Learn how to meet, date, and seduce beautiful women…

How RPD’s coaching works

Are you ready to stop struggling with women? Whether it’s meeting more, higher quality girls, dating, escalation, seduction, or sex, I’m your guy.

Why? Because no one has gone harder in Game than I have in the past few years, and unlike most Game coaches, I’m have experience as a teacher and athletic coach: I know how to work with a variety of learning styles and help my students maximize their skills and results on a short time frame.

Wherever you’re at and whatever you want to learn about the world of women, Game, Red Pill, and seduction, I can teach you. Again, unlike a lot of coaches who have wives or girlfriend and have been off the market for months or years, I’m doing all of this NOW–I’m actively running game, going on dates, getting laid. I’m in field on a day to day basis and in regular contact with players all over the world, so I know what works, what’s changing, and how to adjust in terms of strategy and tactics. I’m also constantly experimenting with new techniques, modalities, and methods. I want to be on the cutting edge of Game and seduction, and I make sure to keep my students well informed.

If you’re curious about my overall philosophy, here’s a longer explanation–TL;DR, I love what I do and I’m good at this, but I will not waste your time or money: if you’re not ready and/or need to do other things first, I’ll tell you.

If any of this sounds good to you, fill out the form and we’ll get in touch. FIRST STEP IS A FREE CALL to chat, where you can ask me questions and decide if this is something you want to pursue.

After that, clients have several options:

The PLAYER: $300–includes the intake call (1 hour plus), and two additional hours of coaching support, plus PDFs and unlimited email and text support for 6 months. We will cover everything from cold approach to OLD to dating and includes all my PDFs:

  • Body language and the elements/steps of cold approach
  • Online dating: pictures, apps, bio, and best practices
  • Flirting, buying time in set, and canned teases and opens
  • Dating strategy: great conversations and kino escalation
  • Day game warm up checklist/strategies
  • Basics of Day Game
  • How to Run Effective Night Game
  • How to Escalate on the Date
  • How to be Alpha
  • Storytelling
  • Teasing, Flirting, Spiking and how to generate attraction.
  • More to come!

COLD APPROACH TUNE UP: $80–1 hour, focused solely on cold approach, whether day or night game. You’ll get the PDFs on Day and Night Game, plus Flirting, Teasing, etc.

DATE PREP: $70–want to make sure this one goes well? Let’s tune you up right before you go out. Includes the PDFs on dating and escalation.

The ROOKIE: $65–an hour of me just answering your questions, addressing your concerns, going wherever you want to go.

The final option is DIGITAL: $40/mo for unlimited email and text support. I answer your questions about dating and texting ASAP.

With any of these options, additional coaching is $65 an hour.

I’m also open to other arrangements and pricing options, from super basic to platinum experiences where I fly to where you live and we do an entire weekend talking game, fixing your fashion, and approaching women. Feel free to hit me up if you’re in a unique circumstance, from student to CEO.

I’m extremely flexible in terms of call times and what we talk about on those calls, and I work with guys all over the world, from the US/Canada to EU to Asia to Australia.

If you’re ready to start getting better with women today, hit me up! I look forward to working together!

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