Km’s review of RP’s coaching.

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I’ve been in touch with RPD for a little more than 6 months now. I’ve only had 3-4 sessions with him but have seen massive improvements in my game and overall personality.

I came off a 6 year toxic relationship which didn’t help matters, but RP helped me get on track. He’s gotten me into an abundance mindset whenever I talk to girls EVEN if I don’t have one at hand. This has also extended to my social and work life. I wish I’d put in more effort in day game (I only did night game, social circle and online ) as I’m sure that would’ve spiked my success astronomically. Forget the 1 hour sessions , his advice and constant support  on text itself is worth 3x what he charges for the calls…he offers that text support for free!

The man has no ego, always replies, doesn’t pressure you to spend money, and most importantly is more like a friend rather than a shady dating coach. Also, he’s very flexible (I’m based in Europe) with his timings. Even though I’ve achieved my initial goals in game, I’m just getting started and I will continue to stay in touch with him as game is a lifetime journey and mine is just getting started!