Learn how to get girls…

How RPD’s coaching works

Hi guys–fill out the form to the right and I’ll get in touch with you. First step is a free telegram call (I’ll shoot you my handle in the email) to chat and see if you’re committed to learning what I can teach and vice versa.

Next step is the coaching itself.

We’ll negotiate cost and hours over email, but this can vary depending on the client’s needs. Obviously, the most valuable aspect of my coaching is via phone or video call, but once we’re connected, you’re welcome to text me any questions or problems you’re having between phone calls, text game with girls, etc., at no additional charge.

You’ll also get my PDFs (ranging btwn 2000-5000 words each) on:

  • Body language and the elements/steps of cold approach
  • Online dating: pictures, apps, bio, and best practices
  • Flirting, buying time in set, and canned teases and opens
  • Dating strategy: great conversations and kino escalation
  • Day game warm up checklist/strategies
  • Basics of Day Game

I’m also open to other arrangements such as lecture format, live coaching in-field, or residentials, but these will require a working relationship and logistics.

Client Information