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“Game is a kind of bending of social rules, and it’s also useful for guys who don’t understand what’s possible. If you’re a guy who only colors inside the lines, who absorbs the ideology of the education system regarding sex relations, who doesn’t have masculine role models as a kid, etc., you’re likely to underperform in your sex life, maybe substantially.”

Right. Read RQ’s latest post to put this one in context.

If a guy takes the Red Pill effectively, he replaces bad rules with good ones, like what RQ references with Jordan Peterson et al. Game is about bending and sometimes breaking rules–the bad ones society teaches us in a culture that still believes women are easily manipulated and taken advantage of by men, when it’s often the reverse. Indeed the statistics re: income, college degrees, and most importantly, the SMP are now showing that: women are dominating men in education and increasingly in the workforce, and they enjoy a kind sexual freedom, liberty, and mate selection that is truly impossible for most men to imagine, yet when women complain they can’t find a “good man”, society believes them without any acknowledgment of the fact they have 50 dudes hitting them up on Tinder and match with 2/3s of the guys they swipe right on if they are even somewhat height/weight proportionate. 

Female success means guys need to compete at a higher level–hypergamy is real, and more advanced than most people realize, even many guys who are RP and Game aware. MOST guys either don’t follow any set of rules, or adopt/believe the bad ones (what we call blue-pill), so it’s not hard to find oneself in the top 10% of men. This is especially true looks-wise. If a guy can get himself into elite shape, under 15% BF, he will likely have options in the SMP. Height can’t be taught, but that’s an advantage most guys squander, and shorter guys who are fit and learn game do extremely well with women. I’d be lying if I said race doesn’t factor in there as well, but like height, that is not something one can control. 

There’s a good rule: focus on what YOU can control. I’m older than is ideal for young/hot chicks and I have a kid–love him and no regrets, but again, not ideal. But it is what it is: control what you can control. Lift weights. Eat healthy. Read books. Stay off social media to the extent you can. Work hard at your job. Be smart with your money. Beyond that, find things that you enjoy in life–what we call a mission–whether that’s excelling at a hobby, working on an invention, starting a business, learning a new skill, etc. If you want to start with some very basic, good advice, listen to FW Playboy:

Following rules is good, especially if those rules are based on solid principles and you don’t get stuck. Some of the rules/principles I teach my clients (not taking credit for inventing these: in many case I’m merely standing on the shoulders of men who came before me and blazed the trail for guys who want to learn):

  1. Think like a girl–put yourself in her shoes and try to understand where she is coming from. This is a major component of Geoffrey Miller and Tucker Max’s book WHAT WOMEN WANT.
  2. Getting laid is about a combination of value and comfort (h/t to Todd V and others before and after him who’ve repeated this).
  3. Base your actions on what a girl does, not what she says.
  4. When in doubt, escalate–Torero, or someone he credited (Janka, maybe?), used to say: get to NO. If she doesn’t say no, especially with her actions, continue to escalate.
  5. OLD is a numbers and photos game…that’s it. Unless you are extremely good looking, most success from OLD will be 5-7s.
  6. Rejection doesn’t matter. Learn from it (if there’s something to be learned–sometimes, maybe even often, there isn’t), and move on.
  7. If your logistics are shitty, getting laid will be very difficult. Amateurs talk about what to say to girls; professionals talk logistics. 
  8. For girls to have sex, it should “just happen.” It is YOUR JOB to make it happen. Women are the buyers of sex, men are the sellers. Try running a business and you’ll quickly discover how different selling is from buying. Being a producer is 100x harder than being a consumer. For that reason, among others, women don’t understand male struggle. 
  9. The narrative is the most important reason a girl will have sex with/date you–if the story she can tell herself and her friends/family about you is powerful, she will sleep with you.
  10. WWCH–What Would Chad (a guy who’s a natural and gets laid a lot) Do? Before you act, whether it’s approaching, texting, dating, escalating, etc, when in doubt, ask yourself this question, and then do what Chad would do.

I will attempt at some point to expand on all of the above, because each of them is a post in it’s own right, but if you read back through my posts, or RQs, or Nash’s, or many other players and Game personalities, you’ll find a lot of stuff along these lines.

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