Weekend Field Report: more sets and a cherry on top +1.

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When I got the text, I told Mr. Pips: this is code.

Code for: let’s hang out today. Soon. Now.

I did get her out and it was lovely, but let’s start with the other stuff.

Saturday was solid–one of the only days I can be assured to get volume in the city anymore. My client, Mr. Pips, was in good form, and with that we headed to a Farmer’s Market. On the way we opened a few different people. Always good to stay in state and start being social and talking to anyone and everyone you can.

Once there we scoped it out and decided to do a few laps. As soon as he left, a beautiful young woman came sauntering my way. I opened direct and she stopped to chat. I stacked on the her white dress and her fashion sensibilities. Vibing was short, but she never hooked. Solid game, but when I went for the close, “no thanks.” Wished her a good day and moved on to the next.

Quick point on that: remember when you’re doing this, you should make her day. You are bringing magic into the world and a good approach should be a GOOD experience for the girl. Many are going to say no or have a BF or whatever, but regardless, I always wish them well and thank them for talking to me. Mr. Pips even told me, several times: “you’re just naturally friendly and it doesn’t seem like anything other than a casual conversation.”

Exactly how it should be. Good game doesn’t look like game.

Funny enough, right after the white dress girl a local day gamer I’d gone out with before, BAV, and a new guy came up–they’d seen the set and were hitting the same area. We chatted a bit and then I headed off to do a few more sets. Had one girl who didn’t hook–not a crazy blowout, but she didn’t stop either, so meh. But the next girl was money.

Ms. Mousy was a cute brunette from the midwest. I opened her telling her she had an East coast vibe going. We talked for awhile on various topics, centering on spirituality and yoga and the like. She kept noting how surprised she was that I stopped her, but asked me a lot of questions, hooking strong and giving the number without a second thought.

Then for some reason I went on a streak of pussying out. First it was alone, then with my client. Not that I wasn’t approaching–I was, and getting good reactions for the girls generally–but I could just kinda tell that a lot of them were going to say no or have a BF; some of it was approaching in groups and not being direct enough with the girl I wanted to close, etc. So basically I/we had several more sets (probably 3-4) on our way to the next spot, but I didn’t attempt to close, so I’m not counting those, because I was being a bitch.

For beginners and Mr. Pips, it was good: most of the day game we talk about isn’t the close–and in truth, most guys have the hardest time opening and just having a cool conversation, so that’s where a lot of the focus lies initially. But for me it was ridiculous–I was, as some guys have said, “letting them go.” And that’s bullshit. The only reason you should “let a girl go” is if she’s actually moving away and doesn’t stop, OR if she mentions in the set that she’s married or has a BF. Otherwise: close. Even if it’s a shitty set and you think she’s going to say no–because the truth is, YOU DON’T KNOW until you ask. I’ve gotten laid off shitty sets where I thought I had no chance, and so have other guys.

So, as the cliche goes in sales, always be closing. If you don’t try to close it doesn’t count as a set (unless she blows you out or leaves mid set). If she stays to the end, ask for the number. Always.

Anyway, we headed down to another area I call “The Cut” where there are a bunch of touristy restaurants and shops and street vendors; typically pretty busy on Saturdays and Sundays. We found a good rendezvous spot in the center and again, took turns doing some laps. On the plus-side, I think it was good for Mr. Pips to do some sets on his own, without having me there to open or taking the initiative. On the downside, I couldn’t see or observe what he was doing, so we could only talk about it after the fact.

I ended up doing four more sets in that time: two IGs (meh–although one was from a smoking hot young redhead who made me think of Mr. V), then a number from a vendor selling paintings. Super cute girl, but I haven’t heard anything from her, or either of the IG closes. The other set was a cute Latina who was into what I was spitting, but then when I tried to close: BF.

Sunday we hit another Farmer’s Market, and pretty quick I did three approaches. The first girl was a stunner–super thin, auburn hair, green eyes. I opened her complimenting her necklace and stacked on how she had a mystical aura and I could see her dancing the forest with wood nymphs on warm summer evenings or some shit like that. Actually I probably wasn’t even that clever, but along those lines. We vibed on the Tao Te Ching and had a lovely conversation, but she was from out of town, and despite my redirect, wouldn’t give the number.

The next girl was a little Latina carrying flowers, so I dredged up my old line, “hey, pretty girls shouldn’t have to buy their own flowers!” She laughed and stopped, but seemed a bit nervous. I continued to be pretty direct and eventually she just said, “I have a BF” so I wished her a nice day.

Third set was a dreamy blonde in a pink dress. She was looking at handbags and I told her they wouldn’t match with her bougie purse, which she thought was pretty funny. I stacked on the food she was buying and asked what she was going to make for dinner–indeed, what would she make for a handsome man coming to dinner?

It was then she held up her hand to show me a massive rock of a wedding ring. Alas.

Mr. Pips did well to open a few girls there as well, though like me he didn’t have any luck taking a number.

From there we drove to a cool shopping area/street in town with lots of thrift shops and cheap jewelry stores–both because it’s a good place for game and also because Mr. Pips wanted to maybe get a ring or a necklace, and I wanted to check out some T-shirts.

I ended up doing four more sets, none of which are particularly remarkable, other than one absolutely spectacular NY style blowout with the chick rushing past me like I was street trash.

But the day game gods smile upon RPD!

One thing about day game that always seems true is that the girls who hook and give a number, tend to hook really strong. I don’t mean the haphazard number guys get that the girl is just giving to get rid of them or end the conversation–I mean the ones where she’s genuinely engaged, asking questions, and in awe of the boldness of the approach.

