Explanation of my coaching and teaching philosophy.

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I tweeted something the other day that probably pissed some people off.

It’s admittedly arrogant and in a way I’m taking credit for what is mostly my students’ hard work–arguably a dick move.

I mean, I can show them the way–but that’s easy. I know, for the most part, what to do, because I’ve done it. They’re the ones who have to endure the trials of fire and ice, aka constant rejection, failure, and doing stuff that’s terrifying for most guys. Cold approach, whether day or night game, is scary–it takes massive balls to do it, and I have huge respect for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in this process.

Regardless, I want to celebrate my students’ success. I’m a selfish fuck, so of course I want to get laid and be with hot women–that’s my number one priority–but it pumps me up to be able to help other guys do the same. I honestly love this more than any other “work” I’ve done in my life, if it can even be called work.

And just so guys understand: some students are in WAY different places than others. I have some very good looking clients who can match with hotties on OLD–they just need some dating and escalation strategies, plus maybe a few pep talks here and there.

Other guys–indeed my most beloved and longest term client–are starting from a places of massive social anxiety and scarcity. No judgments. Again: everyone is at a different spot and all we can do is be honest about where that is and then go onward and upward from there. The gentleman I’m thinking of has never had a lot of success with women or cold approach, and we’ve been taking small, incremental steps toward him ultimately becoming a strong day gamer.

But he will get there. I have no doubt about that. Because I know he won’t quit.

That’s the agreement I have with all my clients: I will NEVER give up on you, and if YOU don’t give up, you will succeed.

On the other hand, I will tell you if you’re being a pussy. I will tell you you’re fat and need to lose weight. I will tell you to go harder, longer, stronger, and keep grinding.

I’m never mean or cruel. I’ll never scream and yell. I had red-ass coaches growing up playing baseball and the last thing you need in a game of fear and failure is another reason to be afraid. My coaching style is one of calm, confidence, and compassion. But we have to be honest about each guy’s strengths and weaknesses; without that, plus the willingness to fail and conquer our fears, there can be no progress.

And frankly, if you’re not ready for this, I will tell you not to pay me to coach you. I don’t want to coach guys who aren’t ready–not because I don’t want to help, but because until you’re ready, I can’t.

I’ve told guys:

  • You need to become more social, read more books, make some friends, and develop some charisma before I can help you.
  • You need to lose weight before paying me for coaching makes sense.
  • You’re not doing the work, and if you’re not going to try, I’m not going to let you pay me.
  • You’re not in a place in your life where this should be the focus. Work on other stuff–let me know when you’re ready.

But for guys who are ready, there is so much we can do to increase your success with women.

To start, I do an intake call with all of my clients where we go through a checklist of everything a player needs to square away and keep in mind as he moves forward on this journey. We’ll talk about developing an archetype and unique style, how to peacock, as well as fitness, lifting, and diet. Then we cover basic aspects of body language. Next, for guys who are interested (if you don’t want to be on the apps, I get it, and we’ll skip this step), we’ll talk about maximizing and optimizing their OLD pictures and profile, plus general strategy for getting quality matches.

The bread and butter of what I teach is cold approach–especially day game. To start, I give guys a very basic approach gambit, as well as some homework on how to make approaching easier and becoming more social and “alpha” in general. For guys who are interested in night game, we talk about how that works and differs from classic day game.

Finally, I answer any particular struggles or questions clients have about Game in general. At the end of the call I send them an email with the checklist, as well as any homework assignments and next steps, plus I share my PDFs, which will soon include audio files of some of my approaches as well as a day game coaching pep talk.

After the intake call, we check in–typically once a week, but it ultimately depends on the guys’ schedule. I charge hourly, and depending on how much coaching guys anticipate, they can buy a package of hours that suits their needs.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, hit me up for a free phone call and I’m happy to answer!

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