Understanding the Social Strategy of Women, part 2.

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Lesson #1: Women express concern as a means of intrasexual competition.

Why? Because if Lisa says about her friend, “OMG, Michelle is such a rowdy slut”, the listener associates Lisa with being slutty because her friend is slutty, along with the fact that Lisa is unreliable and likely to spread gossip about the listener too, since she’s throwing Michelle under the bus. Women are subconscious masters of the Russell Conjugations. However, if Lisa expresses concern for her friend’s behavior, “I’m so worried about Lisa—she’s been going out with a lot of different men lately. I hope she doesn’t get hurt,” she distances herself from that behavior and comes across as a caring and decent friend.

Women 30+ express concern for young women dating older men because they want to discourage both groups from doing it. The older man is “predatory”, “immature”, “only in it for sex”, while the younger woman is “naive”, “innocent”, “being used.” It conveys to younger women that there’s something wrong with their natural inclination to find older men attractive—if not even preferring older men entirely. In the Westernized world, about 20-30% of younger women just won’t date guys who are more than 5-6 years older than them. It’s not that they don’t find older men attractive—this same subset of chicks will remark how hot George Clooney or Brad Pitt are while watching a movie—it’s that the psy-op worked on them and they’re too scared of the social stigma associated with dating a man who’s older.

Female communication is a psy-op, and to some extent it works. Complaining about older man/younger women relationships is sexual strategy. Older women know they can’t compete with younger women in terms of beauty, and they often don’t care to try, so they stigmatize those relationships to make it seem like men who date younger women are somehow hurting or taking advantage of them, and there’s something wrong with younger women who date older men.

The irony is that in most cases a younger woman is likely to have a better experience dating an older man than she would dating a guy her own age. Young men are the most violent cohort of human beings; they often lack confidence, resources, and don’t know how to behave themselves according to social rules. They often lack sex skills, either because they watch too much porn and have developed death grip, or because they get too excited and come too fast. Men have to learn this stuff, and most young guys just haven’t learned it yet. Men are made and that takes time; women just happen.

On top of this, the best looking, young guys—who are by far the most targeted of all men in the SMP—are far more likely to pump and dump, ghost, flake, and not want or be capable of having relationships, whereas an older guy in his 30s or 40s will be thrilled at the attention of a beautiful, young woman and be far more likely to want a relationship and provide stability in her life…

Older women don’t want younger women to figure that out—hence, the concern. Or what might be termed “concern trolling.” 

Lesson #2: Holding women to any sort of standard is misogyny.

Any sort of expectation society has for an individual woman, or women generally, is “misogyny.” These expectations range from traditional to practical to biological, but the collective female reaction is the same: how dare you expect anything of me at all, I’m an independent woman who can choose how I want to live and your judgment is purely because you hate women, not a valid expectation I’m not meeting.

To some degree, the above is technically true (insofar as women certainly can choose how they want to live), but if she was truly an independent woman who behaved like an adult she wouldn’t care what other people thought. But women do care—deeply—about what other people think of them, far more than men do. Seeking approval and meeting social expectations and obligations is built into their operating system—it’s actually why these psy-ops work to the extent they do. 

So instead of simply being happy with not having children or being married, we see the above, implying that any criticism of such a woman is a relic of “the patriarchy, deeply misguided, and discriminatory.” 

Here I’d actually encourage some sympathy for women generally, in that women have a relatively short runway in terms of life outcomes, especially if she doesn’t have good discipline about diet and fitness. Because while hot and young, women have their pick of men, but there are three very real problems: 

  1. Her entire life experience teaches her that attention from men is unlimited and never-ending—which we all know it’s not, but try telling a hot 25 year-old girl that.
  2. She’s only going to want to get married and have kids with a guy who’s at the very top of her SMV range of outcomes, which is badly distorted by social media and dating apps. Women are notoriously picky about who they sleep with—probably too picky—but that’s part of their OS.
  3. The message from society, and especially women in her life, is to wait as long as possible to get married/have kids—almost always well beyond the peak years of her attractiveness.

