Fest Girl FR 4.0: Red pill truth and fiction as the plot thickens.

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I started Red Pill Dad to help men become better—not just with women, but in life; I’m neither perfect nor the best player out there, but my hope is that by relaying my honest experiences and evolution as a player and a man, I can help some number of guys out there do better too. It’s why I became a coach and have helped 40+ guys in little more than a year (most of whom have seen drastic changes in their success with women), and why I’ll continue to do so. It’s also why I’ll probably stop publishing RPD, either rebranding to escape the toxicity of this community (more on this at the end), or simply moving on to contribute to the world in some other way.

This field report is about my developing relationship with Fest Girl. I’ve written a lot about pick-up, dating, seduction, tactics and strategy—as have many men—but it’s rare a guy writes about a girl he’s seriously dating, and seeing that relationship evolve in real time. What follows are some of my observations on this journey, as I attempt to make Fest Girl a main I can have FMF threesomes with and take to sex clubs.

Fest Girl is SUPER high libido, and that is AWESOME

I’ve been with women who love to fuck before, but I’ve never experienced anything like her: the chick wants to fuck CONSTANTLY. It’s amazing. I mentioned that the first time we had sex, we had three sessions within five hours and I came every time—pretty wild for a guy my age. Almost without fail we fuck or she gives me a blow job and we go at least three rounds, often in fairly short order, without the recovery time I typically need.

I can’t claim credit for the majority of this: she simply has an off-the-charts libido and wants to fuck all the time. Girls who want to fuck are arousing. The part I can claim credit for is that I’ve kept it fun. I used handcuffs and a vibrator with her the second time we had sex, and we’ve done plenty of experimenting since: I’ve tied her up and used a butt plug multiple times, used a paddle, blindfolded her, but something truly crazy happened last weekend, when I experienced my first CNC.

“CNC” stands for “consensual non-consent:” the girl consents to you “forcing” her to do stuff “against” her will, which means she may be saying “no” or fighting you. This was my first time, but I made Fest Girl record on my phone the following statement, “I (name) consent to a non-consensual sexual experience with RPD. My safe word is X. If I don’t say X, then I don’t mean no or stop.”

I trust her and we’ve communicated about it before: I know that this is something she wants to do, and she trusts me enough to make it happen without hurting her or crossing the line. Also, the safe word is important, because it’s often the case that “no” or ordinary signs that one should stop don’t actually mean no.

Approximately a third of women report having rape fantasies, and the only way to legally and safely explore that is within the context of a relationship where there is open and honest communication. We had that…and then it sorta happened.

It started out with her teasing me, doing a lap dance, grabbing my dick, but when I tried to make a move, she was like, “no, no, no…” That happened for a while, and I realized: oh, this would be the perfect time to do the CNC. So I did: I grabbed her, told her she was being naughty and that she’d gone too far, and now she was in BIG trouble. On cue, she starts to fight, to try to get away from me, sorta kissing me, but then biting me when I try to kiss her, and playing the part. It goes on from there as you might expect, to the point where I’m taking her clothes off without permission, pushing her on the bed, holding her down, and then–because I’m so fucking smart—I tied her down with restraints I’d already rigged on the bed. 

Then I did absolutely whatever I wanted: licking her pussy, playing with her tits, forcing her to kiss me…and finally I just fucked her hard, holding her down as she struggled against my body weight. I asked if she was going to be a good girl and let me turn her over and she said no, so I told her: OK then, I’ll just have to fuck you until I cum inside you and get you pregnant like the dirty whore you are…

Hands down some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had—and she came for the first time with me while we did it, which is only like the 3rd or 4th time she’s ever come with a guy during sex.

Also, a big part of the reason I’ve been willing to go the monogamish route with Fest Girl is that we’ve talked about going to sex clubs and doing FMF threesomes, which, if done regularly, would probably sate my need to bang other chicks. On this we’ll see, however, because until something happens it hasn’t happened, and there are some reasons to think she might not be willing to go through.

