Understanding the Social Strategy of Women, part 1.

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To do well with women, guys should understand how women think, signal, and employ social strategy. Women have evolved to become masters of social manipulation, because when you’re the physically weaker sex, made even more vulnerable when pregnant or caring for children, you have no other option: allies within the tribe—especially men—must prefer you to other women as a mate, voluntarily sharing resources with you and your offspring. Force is not a viable option; only charm, feminine wiles, and social strategy will do.

In a group chat, one game-aware and technical guy, “Beowulf,” observed that most people are essentially bots running AI programs—meaning that there’s little to no true awareness of what we’re doing, even if there are good reasons we’re doing it. Like modern AI designs so far, much of human behavior is a black box in that neither the observer nor the observed fully understands why they are doing what they’re doing. Most explanations offered by most people for most acts are basically bullshit, which is one reason why evolutionary biology is so useful: it offers viable, underlying explanations of surface behaviors, which most people can’t or choose not to understand. To really succeed in understanding a mechanism, it helps to be able to take it apart. 

Women are like AI bots: they run the programming they’re born with, which most men never truly try to understand—game, at its best, teaches men what’s actually going on, so that we can hack it, work it, and operate with and against that programming effectively.  

Another way to think of the “women are like AI bots” issue is that, for a lot of people—probably the vast majority even—life is something that happens to them; they’re not actors, but reactors, and those reactions often appear random, or even illogical. However, by observing choices and behavior over large populations and longer time spans, patterns emerge that are both distinct and somewhat predictable. This is useful in Game: knowing how a woman is likely to react when you ask her to come home with you and what to say/how to behave when she says, “OK, but we’re not having sex,” is critical, and yet we only know the right answers and demeanor because it happens with sufficient frequency as to become at least somewhat predictable. My favorite phrase is “I’m not like other girls,” because that’s exactly what other girls say. The few girls who genuinely aren’t like other girls simply behave in ways that aren’t like other girls. 

These ideas are useful because what I’m about to lay out can seem underhanded–perhaps even downright nefarious. But Beowulf is right! Women aren’t employing psy-ops because of some conscious, planned desire to hurt people or make life worse for others, the way the Chinese are with Tik-Tok. No, they’re doing it because choosiness and randomness are innately built into their programming to use social strategy, signaling, and propaganda to advance their biological interests—they’re acting as unconsciously as your dog barking at men with hats and beards because the dog perceives them as dangerous. Guys spend endless hours contemplating why one particular girl did one particular thing. It’s likely she doesn’t know herself. The analysis is a waste of time. As Nash often says, go talk to more girls

For women, the AI/bot behavior can be especially pernicious, because when women are young everything is fairly easy. They get interest from men around puberty, and, as long as they can manage to stay thin (alas: for some this is short-lived, and most people are horrible shortsighted), they’ll continue getting that interest, peaking for most sometime between 19-28. Pretty much everyone else is nice to them too: families coddle girls in a way they don’t coddle boys, and society treats attractive people—women in particular—better than those who aren’t. Most guys are too nice to hot chicks: they’re simps, not players. Stop simpin’, start pimpin’. Most guys never learn how to fuck effectively, and instead stumble onto the occasional lay, but that’s it—they stumble onto it, when they should learn to industrialize the process.

Imagine how glorious being a woman might feel. Arguably, young, beautiful women are the only humans on the face of the planet desired for merely being who they are (yes, it is what they can do for us and/or what they represent—but that is encompassed entirely in who they are). There is no question of status, riches, power, or social skill. Being young and beautiful is enough to have essentially unlimited adoration from society, and attention from attractive and sometimes wealthy, well-connected men—meaning that a substantial number of chicks will never work like most men work. 

Young chicks will be flown to exotic locations many times over where everything is free, because her face alone, given by God or genetics or whatever you believe in, is the price of admission. In many cases, she doesn’t even need to be all that pleasant. The worst behavior I’ve seen from other human beings, aside from homeless people with mental illnesses or the dregs they put on reality shows, has come from hot, young chicks, with old, formerly hot young women a close second. Most people can’t get away with behaving badly on a consistent basis—people will avoid you, your career will go sideways, etc. Hot chicks are the exception: because there’s always a dude who’s willing to put up with bad behavior if he’s getting attention/sex from an attractive woman.

That said, most young women are fairly pleasant (if you don’t believe that, go talk to some in real life and get off the internet), which makes sense given the sunny state of their affairs, and it’s precisely this arrangement that leads them to more botlike/AI programming. For women, as we often say, things “just happen,” and men will happily make those things happen. When things just happen, mostly good things, you don’t really need to develop much executive function—you run your program and things mostly work out. 

As a personal example: my own girlfriend told me that if we’d slept together on the first date (and if she hadn’t indicated early on that she had to get home at a certain time, that’s what would’ve happened—it was definitely on), she would have most likely ghosted me. We’re now in an LTR, and probably will be for quite awhile. The fact that the decision/result was essentially arbitrary is wild! But hot chicks know, correctly, that another guy will be along shortly and tend to trust Winds of Destiny—often a mistake, because while it’s true another guy will surely present himself women often don’t accurately account for the quality of the guy.

