The Halloween Game Plan for Players.

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As soon as a woman puts on a costume she becomes a slut. The old joke is that girls have it easy when it comes to costumes: simply add “slutty” before the title and it works—the slutty nurse, librarian, doctor, Amish farmer, accountant, lawyer, cop, cat, etc. The irony is that it’s not really a joke: women want to be sluts. They like dress up and role play because it automatically puts them in a submissive sexual dynamic, in which she’s not responsible for her actions because she has to play the part, and the character she’s chooses 9/10 times is a hot slut who loves to fuck strong, dominant men.

Enter Halloween, the holiday that demands dressing up, where it’s basically expected women will wear costumes as risque as possible according to the level their hotness allows (as xbtusd points out: “Halloween” can be created anytime through careful networking and planning in the form of a costume and/or sex party, but I think I’ll leave that topic for another time; I have very little training, as of yet, in the sex party scene). You know how I say that in night game a fair percentage of girls have gone out looking for a guy to take them home that same night? At any Halloween event, three wondrous things happen: 

  1. A lot more girls come out—it’s a huge socio-cultural event, so whatever bar or club or party you go to is going to have significantly more volume. 
  2. The percentage willing to go home with a guy skyrockets. If it’s ordinarily 20-30%, on Halloween it probably jumps up to near 50%, or higher in some cases.
  3. Cock blocking is at as low a level as you will ever see, because, unlike a typical night out, the fat girls (usually a Becky or Joy) have no power—it’s Halloween, and if a girl can’t get crazy then, when can she? So whereas girls will often listen to the killjoys on a random Saturday, they’re much more likely slap them down at a Halloween event and say fuck it. Girls are looking for permission to be crazy in general, but most guys are too dumb or ill coodinated to give them permission, and their “friends” are too often fat and jealous and playing their own sexual strategy game. On Halloween, however, the rules are suspended. 

Case in point: at a Halloween EDM show in 2018 I pulled one of the hotter chicks I’ve fucked. It was surprisingly easy: I opened her, we danced a bit, lost each other as I talked to some other girls, found each other again, and then she says, “do you live close?” and I said, “yes, yes I do.” We left the party to fuck like rabbits, and she gave zero fucks about leaving the friends she’d come with—nor did I.

The Game Plan

First and most obvious, you need a decent costume: get thee to a thrift or costume store and get cracking. Don’t think clever, think hot. If you’re in shape and have toned/big muscles (and if you’re not, go out for Halloween, but sign up for the gym this weekend too), you want to show them off—that doesn’t mean going shirtless (although you can)–but, just like a chick, you want to be showing some skin, preferably biceps, shoulders, and to some degree pecs. This can be as simple as wearing a tight shirt, whatever your costume happens to be. Otherwise, it’s just needs to be clear you’re dressing up as…something. It doesn’t matter a ton what that something is, so long as it’s not how a normal person would dress and you know what you’re going as because people are going to ask.

Some low hanging fruit: punk rocker or rockstar, viking/roman warrior, vampire, greek (toga! toga!), fireman, criminal (chicks love the idea of fucking the bad boy), gangster, pimp, etc. 

Next, find where the parties are. If you have a strong friend group, maybe you have a house party you’re invited to. Excellent. The only thing there is that the stronger that social circle, the less likely the girls will be willing to hook up (read: big house parties far greater than smaller ones–think 50+ people as big), which is why I prefer to go–with friends–to bars or clubs that are throwing Halloween parties. This year, you could legitimately go out Thursday through Sunday, depending on how hard you want to hit it. Target the ones where you have to buy tickets to get in: if it’s free, it sucks. 