A lot of chicks end up waiting too long/being too picky and then it’s basically over in terms of getting married or having kids. The only answer then…cope—and you’ll note that these are the same kinds of women who shame older men/younger woman relationships—the kinds of relationships they should have gotten into while younger.

Lesson #3: Fat acceptance is cope for fatties, less competition for hotties.

Some people wonder why fat acceptance aka “body positivity” has gained so much momentum in recent years. The answer is complicated, but, from a woman’s perspective—any sort of woman—it makes sense.

Big girls don’t want (or don’t know how—we need to remember that a lot of our behavior is patterned off family, local norms and culture) to meet the basic expectation we have for people to be in-shape/thin to be considered attractive. To be fair, this isn’t even really an expectation: thinness and low body far ARE attractive. For women it means she’s more likely to be fertile; for men it means greater fitness and physical prowess. However, instead of attempting to adhere to this biological reality—which can be difficult in a modern society where bad food is plentiful and everyone drives everywhere instead of walking—they write it off as discrimination. Reality now has an unacceptable bias: it’s not her fault for being fat—it’s your fault for not still finding her attractive.

For thin girls who are in-shape and attractive, it’s slightly more Machiavellian: as more girls let themselves go and succumb to being overweight and unattractive, the stock of the thin girl—even the slightly chubby, but not fat girl—rises dramatically. Again, this is intrasexual competition: women are all competing for the same relatively small group of men at the top (this is not a secret to anyone in the Game, red pill, or even black pill communities), so any decrease in the number of attractive women means by definition those who remain thin and attractive have greater access to these men as well as greater appeal in retaining them.

This is actually one place where you’ll see the sharpest difference between men and women in terms of behavior—because the same thing is happening to modern men. The average guy is fatter, lazier, and more addicted to his phone, porn, and video games than ever before, and yet, the reaction of men who are fit, work hard, smart, and purposeful, is disdain, disgust, and/or compassion for this generation of lost boys. We reject behaviors which make men weaker and less able, when in reality, if we were truly looking out for our own best interests, we’d celebrate the guys who develop death grip from watching porn and the rise of the “dad” bod—just like women celebrate body positivity. 

Note also that fat acceptance is only OK for women—it does not extend to men, which is the tell it’s a psy-op. Trust me, the dad-bod thing is a joke.

The same can probably be said for why women say it’s “cute” when other chicks cut their hair short or shave it. Most pretty girls aren’t dumb enough to cut their hair—but it’s great for them if other women are dumb enough to do it. Less competition, more attention, higher overall value.

Why the sex difference? I don’t think it’s because men are necessarily more noble—I suspect it’s self interest. In war, you want the guy next to you to be as strong and well-trained and deadly as possible. So when we see guys becoming feminized, fat, and weak, we’re predisposed to think that’s bad, whereas for women, the higher up the attention ladder she can go, the better, which leads to a basic observation about human biology and behavior:

Women are valuable as a mere fact of existence. Men need to do stuff to be considered valuable.

Lesson #4: “A Real Man” is whatever women can’t get men to be or do for them.

Anytime you see a woman use the term “real man”, it’s because she’s not able to get the sort of man she would like and/or can’t get the man she can get to do or be what she wants him to do/be. But where does this come from? Why do women say this?

Because “a real man” signals high expectations on her part, which shows you that the social manipulation women are biologically programmed to engage—these psy-ops—aren’t always a feature. Indeed, I’d argue the “expectations” thing is a HUGE bug in the female operating system, at least in modern times.

In the past, having high expectations, aka wanting “a real man”, was a good thing—it wasn’t smart for women to fuck weak men, or guys who weren’t committed to taking care of them and providing for their offspring. In the tribal setting, this means that a woman’s first sex partner would have been a man with some level of power in the tribe or one of his sons. Later, it would mean the highest value male a father could find and vet for his daughter—and he was counting on her not to fuck up his bargaining chips by letting the stable boy get a ride for free.

