Learn how to meet, date, and seduce beautiful women…

How RPD’s coaching works

I’m an expert in cold approach pick up, both day and night game, but I also excel in helping guys with almost anything and everything regarding Red Pill and Game tactics:

  • How to optimize and meet girls using online dating apps as well as salt dating.
  • Dating strategy: how to have great conversations with girls.
  • How to escalate from asking the number to the first kiss to taking her clothes off and sex.
  • Becoming more alpha and developing a strong frame, more confidence, and electric charisma.
  • Developing an archetype women find attractive and optimizing your look through fashion and peacocking.
  • And, though I’m not a trainer or dietician, I can help you get your fitness and diet goals squared away.

Keep in mind, unlike a lot of guys, I’m doing all of this NOW. I don’t have a wife or girlfriend–I’m actively running game and going on dates and getting laid. I’m in field on a day to day basis and in regular contact with players all over the world, so I know what works, what’s changing, and how to adjust in terms of strategy and tactics.

If this sounds good to you, fill out the form and we’ll get in touch.

FIRST STEP IS A FREE CALL to chat, where you can ask me questions and decide if this is something you want to pursue.

If you’re curious about my overall philosophy, here’s a longer explanation–TL;DR, I love what I do and I’m good at this, but I will not waste your time or money: if you’re not ready and/or need to do other things first, I’ll tell you.

The most valuable aspect of my coaching is via phone or video call, but once we’re connected and you’re officially a client, you’re welcome to text me or email me about any questions or problems you’re having between phone calls, text game with girls, etc., at no additional charge.

You’ll also get my PDFs (ranging btwn 2000-5000 words each) on:

  • Body language and the elements/steps of cold approach
  • Online dating: pictures, apps, bio, and best practices
  • Flirting, buying time in set, and canned teases and opens
  • Dating strategy: great conversations and kino escalation
  • Day game warm up checklist/strategies
  • Basics of Day Game
  • How to Escalate on the Date
  • How to be Alpha
  • More to come!

I’m extremely flexible in terms of call times and what we talk about on those calls, and I work with guys all over the world, from the EU to Asia to Australia. Some guys prefer to troubleshoot particular issues, others like to do a call right before a day game session and check back in after, and some of my guys want me to take them step by step through each game modality–day game, night game, OLD, social circle, etc.–telling stories and giving examples along the way.

I’m also open to other arrangements; get in touch and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you get better with women FAST.

I bill $100 for the first hour intake and assessment call. We’ll do a full assessment of where you’re at and make sure everything from physical appearance to body language and game strategy is optimized or on the way to be optimized. Again, with the intake call, you’ll get my PDFs, plus email and text support at no additional charge–like, if you have questions about anything related to Game, I’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

After that it’s up to you how many hours you want. I recommend guys do a coaching call (audio and video) once a week, or at least once every two weeks, but it’s up to you as a client how you want to structure our relationship and how many hours you want to buy.

Packages are as follows:

  • 1 hour = $75
  • 5 hours = $300
  • 10 hours = $500

I’m also willing to do a virtual wing man session with you (don’t have to have done the intake call or be a current client), where we talk on the phone to warm up, and then we both run sets for two hours, texting and talking on the phone as we need to, figuring out what went well, what didn’t, etc. After the session, we’ll do a summative call to talk about how things went, next steps, etc.

  • Virtual Wingman 2+ hour session = $100

The other package I offer is a comprehensive in-person residential: I fly to where you live and we spend 3 days working together, fine tuning every aspect of your look, game, and tactics. We’ll go out and do day game, night game, and anything else you want to explore in terms of game and women. Once we’re finished, you’ll also get 10 hours of calls to ensure the training sticks and you’re having success. If you’re interested in a residential, reach out and we can talk about rates.

I’m also happy to offer advice on how many hours you’re likely to need on the intake call, but ultimately, that is the client’s decision.

If you’re ready to start getting better with women today, hit me up! I look forward to working together!

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