If you spend too much time on the internet, your view of the world is warped.

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If you spend too much time on the internet, your view of the world is warped. You’re part of a recursive feedback process in which the initially warped view is further warped and amplified by feedback from the Internet. 

I haven’t written much lately, nor spent much time on Twitter, and while I lament the former–both because I learn by writing and enjoy contributing to the community–the net effect (and also, cause?) has been that I’m not spending much time on my phone, social media, or the internet, and overall that’s very good. Having a girlfriend may not be the “player” thing to do, but having a relationship with a hot chick that involves lots of fucking and going out to do shit regularly means a lot less time dicking around on the internet.

The internet has a massively distorting effect on our perception of reality and everything downstream of that: mood, energy level, optimism/pessimism, anxiety and depression, and our ability or inability to interact with others. In almost every possible way, the internet and social media have a negative effect on all of the above, because we’re likely to see the most extreme/worst that humanity has to offer and wrongly conclude that this perspective correspond with reality. It does not.

For example, if you’re a part of the “manosphere,” aka spend a lot of time watching PUA/Redpill YouTube, scrolling through Twitter, or on Reddit seduction/TRP or other similar forums, you’re going to see a lot of bitching about women, examples of bad and egregious female behavior, expectations way out of whack with reality, etc. Perhaps worse—and this is one of the biggest problems with a society becoming more audio/visual as opposed to literary—is that the guys you’re likely to hear and see talking about women, pick-up, dating, etc. are guys who aren’t normal people working normal jobs with normal social skills, because if they were, they couldn’t afford to post their faces and voices on YouTube or podcasts: the result would be cancelation and loss of their job, money, and/or status (which is why I remain anonymous and relatively obscure). And, though I’m not aware of a manosphere specific Tik-Tok or IG, both platforms foreground women saying and/or doing the most outlandish, awful things in order to get attention. Social media is not the real world.

Not all women are like that (“NAWALT”). MOST aren’t. Most women–if you talk to them in real life, face to face–are just regular people trying to get by as best they can, not narcissistic monsters hell bent on destroying their bodies and the West. Do they have a tendency to be on IG and Tik-Tok too much and want attention in ways that can appear both pathetic and narcissistic at times? Sure. Will there always be tension between the two sexes because we have different goals, cross purposes, and divergent outcomes in mind? 100%. But most women aren’t posting on social media all day every day or slutting around on Tinder 24/7; most are doing the fairly normal things they should be doing–things we’d expect any person might do, like going to school, working a job, spending time with friends and family, partaking in hobbies and entertainment, going on dates, etc. As any good PUA knows, a lot of them have boyfriends–not because it’s a shit test, but because they really do. Basic facts seem to have gotten lost in the online smoke and mirrors show: most women don’t want to be single. They want a boyfriend or husband, and the better looking ones (think 6+) who manage to have reasonable expectations and be somewhat pleasant people do more often than not.

Red Quest is big on selection bias, and this is a perfect example: a lot of the good chicks–the ones who are kind, smart, social, etc–are taken. Which means that guys who are single and actively dating see a pool of women who don’t represent the full range and scope of what women are actually like, because, along with whatever good ones happen to be single at any one time, they’re guaranteed to see nearly ALL of the bad ones. If a chick is super bitchy, slutty, unpleasant, unstable, unreasonable, picky, and/or trashy, it’s pretty likely she’ll be single most of the time, have a terrible impression of men, and a bad attitude about dating. Guess who’s also the most likely to post shit about dating on Tik-Tok, have a super slutty IG, and listen to female dating podcasts? That same chick. You’re far more likely to encounter her on OLD than you are to meet her in real life–another reason why guys are well advised to learn cold approach. A lot of the normal guys who hire me for coaching need a couple of pointers and some encouragement to approach women, and then they relatively quickly start fucking or find girlfriends and don’t need game coaching any more. Relationship coaching? Maybe, but that’s another topic. 

The last time I talked with Magic D, one of my wings here in town, he was going super black pill on me: hot, young chicks are all fucking athletes, fucking multiple guys, getting paid on OnlyFans, etc.–and I was like, “where do you meet the girls you fuck?” 

“On Tinder and at clubs.”

He’s cultivating a very specific experience and mistaking it for reality. Girls on Tinder and at clubs are going to be far more likely to engage in that sort of behavior than the median girl. That said, dude has been on an absolute tear this year, having fucked like at least a dozen new chicks since the New Year, which is another point: whatever you want to say about the worst kinds of chicks, fact is they still fuck if you’re good looking enough and your game is tight–and let’s be honest, for a lot of guys, that’s all that really matters. I keep trying to get Magic D to write a guest post on RPD–hopefully he will sometime soon, because he’s got really strong night game skills and guys would benefit from his insights.

Most guys should be aware of selection bias and the dynamics it generates, and yet, they continue to indulge in the chicken little “sky is falling” narrative you’ll see on either end of the political spectrum plastered all over social media…why? I don’t know, because it’s entirely avoidable. It’s a sickness in our society: a huge proportion of our population is addicted to feeling sad, fearful, and/or angry as often as they can–like, they call it doom scrolling for a reason, and yet a lot of people continue to scroll to their doom. Like, does anyone really expect to feel better after they blow a couple hours scrolling through Tik-Tok, IG, or Twitter? I can’t imagine anyone can honestly answer yes to that question, and yet here we are. But guess what ties Trump supporters, transactivists, wokesters, conspiracy theorists, political junkies, and feminists together? Misery, hate, anger, fear, finger pointing, reactionary thinking, and the possession of a small mind. Those problems stem from spending too much of their time online, away from real people who are out there living their lives and doing fun/normal things. Self-defeat is endemic.

