The Fundamentals of Game and Seduction

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First classes start on Monday, Dec. 5th, 2022

Modern dating is NOT easy, and men—despite what you may hear in the mainstream media—have it hardest of all. From dating apps to IG to Tik-Tok, women receive more male attention and have far more options than ever before.

But the secret? Most of that attention is garbage: men don’t know how to present themselves, and many are merely simps DMing into the void with very little chance of ever dating the kind of women they find attractive. No, the fact is, without a strategy, tactics, social IQ, and a sharp eye on how to use dating apps and social media (link is to a viral article I wrote on why it often doesn’t work), most guys don’t stand much of a chance unless they happen to be pro athletes or 6’+ male models. Of course, looks, fashion, lifestyle, and success are a part of what makes us attractive, which is why our program is holistic—we work on every aspect that will give you an advantage in the difficult modern dating market.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Most Effective Day Game Tactics and Strategies
  • Modern Night Game: Approaching to Close
  • How to Optimize Dating Apps so that they Actually Work
  • Using Instagram to Build Value and Networks
  • Building a Social Circle for Girls & Friends
  • Dating Structure: Conversation & Escalation
  • Be Great in Bed: Seduction and Sex
  • Relationships that Work for YOU

RP McMurphy

RPD–the man who’s game was reborn in his late 30s. Encyclopedic knowledge of Game, old school PUAs, and the best players in the modern era. A master of cold approach, conversation, and using frame and confidence to attract and seduce women. He’s been coaching clients for over two years, and this is the course he’s been working on all the while.

Dean Moriarty

On the cutting edge of modern game, Dean Moriarty, or as RPD calls him, MD, has perfected the art of 2020s night game, dating apps, and using social media to display value and build a funnel of leads. He has significant experience coaching and understands the psychology and environment of young women better than anyone.