Such was the case with Ms. Mousy. When she sent the reply to my initial ping text, I knew shit was on, so after my session with Mr. Pips, I set up the date. I got there a little early, then got a table on the street–not ideal because I couldn’t sit next to her, but in the end that wasn’t a problem. We each had a drink and some chips and guacamole, then I paid the bill and suggested we go for a walk.

Now, here was my little trick: I needed to charge my phone (I really did actually), did she live close enough I could drop it by her place and plug it in while we walked? Yes, absolutely, not a problem. The lucky thing was that it was far enough away I had time to hold her hand, then pulled her in for the kiss, and by the time we got to her place I don’t think there was any doubt if we were walking anymore–although, get this: she says before we enter, “we’re not having sex tonight.”

“Slow down turbo I just need to charge my phone.”

We went in and I pushed her up against the wall, holding her hands, pinned on either side, and we made out for awhile. She suggested putting on some music, so I let her do that and sat down on the couch–after plugging my phone in. We sat and talked and made out for awhile, but then I pulled her on top of me and clothes started coming off and then she said something like, “OK, goddamn it we can have sex.”

With that I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed, took off my shirt, and then pulled her skirt off. We fooled around in our underwear for awhile, her hand on my dick, me fingering her, and then it just became too much for both of us and I spread her legs and got on top of her. We did that for awhile, then I had her get on top, which she seemed to really like, then turned her around doggy, then finally finished back in missionary.

We cuddled after that for a bit, but she had to work early and I had a lot of shit to get done today (like writing this field report), so after probably half an hour or so, I took off, feeling rather glorious.

Lovely girl I’ll definitely see again. A little older as it turned out, 32, but the golden rule is would you have sex with her, and the answer to that was a resounding yes: she was a petite little thing with medium, but firm breasts, a slender body, and a nice ass. No complaints here whatsoever.

Anyway, if you’re interested in doing some live infield stuff, whether you’re already a client or not, hit me up! It was super fun meeting and gaming with Mr. Pips in the flesh, and he definitely got better–took the number of a chick who was 18 being the most eye opening thing of all! If he continues on the path, he’s going to do just fine.


  • Overall: I did 23 “good” sets (probably opened at least 35, but as I mentioned I didn’t try to close all of them, and btw I have 29 left to do for the July Century Club), and Mr. Pips did another 12-15–he’s fairly new to the actual practice of day game, so that was really good for where he’s at. Collectively we took five numbers over the weekend (including one he took on his own, outside of our sessions), plus another four or five IGs, and then I was able to convert the one lay. Again, volume can be difficult here if you’re wondering about the numbers, and as for only five phone numbers, that’s weird–I have some ideas on why that might be, but that’s for another post. TL;DR–I’ve noticed post COVID that I’m getting fewer numbers than I used to, and I think a big part of that is that so many girls still have boyfriends.
  • Mr. Pips is a bit older of a guy, but the point I had to make to him repeatedly is that he’s IN THE GAME with much younger women. So if you’re a guy in your late 40s or 50s, don’t weasel out just because she’s young. Like, if you’re pretty certain she’s underage, then yeah, move along. But if she’s 18-24, go talk to her and find out. I will grant that an older guy’s swing zone is more in the 25-40 range, but some number of those younger girls really like older guys…problem is, you’ll never find out if you don’t approach.
  • Got many if not most of the sets I did this weekend, recorded, so once I get the audio quality sorted out, I’ll share those with clients–always useful to hear what other guys are doing, as well as useful for my own improvement. If you’re serious about this, you NEED to be recording your sets.
  • One thing about where I live is that while the volume is sometimes brutal, a point my client made on several occasions is that girls will at least stop here and talk to you. In some places, like NYC where he’s from, that IS NOT the case–and it makes me wonder if I’ve been gaming on easy mode? Not that day game or cold approach is ever easy, but girls being reasonably friendly and social makes a BIG fucking difference when you’re trying to do this stuff.
  • I didn’t have high expectations for the last street/shopping area we went to, but it was actually really good–lots of cute young girls walking around–so much so that I’m currently finishing this in a coffee shop here today, hoping to get out and run a few sets when I finish. It’s always worth trying new locations and revisiting others, especially if you’re always chasing volume as I am.
  • An aspect of my game that I’m not sure other guys employ–but the should–is talking constantly to lots of different people. I throw compliments at girls or sets I’m not interested in or where logistics for having a conversation are bad, I talk to shop owners, waitresses, people dining on the street–whoever. When I’m out and about I want to be in state as much as possible, which means being social and alpha, always.
  • Last point: look at where we went to run game–farmer’s markets, tourists traps, and a shopping street/district. Too many guys are doing pure street day game, and if that’s what you’re doing, you’re missing a ton of sets, including easier sets where the girl is in a store or coffee shop or park or in line and she’s already stopped. These are also places where people go simply to go out–to see and be seen–and that’s a much different vibe than trying to catch people on the weekday commute home. Day game means talking to girls during the day, not on the street, a distinction not enough guys seem to make.

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  1. Volume > girls stopping and talking to you

    The girls that blow you out in big cities were never going to talk to you anyway. They’re saving you time.

    I didn’t make the street game vs. daygame difference early on. Another thing I had to unlearn from London Daygame. I was approaching girls in the San Francisco Financial District at 6 PM and wondering why all the girls were rushing past, blowing me out.


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