To bring it back to women, seriously, go out and talk to some. Don’t even hit on them, just say hi. Give them a compliment on their earrings or their jacket or shoes (although this is actually both a good way to hit on them and a good way to start learning cold approach). Most will smile and say thank you. Some will compliment you back. Some will have a conversation with you. And yeah, some small number will be assholes and not respond or say something bitchy–but most won’t. 

Women are almost as human as you or I. It’s odd that I even have to write that, but it feels necessary, because of how warped the online discussion has become. And let’s call a spade a spade: a lot of the “Red Pill” gurus are bitter, old, lonely guys who spend all day on Twitter and YouTube, and the rest of it watching Fox News or reading conspiracy theories as a form of identity–we’re talking about guys who for many years haven’t had an honest conversation or close relationship with any woman other than their wife, who by this time is probably a bitch who almost never has sex with them anymore. All they see are the horrible women on Tinder, the most egregious examples of bad behavior on Twitter and Reddit, the most over the top sexual flaunting on Tik-Tok and IG–and then they spend a couple hours each week in their sewing circles, bitching about it on YouTube. Their entire lives are driven by what they see and hear and read online, but that bears almost no resemblance to reality.

If you’re in a place where you encounter women behaving badly, go somewhere else. A little while back, I was in a club where I was getting rejected by a bunch of fat Latina 5/6s…so I left. I’ve been in the game long enough to know I can regularly get 7s and 8s and I know my game is tight enough it’s not anything I was doing wrong–it’s that those chicks weren’t good people, or they weren’t in the right mood, or they don’t like white guys (yes, brown guys out there, it does happen, although less often than white and asian girls, who are the most racist people out there). Or whatever. Point is, I left and I’m not going back. I’ve resisted being on OLD and when I have been on there, it’s for very short periods—because I don’t like the way women are on there, and I know there are better women I can meet IRL via cold approach or through social circle. For some guys, this might mean moving somewhere else–like if you’re a dude living in SF and you can leave, you should. I’ve thought about moving in the long term, and it might still happen. Hell, maybe it even means moving overseas; I’m in a private chat where one of the bros sees this as the future for players–and he may well be right.

The West isn’t lost just yet, however, and neither are its women. There are still plenty of amazing chicks out there, who are kind, pleasant, feminine, and want to fuck. My girlfriend Fest Girl is a perfect example of that, because even though she has some red flags and is superficially Woke AF, she’s still a very feminine, beautiful woman who responds to dominant, strong masculinity. That’s true of most chicks, because we can’t escape our nature. Fest girl has told me: “I hate that I love your big muscles–I want to tell you that it doesn’t matter, but it really does.” Despite the fact that she’s fully swallowed the weird, crazy, feminist kool-aid, she still wants what all women want: a strong, fit guy with big muscles, who will fuck her hard, tie her up, make decisions, and lead her. 

That is in every woman’s biology–so whether she’s calling herself “they/them”, dyes her hair purple, gets some tattoos, cuts her hair short, or whatever fucking else the guys on Twitter decry, underneath that, underneath her stupid feminist posts, or however fucking weird she gets on social media, she’s a chick with tits and a pussy: her biological job is to get fucked and cummed in by a strong, attractive, man with status, and have his children. That is what every woman ACTUALLY wants–the window dressing is just a massive LARP. For some strange reason, guys online buy their trolling. There’s a strong argument to be made that the reason Western Women have gotten so weird is that the dominant social narrative of who they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to believe is so divergent and divorced from what they actually want and how they actually are.

So instead of freaking out and spending all your time online bitching about women, do what’s required to become the sort of man all women want (this is why TRP exists), then learn Game and fuck as many as you want, or get a girlfriend, or a wife or whatever–because if you’re a true man and you LEAD her to become the kind of person she wants to be, there are only two outcomes: she rebels or taps out or whatever, and you move on, fuck more chicks, and eventually find one that’s better, OR she becomes exactly what both you and her want her to be, and you both win. Many men never learn to become men. Will you?  

Normal chicks seek normal to above-average dudes. If you’re not that, you’re going to struggle. Online, you don’t know who’s behind the avatar, who’s behind the screen name. Often, it’s a guy you’d not want to associate with in real life. And that’s why he’s having the problems with chicks that he does. He’s a weirdo. Normal women sense his weirdness, and they bugger off. So he goes online to complain about chicks.

There’s never been a better time to be a player. Never. Your competition are a bunch of fucking pussies who spend all day online and won’t learn or change because they’re too lazy and/or scared that a girl might be mean to them. They’re soft soy boys who’d rather play video games than get their dick wet. They’ve told themselves they can’t compete because they’ve gone so black pill they think girls only fuck Chads…

But guess what? If you get fit, build strong muscles, read, learn game (especially cold approach and dating strategy/seduction and escalation), adjust your fashion, and start talking to girls…you ARE on your way to becoming Chad. If you want help with any of this, hit me up. Otherwise, get offline and venture out into the real world, and you’ll be shocked how many amazing, beautiful, pleasant, feminine women there are.


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