Today, a woman who’s constantly talking about her standards is either signaling that she’s not maintaining them (a shit test, in other words), or she’s using it as an excuse for why she can’t attract the sort of man she wants. But what does it signal to men who hear “I want a real man” and/or “I won’t put out unless XYZ”? You and I both know the answer: she’s a pain in the ass who’s not worth dealing with, which is why the only guys she gets are beta males, and not surprisingly why she’s always disappointed with men and complaining there aren’t any “real” ones to be found.

You’ll also note the basic hypocrisy here: women have VERY high standards for men, while attempting to maintain ZERO standards for themselves. Smart, from a purely Machiavellian standard, but it’s beta bait—don’t fall for it. Women, biologically, will always want strong, dominant, fit guys who have some level of social standing/status as well as the means to provide to some extent—no, you do NOT need to be rich. You merely need to be middle class and have a decent job. Can you afford a relatively clean one bedroom apartment in a decent sized city? If so that’s enough, and there are lots of guys who get laid regularly with less.

Lesson #5: Women love to play the role of victim and work to downplay their status.

As an in-built ethos, women are essentially egalitarians. They want things to be roughly equal within their social networks, especially among their female peers. Men are the opposite: we want games of status to be overt and explicit with clear winners and losers. This is bad for the losers of course, but men gain more through the proposition of risk in terms of mates and resource acquisition than they would trying to make everything equal. For example, a warlord who is successful for a few years will have the opportunity to impregnate perhaps as many as 100-200 females—so even if he’s killed in battle after that time, his DNA will carry on many times over.

Women, however, want to stay alive to ensure their children are cared for and reach adulthood. Nine months of pregnancy and the intense amount of care and provisioning it takes to raise children acts as a limit here for her reproductive success. She can only have so many children. So for women, it’s best if resources and status are fairly even: this allows them to have enough to survive, care for their children, and not become targets of competitors in status or resource games.

Because of this, women will downplay success to avoid a noticeable rise in status, and they’ll claim victim whenever possible to receive sympathy and provisioning, as well as to avoid punishment or consequences. One of the reddest pills of all comes from this nature: the fact that women will avoid taking responsibility for anything bad that ever happens, even if it’s quite obviously her fault. It’s not that women truly don’t think women can make adult decisions and be held accountable for those decisions—it’s that women NEVER want to be held accountable for any decisions that are bad or don’t work out.

In other words, when a woman #metoo’s a guy, or says her last boyfriend was a narcissist, or claims there was a differential in the power dynamic (note: there is always a power dynamic, and SHE is always the less powerful, whatever the facts may say—hard for me to think of someone with more raw power than a super hot 21 year-old girl, but society hasn’t caught up with that notion quite yet), whether or not it’s true is unrelated to her use of that claim as a way to signal victim status, which helps women socially connect with other women, as well as to gain sympathy and goodwill from their social circle, family, and society at large.

Lesson #6: Women always judge men on their sexual prowess and success.

Kind of hilarious that Greta absolutely owned Tate on this one, but her woke followers had to freak out about it, because it’s “ableist” blah, blah, blah.

But it gets to an important fact, which is that women judge men primarily on their ability to fuck other women—big dick energy doesn’t actually mean a guy has a big dick: it means he fucks, and women like guys who fuck.

This will always be true. Despite the current trans-panic, feminist, SJW, woke nonsense that is happening, at baseline women want strong, masculine guys who other women want to fuck—it’s true of Thunberg and it’s true of every blue haired festival girl out there as well. She may say she uses “they/them” pronouns and spout all kinds of nonsense day after day, but if she’s heterosexual, she’s fucking HAWT masculine guys, or wants to be.

Remember: don’t listen to what she says, look at how she behaves and who she fucks. I live in an extremely woke, liberal city, and everytime I’ve had to listen to some hot chick complain about “the Patriarchy” (we’ll come to this next) and drone on about “sex vs. gender” or “ableism”, she’s sitting next to some tatted up, tall, muscular dude who’s alpha as all get out in terms of behavior—does what HE wants and treats her like a kid, but is smart enough to nod along and tune out the nonsense his woman is parroting, because whether he know it’s signaling or not, it’s not worth his time or attention.

