On West Elm Caleb and the redpilling of society.

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Women truly are the reddest pillers of them all, and nothing proves that like this latest episode with West Elm Caleb.

For those not in the know, West Elm Caleb is a bro living in NYC who fucked a bunch of chicks off OLD on the first date (I’m guessing a bit here, but that’s seems pretty clearly to be what happened) and then unceremoniously ghosted them after the fact. One–or several–of his “victims” then made a TikTok and all the sudden shit went viral, because all these other women realized they’d also fucked this same guy and gotten ghosted, and now everyone’s talking about it, including me.

The funny, ironic thing is that this is EXACTLY what we in the manosphere have been saying all along: guys like West Elm Caleb–and every other fuckboi for that matter (other than yours truly and a handful of guys like Nash, the London boys, and other players who don’t need or use apps to fuck chicks)–are only possible when:

  1. Almost everyone meets using dating apps.
  2. Women are encouraged and enabled to be brutally hypergamous by technology and society.

The fact that these are the two strongest dynamics governing the SMP means a 6’4″ good looking white boy like Caleb gets a ton of attention, while 95% of all other guys on dating apps are lucky if they can match with the occasional 5 or 6. And it really should be no surprise that Caleb’s not sticking around after the lay–like why would or should he, when he can literally fuck a different hottie every single night he has the time and money to go out?

Men and women–despite what the fascist wokesters want to tell you–are really, really fucking different. Women want intimacy and closeness. They want to fuck the hottest, most successful, high status guy they can (hypergamy) and lock him down if possible. After all, why sleep around when you’ve already secured the best? I also have a theory (which I’ll write more about perhaps at some point) that women aren’t really very good friends to each other–even the ones who claim to be besties–and so their relationship with a man fills that void, because most men know how to be a good friend/companion and that comes with the BF/GF title.

However, because we get that with our boys, men don’t necessarily need that in a relationship. It’s nice of course, but you see, there’s this thing in our DNA that tells us fucking as many hot chicks as possible is AMAZING (and it really, really is). So while most women want to build long term, monogamous relationships with guys moving toward marriage (because that’s what society says is acceptable and also compatible with basic biological female sexual strategy), guys want variety with young and hot. And the apps give that to true Chads like Caleb in spades. Why? Because women only swipe right on the very hottest guys–like they are all so universally picky (aka hypergamous) they’re literally competing to get fucked by the same small number of guys. What’s the definition of solipsism again?

Sorry to break it to the ladies out there, but on dating apps, you’re nothing special to the guys you’re excited to match with. You’re hot, you get lots of attention on social media, and almost every guy out there wants to fuck you–but to fuckbois like Caleb, you’re a dime a dozen. They match with girls as hot or hotter than you all the damn time.

It’s also hilarious these chicks are upset he ghosted them, because I can guarantee every single girl who made a TikTok about ol’ Caleb has ghosted and/or flaked on hundreds, if not thousands of dudes since she woke up at 15 and discovered her tight ass, pretty face, and firm tits got her lots of attention from men. The moralizing about men’s behavior on dating apps surrounding this episode is perhaps the most naked display of hypocrisy and solipsism the world has seen since Trump got kicked off Twitter–as XBTUSD said in a private chat: the whole story is hysterical.

But the main point I want to make here–a point I’ve made before–is that pussy alone is just not enough to get an exclusive relationship from a top guy. Indeed, let’s just be real honest here: what the modern woman typically brings to the table in terms of warranting a relationship is almost always far too little, and carries with it too much risk, financial burden, and lack of freedom for the guy.

Take my situation for example: I’m currently in a conundrum about what to do with Fest Girl because she wants to continue having a monogamous relationship. To her credit, she’s bringing some strong value in terms of feminine energy (back rubs, care, attention, etc), intelligence and a generally sunny disposition, plus cleans my apartment, does laundry, and makes things nice around the place when I come home from work. She also fucks and sucks at an unbelievable rate; I bitched recently about the sex slowing down, but we had some crazy sessions last week where I once again found myself coming three times in less than six hours, and got morning sex she initiated before work the day she left.

Anyway, even with all those positive attributes I’m STILL not sure about our long term prospects, because I don’t want to get married, and I know that eventually, without non-monogamy as a part of the relationship, one or both of us is going to get bored. Like Caleb, I also know if I get back out there, I can have amazing sex and potential relationships with tons of women, which sounds really fucking great right now, especially as I’m starting to feel the call of the wild.

And my guess is that most of these NYC chicks are offering quite a bit less? What follows seems to be the expectation for relationships many women have in mind:

  • She’ll fuck him when she feels like it, but that will gradually decrease over time.
  • She will not contribute financially, even if she does well.
  • She’ll spend almost all of her spare time on social media or taking pictures of herself.
  • Might fuck other guys if someone hotter or more interesting comes along.
  • Might get fat and let herself go.
  • No matter what, she’ll expect him to love her for who she is and be faithful no matter what.

