Field Report: bar/coffee shop game, and a wild weekend of clubbing.

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So I went to a soccer (football for the rest of the world) bar yesterday to watch the game between England and Denmark, planning to also do some editing of RedQuest’s draft of a novel he’s been working on. I get to the place, and there’s a beautiful blonde sitting on the corner with her dog, so I pull up a stool on the other side of the corner, get out my computer, and start working/watching the match.

I open indirect, simply asking: who you like in this one? She’s rooting for the Danes, who are up 1-0 pretty early on. From there, we end up chatting off and on for the next two and a half hours, but as we continue talking, I’m escalating through eye contact and telling stories, getting her to qualify, and eventually starting some incidental kino: touching her leg when she jokes, asking to see her rings and holding her hand for a lingering moment, brushing her hair back to see her earrings.

It’s not technically night game, or day game, but it’s Game nevertheless: something that has resulted in a fair number of my lays for me over the past few years.

Now, normally I would not spend two plus hours on one girl, but I wanted to see who won the game, and after, it was natural to continue talking and flirting for a bit. I see pretty early on that she’s married and she even mentions her husband–but pay attention to her actions, not her words, right? And her actions are that of a girl who’s becoming increasingly invested and attracted to me. She says, “you must get so many girls with those baby blue eyes,” comments on the size of my arms (at some point squeezes my bicep), is returning the strong eye contact, and lights up when the conversation turns somewhat sexual.

I say somewhat, and this is a good point for guys to remember: DO NOT talk explicitly about sex, especially vis-a-vis you and her have sex. Instead, talk about sex adjacent topics. For example, she asked what I was working on, so I say, “reading and editing my friend’s novel.”

She asks, “what’s it about?”

“A beautiful seduction.” So mysterious…

I then go on to explain the premise, which is essentially a day game pick up, leading to dating, leading to sex, and I’ll leave it there because you guys should buy the novel when RedQuest publishes it, but of course I’m leaving out PUA terms and certainly not calling it day game.

We also end up talking about 50 Shades of Grey (I say, “I think women long for a man they can fully submit to and lose themselves in the physical experience”) and some other sex adjacent topics.

Long story short, I get her number and suggest we get together sometime for lunch, and she enthusiastically agrees, hugs me twice as she leaves. If she hadn’t had the dog, I might have tried for the SDL, but the logistics were bad because of that. Cute doggo btw.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But RPD, she’s married!”

I know.

And pre-red pill, maybe even a year ago, I might have not bothered. But if she’s going to cheat, she’s going to cheat, and it might as well be me. I learned that blindly with the Israeli, who revealed she was married after the second time while lying on my chest with my cum inside of her.

If you think that’s immoral, I’ll remind you what the Godfather Rollo has to say: sexual strategy is neither moral or immoral–it is amoral. Or maybe that’s Red Pill basics, but whatever it is it’s true: girls mostly do what they want in the sexual marketplace. Why shouldn’t I do the same?

Anyway, this was an odd situation both because she was married and we were sitting and talking for so long because of the football match, but I’ve done a lot of shorter versions with good results. Go to a bar (don’t have to drink–order a kombucha or soda water–no one cares) or coffee shop with my computer, fully intending to get some work done, but then if I see a cute girl there or one shows up, I’ll go say hi, open, and sit down next to her.

Typically then I might work some, talk to her some, but over the course of a half hour or hour, we’re usually fully engaged in conversation and vibing big time. And when I leave, of course, I take the number and seed the date.

I won’t argue this is necessarily time efficient, because it’s not, nor will I suggest it’s foolproof, because girls I’ve met this way still sometimes flake (Why? Because that’s what girls do).

But that said, the hook on these girls is much, much stronger than normal, and my chances of her NOT flaking and actually coming out for a date when I run these types of sets skyrockets–the main reason being is that I have much more time to demonstrate both value and comfort, and it also doesn’t look like game at all compared to a day or night game approach; indeed, it appears merely incidental–the best kind of coincidence.

As for the married chick? Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens…

Night game mania and a few more beach approaches.

On the long 4th of July weekend before, I managed to do 25 approaches (combination of day and night game–with the two I did yesterday I have 73 to go for the July Century Club) all told without much fanfare: took 5 numbers, none of them have replied or come out. But good game on my part nonetheless, and perhaps some things guys can learn from.

The volume has been kinda bad where I live, so ended up doing a lot of night game to get those 25. Getting back in that scene, especially mostly in the kind of club I hate, was a good reminder of a few tactics:

  • In night game, you can literally just go up and introduce yourself, notice something about the girl and comment, or ask, “what are you celebrating/what brings you ladies out?” and that works. If you want to think of more clever openers, go ahead, but don’t think too long or too hard. Chad acts.
  • Day game tactics often work really well in night game: in fact, several of my sets were basically the same as a day game set–open, stack, vibe, ground, close.
  • You can easily open groups and two sets in night game. The hottest girl I number closed–a high 8 gorgeous brunette recently graduated from college (everyone in my group agreed she was the hottest chick in the bar that night)–was a part of a two set, and to the point above, I ran the set exactly like a day game set.
  • Night game is hard, but there are A LOT of hot girls out and available–a way higher concentration of young and hot than you’re going to get in basically any other scenario.
  • Ratios are everything. If it’s even, or more girls than guys, it’s really good. If it’s tilting toward more guys than girls, it starts getting bad. A rule might be that once a bar/club gets to 60/40 guys to girls, you need to do whatever sets you can there and then leave for greener pastures.

It was also really fun to go out with my new wings: Nevada and E-Chad, plus a few other guys I met, although I didn’t get to know the other guys as well. Wings push you to get better and keep the vibe going, whereas when you’re alone it’s easy to get stale between sets.

In other game news, I did a few sets at a Farmer’s Market, then later at the beach:

Momentum is a thing fellas.

The best news of all is that my AA is basically near zero right now: I’ve approached and talked to so many hot girls for a long enough period of time that I just don’t care. I see the girl and go.

Which is what you should do. Don’t think: just go. Roy Walker said something the other day about how he basically blacks out his sets, because he’s not thinking–he’s working on pure instinct and joy.

And that’s why I advise guys to go out and do extended sessions. First is hard. Second is easier. And then there’s an exponential curve you travel up where at some point you don’t care. You see a hot girl and get excited instead of nervous. You puff out your chest and the stare you put in her eyes makes her wet.

Momentum is a thing boys.

Which, BTW, is why I’m going to stop writing this post and start running game.

Much love fellas!

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