This biologically driven AI type behavior generates a lot of anger in ignorant men, particularly on Twitter and other “Red pill” spaces—but female behavior isn’t worth anger! It’s the equivalent of getting angry at the weather and shaking your fist at the sky. It’s just the way it is and always will be. Knowledgeable men understand women and the price of admission to the dating and sex world. Do you want to fuck, or whine? There’s an unending attempts to shame the opposite sex in the battle of the sexes, but the fundamental dynamics between the sexes will never change, which is why there’s a battle in the first place.

Most women aren’t going to suddenly start fucking and marrying smart, well-behaved Silicon Valley tech engineers because they “SHOULD”—some of the smarter ones who want kids and a comfortable life will, but most won’t! They’re going to keep fucking the tall, in-shape bartender who’s got a mattress on the floor and a substantial cocaine habit because he’s fun and can escalate sexually and most guys can’t. “Girls just want to have fun” is the most succinct, accurate advice about women out there. Most Game can be distilled into that pithy axiom. 

Keep in mind that women are subject and victim to these same psy-ops. Lots of younger women would be happier dating older men—indeed perhaps even more likely to marry and have kids—but many don’t because they buy into the social stigma generated by the psy-op messaging of fat, older women, especially spinsters. A lot of fat, single, older women could get the “good man” they claim doesn’t exist if they went to the gym, quit eating sugar and other simple carbs, became more feminine, and/or were less picky. Instead they justify these copes in their own minds instead of taking action, which is exactly the point of this messaging as intrasexual competition. In the not too distant future, older, single, childless women will be a significant portion of society, and that’s the result of effective intrasexual competition weaponized by feminism, as well as mainstream and “social” media. The hot chicks are getting theirs, and the dumb/single chicks are falling victim to their own propaganda.

Red Pill praxeology is often confused with misogyny because we’re particularly and uncommonly in tune to female behavior, especially where it differs from the societal narrative and political correctness, which, as it currently stands, means you can’t say women ever behave badly, because they’re superior to men and are never duplicitous, responsible for their actions, or prone to mistakes.1 However, if we look at evolutionary psychology and biology, we see women are pursuing their own ends: it just so happens that the three people who most convinced me of what follows are female scientists in this field. The first was Dr. Tania Reynolds, on Species, by Macken Murphy, and the second and third were Dr. Jaimie Krems and Dr. Joyce Benenson on Modern Wisdom by Chris Williamson.

As Rollo wisely noted: attraction can’t be negotiated–so we must learn to be attractive, right?

Learning to be attractive means understanding how women communicate, and a good way to think of this is that everything women say/do is a psy-op. 

The latest and most popular cope (psy-op) by late 20s/early 30s women and older is attempting to shame romantic relationships between older men and younger women. They say “age-gap” relationships, but that’s inaccurate, because that could include older women dating younger men, and that’s not what women are concerned about. 

This concern magically happens as women approach 30, and it continues until she becomes wise enough to self-actualize or die. It’s exclusively this group of people who complain about this, but it gets a lot of air time because our modern media is filled with older, single women who rode the cock carousel when young and are now sliding into sexual irrelevance. It’s almost NEVER a younger woman whose post goes viral claiming that an older men took advantage of her (instead, they’re signing up for Seeking Arrangements), and, given the popularity and social contagion that fake rape/abuse claims have taken on, that reveals what we all know deep down: younger women like dating older men, and vice-versa. 

Women 30+ wouldn’t be complaining about older men dating younger women if younger women weren’t perfectly happy—and eager—to date older men. This fake “issue” is almost exclusively playing out in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK—in the rest of Europe, Asia, and nearly everywhere else in the world, younger women commonly date older men, and 30+ women don’t complain about it in those places because it would be rightly seen for what it is: sour grapes. Japan has an entire sub-culture built around the concept of “Lolita”–the sexualizing of children and very young teens. Japan also has a very low birth rate, which is its own problem.2

Older man/younger woman relationship shaming is possible in the US for two reasons: 

  1. Our puritanical, anti-sex heritage (feminism and liberalism have gone from being pro-sex, pro-independence, identity doesn’t matter, to slut-shaming, anti-sex, women can’t make adult decisions, and “identity” is all the matters: they are more Christian than many Christians). Feminists hate fun. 
  2. The current panic about what is called “social justice,” in which we have to stigmatize nearly every behavior as problematic and cast everyone who’s not a white man as some sort of victim, because that’s how we confer status now that everyone is plugged into social media and being driven insane. They hate fun too. Normal people are busy fucking and having a good time, not melting down on Twitter.

(1) If we’re being honest, too, there are a lot of immature, childlike, sad, and broken men who find their way here: the winners are too busy enjoying the fruits of winning to worry about this shit. There are a fair number of guys who get in here because they dislike women (because they can’t have the goodies), and maybe some who even hate women. But the dislike and hate comes from a failure to understand. Critics can be right about some things but utterly wrong about others.

(2) So emulating them is, in some important ways, not so good. They also have a problem with pathetic, low-T herbivore men, who eschew being men who act, win, fuck, and fight for…I don’t know what. Being pathetic, I guess. Their androgynous asexuality is revolting. But Japan is also rearming, due to the threat of autocratic China, so maybe the men there will wake the fuck up.

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