girls everywhere in the midtown area


  2. I’m going to enter my name in this. Where I live though it’s so hot that Summer isn’t ideal. But I’m going to give it a shot anyway. Why not.


  3. >> Summer, despite what it appears on the surface, is actually not the ideal time for game

    I’m currently traveling the US, and I’ve been disappointed by game so far this summer.

    Was in St. Louis last week. Met up with a couple of community guys, we went to 5-6 spots, everything was dead. I then spent the next three days gaming on my own, or at least trying to. Found one approachable set in 4+ hours of actively looking.

    In Louisville now. The city is dead. There’s barely any foot traffic anywhere. Managed to scrape out 3 approaches in two hours at the biggest mall, have found nothing in the two supposed biggest daygame spots for volume (confirmed by local guy). Went out on a weeknight, there was nothing going.

    I had this image, especially post pandemic, of everyone being outside and girls just walking around waiting to be approached. But I realize that’s a projection of how *I* want the world to be, not how everyone else wants it to be. I fear that Netflix and social media and staying inside have gained momentum and we may never recover.

    Another factor: because colleges have been shut down, I think there’s way less or even NO people on campus during the summer. Whereas other summers you have people taking summer classes.

    Some caveats:
    – I’ve never been to these cities before. It’s possible (probable) they were always like this to some extent.
    – It’s been either 90+ and humid OR pouring rain in these two cities. I handle the heat a lot better than other people; I have no problem being outside in up to 100 degree humid heat. I think people tend to cocoon above a certain temperature, as you mention in your post.

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