Fest Girl has some red flags, which we’ll come to, but the fact she is super hot and drains my balls in the most glorious ways EVERY SINGLE TIME goes a hell of a long way.

Fest Girl is smart and challenges me, and that is…AWESOME

Contrary to Red Pill Dogma, smart girls are way more fun that dumb ones. The dumb ones are often hot and they’ll fuck because like, that’s all they can do. But when you get a smart girl who’s hot and fucks because she wants to? That’s the holy trinity.

And Fest Girl is smart! She challenges me on my shit, has figured out more about my side hustle and blog than frankly I am comfortable with (again, doesn’t know anything about who I am, but has a fairly good idea of what I do and say), and yet hasn’t let the traditional objections trip her up. She managed to get herself out of the house and come over on the second date (for sex), even though she admitted she thought about flaking. She’s super basic, yet hasn’t let the basicness talk her out of dating an older man, or a dad. She’s also an incredibly thoughtful person and fairly open minded; though she’s insanely liberal and all about political correctness and wokeness, she’s willing to hear me out when I go off on gender politics or evolutionary biology. We can have serious conversations, silly conversations, intellectual conversations, and sexual conversations, but whatever we’re talking about, we rarely run out of things to say.

A big part of the reason I find myself falling in love with this girl is that she fucks me wild and then is cool to hang out with. We play games together, watch movies and talk about what they mean, and do other various quasi-intellectual stuff, which makes me want to spend time with her, rather than feeling like I have to in order to get laid. 

The last point I’ll make here is that not only is Fest Girl smart, she’s also kind, affectionate, helpful, and obedient—and not on social media: no Twitter, FB, IG, or Tik-Tok! She cleans my apartment if she stays there to study while I’m working. She offers to pay for a lot of the stuff we do, and will typically split the bill if we go somewhere. She volunteers her time to help people who are less fortunate, or to tutor undergrad students. If I ask her to do something, she’ll do it without questioning my motives. She texts me frequently, asks how my day is, etc., without waiting for me to always make the first move. I won’t say there are tons of girls out there who exhibit these sorts of qualities, but far more of these girls exist than you’d guess if you read certain kinds of Twitter. There’s an adverse selection problem among the girls guys doing game tend to find. Not all girls are money hungry, narcissistic, addicted to social media, and passive to the point where they require constant maintenance and dedicate little effort to maintaining the relationship. But, as I say below, you’re much less likely to find quality girls on OLD than you are by learning cold approach and meeting them IRL, which is how I met Fest Girl.

Most field reports focus on opening the girl and the process to the first lay. I’ve done dozens of FRs like that. Few focus on what comes after the lay, and, in my view, we need more of those. 

Things about TRP Fest Girl has disproven

The idea that chicks are constantly fucking Chads, have huge n-counts, are practicing sex work, and, if she’s not fucking you, she’s fucking some other guy is something we see on a regular basis in the community, either explicitly or implicitly… but that’s a lot less common than it appears on RP Twitter or reddit. I knew this before I met Fest Girl, as do most guys who actually spent time around women, but she helped confirm it. 

As I said, she’s an incredibly horny girl—very high libido—but before me she says she hadn’t had sex for six months, and has had other long dry spells prior to that. Now, she could be lying, but I don’t get that impression. She’s super hot (friends and clients who’ve seen her can confirm) and very forward, so it’s not for lacking the opportunity or will to make it happen—it’s simply that she didn’t, for any number of reasons. When we talked about it, she said that was true for all of her friends as well, and some have actually gone as long as a year or two without sex, including her SUPER hot friend I met when I first took the number.

Yes, some girls have crazy high n-counts, and I’ve fucked some of them. I have a sex-positive ideological stance, which encourages girls to be open with me. But from what I’ve seen, most girls, say 60-70% or so, aren’t like that: by their late 20s they’ve got an n-count of like 15-30 (Fest Girl is in that range), which isn’t crazy high if she’s a 7 or better.

