Festival Girl Field Report 2.0

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Despite what I said in my post on +1s, does it feels really fucking good to put your dick inside a girl, not just in a visceral way, but as the end of a successful seduction? Hell yes it does. 

Oktoberfest girl is one of my longer seductions: we met nearly a month ago at the aforementioned event, had to send a reviver text to follow up the first, to which she eventually responded, then kept her engaged via text game over two and a half weeks, got her out for drinks earlier this week, and then finally, when she came over for dinner on Friday, we sealed the deal.

Let’s start with the text game: strong on my part. I pinged her right after meeting, but no reply. Then I employed my reviver text–a good photo of myself, followed by this: 

“In case you forgot what I looked like 😉”

“Would love to grab coffee or a drink sometime.”

So far that text fucking works: I’ve gotten responses from dead leads on that now about 70% of the time. You’re welcome.

From there I texted mostly like a cool, normal guy who’s busy. She replied to the reviver and I texted with her a bit that day, then laid off for a few before texting again. Texting was mostly everyday, but I did skip a few. Main lessons: 

  1. You’re the man and you need to initiate if it goes dead. Modern feminism is so comedic because, as we can all observe in the real world, women don’t initiate or follow up on anything. 
  2. Photos, memes, GIFs are good on occasion.
  3. Be NORMAL! It’s OK to ask her about herself and to answer her questions honestly without being super gamey. Think about it this way: WWCD (what would Chad do)? Chad would be cool, but he’d text back a few times right away if she had his attention, then fall off for a bit, then re-engage, rinse, repeat. Too many guys over analyse. Yes, texting is important, but worry about being somewhat honest, genuine, and normal, not sending the perfect gamey text to every reply–that comes off silly after awhile.

The first date sets up the second and ultimately, the lay. We met for drinks on a weeknight and initially sat across from each other. We talked some shop–her job, mine–because in some ways that’s inevitable, but as quickly as I could turned the conversation to aesthetics: what she likes, what I like, food, music, movies, that sort of thing. We also went back to the pick up, which is often worth doing, because it’s hot. Why? Ask yourself this: why is she out with you? If she didn’t think the pick up was hot and/or that you were hot, she wouldn’t be on a date with you.

On the second drink I came and sat next to her and employed my standard kiss close: “come here, let’s try something.” And then you kiss her. Is it genius? Nope. But it works and girls like it. Assume the attraction! She wants you to win. So fucking win and go get her. 

A lot of guys like the two date model ala Black Dragon, on which you DO NOT kiss the girl, keep the date to an hour, etc. Does it work? Some guys say yes and I have no reason to doubt them. However, I prefer–even if it’s a two date situation, as this date was–to go for the kiss and escalate. I want to show her that I’m attracted to her, bold, and I’m going to make things happen. That may not jive with your style, and each guy has to find what works for him, but that works for me. Even on dates where I don’t go for the lay or get a second, it spikes the attraction to go for the kiss, get close to her, and make lots of strong physical contact (I have a PDF on this exclusively for my coaching clients).

In any case, good first date and she heads home, but before she did this I took a page out of RedQuest’s dating model and seeded the second date: risotto at my house Friday night. I text her the next day in the evening saying it was fun meeting her and I had a good time, and we text back and forth a few times leading up to the actual dinner date. 

Surprisingly, the actual sex was easy. She was like, “show me around,” and I started to do that and then kissed her because I wanted to and it got super hot and after a few minutes I could tell this wasn’t the type of kissing that stops–she had that fuck me right now because I’m soaked energy! When you’re standing at the top of the water slide, doubt is the wrong feeling. I picked her up, deposited her on my bed, gradually the clothes came off, and then we fucked like little teenage rabbits until I pulled out and came on her stomach. I’d have nutted inside if she’d let me (she did the next time). 

Next, we made risotto. Great dinner date plan which I describe in this post, and that’s basically what happened. I teased her, led her, and had  a super fun night and a great dinner! 

Unsurprisingly, immediately after dinner she wanted to fuck again, only this time I get out the handcuffs and the blindfold, which she absolutely loves. She asks me what she should call me. There is only one answer: daddy. I also ended up getting out the vibrator (again, hat tip to RedQuest on that) while she rode me. Being the second time in less than 90 minutes, I didn’t think I’d be able to come again…but we just kept fucking and it happened.

After that, we sit down on the couch to watch a movie but I put on some music and we just end up talking for a long time, then try the cupcakes she brought for dessert (I told her to bring dessert–always give her something to do, humans value what they work for—women want to earn the man). We had an amazing night; a beautiful experience. As it happened, we ended up fucking yet again for a third time, starting with her going down on me! Absolutely incredible and in the end I came for a third time in less than 5 hours, a testament to us both. 

I’m planning on seeing her again, interested to see where this goes. Cute girl, great chemistry, strong connection–she’s smart, feminine, sexy, and has some of the most amazing tits I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying eyes or hands on. 

How did I meet her? Cold approach. If you want to learn how to do this, hit me up.

Another way to frame this: +1 MOTHERFUCKERS! LET’S GO!

Kidding. If I didn’t believe in the last piece I wrote then the only way to interpret it is as a massive cope, which I assure you it’s not. We should be engaged in doing something more than simply recording the number of girls we put our dicks in here, right? Because as I pointed out in that post–as other guys have pointed out to me–if we measure ourselves by women, the tacit agreement is exposing ourselves to their emotional whims and squirreliness, which is something I refuse to do any longer.

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