So it’s the night of the party, you’ve showered, donned your costume, gotten ready–what do you need to do before you go out? LOGISTICS! Your place should be clean, you should have plenty of alcohol (weed and other drugs too, if you’re into it) and some snacks, condoms—both on your person and at home—and gum (you don’t want bad breath to fuck up your night, and, if you roll, you might want some in case of jaw clenching, and many of the best parties involve rolling). Also, think about how you’re going to pull if that ends up happening: are you driving, or taking an Uber? It’s unlikely public transportation is going to be an option, since, even if it’s still running, nothing dries a pussy like telling a girl you can’t spring for a taxi when the situation demands one. The final piece of logistics is to consider how much you’ll be drinking/doing drugs, and if need be, you might want to consider getting some viagra or cialis if the pull is on, to avoid whisky dick when you have Princess Leah stripped out of that golden bikini.

The biggest difference and advantage for the player–or even the average guy–on Halloween, is that the opener is super easy: however she’s dressed up, there’s surely something to say about it (in many cases, “I love your costume” will do–then guess/say what it is and why you like it). However, I advise against opening direct (it’s implied that you’re talking to her because you think she’s hot) or making any sort of comment that might make her feel slutty. Many girls are going to be a little nervous dressing as they are and the last thing you want to do is make her feel exposed or like she owes you something because she’s dressed a certain way. Instead, let the conversation surrounding costumes be about fantasy and role play–but don’t talk about that entirely! Find out who she is and run your game like you’d talk to any girl, whether day or night game. 

Unlike day game, however–unless you’re on the street or it’s such a huge venue you may not see her again–the goal is not simply a number close. Now, if you happen to get the number as a part of your seduction, great. For example, maybe you connect on IG, but continue gaming her–or maybe you want to text her a pic you took of her and her friends in costume or vice-versa. Perfect. But don’t get her number as a final act–unless it’s the final act. Have fun, talk to lots of girls, flirt, be light and confident, and as the night wears on, start looking for girls who are genuinely into you: she keeps giving you IOIs, follows you around or manages to get near you, wants to dance, wants to have a drink, etc. Then, just as in night game, we want to isolate at some point and go for a kiss close, and from there we’re going to see if we can get her back to our place. If you absolutely can’t go further with her, take the number, but prioritize a kiss close and/or pull if you can. 

For the kiss close, here’s a line you can use: “come here Miss (costume name), let’s try something…” and then kiss her.

For the pull, here’s a line you can use: “hey let’s grab an Uber and go to mine and drink wine and watch a scary movie together.”

Permutations of either will work fine as well. Girls aren’t dumb. They know what’s happening, and either they like you enough to comply, or they don’t. If she won’t kiss you, or won’t pull, treat it like LMR (last minute resistance): roll off, chill out, withdraw your attention, then re-escalate when appropriate–probably at least 15-20 minutes if the kiss; another hour and a drink or two if it’s the pull. The second time I wouldn’t say anything about the kiss, just read her body language and mood–when she seems on again, kiss her. If you’re kissing her, but she won’t pull AND you’re willing to burn the venue, you can either try to move her to another venue, or go all in: “hey, I’m going to get an Uber home–you’re welcome to come with me.” If she won’t come at that point, number close her and then leave, because that’s what you said you’d do. Kiss her goodbye, and then goodnight sweet prince.

If you’re not willing to burn the venue, find another girl. Will this hurt your chances with the first girl? Yep. But on a night ripe with women who WANT TO GO HOME WITH SOMEONE, try to find one of them and not worry too much about it. Also, and I’ll write more about this later at some point, something seems to have changed in night game post COVID vs pre COVID, namely that numbers from night game are super flaky. Night game is for pulling, or for kissing and developing a strong connection with one or two girls (if the first one leaves and/or you go somewhere else)–not for number farming as in day game–and Halloween is night game. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get numbers or IGs from girls while you’re out if the opportunity presents itself and there’s no chance to escalate physically, but otherwise, we’re going for the kiss and pull. 

If you want to do a pre-game Halloween conference with me, or explore how my coaching can help you do better with women, hit me up!

Think that about covers it. Happy hunting, and Happy Halloween!

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