Another falsehood: all girls are using Tinder. Wrong. A lot of girls never use OLD, or, if they do, have no intention of actually meeting up with anyone—it’s purely a thirst trap and attention tool. Fest Girl says she’s had one date off OLD, and most of her friends don’t use OLD either, or if they do it’s begrudging and sparingly. Between the girls I’ve dated who are on the apps vs. the girls who aren’t, the latter are generally higher quality human beings–hotter, more pleasant, feminine, and less entitled, flaky, etc. When using dating apps, you are BY NATURE filtering for women who don’t have strong social circles, are flaky, can’t maintain relationships, etc., because if that weren’t the case, she wouldn’t be on Tinder, or at least not for long. RedQuest often reminds us of selection bias; guys should learn cold approach, because you will meet hotter chicks with lower n-counts who are higher quality people–girls you will never meet on a dating app because they’re not on there. Fest Girl demonstrates the need to learn cold approach

I’ve been extremely honest with Fest Girl. Not in a sappy way, but in a masculine, powerful, and vulnerable way. Surprisingly, it’s been better. Far better. I have to credit xbtusd for helping me rethink my approach in this regard: why let the woman wonder about and then ask to define the relationship? Instead, why not say what you want and lead her to the sort of relationship where you can both win and have the kinds of experiences you want to have? I find myself in a monogamous relationship, which is not what I want in the long run–but she knows it can’t stay there, and for now I’m fine with it: my balls are empty, my sexual curiosity is sated, and I’m enjoying the intimacy of being with a girl more than once or twice. And I’m enjoying being with a functional girl, instead of the dysfunctional ones I’ve tended to land.

A single great girl can be worth five or ten who are okay. Fest Girl and I have spectacular sexual chemistry, and for now it seems to make way more sense for my life to spend time with her and pursue my mission rather than try to source other women.

Red flags and reasons for doubt

Fest Girl doesn’t lift, doesn’t do cardio, doesn’t do yoga—she flat doesn’t work out. Not good, for reasons I don’t have to explain. For now she’s got a great figure, but at some point that’s not going to be the case if she can’t get her ass to the gym, which is one of my goals if we’re going to stay together long term.

She’s also woke: not surprising given that she’s in grad school at a super liberal university, but, even if she wasn’t, guys should remember that whatever the dominant social narrative is, young women are going to mostly buy it, no matter how smart they are. Why? Because women are geared to fit in—they badly want society’s acceptance and will ignore their own views to take on the views of whatever social circle they belong to. That’s how they work. When I see guys on Twitter making grandiose statements about how they’re not going to date girls who got the vaccine, or won’t salute the Republican God-King Trump, I shake my head, because there aren’t many girls like that, especially who are young, hot, and single.

My tactic is to avoid talking politics when possible, but, when it does come up, I try to get her to think through what she is saying and push back lightly–then change the subject. Are her moronic beliefs annoying? Sure. But it’s equally annoying to see a bunch of grown men on Twitter spout their political lunacy day after day as well. All you can do is tolerate or ignore it, and focus on getting what you want.

Plus, her ignorant beliefs don’t actually affect our relationship. Political beliefs today are almost totally disassociated with how people actually behave in real life; almost everything she says is virtue signaling–just like almost everyone else who’s adopted tribal political views they’ve not thought about critically. While Fest Girl may say all kinds of things I disagree with, she’s still a woman and behaves like a woman in all other ways: is submissive, needs leadership, has a wide range of emotions, and most of all, wants to get fucked by a strong, dominant man who’s in good shape and has decent game.

More troubling is the fact that she’s extremely jealous, AND wants to be the center of attention. Again, the long term goal, if we’re going to stay together, is to do some FMF threesomes and possibly explore sex clubs and non-monogamy. We’ve talked about a lot of this, but she says she’s not ready to do these things, not yet at least…but part of me wonders if she’ll ever be? If not, I don’t know where this goes, but probably nowhere: I see no point in marrying a woman who doesn’t want to have kids—which IMO, is the only reason guys should marry or have LTRs, as in that case it makes some sense to have some legal framework and institutional infrastructure in place, at least for the sake of the kids.