Lesson #7: Every disappointment or problem for women is the cause of the “Patriarchy.”

Ah, the dread P word. I’ll keep this short, because there’s really not a ton to say here, other than it’s pure bullshit. 

We’ve already learned that women don’t want to take responsibility for their decisions and life outcomes, especially the bad ones. And, as anyone who’s sufficiently red-pilled knows: when something goes wrong for a woman, a man is surely to blame. 

But what if there is no one particular man who can be said to be responsible for her problem—no convenient scapegoat or fuckboi to blame? Enter The Patriarchy! “Where did all the good men go?” Is it because she rode the cock carousel to 35 and found herself aged out of the marriage market? No, it’s The Patriarchy! Why didn’t she get the job? Is it because someone was more well qualified or because she was too busy watching Tik-Tok to write a decent resume? No, it’s The Patriarchy! Why does she get pumped and dumped time and again? It’s not because she’s using dating apps to go +2 of her SMV—no, once again, it’s the goddamn Patriarchy!

The irony is, as Rollo points out: the Patriarchy wouldn’t exist if women didn’t prefer high status, attractive, rich men. Every rock band, every athlete, every CEO, every single man on the face of the planet who’s straight knows deep within his core, that if he has sufficient status and wealth, he will get pussy. Like, if you want to boil down the whole history of our species, it’s men trying to get more exclusive control of resources and power than other men, because the men with more resources and power has a far better chance to spread his seed.

This is the foundation of all human progress.

So, if women really wanted to “smash the patriarchy” they would start fucking homeless men, teachers, poets, and incels—but we all know that’s never going to happen. The same women of color who decry the patriarchy and say the US is a bastion of white-supremacy still want to fuck and marry tall, HAWT, white guys, and the most successful women in terms of wealth would rather impregnate themselves with a sperm donor and raise their own children than marry a guy who has less power and status than they do.

When things go wrong for women, a man is to blame, and the Patriarchy is merely a convenient stand in when those problems are more ethereal or the result of unforced errors on her part.

Lesson #8: Why are so many men are too “intimidated” or “immature” to date women?

Of course, no one makes the above argument because it points out the absurdity of the hysteria, but we often see women trot it out on a regular basis when they’re older or more accomplished. We see statements like:

  1. “He was too intimidated by my job to date me.”
  2. “He’s too immature to date an older woman.”

Obviously there’s a relationship to Lesson #1 here, in that older women are less attractive on average than younger women and so they have to find some reason to explain that.

There’s another problem which is that women just don’t want to take credit for anything that goes wrong, ever. But part of being an adult human with actual rights is that you need to accept responsibility for what happens when exercising those rights doesn’t work out.

The classic example are women who have sex at a young age, or who sell sex, and then later regret it.

But right along with that is the example of older women who are aging out of the dating market. “Too immature/intimidated” is a nice disguise for: “I totally fucking blew it and now men don’t want to date me but I can’t accept that it’s my fault.”

Again, this is all completely natural–women are geared and primed to exhibit exactly this form of communication based on evolution and biology. They’re not wrong for doing so, any more than it’s wrong for a man to want of have sex with fertile younger women. However, we do need to be aware of this kind of psy-op so as not to have our own strategy be derailed out of the false ethical concerns conveyed by female communication.

The takeaway from all of this…

  1. With individual women: ignore. Don’t waste your time arguing an emotion. You can even straight up call it out and she STILL won’t admit it’s a psy-op. They can’t. I suspect this is why women don’t like the idea of guys learning game. Because there’s no real antidote. Game is behaving like a high status guy who fucks a lot, which is basically how women select who to sleep with, and because it’s in-built, because attraction is a feeling, not a logical decision, there’s no way to know—and the WORST thing imaginable for a woman would be to fuck a low-status guy. But it’s not worth bringing up in the context of a relationship. Focus on being the fun, cool, confident guy she wants to spend time with and ignore the non-sense.
  2. In general—like on social media and in larger groups—call it out: the only way to counter a psy-op is by noting that it’s happening and point out that it’s not true. Many people will still be fooled, but the truth, as they say, will set us free.

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