What she expects in return:

  • Guy who’s taller than 6 feet, is super fit and stays super fit, probably white (chicks, aside from being super red pill, are also low-key racist) with a nice tan.
  • Doesn’t talk to other women.
  • Makes more money than her (at least six figures–more if he lives in NYC or another expensive city like LA or SF).
  • Plans all dates and activities.
  • Buys her lots of gifts and spoils her with exotic trips and jewelry.
  • Listens to her spout woke bullshit which he agrees with and supports or at least doesn’t complain.
  • Doesn’t want kids, unless she wants them, and if/when she does immediately marries her, knocks her up, and takes on all financial responsibilities.
  • Cooks and cleans equally or more–same with childcare and other chores where applicable.

Here’s the kicker: supposing they get married–which is what she’ll eventually want–she can divorce the guy at any time and walk with half or more of all his assets, plus if he makes more money than her which is almost certain since women don’t tend to marry down, he’ll be on the hook for alimony for at least 5-10 years. Seriously: Want to see how bad marriage is for guys? Check out RealWorldDivorce.com and look up your state. Or you can just believe me: if you’re a man, you’re going to get fucked. Hard, in the ass–and if you’re not gay, conventional wisdom says that’s bad.

Can anyone explain to me how marriage a good deal for the modern, successful man?

They can’t, because it’s not, and that’s the problem, as well as what’s so damn laughable about this whole saga–the women crying foul are the exact people who’ve created the situation they’re now so upset about. Like, why is Caleb able to get away with the horrible behavior of ghosting chicks after sex? Because he’s really tall and good looking, and women only swipe on really tall, good looking guys on dating apps.  And why don’t guys like Caleb stick around for relationships? Because it’s quite literally not worth it in most cases. Like, when’s the last time these chicks read a book, went on an adventure, or contributed to the lives of others, not to mention delivering all the other feminine care, support, and attention men can’t get anywhere else? Maybe some of them have–I certainly hope so–but let’s also remember: these women spent a bunch of time making a TikTok whining about how an alpha male ghosted them after sex AND THOUGHT DOING SO WAS A GOOD IDEA. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of good judgment there.

The good news here is that it seems the dog has finally caught the car, as the media have come down pretty clearly on Caleb’s side of things. Are we perhaps starting to realize, as a society, that cancel culture is bullshit and there’s a very real and important distinction between behavior particular women with an emotional investment in a certain outcome with a certain man don’t like and something truly nefarious? And are women starting to realize that no, you’re not entitled to marry a six foot Chad who makes six figures and is practically perfect in every way?

I sure fucking hope so. Can someone get Aziz Ansari on the line?

I’ll hold off on getting my hopes up too much for now, but it seems to me our society is going to get redpilled sooner than later, because the reality of what the SMP is and has become is no longer something that’s easy to pretend away or lie about. And for most people, the results aren’t good. It’s great for hot, young chicks who want to bang Chads and for middle of the road women who want to sleep with guys +2 of their SMV, and it’s certainly great for guys like Caleb–but for everyone else it’s not so great. It means the vast majority of men are basically invisible to women, and that a lot of very attractive women aren’t going to get the relationship they want and maybe even deserve, because they’re either going to be too picky to match with a guy at SMV, and/or because they’re competing against so many other women for the same guys. Plus, how long is it going to take society to recognize that marriage the way it exists is just a horrible deal for men?

So what does the future look like? I have no idea, but I could see a world emerge where ENM becomes the norm and women become comfortable with the fact they have to share top guys. Like, it’s either that or some force has to emerge that constrains how women behave in the dating market aka female choice. What does that look like? Again, I’m not sure, and I’m kinda skeptical anything like that’s ever going to happen.

But what I will say is this: the market is going to start to turn strongly in men’s favor–if you’re in that top 10-20%, and especially if you learn cold approach and develop a strong dating strategy. Because what Caleb’s story proves is that if you can get to the top, the ratio is really good. Now, no doubt, part of that is looks, but with excellent fitness and good fashion, most guys can get where they need to there, and Game will get them the rest of the way.

So here’s the question: When the Omicron wave fades and the masks come off and that warm Spring weather hits and the skirts come out, will you be ready?

To make sure, hit me up for coaching. Or at the very least, start hitting the gym and the streets. Good luck out there fellas!


  1. I just saw a tweet about this new dating app called “Cuffed”. The premise is “Cuffed only lets you match with one person at a time – forcing you to think about whether this match is worth your time.”

    They even use the Caleb’s case as an argument “Don’t blame West Elm Caleb. Blame the apps.” 😂


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