If Fest Girl can’t get to executing non-monogamy, as opposed to talking about it, I can’t see this lasting long term. She’s amazing in bed and fucks me like crazy, which is great, but we all know that at some point that NRE (new relationship energy) dissipates, and then what? Then, RPD’s going to want to fuck other girls. Will she accept an open relationship if she won’t do threesomes or sex clubs? Again, who knows? But at some point that’s going to have to happen or I can’t see us moving forward more than 3-6 months.  

Last red flag: Fest Girls wants to be in school forever and hasn’t had a “real” job, as far as I can tell, and her nominal “studies” prepare her for joke jobs, the jobs of rich wives who need something to kill time while their husbands make the real money (feminism rules!). That doesn’t matter a ton if we’re not together long term, but, if we can manage to open the relationship or have those sex club/threesome experiences and stay together, I don’t want to be in the position of supporting her financially as she chases degrees that aren’t worth getting. I’m enjoying the moment but also cognizant of the future, like a man who has consumed the geriatric spice, melange, or some garden-variety mushrooms, and who for those reasons perceives the totality of life.

Enjoy the decline, but don’t let it consume you–TRP has become toxic. 

As detailed above, Fest Girl and I are having some of the best sex I’ve ever had–along with the feminine affection, attention, and care that comes with it—and yet I’ve been hesitatant to post this field report about my relationship with her, someone I love and who loves me, because I can imagine how the average chest-beating ape on Twitter will react. “Loving a woman? What a fucking fool! RPs getting taken to the cleaners by some thot!” Or something along those lines. I shouldn’t let those thoughts in my head, but, with sufficient exposure, lots of unwanted thoughts will take residence.

Oh well. I can’t control how guys react, nor do I care; there’s a stark difference between a guy like me who’s out living a real existence and trying to learn, grow, and mature as a man vs. most of the guys on Twitter, who appear to do nothing but spout nonsense all hours of the day about how women are terrible and the sky is falling.

The red pill community and manosphere have become toxic: I’ve seen guys in this community—guys I became friends, spoke on the phone, and shared lives with—become so fearful about their own abilities or the world that they’ve threatened me anytime I’ve made the slightest mention of some of my honest experiences because I might make their preferred modality slightly better known (amazing they think a blog that gets an average of 400 hits a day is such a threat, but that’s the sort of toxic insanity and scarcity I’m talking about). Then I check Twitter, and most of it is juvenile shit posting or pure douchery. At times it has me asking: Is this what TRP is? And if so, why am I involved?

So I’m going to ask something: go look in the mirror. Ask yourself who you are and who you want to be. Are you becoming that man? Is he putting something positive into the world, making himself better, helping his friends and family, leaving women better than he found them? Because if not–if you’re essentially the Misfit in Flannery O’Connor’s famous short story, where “there’s no pleasure in life but meanness,” like…what are you doing with your life? Imagine the 20 something kid who’s clueless with women, or the 36 yo guy who just got zeroed by his wife. Does the shit posting and conspiracy theories and impossible litmus tests help those guys? No. Indeed, it’s likely they take one look and never come back, rightly concluding that the inmates are running the asylum.

We often say: enjoy the decline. Fine. I don’t disagree. There are a lot of problems with our world, and the modern woman on average is not nearly the quality she used to be, especially when it comes to femininity and character (not to mention keeping her girlish figure). Alas. But if you give in to that kind of energy–if you don’t fight against the dying of the light–you will NOT enjoy the decline. 

Instead, the decline will consume you.

We’re here to help guys do better, which in turn helps women too. TRP, done right, should create a winning scenario for everyone.

That’s the future I want for me and Fest Girl, as well as for my friends, readers, and clients. 

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